​The Best Cookie Scoops Your Kitchen Needs to Have

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Making high-quality cookies doesn’t have to be a confusing or difficult process if you have a great scoop! However, finding a scoop that feels right for your home may be more challenging than expected. Do you know the differences between the various scoops on the market? Have you tried out each carefully to get a feel for how they work? If not, we have a great read for you!

Our list will include a detailed rundown of the best cookie scoop models we found find on the market today. Each has varying benefits that make them worth your time and consideration. And they also have a multitude of uses that we know you’ll love. So, please read on to learn more about your scoop options. Doing so should make it easier to find the option that feels right for your needs.

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When choosing the different cookie scoops on this list, we asked ourselves several questions to ensure that they qualified. First of all, how did they stand out compared to others? Did they have unique features that made them easier to use? Were they consist with each scoop they provided? What kind of materials were used in their construction? These simple questions helped point us in the right direction.

We also rated each option as the best of a specific category, such as the best budget option and more. In this way, you can scan over our list and find out which scoop is suited for your specific needs. So what are you waiting for? Get reading to find out more! And make sure to read through our detailed FAQ section to get insight into how to use these scoops and other traits you should seek out in one.

Main Features

  • High-quality craftsmanship from a trusted manufacturer
  • 1.5 by 1 inch in size
  • Capacity of about 0.67 ounces (four US teaspoons)
  • Stainless steel design


A high-quality cookie scooper doesn’t have to be anything fantastic to be worth your purchase. Most of the items on this probably seem about the same as any other product of the same type. However, it’s the little things that separate a great cookie scoop from a mediocre one. And this option is our favorite by a hair’s breadth. Why? Let’s take a deep dive into what it does differently than other options.

First, the spring-loaded handle is among the smoothest we tried and makes using this cookie scoop a breeze. You wouldn’t realize it until you’ve tried a few, but not every manufacturer gets this part right on a cookie scoop. They sometimes balance it a little off or don’t give it enough pressure. Some might operate a little too rough or awkwardly. The spring on this handle was just right for our needs.

Beyond that, it produces a very consistent and accurate scoop for your dough. Here’s another thing you might not notice until you try a few scoops. Some just don’t have any consistency at all. It’s strange but the scooping arm and the cup just don’t work right on some models and produce rather awkward fits. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about this problem with this high-quality scoop option.

Again, it’s really just the little things that sets the scoop apart from others. It has the same basic design and material choice as many of the rest of the scoops we’ve reviewed. However, it just does everything a little bit better, a bit more tighter, and with more accuracy. No matter what your baking situation, you should be able to use these scoops to produce great cookies every time you bake.


  • Incredibly strong design makes it very easy to use
  • Surprisingly good capacity for such a compact scoop
  • Easy to wash by hand with minimum difficulty


  • Not safe for the dishwasher, which could deter some people

Purchase or check out this scoop on Amazon here.

Main Features

  • Diverse range of sizes make it a useful option
  • Overall capacity of about 0.64 ounces
  • Uses a fairly strong 18/8 stainless steel material
  • Simple ergonomic handle for easier control capabilities


Do you want to produce round and sweet cookies that will turn out great every time? Then, you might want to try this unique scoop option. It is a a surprisingly diverse option that has a broad away of capacities. Depending on the scoop you purchase, you can get all the way up to 2.2 ounces, which will produce fairly dense and high-quality cookies that your whole family will love.

However, you can also find scoops all the way down to 0.48 ounces, which is a better choice if you want smaller and healthier cookie options. The choice is ultimately yours here. Some people may want a good middle-of-the-road option at about one ounce. That should provide you with more than enough capacity to make great cookies without overwhelming your family with cookies too big to eat.

But what about using the scoop? How does it feel in the hand? Perfect, in many ways. The handle-based scoop lets you adjust how much dough you get with each scoop. Master this pressure-based system and you can produce accurate scoops every time you bake cookies. Just as importantly, you can easily clean this scoop by tossing it in the dishwasher. Doing so helps to keep it clean and reliable.

Are there any other features of this scoop worth pointing out? The 18/8 stainless steel is very durable and reliable and won’t rust on you. However, it is important to keep it from getting scratched. Scratches may open up the material to other types of damage, including a higher risk of potential rust. Thankfully, some scuffs may be easy enough to just wipe away with minimal challenge.


  • Perfect for creating the round cookies that you want
  • Spring-release mechanism works very well indeed
  • May be cleaned in a dishwasher with no trouble


  • Size range confusingly labeled, making purchase harder than necessary

Purchase or check out this scoop on Amazon here.

