Best Ukrainian Cookbooks

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Ukrainian cuisine is a gem of Eastern Europe, boasting a rich culinary tradition that has evolved over centuries. With influences from neighboring countries, Ukraine’s cuisine is a unique blend of flavors, spices, and techniques. From hearty stews to delicate pastries, Ukrainian cuisine offers something for every palate. Get ready to explore the diverse and delicious world of Ukrainian cooking with our handpicked selection of the best Ukrainian cookbooks.

Key Takeaways

Top 10 Best Ukrainian Cookbooks

Here are the world’s best Ukrainian cookbooks. For even more great Slavic food, be sure to look through the fine options listed in our breakdown of the best Polish cookbooks as well. 

Baba’s Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food: with Stories From the Village, third edition by Raisa Stone

  • Total Recipes: 200
  • Total Pages: 396
  • Recipes Preview: Horokhivka (Pea Soup), Shynka V Med (Honey Baked Ham), Kotleta Po Kyivsky With Bacon And Asparagus
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Linyvi Varenyky With Kartoplya Dough (Perogies)
  • Affordability: Moderate

Baba’s Kitchen is an award-winning Ukrainian cookbook that has been honored by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, among several other esteemed organizations. There are few cookbooks that can compare to its selection of fine food and techniques straight from Ukraine. With just the right amount of stories and anecdotes to keep you wanting to read more and recipes of the highest caliber that you won’t find anywhere else, this is the one Ukrainian cookbook serious cooks have to own. 

Between the author’s genius storytelling, wonderfully amusing tone, and the family-friendly recipes, Baba’s Kitchen is a book that makes you want to cook. The author has captured the spirit of a true Ukrainian baba in every word and recipe. Anyone who grew up in the country is sure to find the recipe composition and tales relatable in every way. If you want to know what it would be like to eat straight out of a proud Ukrainian kitchen, try out any of the recipes in this cookbook. 

About The Author: Raisa Stone is an accomplished Ukrainian chef and author who has dedicated her life to preserving the rich culinary traditions of her homeland. Her writing is praised for its charming stories and anecdotes straight from the small Ukrainian village she grew up in. With over 30 years of experience cooking and teaching others about Ukrainian cuisine, Raisa is a true authority on the subject.

Mamushka: Recipes from Ukraine and Eastern Europe by Olia Hercules

  • Total Recipes: 100+
  • Total Pages: 240
  • Recipes Preview: Mushroom Broth With Buckwheat, Chicken With Prunes & Walnuts, Beshbamak (Noodle & Meat Dish)
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Armenian Roasted Vegetables
  • Affordability: Moderate

From the food photography to the enticing narrative that transports the mind to Eastern Europe, Mamushka is easily one of the best cookbooks and food memoirs ever written. It is a cookbook filled with uncommon dishes and family favorite recipes. The author has a great way of elevating and adding depth to classic Ukrainian cuisine while retaining its essence.

Mamushka shows the reader just how fun Ukrainian food can be. There are all the nation’s favorites there and more, with a range of meals broad enough to appeal to all tastes and types. The balance of simple and in-depth recipes is great, but the complexity scales quite high for some creations. Prepare for meals so lavish and delectable that you’ll often need to prepare and shop, but the effort to get a true taste of Ukraine is well worth it. 

About The Author: Olia Hercules is a Ukrainian-born chef, food writer, and recipe developer based in London, England. Growing up in Ukraine, Olia developed a passion for traditional Eastern European cuisine and went on to train in professional kitchens in Italy and the UK. She has worked as a chef at well-known restaurants, including Ottolenghi, and has been featured in numerous publications, such as The Guardian and The New York Times. 

The Best of Ukrainian Cuisine Part of Hippocrene International Cookbooks (7 books) by Bohdan Zahny

  • Total Recipes: 200+
  • Total Pages: 295
  • Recipes Preview: Kasha (Buckwheat Groats), Stuffed Cabbage, Pike Sauteed In Sour Cream
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Apple Babka
  • Affordability: Low

The Best of Ukrainian Cuisine is a cookbook that’s heavily influenced by the author’s own upbringing. As a result, readers can look forward to all of Ukraine’s most treasured traditional recipes elevated to perfection. It’s simple step-by-step recipes that reward the cook with a meal so good that most native Ukrainians could easily be fooled into thinking their baba cooked it. 

