Your Know-It-All Guide to the Best Ramen Soup Bowls

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Do you love going out for ramen and can’t get over the soup bowls? These traditional dishware items are very popular throughout Japan and have become increasingly prevalent outside the country. If you’re interested in learning how to make your own ramen and want bowls that match this dish, there are many different options available on the market that you might love.

In this article, we’ll take a look at several different ramen bowls and give you a rundown of their main features, their overall design and use, and the pros and cons of each. After that, we’ll provide a list of FAQ that you may have about your bowls. Make sure to bookmark this page for future reading or send it to friends who may also want high-quality ramen soup bowls for their home.

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​The Best 6 Ramen Soup Bowls You’ve Got to Try Out!

We took each of these ramen soup bowls out for a test drive by making delicious ramen soup and chowing down! Don’t worry: we also brought in friends and family members to helps us out here. They contributed their thoughts on each bowl and we took the most common insights and used them to produce fair and reasonable reviews for each option on our list.

We didn’t want to publish unfairly positive comments about any of these items if they weren’t earned. There were plenty of complaints about each option on this list. Our team looked through each of these issues and decided whether they were due to personal taste or were legitimate. If a complaint was common enough, we did include it, even if we ultimately found it was probably more a personal preference.

After our reviews, we’ll include information about things like the best materials for ramen bowls, the most appropriate size for each bowl, and any other data that will help to make your decision easier. In this way, you’ll get the best understanding of the highest-quality ramen soup bowls on the market today. Trust us when we say that you’re not going to be let down by the options on our list! They are not ranked by quality, per se, though the better sets do show up near the beginning of the list.

​Foodedan Ceramic Ramen Bowl Set

Main Features

  • 50 ounce (1,500 milliliter) capacity
  • Safe for microwaves and dishwashers
  • Colorful design with attractive colors
  • Full set of gear to start enjoying ramen right out of the box


Do you want a ceramic ramen bowl and all the related gear you’ll need to start enjoying this meal right away? The Foodedan bowl set might be the perfect option for you. This two-piece set includes a fairly large bowl that makes it suitable for a good serving of ramen. When you finish eating with this bowl, you might not go back for seconds! What else sets this option apart from others?

Well, it comes with two sets of chopsticks, forks, and spoons to make eating easier. The included chopsticks are reusable and can be cleaned multiple times to cut back on your ramen costs. And the spoon and fork are designed specifically for ramen use. As a result, you can start eating ramen right away and change your dieting habits forever with this set.


  • Sturdy and reliable ceramic materials keep it warm and reliable
  • Comes with two bowls, making it perfect for a married couple
  • Large size should fill most people up with ease


  • Some users reported being a bit overwhelmed by their servings
  • Scuffs may occur on some bowls if you aren’t careful

​Black Melamine Ramen Bowl

Main Features

  • Traditional Japanese design produces authentic ramen experience
  • Six-piece set that gets you ready to eat ramen right away
  • 37 ounce (1,094 milliliter) capacity
  • Dishwasher-safe design


Ramen fans often want a set that feels as traditional as possible to make everything feel like they’re sitting in a Japanese cafe or home at each meal. Thankfully, this set helps to achieve that goal with a gorgeous and unforgettable design. The Japanese touches are all over this set, all the way from the decorative paint on the sides of each bowl down to the decorations on its many other pieces.

Yes! This set includes multiple pieces that you can use to enjoy your ramen in peace. These include chopsticks and a ladle, making it easier to eat and serve your soup quickly and easily. And unlike some bowls on our list, this option fits the traditional Japanese size more easily. It’s not too huge or too small: it is, as Baby Bear said, “just right” and will work well for just about any meal.

We also loved the high-quality ceramic design and matching otamas, which helped to make this one of the most comprehensive bowls on our list. The melamine material also provided a solid level of insulation and heat retention, ensuring that your soup stays warm while you eat. Let’s break down the pros and cons to give you an idea of whether this option is right for you.