Main Features

  • Rubberized handles designed for maximum comfort
  • Spring-release mechanism that makes control much easier
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Blister-protection design to cut back on overuse


OXO produces high-quality kitchenware that we’ve used in our own kitchen more than a few times. And their Good Grips cookie scoop is an excellent option for many people. Like with our best overall scoop, it’s the little things that make this option stand out. For example, it has an excellent molded-rubber handle that makes it easily the most comfortable and versatile option on our list.

It might not seem like molded rubber would make that big of a difference in the comfort. However, we found that the metal handles common on many of the top scoop options on our list could get fatiguing after awhile. Now, we’re not downgrading them for that because they still work fantastically. But if you’re making a large volume of cookies, you might need a break from time to time.

The handle not only molds well to most hands but supports your skin more easily and prevents blisters. While scooping 20-30 cookie dough balls isn’t going to cause blisters, scooping them for hours might cause some issues. Thankfully, this scoop helps to keep your hands safe. You should still take breaks from time to time to minimize any issues you might experience otherwise, such as overall fatigue.

The spring-loaded handle is also just a touch above the other options on this list. While the handle-based system isn’t different from others in any major way, the action feels easier and the control is more precise and accurate. We even found it was easy to get half- or even three-quarter scoops, if you wanted. In this way, you can get very detailed and effective scoops with minimum difficulties.


  • The most comfortable scoop on our list
  • Durable design perfect for personal or business use
  • Includes a 1.5-ounce capacity design


  • Rubber handle requires a special cleaning process

Purchase or check out this cookie scoop on Amazon here.

Main Features

  • Stainless steel construction that resists rust
  • Decorative wooden handles with fine design
  • Release trigger helps minimize scooping mistakes
  • Around 8.2 inches in total length


If you’re in the baking business, you need a cookie scoop that will last for a long time and many, many cookies. Even if you run your business from home, there’s no reason you should settle for a lower-quality scoop when you can get a business-ready model. And this option by Earl Diamond is the best business cookie scoop we could find. It is a sturdy, reliable, and high-quality, high-volume scoop.

The best thing about this cutter is its material design. Other cookie scoops use stainless steel, sure. But this model uses 304 stainless steel, a slightly higher-quality option that will avoid bends, rust, and much more. You can use it for many scoops and many years and produce consistent and high-quality dough balls with the kind of firm and tight quality that you need for business-level cookies.

It also includes a very comfortable wood handle that has a tight grip and an easy-to-use spring-loaded lever. Hold down the lever while you scoop and release it to get the exact scoop that you want every time. You can also use this scoop in ways beyond cookie dough. Ice cream works very well with this scoop, particularly with its hand-based control mechanism and easy-release design.

The one thing you might find with this scoop is that it costs a little bit more than other options on our list. That slightly higher cost is due to the high-quality mahogany handle and the unique overall design of this scoop. The price increase isn’t that steep, though, and should be easy enough to afford. Expect no more than two or three dollars more from most vendors. Keep this cost in mind when buying.


  • Mahogany handle will last a long time and keep your scoop comfortable
  • Diverse range of uses make this a wise investment
  • Sturdy construction produces a long-lasting and reliable scoop


  • A little pricier than some models on our list

Purchase or check out this scoop on Amazon here.

Main Features

  • Three different scoops of varying sizes
  • High-quality construction from 304 stainless steel
  • Hand wash or dishwasher safe
  • Strong and durable plastic handles


Many of the scoops on this list come in just one variety or feature only one scoop for your investment. However, this set comes with three different scoops of varying size. They include 0.75, 1.33, and 2.67 ounces, respectively. This varying level of size provides you with a unique variety of cookie options, allowing you to craft a variety of different sizes and shapes with minimum difficulty.

For example, you can use the larger scoop to produce cookies up to four-inches or more in diameter. Use that extra dough to craft stars, squares, moons, or other fascinating shapes. That kind of diversity makes this set a great choice for professional bakers or anyone who likes to make cookies for friends or family members during the holiday seasons. Get all your sugar cookies in shape with this scoop!

Another thing to love about this scoop is its 304 stainless steel. We’ve highlighted this material a few times and for good reasons. Scoops that use it are just stronger and more resilient and more likely to last you a long time. And since the handles are covered with a comfortable plastic material, they are also warm to the touch, no matter what. As a result, you can even use them for ice cream and other products.

As for the scoop itself, it uses a thumb-trigger option, common to ice cream scoops. This choice provides the benefit of an easy-to-control level of dough without taxing your hands. As a result, we also suggest this option for first-time cookie bakers. You can then advance to other options if they feel right for you. Or you can stick with this option: we find many people fall in love with it quickly.