All of the menu items have both the English and Ukrainian names listed. There’s a good balance of old-world classics and contemporary modern dishes. Certain delicacies are so select that they’re rarely known even to natives. Unfortunately, there are no photographs to be found, but where The Best of Ukrainian Cuisine lacks imagery, it makes up for in clear, concise instructions to unbeatable recipes. 

About The Author: Ukrainian-American author, journalist, and cultural historian Bohdan Zahny has spent his life preserving and celebrating the rich culinary traditions of Ukraine. The Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service graduate has written extensively on Ukrainian culture, history, and food for publications, including The Washington Post. 

The Ultimate Ukrainian Cookbook: 111 Dishes From Ukraine To Cook Right Now (World Cuisines Book 31)

    • Total Recipes: 111
    • Total Pages: 190
    • Recipes Preview: Kulich (Ukrainian Christmas Bread), Ukrainian Breakfast Hash, Bublik (Ukrainian Breakfast Donut)
    • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Ukrainian Syrniki (Cheese Pancakes)
    • Affordability: High

If you’re looking for approachable Ukrainian cuisine, The Ultimate Ukrainian Cookbook should be a key consideration. It is filled with fun meals and has tons of options for picky eaters. While at times criticized for being less than authentic in certain places, one cannot criticize the flavor nor the quality of the crystal-clear instructions. Basic nutritional information is supplied atop each concise recipe. There are no photos, but everything is nicely laid out and easy to follow. 

Almost all of the ingredients called for by the recipes in The Ultimate Ukrainian Cookbook are accessible to any Western kitchen. There are no elaborative narratives, anecdotes, or introductions. This is a pure recipe book alone which is ideal for those days when you need nothing but the pure information or recipe structure to serve as inspiration or a model. It’s affordable and filled with great recipes that are easy to pull off by busy or inexperienced cooks – highly recommended. 

About The Author: Recipe developer and writer Slavka Bodic has been sharing her culinary knowledge with the world for many years through online and print channels. Slavka is dedicated to preserving the authenticity of Ukrainian dishes while also adapting them for modern tastes and lifestyles.

Ukrainian Home Cooking: Favorite Recipes Seasoned with Love by Alona Bogdanova

  • Total Recipes: 130+
  • Total Pages: 217
  • Recipes Preview: Poltava Potato salad, Roasted Veggies Appetizer In A Jar, Ramson Salad
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Brynza And Roaster Pepper Appetizer
  • Affordability: Low

Ukrainian Home Cooking has everything that one looks for in a good cookbook. The introductions are brief but heartwarming and create an actual craving to try out each meal. Most of the ingredients and general recipe development are straightforward and approachable to cooks of all skill levels. Best of all, every dish is a winner and a true reflection of the best food Ukraine has to offer. 

All of the nation’s favorites are there and fine-tuned with stunning food photography there to show you what you’re aiming for. It’s such a beautiful book that many will want to end up owning it in print. After all, with Ukrainian Home Cooking, you’ve got a gorgeous foolproof reference to everything Ukrainian. 

About The Author: Alona Bogdanova is a Ukrainian-born chef and food blogger who has been cooking since she was a child. She grew up in Ukraine and brought with her the rich culinary traditions of her homeland. It didn’t take long for the author to amass hundreds of thousands of sales thanks to her practical insight.  

The New Ukrainian Cookbook by Annette Ogrodnik Corona and Laurette Kovary

  • Total Recipes: 200
  • Total Pages: 270
  • Recipes Preview: Herring Roll Mops Stuffed With Pickles, Mushrooms, And Capers (Zavyvani Oseledtsi, Nachymneni Kvashenymy Obirkamy, Brybamy Ta Kaparamy), Garden Vegetables In Lemon Aspic (Horodyna V Tsytrynovim Kholodtsiu), Beet Caviar (Ikra Z Kuriakiv)
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Ukrainian Halusky (Soft Dumplings)
  • Affordability: Moderate

The New Ukrainian Cookbook is a contemporary, complete collection of all of the best food to come out of Ukraine. All Eastern Europe’s best delicacies are detailed with illustrations from a world-famous artist, scattered facts, and other anecdotes like poems from the region. It grants a wonderful way for cooks to begin exploring the fundamentals and traditions inherent to Ukrainian cuisine. There are no photographs but a complete range of food is covered including ample vegetarian options. 

