Homemade Vegetarian Fried Rice with Egg Peas and Carrots

How To Reheat Fried Rice?

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Have you ever had leftover fried rice and wanted to eat it the next day, but you were unsure how to reheat it? I have been there — either worried about the rice getting too soft or too dry. It took me some good research to figure out how to reheat fried rice.

You can reheat fried rice in the microwave. You can also reheat fried rice on the stovetop or the oven, but both of those options will work best if you add some moisture first. Adding a little bit of water, oil, butter, broth, or sauce will prevent your rice from drying out.

You can reheat your fried rice in the microwave, oven, or stovetop, but each method has specific steps to follow. Using the proper steps will help preserve the texture of your rice and prevent wastage. Take a look at the different approaches listed and explained below.

How Do You Reheat Fried Rice?

Reheating Fried Rice In The Microwave

Using the microwave to reheat fried rice is the easiest and quickest option. It is also the safest option because your rice will not burn or stick in the microwave. Using the microwave also doesn’t require adding much moisture, which means you can retain the exact texture of the rice as it was.

Here’s how you can reheat fried rice in the microwave:

  1. Put the rice in a microwave-safe dish.
  1. If you find the rice is slightly dry, add a little bit of water. The microwave will not dry out the rice too much without added moisture, but a little butter or ghee is a good option if you need to add something.
  1. Cover the fried rice with microwave-safe plastic wrap or a dish.
  1. Put the dish of rice in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.
  1. You can remove it at 1-minute intervals and stir the rice, checking if the liquid has absorbed and all the rice has heated.

Reheating Fried Rice In The Oven

The oven is probably the best method after the microwave to reheat your fried rice. If you use the correct dish and add a little moisture, you can get perfectly and deliciously reheated fried rice. You have to be careful, though, because it can dry out and burn if you leave it longer than necessary.

Here’s how you can reheat fried rice in the oven:

  1. Pu the rice in an oven-proof dish.
  1. Add your moisture of choice. For the oven, water or broth works best.
  1. You can close the dish with some foil to retain the steam. Make a couple of holes if necessary.
  1. Put the rice in the oven for 5-10 minutes, checking it occasionally and giving the rice a slight stir. 
  1. When the liquid is dried out and the rice is hot, serve and enjoy.

Reheating Fried Rice On The Stovetop

The stove stop is a more convenient way to reheat your fried rice as opposed to the oven. The stove is quicker and saves more electricity. But the rice can burn quickly and stick to the bottom of your pot or pan if you don’t monitor it properly. Reheating fried rice on the stove will flop if you don’t add moisture.

Here’s how you can reheat fried rice on the stovetop:

  1. Warm some butter, ghee, or oil of your choice in a pot or pan on medium heat. A non-stick skillet works best for fried rice.
  1. Add your rice into the skillet. Cold rice works best when using the stovetop.
  1. Add a little bit of liquid which could be either water or broth, and stir it through.
  1. Turn the heat to a medium-low and let the rice steam, stirring occasionally.
  1. Once the liquid has evaporated, and the rice is entirely heated through, remove it from the heat and serve.
  1. If you need more liquid during the process, add only a little bit at a time. Too much will make your rice too soft and mushy.

Other Ways To Reheat Fried Rice

  • Make a casserole: You can turn your leftover fried rice into a baked casserole by layering it with other veggies and chicken. Toss it into the oven, and you have a whole meal.
  • Make a frittata: Whisk some eggs and pour them into the fried rice, mix it up and bake it in the oven till the eggs are cooked. 
  • Make rice balls: Mix up your rice with mashed potatoes, shape it into balls and dip it in eggs and breadcrumbs. You can deep fry it in oil or use an air fryer for a healthier version, and you have a fun starter to wow your guests.

Should You Reheat Fried Rice When It Is Cold?

Most foods require you to bring them to room temperature before reheating them. Rice — fried rice, specifically, is best when it is still reasonably cold. When rice is at complete room temperature or even warm, it gets soft and mushy very quickly.

The trick to maintaining the texture and regular loose consistency of fried rice is working quickly with it. Rice grains are super small, and they warm up quickly if you keep them separated by stirring regularly for heat to pass through the rice.

Will Fried Rice Get Sticky If You Reheat it?

Fried rice can get over soft and sticky if you add too much liquid. If you don’t have enough moisture, you might dry the rice out, causing it to burn and harden. It can be tricky but typically, a tablespoon of liquid works well for a serving of fried rice when reheating. Alternatively, ½ to 1 tsp butter or oil also works per serving.

The best way to avoid your fried rice getting mushy is to add very little moisture initially. Stir the fried rice at regular intervals while reheating it, and only add more water when and if you need it.

So, How To Reheat Fried Rice?

Reheating fried rice is quite an easy task if you use the above methods. The microwave will get your job done in a couple of minutes. The stove and oven are excellent options if you prefer avoiding any use of the microwave. The most important thing to note when heating cooked rice is to add some liquid or a form of moisture to prevent the rice from drying up. Some water, oil, broth works well.

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