Where To Buy Exotic Meat Online?

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Meat has played a prominent role in the evolution of humans and has become an essential part of a healthy diet because of its nutritional content. If you’re tired of eating just beef, chicken, and pork and want to try something wild and flavorful with less fat, then exotic meat is the way to go. However, exotic meat isn’t easy to find, so where can you buy it online?

There are several stores where you can purchase exotic meat online, such as Exotic Meat Market, Farm Foods, Fossil Farms, D’Artagnan, and Hunters Reserve. All the online stores drop off your orders at your selected delivery location, often directly at your doorstep.

It’s easy to stick with traditional meat because it is readily available at most grocery stores. However, there are so many meat options available worldwide that you can explore from the comfort of your home. Many online stores can help you diversify your meat intake, get more adventurous with your diet, and even find healthier meat options.

What Are Some Of The Best Online Stores To Buy Exotic Meat?

Have you been craving something different lately? Perhaps beef, pork, chicken, and lamb haven’t been doing it for you lately. Or maybe you just realized how much hormones and antibiotics play a huge role in the food you eat. If you are looking for more protein sources and are interested in exotic meats, then here is where you can easily buy some.

Fossil Farms

Although there is nothing wrong with eating traditional meats like beef, chicken, pork, etc., other meats can bring more to the table. Fossil Farms is one of the meat delivery services that make this possible.

They have an online and brick-and-mortar store where you can buy all kinds of exotic meats. There are four meat categories that Fossil Farms has. They are game meats, game birds, exceptional breeds, and exotic meats.

Fossil Farm’s category contains over 200 different cuts and types of food, from lamb to alligator, reptiles to emu, kangaroo to elk, wild boar to yak, and everything in between. Fossil Farms makes it a mission to sell meat from ranches owned independently, have no antibiotics, and the harvesting is sustainable.

What makes this store appealing to newbies is that they specifically have a section on the website dedicated to people new to game meat. They explain why game meat trumps your regular chicken, beef, and pork and also briefly outline the health benefits that you can expect from game meat.

The new to game meat section guides you on which exotic meats to try if you enjoy Angus beef. The list is ordered from mild flavor to strong flavor and is as follows: yak, bison, Piedmontese beef, ostrich, wagyu beef, elk, venison, and emu.

If you enjoy chicken, then the recommended game meat list is as follows: turkey, quail, rabbit, pheasant, squab, and goose. You also have an opportunity to try out a sampler pack. A sampler pack means that you can purchase a pack that contains a sample of the various types of exotic and game meat that you would like to try out.

All Fossil Farms products are shipped nationwide via UPS. They have free two day shipping on orders over $175 (excluding express/overnight) as of 5/13/2022.

Exotic Meat Market

If you are interested in broadening your protein sources and trying out non-traditional meat, this is the perfect place to start. Exotic Meat Market offers a wide range of exotic meat sources from all over the world.

They offer wild game meat and exotic meat and have been doing so since 1989. Wild game meat is meat from animals that have been hunted. Their exotic meat features meat starting from the letter A to Z. You’ll never be left wanting.

Some of the exotic meat that you can purchase online are alligator meat, armadillo meat, bear meat, camel meat, coyote meat, dove meat, elk meat, emu meat, frog legs, guinea pig meat, iguana meat, kangaroo meat, llama meat, muskrat meat, nutria meat, ostrich meat, peacock meat, rabbit meat, squab meat, turtle meat, water buffalo meat, yak meat, and zebra meat.

The website is very user-friendly, and you can find out how each of the meat produce has been sourced, but most exotic meat from Exotic Meat Market has been farm-raised. Another appealing thing about Exotic Meat Market is finding different options under each specific exotic meat.

For example, suppose you were to select alligator meat. In that case, you will notice a variety of options, such as the cheek meat of the alligator, the stew meat of the alligator, the tail, tongue, or even a whole alligator. The variety gives you many options to try out to find out what you feel comfortable with.

Your order usually takes 72 hours to be processed, and the shipping cost can be easily calculated depending on where you are situated. You can also check your order status and have the option of returns or cancellations. All in all, this is a fantastic online store to satisfy your exotic meat cravings.

Farm Foods

If you enjoy choosing where you want your meat to come from, Farm Foods is the perfect fit. Farm Food is a marketplace that connects you directly with farmers so that you can pick your cuts of meat online and have them delivered right to your door.

This store is unique because it allows you to select which farm you want your meat to come from, so you know exactly where it comes from. You can know how the animal was raised, how it was fed, and if it was pasteurized or grass-fed. This way, you will know the kind of life that that animal lived.

Although the bulk of their produce is chicken, beef, pork, and seafood, they also have game meat. Some of the game meats that Farm Foods offers are grass-fed venison, wild boar sausages, and rib rack, elk sausages and ground meat, grass-fed yak steak, etc. Like Exotic Meat Market, each exotic meat often has many options to it.