  • Broad range of included items make it easy to start enjoying ramen
  • High-quality melamine material minimizes risk
  • Medium size makes it good for many uses


  • Not suitable for microwaves, which may disappoint many users
  • Hard to pick up when drinking both due to small base

​Dowan Ceramic Bowl

Main Features

  • Multi-purpose design makes this a very diverse option
  • 32 ounce (946 milliliter) capacity
  • Deep and wide design to increase stability
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe


Some of the bowls on this list aren’t specifically designed for ramen. Instead, they are a multi-purpose choice that can be used for many situations. This bowl set is the first of that type you’ll see on our list. Does this mean it isn’t worth purchasing? Of course not. We included it on our list and many of our testers found that it met their needs surprisingly well. So let’s take a look at why it’s worth considering.

First, the modern style might be a good option for those who don’t want a traditional style. The cone-shaped design makes it easy to stack and store without taking up a lot of space. It also makes holding the bowl with your hands a little easier. The porcelain design here helps to provide a surprisingly strong level of insulation that will minimize your risk of getting burned while eating.

Even better, the overall design integrates an anti-scratch and anti-chip design that should keep it fairly strong. It also includes a lead- and cadmium-free overall design that makes it safe and healthy for your family. While it might not be designed specifically as a ramen bowl, its multi-purpose design makes it a great addition to most kitchens.


  • Stable design makes it a safer ramen bowl for first-time users
  • Modern design produces an easy-to-appreciate look
  • Porcelain is of the highest quality possible for the market


  • Does not come with any chopsticks or gear
  • Modern design may not appeal to traditional types

​Japanese Seigaiha Pattern Ramen Bowl

Main Features

  • 30 ounce (900 milliliter) capacity
  • Sturdy and reliable porcelain to minimize damage problems
  • Gorgeous traditional Japanese patterns for your home
  • Microwave safe


The gorgeous designs and colors on ramen bowls bring so much to the eating experience. Each pattern has different traditional meanings and importance, meaning that you can take out bowls for different scenarios and situations. For example, this set of two ramen bowls uses the traditional Japanese Seigaiha pattern. This intricate wave-like design symbolizes the sea, good fortune, and resilience.

It is also the pattern found on some of the oldest ramen bowls found in Japan, meaning you’ll be operating in a unique historical pattern when you use it! The size is also closer to a traditional Japanese ramen bowl, though a bit on the small side even for traditional eating. However, it utilizes a porcelain design that matches the Japanese style, creating a strong and lightweight overall design.

And even if it doesn’t come with included chopsticks or spoons (something more than one of our reviewers complained about when using them), they pair well with just about any traditional set. This option may be the best choice for people of Japanese descent who want to feel in touch with their homeland. Or they work well for those who want to reproduce a fascinating part of history.


  • Size is perfect for small meals or even a quick snack
  • Useful for many types of traditional Asian soups, like pho
  • Includes two bowls to make it beneficial for many homes


  • Might be too small for heavy eaters
  • Cannot used in a dishwasher, limiting its appeal to come

​Vallenwood 4 Ramen Bowl Set

Main Features

  • Modern style that should fit just about any home
  • Complete set of ramen gear should get you ready to eat in no time
  • Lids that helps keep your food fridge-fresh
  • 46 ounce (1,360 milliliter) capacity


It’s hard not to love a ramen soup bowl set that comes with just about everything you need to get eating. We’ve highlighted a few of these options on this list and think they make the best purchasing option. However, this set is a step above in that department. It includes four bowls (the highest on our list), chopsticks, spoons, and even lids that fit comfortably over the top of each bowl.

That last feature is probably our favorite thing about this bowl set. Honestly, we wish more ramen soup bowls came with lids that fit snugly over the top to keep your soup fresh and edible. They sealed the opening quite well. While you couldn’t quite tip them over and have nothing spill, you wouldn’t have to worry about a jostle or a push in the fridge spilling any of your ramen.

And if you’re a hungry ramen fan who wants a lot of soup with each serving, this bowl is one of the largest on our list. You could even use it as a serving bowl for a pair of people who wanted smaller ramen dishes. As for style, it has a fairly modern look that matches many fusion restaurants. Those who want that style may be quite happy with this more up-to-date look.


