About Us

Welcome to Cook Gem! I’m John Clark, creator and managing editor of CookGem.com. I am an avid at home cook, technology enthusiast and hardcore coffee addict.

I started this website because I absolutely love food, coffee and wine. I am always experimenting in the kitchen. And most importantly, cooking at home saves a ton of money.

I started experimenting with healthy and vegan dishes in 2011 to lose weight. I am still not a full time vegan, but creativity loves limits. As Orson Welles once said, “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” In other words, creative constraint is essential. By having the creative constraints of vegan, vegetarian, calories, allergies, health vitals or global spices is a fantastic way to explore new dishes and become more creative in the kitchen. And hopefully healthier in the process.

I hope this website can help you become more creative in the kitchen, enjoy more food at home and remain healthy. Thank you for reading my About page.