You can get sausages, ground, beef, steak, etc., all from one exotic animal. Everything that you order will arrive frozen and will have dry ice. There will be a paper packet inside that tells you about the dry ice, Farm foods itself, and about each of the farms that they work with.

The website is simple and visually appealing. If you intend to stock upfront or order in bulk for an event, Farm Foods is a great choice as there is free shipping for orders above $99.


D’Artagnan has a contemporary approach to ecologically responsible productions. Therefore, you can expect free-range produce raised by humans on ranches and family farms. They ensure that the meats offered in their catalog do not have any hormones injected in them or antibiotics.

Their high-quality produce is offered to restaurants and chefs all over America. In essence, the farmer is brought directly to the chef. Their extensive catalog offers the usual beef, pork, lamb, and game meat like buffalo, rabbit, venison, wild boar, and veal.

Their website is relatively easy to navigate and has a layout that assists you in finding what you are looking for. What makes DÁrtagnan even more appealing is that they offer a variety of recipes on the meat and poultry they offer.

The recipes are especially great if you are new to game meat and are unsure how to prepare and cook a meal using them. They also often have specials that can come in handy when you’re on a budget and want a certain amount off of some meats.

There is an explore and learn section that leads to cooking tips and techniques and cooking videos. The videos are a great option if you enjoy watching rather than reading and can follow what is being done in the video.  

Hunters Reserve

Hunters Reserve is a company owned by women and run by a family that brings adventure in the meat that you taste. The company specializes in snacks that are made from wild game meat.

The meat snacks are very popular because they are of high quality, are very tasty, and the company makes sure to source the wild game meat used from animals raised by humans. You can rest assured that there are no fillers used.

Hunters Reserve offers summer sausages, trail sticks, and jerky. There are six trail sticks in a pack, and there are various flavors like antelope, bison, duck, elk, pheasant, venison, wild boar, and beef teriyaki.

The summer sausages are offered in 4, 6, and 8 oz. they are made from various wild game meat such as elk, bison, venison, wild boar, pheasant, classic beef, and beef with a twist as it is sweet and contains jalapenos.

Hunters Reserves jerky comes in a pack of four and mainly consists of wild game meat: antelope, beef teriyaki, bison, elk, venison, and wild boar. The great thing is that orders of $50 will always be shipped for free. There are also some cooking recipes for both experienced and beginner cooks, and the website is fun to navigate.

There are a lot of popular exotic meats that people all over the world enjoy. There are many reasons why people like exotic meat. Exotic meat is incredibly nutritious, has higher protein than traditional meat, and is low in cholesterol and fat.  

Ostrich Meat

Ostrich meat is a specialty product that is becoming more popular in Europe with customers. Ostrich meat can be a valuable part of the human diet because it has low intramuscular fat, a desirable profile of fatty acids, high iron and vitamin E content, and low sodium levels.

Therefore, it can be regarded as a high-quality product because it is a highly nutritious and dietary product. As more emphasis on meat being produced as naturally as possible, consumers appreciate that ostrich meat production does not make use of technologies that take away the pureness and safety of ostrich meat.

Ostriches are normally housed in sustainable production systems, and that adhere to high animal welfare standards.

Goat Meat

Looking at other red meats like beef, chevon (goat meat) is the only meat with unique nutritional qualities, leading to its consumption rising globally.  

Adding to the fact that it is a good source of protein for those consuming it, the total fat, cholesterol, and saturated fatty acids are lower than that found in other meat-producing animals, making it a healthier option for humans.

The health-promoting chemical makeup of goat meat meets consumers’ expectations for healthy foods, which explains its rising popularity and demand. The source of protein and essential amino acids in the chevon is adequate as it meets the dietary needs of average adult humans.

Chevon is considered as lean red meat with beneficial nutritional properties on a global scale.

Emu Meat

Emu is the world’s second-biggest bird species that is indigenous to Australia. Emus, like South African ostriches, are classed as ratites. Because emu meat is low in cholesterol (less than 0.05 percent) and fat (98 percent fat-free) and rich in iron, it has led to its growing popularity as a red meat option, making it a good diet for persons with heart diseases.

Not only is emu meat a great source of protein, creatine, and vitamin B, emu oil has garnered interest for its potential therapeutic use, most notably anti-inflammatory and aesthetic advantages. Emu meat is regarded as meat that is healthier than beef by Americans due to its health benefits.

Many of the above-mentioned online stores offer quality products that cater to everyone, from beginners new to exotic meats to experienced game meat-eaters who want to diversify and expand their protein source. 

The best part is that all this can be done in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll have to do is fetch it from your doorstep. This is your chance to change your everyday boring proteins and try something new that will be much more beneficial in the long run, even if it costs a pretty penny.

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