  • Very large volume means you should have more than enough to eat
  • Included cutlery is high-quality and should last a long time
  • We just can’t praise the included lids enough


  • Large size may be hard for some people to finish
  • Modern style may frustrate those who want a traditional look and feel

​Noble Createaprototype Japanese Ramen Bowl

Main Features

  • Traditional look, style, and feel
  • Included cutlery (spoons, chopsticks)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 33 ounce (1,000 milliliter) capacity


Sometimes, the most impressive cookware doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles that make it stand out from others. For example, this bowl features attractive Japanese decorations and utilize a hand-crafted design. In many ways, they’re similar to most of the bowls we’ve discussed. However, they are different in one critical fashion: they’re crafted out of plastic instead of ceramics or melamine.

In fact, this is the only bowl on the list made of plastic, which means it stands out from other plastic-crafted items. We chose it because the plastic is just of a higher quality than others we tried. We also liked its size. Perfect for single-serving ramen dinners, it shouldn’t stuff you too much trying to finish a meal from this bowl. You might even go back for seconds if your appetite is big enough!

Even better, it comes with quality chopsticks and spoons that use the same level of plastic. This design makes them fairly easy to clean and store and incredibly lightweight. It should be fairly simple to integrate them into just about any home design. For example, their plastic material feels contemporary enough for modern homes, while the traditional design works for hardcore ramen fans.


  • Safe for the dishwasher but also easy to wash by hand
  • Light and durable with minimal risk of scratches
  • Perfect for just about any ramen serving situation


  • The plastic design may turn off many traditional buyers
  • The chopsticks sometimes feel a bit “light” compared to others we tried

Common Questions

​What is the Best Material for a Ramen Bowl?

Japanese ramen bowl makers traditionally used ceramic or porcelain materials in their design. Even today, modern ramen bowls typically use this strong and durable material to create bowls that make sense for many eating situations. However, you may find a variety of different material options, each of which does have benefits worth considering.

For example, plastic bowls are very inexpensive, easy to clean, and durable. However, they lack the gorgeous style you get with traditional bowls and, honestly, feel not inexpensive but cheap (a huge difference). That said, melamine materials also make for a fine bowl. Many of the items on our list were made of this durable material and we stand by including them on our list.

Steel is another option that we’ve seen discussed on some sites. We’re not a huge fan of steel ramen bowls. They may be quite durable and easy to clean but they feel a bit too clinical and mechanical. There’s nothing wrong with them objectively of course. Many people enjoy steel ramen bowls and use them regularly, particularly those individuals producing a large volume of ramen.

That said, lead-free ceramic ramen bowls remain the most popular option. They were designed specifically for this soup type and their structure and design help to keep your soup at just the right temperature for a long time. You’ll notice that most of the bowls included on this list were ceramic. That is not an accident.

​What Types of Ramen Bowls are Available?

Ramen bowls come in many different varieties. That’s part of what makes collecting them so much fun! The diverse array available can be used in many different situations and provide you with plenty of serving choices. The most common and popular types include:

  • Menbachi – These bowls possess a wider rim and typically hold a higher volume of soup. They’re great if you want to eat large portions of ramen and want a higher volume of broth with each dish.
  • Tayoudon – Think of the traditional cereal bowl to get an idea of the size and shape of this option. They’re a perfect choice if you want an easy-to-handle bowl to use for other dishes.
  • Hira Tayoudon – Though somewhat similar in size to Tayoudon bowls, this option is slightly flatter. It is usually used for larger portions of ramen and may be a good choice for serving meals.
  • Ohgigatadon – If you want a sheer bowl with a smaller capacity, this option may be right for you. The fanned edges make it very easy to handle: we suggest it for children first getting into real ramen.
  • Tamadon – This style looks almost like a bowl and is a very common option for restaurants. If you love a lot of toppings on your ramen, you need a tamadon bowl not today but yesterday!
  • Koudaidon – Do you like moving around while you eat and want an easy-to-handle option? This type has a fairly thick base that produces the maximum level of handling protection.
  • Marukoudaidon – Do you love your Koudaidon bowl but wish you had a bigger serving? Then, you should consider this option. They have the same basic benefits and design but are larger.