All of the recipes are modernized which means that Western shoppers will have no problems sourcing the required ingredients. Despite elevating and reinventing certain classics to a certain degree, The New Ukrainian Cookbook retains its authenticity and remains true to traditional flavors. 

About The Authors: Annette Ogrodnik Corona and Laurette Kovary are a mother-daughter duo who authored The New Ukrainian Cookbook. Annette grew up in a Ukrainian family and inherited her love for cooking from her grandmother. She is also a retired journalist and has written extensively on Ukrainian culture and cuisine. Laurette, on the other hand, is a professional chef and food stylist who has worked on various cookbooks and television shows. 

Ukrainian Cookbook: Authentic Flavorful Recipes Including Borscht, Chicken Kyiv, Salo, Okroshka, Banush, Vareniki, Homemade Sausages, and Other Traditional Comfort Food from Ukraine by Alin Kowalska

  • Total Recipes: 71
  • Total Pages: 149
  • Recipes Preview: Ukrainian Kovbasa Kapusta, Holubtsi (Ukrainian Cabbage Roll), Prosciutto Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Dates
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Ukrainian Traditional Egg Noodle Casserole
  • Affordability: Moderate

The Ukrainian Cookbook manages to pack a surprising amount of information into quite a small book. As a result, each recipe is to the point while remaining easy to follow and understand. Potential readers should keep in mind this is the type of book where the author refers to cup measures rather than measured quantities. It is also black-and-white only, with no color pictures other than the cover. 

Don’t let the lack of bells and whistles turn you away for Kowalska’s Ukrainian Cookbook. With these factors considered, the traditional cooking style of each meal shines clear, making this a welcomed collection for immigrants and/or anyone looking for an authentic eating experience. This is one fairly new release that is well worth checking out. 

About The Author: Alin Kowalska is a food writer and cookbook author known for her love of Ukrainian cuisine. Her dedication to promoting Ukrainian cuisine has made her a leading voice in the food blogging community.

Ukrainian Cooking in Taras’ Kitchen: Everyday Dishes by Taras Sabadash

  • Total Recipes: Unknown
  • Total Pages: 91
  • Recipes Preview: Green Borshch, Homemade Sauerkraut, Lazi Pirohi
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Uzvar (Drink Made From Dried Fruits & Berries)
  • Affordability: Low

Ukrainian Cooking in Taras’ Kitchen is a two-part book series that’s a considerable investment in print. Both books contain under 100 pages but every last page stands as an inspiring example of Ukrainian food writing at its best. What makes this book different is that all of the proceeds are donated to the Ukraine War relief effort. Factor this into your personal decision. With biases aside, both the first and second book are great publications and well worth a read for all foodies. 

To get a better feel for what to expect, we suggest that you view the author’s YouTube channel called Cobblestone. The exact same style seen in his videos is found here in Ukrainian Cooking in Taras’ Kitchen. It’s a fun collection of simple, delicious recipes that are easy to pull off, no matter how little experience you may have in the kitchen. 

About The Author: Taras Sabadash is a culinary enthusiast and author who is passionate about traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Sabadash has spent years researching and perfecting the recipes in his books while always showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Cuisine: 170 Authentic Traditional Recipes from Ukraine. A Cookbook: Start a Healthy Low, Calories Vegan/Vegetarian Diet to Lose Weight Easy and in Style, or Get Stuffed by Delicious Food by Yevhen Madeia

  • Total Recipes: 170
  • Total Pages: 218
  • Recipes Preview: Kyivan Borshch, Zaporizhian Sauerkraut Soup (Kapusniak), Buckwheat Babka With Fruit Juice
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Fried Cherry Hand Pies
  • Affordability: High

Ukrainian Cuisine: 170 Authentic Traditional Recipes from Ukraine. A Cookbook is a wonderfully diverse modern take on classic cuisine that delivers concise recipes that can be relied upon for superior flavor. It holds just the right balance between iconic Ukrainian classics and lesser-known treats, especially the selection of sweets. As a highly authentic cookbook, you’ll have to shop around or opt for alternatives when cooking some recipes, but the vast majority are approachable. 