  • Very easy to adapt to use for ice cream and other options
  • Uses the highest-quality stainless steel possible for scoops
  • Comfortable for various types of use situations


  • Plastic handle may not be as comfortable as a rubber option

Purchase or check out this cookie scoop on Amazon here.

Main Features

  • Unique design and style that helps it stand out
  • Quick-release trigger that makes scooping a snap
  • Mirror finish that produces a great shape
  • Easy-use design minimizes strain from overuse


Is style something you look to for each of your kitchenware items? Then, you might want to consider Prep Solutions for your cookie scoop. This company likes to create surprisingly stylish and interesting kitchen items and spend time on their design. With just a few simple touches, their cookie scoop becomes a more attractive choice than most of the other choices on our list.

They achieve this goal with black, plastic handles that you squeeze to operate the scoop. There’s also a red plastic insignia on the scoop that adds a bit to the color design. Though these touches are small and don’t really affect the quality of the scoop itself, they are nice to see. Thankfully, the scoop itself is more than worth your time, especially with its included quick-release operation method.

This simple touch is something that many scoops on the market are starting to emulate. A quick-release design allows you to touch a single button to release your dough. Rather than having to fuss with the scoop and try to scrape off the dough, quick-release allows you to get your dough onto the pan more quickly. For professional bakers or fast-moving amateurs, this benefit is a huge advantage.

This scoop also has an interesting mirror finish on its stainless steel surface. This shine helps to produce an extra touch of class for your scoop and make them more attractive. While it will wear down and become less prominent as the years pass, a mirror finish can be restored with a little hard work, elbow grease, and the proper stainless steel finishing material.


  • Attractive multi-color design that includes black and red plastic
  • Durable handle that provides an easy-squeeze design
  • Quick-release function that minimizes troubles with scooping


  • Plastic handles may be easier to crack if the scoop is dropped

Purchase or check out this cookie scoop on Amazon here.

Common Questions

​What Features Should I Look for In a Cook Scoop?

When seeking out a high-quality cookie scoop for your kitchen, there are many different factors that must be weighed. Each of these elements should be carefully weighed and considered to ensure that you find an option that feels suitable for your needs. Just a few to debate include:

  • Durability and Strength – Read reviews of your scoop online to see what people say about its durability. Does it last a long time or does it tend to wear out too quickly? Take heed of what others say and make sure you choose a scoop that seems right for your needs.
  • Material – What kind of material does your cookie scoop use? The most common type of stainless steel because it is so durable and works well with so many cooking scenarios. However, you can also find rubber and even some plastic used on many of the best cookie scoop options.
  • Cleaning Choices – Do you have to clean your cookie scoop by hand? Or can you put it in a dishwasher without having to worry about it? Make sure that you check the package or description to ensure you get the best results. Most will display what kind of cleaning option is preferable.
  • Trigger and Handle Control – Do you want a finger-controlled trigger up near the top like an ice cream scoop? Or do you want a handle-based design that requires a separate squeeze? Both work just fine but will affect how you scoop your dough. So make sure you choose an option that feels right for you.
  • Comfort and Overall Design – Metal-handled scoops tend to have a higher level of power but also tend to fatigue the hand faster. Which is more important to you? Do you want a scoop that you can use for hours or one that feels more powerful? Thankfully, rubber handles don’t run power but may blunt some of your control.
  • Size – A smaller cookie scoop can produce cookies about two-inches in diameter, a medium scoop creates cookies around three-inches in diameter, and larger scoops produce four-inch cookies. Which is the right size for your needs? And can you adjust your scoops to get different sizes?

Some people may find it worth investing in a handful of scoops that meet different needs. For example, you may want a smaller scoop that can provide bite-sized cookies for your children and a larger option for more extensive baking projects. Take your time debating your choices and decide. Thankfully, most cookie scoops are fairly inexpensive and should fit into most kitchens.

Cookie scoops typically have a stainless steel body, though you might find cheaper options with lighter metals (like aluminum) or even plastic. Aluminum isn’t a bad option because it is quite strong and durable but plastic should be avoided. While they may be cheaper, plastic scoops simply don’t have the same kind of longevity that you get with a stainless steel option.

However, you may find some cookie scoops also use materials like ceramic and plastic for the handles or other parts. Typically, the handle itself is made out of metal but plastic or rubber may coat it for easier grip and comfort. This extra material is nice because it helps to make the scoop easier to use and minimizes wear and tear on the metal handle at the same time.

​Which Handle Design is Best?

When it comes to cookie scoop handles, there’s no real clear winner. That’s because the two types (the spring-loaded handle and the release trigger) have benefits and disadvantages. The spring-loaded handle gives you more power and grip but can be awkward to handle for some people, especially those with smaller hands. The release trigger is a great option for smaller hands but may be trickier to get great scoops.