​What Other Ramen Bowl Features Should I Consider?

When shopping for a high-quality ramen bowl, you need to consider a few different features. We checked each of the bowls on our list and rated them according to things like:

  • Proportions and whether or not they can fit easily into your kitchen’s overall design
  • The shape of the bowl and whether it works for your eating style
  • Any included cutlery which comes with the bowl
  • Portion sizes and whether it works for your needs

Not everyone will weigh these factors in the same way. For example, some people may want a small-portion bowl, while others want a larger option. Carefully debate your options to ensure you get the best results.

​What is the Perfect Size for a Ramen Bowl?

There’s no such thing as a perfect ramen bowl size: what works for one person may not for another. However, it is a good idea to know of a few different overall sizes to get an idea of what is available:

  • 7.5 Inches (19.05 Centimeters) – Designed for a quick meal or snack.
  • 8.0 Inches (20.32 Centimeters) – Generally considered the standard size for ramen bowls.
  • 9.0 Inches (22.86 Centimeters) – Better for larger meals or serving a large-volume of ramen.

What about the capacity of each of these bowl sizes? They range from 35 ounces (1,035 milliliters) on the small end, 45 ounces (1,350 milliliters) in the mid-range, and about 60 ounces (1,775 milliliters) on the high-end. The smallest bowl is best if you want a noodle-and-broth meal, while the bigger option is perfect for topping-rich ramen. The middle option is often the best choice for most buyers.

​Should I Worry About a Microwave-Safe Design?

Most high-quality ramen is prepared on a stove top and served directly into your bowl. However, you may want to warm up your soup if it cools down or if you have any leftovers. Most of the bowls on our list are microwave safe. Check the features to make sure that they meet your needs. If not, handle them with care and warm up your ramen in a separate bowl, if needed.

​Is There Any Special Way to Clean a Ramen Bowl?

Treat your ramen soup bowl like you would any other dish in your home. Pay attention to the suggestions on the bowl, such as hand-washing if it is not safe for a dishwasher. Most options on our list can be machine washed, however. Pay attention to the features list in our reviews if you are uncertain. We try to clear up this point because you may use your ramen bowl many times.

​Are Ramen Gift Bowl Sets Worth It?

Absolutely! However, you need to make sure that whoever you’re buying the set for will regularly eat ramen. If you’re buying them for yourself, gauge how often you’ll enjoy this meal. A good set comes with at least four bowls, multiple chopsticks, spoons, forks, and more. You’ll need a place to display and store these items. However, if you plan on enjoying ramen regularly this option is a great choice.

​Which Ramen Meals Go Best in These Bowls?

Serve any type of ramen you like from your bowl! Shio Ramen (with its rich sea salt), Shoyu Ramen (with its delicious soy sauce), Miso Ramen (flavored with soybeans and cereal), and Tonkotsu Ramen (rich with a creamy pork-based broth), serve perfectly from any ramen bowl on this list.

​Will I Need Special Eating Skills to Enjoy My Bowl?

Ramen requires you to start small with your chopsticks, picking apart noodles, vegetables, and other small bits. Keep your mouth close to the bowl as you eat and don’t be afraid to drink directly from the bowl with loud slurps. Go to any Japanese ramen parlor, and you’ll see the same behavior.

​Can I Make Ramen at Home?

Yes, and you should! All it requires you to do is boil and cook your ramen noodles, add a soup base (if desired), add various spices and flavorings (like fish sauce and curry powder), and prepare any meat, vegetables, or boiled eggs you want to include. Pour everything into the broth and display it to raise your appetite to all-time levels. Serve in your ramen bowl and enjoy this traditional meal.

​Find a Bowl That Meets Your Needs

Use this information to seek out the best ramen bowl for your needs as a buyer. Even if the options listed here aren’t to your taste, you should be able to find one that feels right for you. Just make sure to research the many choices and even try one out, if you can. Don’t be afraid to ask your favorite ramen shop what kind of bowls they use. They may be happy to tell you all about them!

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