The number one consideration to keep in mind for US readers is that all of the measurements are imperial, which means grams, not ounces. You’ll have to convert yourself. Yet, this is a minor tradeoff to receive one of the broadest Ukrainian recipe collections around at a great price. A lot of the options hold the potential to become new favorites. 

About The Author: Ukrainian chef and author Yevhen Madeia carries extensive expertise that’s led him to host cooking classes and culinary tours. The cookbook author has risen to become a prominent food icon in Ukraine and abroad. 

A Ukrainian Christmas by Yaroslav Hrytsak and Nadiyka Gerbish

  • Total Recipes: Unknown
  • Total Pages: 128
  • Recipes Preview: Unknown
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Unknown
  • Affordability: Low

It’s not out yet, but A Ukrainian Christmas by Yaroslav Hrytsak and Nadiyka Gerbish is one of those great gift books that’s best to preorder. It is filled with histories and stories straight from Ukraine, listing all the recipes required to throw a traditional holiday celebration. With illustrations throughout and powerful narration that conveys the essence of Xmas in Eastern Europe, this cookbook and travel memoir is the ideal treat for any foodie, historian, or Ukrainian. Eager shoppers had better act fast because there aren’t many cookbooks of its type of caliber, let alone from two authorities like these. Stocks are sure to disappear fast. 

About The Authors: Yaroslav Hrytsak is a well-known Ukrainian historian, writer, and public intellectual. He is the author of numerous books on Ukrainian history and culture and has been a professor at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv since 1994. Nadiyka Gerbish is a Ukrainian-American chef and food writer based in New York City. She is the author of several cookbooks on Ukrainian cuisine and the founder of the Ukrainian table, a Ukrainian food and culture promotion organization in the US. 

The Best Print-Only Ukrainian Cookbooks

Given the antiquity of many beloved Ukrainian recipes, it is no wonder that many of the best cookbooks are available in print only. These gems contain some of the best recipes to Ukraine’s food that the world has to offer. 

Traditional Ukrainian Cookery by Savella Stechishin

  • Total Recipes: 300+
  • Total Pages: 496
  • Recipes Preview: Easter Breads, Pyrohy, Nalysnyky
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Meatless Holubtsi
  • Affordability: Low

Traditional Ukrainian Cookery is largely considered to be the very best book ever written about Ukrainian cuisine. There is nothing that this cookbook doesn’t cover in extreme detail. Recipes handed down from generation to generation have stood the test of time thanks to its publication which originated as a curated collection of the Western Ukraine’s most classic and inspiring recipes. Life in Ukraine is briefly but accurately portrayed. However, it is the old-world recipes themselves that are pure gold.

It is best to see Traditional Ukrainian Cookery as a veritable encyclopedia of Ukraine’s gastronomy and culinary arts. There is no other book that’s preserved the Ukrainian way of cooking as well, nor as completely. This is a cookbook that experienced cooks will come back to for inspiration, ingredients, flavor combinations, and technique. The tips, references, and recipe structures are invaluable in the right hands, which leads to the higher-than-normal price and creates a matter of urgency once a copy is found. 

About The Author: Savella Stechishin was a Ukrainian-Canadian author and journalist who dedicated her life to preserving and promoting Ukrainian culture and cuisine. Her cookbook, Traditional Ukrainian Cookery, first published in 1957, has become a classic considered to be an authority publication in Ukrainian households around the world. 

BUDMO!: Recipes from a Ukrainian Kitchen by Anna Voloshyna

  • Total Recipes: 88
  • Total Pages: 224
  • Recipes Preview: Sweet Pumpkin Rice Kasha, Adjarian Khachapuri, Grandma’s Roasted Duck
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Fermented “Sour” Eggplant
  • Affordability: Low

In a tribute to Ukrainian food that stays true to its name, Budmo! is one of the best cookbooks in print, boasting vibrant ingredients and modern transformations to classic recipes and tastes. The word ‘Budmo!’ translates to cheers from Ukrainian, and one is likely to raise a glass to the superlative flavor leaving each eater in awe after each meal is made. Every recipe’s structure is kept straightforward, which makes this gourmet food extremely easy to put together.