We suggest finding and trying out both handle types for yourself to see which feels right for your needs. Some people may love the spring-loaded handle because it feels so easy and efficient to use. Others turn to the trigger-release because it’s more adaptable to other types of uses. Experiment with a few different material types to see which of these handles works the best for your needs.

​Should I Use My Scoop for Other Things?

Absolutely and you probably should if you want to get your money’s worth out of it. For example, many homeowners use their scoop to prepare things like ice cream scoops, muffins, deviled eggs, and even to serve meat balls. While the scoop isn’t quite strong enough to cut into meat balls, it should be strong enough to hold a variety of different meat balls of many different shapes.

That said, professional bakers should probably use their cook scoops only for cookie dough. It is a good idea not to mix up the different tools you use because you might otherwise contaminate your dough or cause other concerns. For example, you might have meat stains on the scoop that could transfer a slight residue or taste to your cookie dough, creating very unappealing cookies.

​What Should I Do If My Scoop Breaks?

When your cookie scoop breaks, you might be tempted to just toss it and buy another. After all, most on our list cost well under $20. However, you might be able to fix up your scoop and get it back into working order with just a little work. Doing so can save you money and a trip to the store. It also helps to make you feel a bit better about yourself and your fixing skills. Just a few steps to take include how you can:

  • Refit the Spring – If the springs pops off your handle, you may be able to fit it back on with a little work. Wear gloves and be careful, though! A snapping spring could cause cuts and other pain that may make this process not worth the effort. Goggles also help to prevent eye injuries, too.
  • Fix the Handle – Did a screw come loose on your handle and make it harder to use? You may be able to tighten it up using an appropriate screwdriver. You probably need a Phillips screwdriver for this process, as most tools of this type use these tight and easy-to-adjust screws.
  • Replace Broken Parts – Try to identify where the scoop is broken and replace any parts that you can to get it operating again. For example, you may need to replace the rubber on your handle by removing it and carefully sliding on a replacement option purchased from the appropriate vendor.
  • Use Another Option – If you’re in the middle of a big baking project and you just don’t have time to fix your scoop, put it to the side and use another scoop. If you don’t have any other scoops, spoons, measuring cups, or even your hands can be used. Just make sure to sanitize your hands before touching dough.

When these methods don’t work, you might need to run to the store and buy another scoop. Should you buy the same scoop model you’re replacing or try another option? That choice is up to you. Many people may abandon a broken scoop model in frustration. However, minor manufacturing defects do occur and you might find the same model works well for you anyway.

Are Name-Brand Scoops Automatically Better?

Our list consisted primarily of name-brand scoops designed and manufactured by trustworthy teams. However, you may find many different options available near you that are not name-brand. For example, Walmart, Target, and other supermarkets often have generic tools, like cookie scoops, that you may want to use. Is this a great choice? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Generic Options are Cheaper – When you buy any generic product from a supermarket, you’re likely to find that it costs a lot less than the name-brand model. This doesn’t necessarily indicate a decrease in quality. However, some supermarkets just don’t have great item quality. For example, Walmart brand kitchenware is not that in quality (according to the average review) and may not work well for you.
  • Name-Brand May Have Better Customer Service – Busy supermarkets often deal with many different complaints every day and may not have specialized people on hand to help you. For example, if you buy a generic cookie scoop at a local supermarket, they may not know how to help you beyond replacing the scoop. Name-brand companies focus specifically on these goods and often provide more specialized customer services.
  • The Quality and Price Differences are Minor – While it’s true that name-brand options may cost a little more and have higher quality, the overall differences are often quite small. You might find that you spend an average $2-4 more on a name-brand model over a generic option. This fact is especially true for low-price items like cookie scoops. So, you might be fine with a less costly option.

Here’s our suggestion if you’re still on the fence: pick name-brand options if you’re more serious about your cookie making. Professionals can’t afford to use generic or cheaply-made options if they can get a higher-quality option. Even amateurs who just want high-quality and delicious cookies may find that name-brand options work better. Generic choices are good for non-serious bakers or those with less strict or stringent baking standards.

Any of the scoops we mentioned in this list could be the best choice for your needs as a baker. Honestly, it’s hard to choose among them because they’re so even in quality. However, the slight downsides may affect your choice in subtle ways. For example, you may want a more comfortable option that fits your hand easier and provides maximum comfort for your scooping.

Or you might want the largest scoop, one that makes super-sized cookies that you can give out to friends and family members for Christmas. Carefully research your different options and choose which makes the most sense for you. And remember: many of these scoops do come in alternate sizes, meaning that you can usually pick a small, medium, or large size for your baking needs.

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