Even though the food photography will have most rushing to find the necessary ingredients for each meal, sampling the elevated Ukrainian cuisine made easy by this cookbook is what truly sets it apart. Budmo! ‘s recipes are the very best and come out looking just as beautiful as the images depict. With all ethnic and regional denominations considered, Budmo! is something special, but for Ukrainian cooking specifically, this cookbook is inspired. 

About The Author: After leaving Ukraine and picking up experience in restaurants across New York City, Anna Voloshyna soon established herself as a foremost authority on Ukrainian cuisine. Voloshyna is a food writer and contributor to various publications, and she continues to promote Ukrainian cuisine through her cooking classes and events.

Summer Kitchens: Recipes and Reminiscences from Every Corner of Ukraine by Olia Hercules

  • Total Recipes: 100
  • Total Pages: 352
  • Recipes Preview: Sauerkraut WIth Whole Cabbage Leaves, Apples Fermented In Pumpkin Mash, “Black Swan Effect” Peppers Stuffed With Apple, Carrot, And Rice
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Sour Cabbage Leaf Rolls With Pork, Barley, And Chestnuts
  • Affordability: Low

Summer Kitchens is a substantial cookbook from the same author as the acclaimed Mamushka that lays out the basics of day-to-day food in Ukraine. Readers are guided from section to section by colorful narratives that paint a picture of Ukraine during warmer weather Recipes are classified into fermenting, pickling, and preserving, breakfast and bites, broths and soups, bread, pasta, and dumplings, vegetables, meat and fish, and cakes, desserts, and pastries. 

Even though the recipes are top-class and everything from the ingredient selection to food photography is a notch above the competition, it is the way that the author explains complex techniques that makes Summer Kitchens truly special. Not only is every aspect of preparation divulged in detail that conveys an understanding of what is happening, but recipes from different parts of the book are paired up to create lavish meals. In this way, the reader gets to understand the mechanics behind Ukrainian flavors and pairings, not just how to cook the nation’s food. 

About The Author: Olia Hercules is a Ukrainian-born chef, food writer, and best-selling cookbook author based in the UK. Olia has worked as a chef in several restaurants, including Ottolenghi and Andina, and her writing has been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Observer. 

Home Food: 100 Recipes to Comfort and Connect: Ukraine • Cyprus • Italy • England • and Beyond by Olia Hercules and Joe Woodhouse

    • Total Recipes: 100
    • Total Pages: 308
    • Recipes Preview: Wedge Salad With Kefir And Blue Cheese Dressing And Bacon Crumbs, Butter Bean Dip With Garlic And Paprika Oil, Vegetable Gratin Balkan-Style
    • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Sardinian Ravioli With Ricotta, Greens, And Saffron
    • Affordability: Moderate

Home Food is one of the most intelligently designed cookbooks out of all the fine Ukrainian cookbooks reviewed. In addition to the foolproof recipes, guidance that feels like someone is right beside you, and meal quality that’s a clear step above, there are QR codes placed throughout that link the reader straight to helpful tips and videos. The interactivity is a fantastic selling point for anyone who likes improving their cooking skill. Learning new techniques couldn’t be easier or more fun. 

If you love cooking and want to sample the most flavorful food Ukraine has to offer, Home Food is the cookbook for you. Some of the steps are tricky, and you’ll be learning something at every step of the way, no matter how straightforward the dish, but it’s a joy to read and follow. Even if you already own a ton of Ukrainian cooking books, we’d still advise giving this excellent publication a look.

About The Author: Olia Hercules, born in Ukraine, is an award-winning chef, cookbook author, and food writer best known for her work on Eastern European cuisine. The London-based Ukrainian began a fundraising program to assist Ukraine for UNICEF in 2022. 

Festive Ukrainian Cooking by Marta Pisetska Farley

  • Total Recipes: Unknown
  • Total Pages: 240
  • Recipes Preview: Paska, Kutia, Holubtsi
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Uzvar
  • Affordability: Moderate

Traditions, old and new, are wonderfully explained by Festive Ukrainian Cooking. It’s a cookbook that’s been with us since the 90s, and it remains a stunning reference to the stories and history typically imparted from a baba to her family, albeit one without photos. Old-world recipes are adapted for the modern era and palate. The adaptations remain as close to the original recipes are possible, which is wonderful for those looking to touch on traditions through their culinary experience. 

Recipes are classified according to the season they’re meant to be enjoyed in, with delicacies waiting through each month. Dishes are associated with foods that one would forage in Ukraine, but sourcing most through a Western grocer shouldn’t be a problem, especially not given the handy substitutions and advice offered third-party through the author’s site. This informative cookbook will be treasured by foodies and Ukrainian cooks alike. 

About The Author: Marta Pisetska Farley is a Ukrainian-American author, chef, and food historian. She has been a culinary expert for over 30 years, specializing in Ukrainian cuisine. Farley was born in Ukraine and later immigrated to the United States, where she became a prominent member of the Ukrainian-American community and even had her work recognized by the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America. 

The Best Mixed Location Ukrainian Cookbooks

With a mix of cuisine from across Eastern Europe, the following cookbook highlights Ukrainian favorites from across the continent, not just within the country.

Beyond Borscht: Old-World Recipes from Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Poland & More by Tatyana Nesteruk

  • Total Recipes: 75
  • Total Pages: 176
  • Recipes Preview: Cottage Cheese And Dill Piroshki, Beef And Mushroom Cabbage Rolls, Split Pea, And Ham Soup
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Kiev Cake
  • Affordability: Moderate

Readers will be impressed by the authenticity of the fine old-world recipes from Ukraine, and Eastern Europe showcased in Beyond Borscht. Recipes are divided into unique bites and small dishes, comfort foods and meaty main entrees warming soups and easy side dishes, hearty salads and pickled vegetables, and beloved desserts, drinks, and old-world pastries. One couldn’t hope for better recipes. From the accessible ingredients to sublime food photography, a glance leaves one yearning to try each meal. 

Russian and English names for all recipes are supplied, as is the yield. There’s a concise introduction with heartfelt commentary that succinctly conveys the author’s passion. Beyond Borscht is filled with stunning food that tastes even better than it looks. It’s approachable enough for beginners, but you’re going to have to enjoy cooking. These aren’t meals that you slap together.

About The Author: Tatyana Nesteruk is a Ukrainian-born cook, food blogger, and cookbook author based in California. She is the creator of the blog Tatyana’s Everyday Food and has gained a following for her simple and approachable recipes that draw inspiration from Eastern European cuisine. 

Best Ukrainian Cookbooks – Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t rush off to buy a good Ukrainian cookbook if you’re still wondering anything about the food. Here are the answers you may be looking for. 

What Is The Most Famous Food In Ukraine? [looks better in terms of presenting individual recipes] [far better YouTube video production but recipe presentation lacking]

The most famous and iconic Ukrainian dish is arguably borscht, a hearty soup made with beets, cabbage, potatoes, and other vegetables. Other classics include varenyky, which are dumplings filled with mashed potatoes or cottage cheese, holubtsi, or Ukraine’s version of cabbage rolls, and salo, a type of cured pork fat. Celebratory dishes include the porridge banush, the sweet pudding Kutia served at Christmas, and potato pancakes called deruni, to name but two There’s also a variety of cheeses, including vurda made with sour cream and bryndza made from sheep’s milk.

What Are The 12 Ukrainian Dishes?

The twelve Ukrainian dishes served at Sviat Vechir, which is Ukrainian Christmas Eve that falls on January 6th, include kutia, which is a sweet grain pudding, borscht, a beet soup, varenyky dumplings filled with potato or cabbage, stuffed cabbage rolls called holubtsi, fish dishes like pickled herring or baked fish, various vegetables like peas, mushrooms, and sauerkraut, and meatless dishes like mushroom gravy, braised cabbage, and uzvar a favored dried fruit compote. Some regions of Ukraine also serve special dishes like holodets which is jellied meat, kasha, essentially a buckwheat porridge, or potato pancakes, typically of the deruny variety. The meal is traditionally meatless (featuring fish only) and symbolizes the end of a fast before the celebration of Christ’s birth

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