Best Indian Cookbooks

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Key Takeaways

  • As top picks from our selection of best sellers below, a couple of prominent books arise for certain types of readers.
  • As aforementioned, every serious Indian chef would do well to equip themselves with a vegetarian cookbook like Lord Krishna’s Cuisine or Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen.
  • Those seeking cuisine and culture should check out India, The Cookbook in print, for a gorgeous guide to India and cooking as a whole. On the other side of things, Indian Cooking Course takes one through the nitty gritty of everything hands-on and is filled with tons of must-try recipes at the same time.

Before picking out a new Indian cookbook, the first thing that the reader should establish is their realistic skill level and experience with cooking in general and Indian cuisine specifically. Secondly, determine whether or not you’re open to a vegetarian cooking book and start perusing our list. We strongly advise that people of all dietary habits consider vegetarian Indian cookbooks with equal merit aside from their counterparts, as plant-based cooking forms the basis for almost all food from the Subcontinent. With this being said, here is a look at the best Indian cookbooks available. 

Best Indian Cookbooks

We’ve picked out fifteen of the very best Indian cookbooks on offer. Select from any of these outstanding recipe books, and you’ll have a reference that will become a go-to resource while cooking and a source of inspiration for when you feel like something tasty and spicy. 

Lord Krishna’s Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking

  • Total Recipes: 500+
  • Total Pages: 814
  • Recipes Preview: Pumpkin Toovar Dal Soup, Karhi Sauce, Paneer, Moong Dal Soup, Poori, Paneer Tikka Masala

Lord Krishna’s Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking is considered by many to be the very best book on Indian cooking in print. It is a book accepted as the definitive introduction for non-Indians even though it focuses on meals without garlic or onions due to the traditional Vedic nature of the food, most of which is mouthwateringly delicious temple food or recipes incorporating the secrets of royalty. Attractive illustrations adorn the pages, clearly depicting the simple steps to classic techniques, while a functional, practical index makes for an easy-to-follow quick reference.

All recipes are either vegetarian or vegan, and the quality of the instructions is exceptionally clear. There’s solid guidance on everything from cooking for large groups to essential preparations for Indian and Bengali offerings to the deities in glorious detail. Between the massive diversity of the meals and cooking tips to the sheer enormity of the physical size of the print edition itself, Lord Krishna’s Cuisine is a handbook that passionate cooks have to get their hands on. 

About the Author: Yamuna Devi is an author and lifelong and currently senior member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness which is far better known as the Hare Krishna movement. As a result, the American writer born Joan Agnes Campanella, exhibits a distinct spiritual influence across all of her books, including two of which that have won James Beard Awards for Cookbook of the Year.

660 Curries

  • Total Recipes: 660
  • Total Pages: 809
  • Recipes Preview: Chicken Tikka Masala, Mutter Paneer, Bund Gobhi Kakadi Nu Salade, Aloo Paneer Pulao, Saag Paneer

Think of a combination that would end off ‘Curry with’ in a tasty manner, and 660 Curries is most likely to have it covered with a recipe that urges readers to try it out. Every last page of the noticeably extensive discourse on curry is detailed with vivid pictures and clear details concerning the steps involved, essential preparation tips, and more.

The author introduces each curry in such a manner that the recipe book is bursting with a familiarity that makes trying out the traditional recipes far less intimidating than they could seem. Approachable, easy to comprehend, but reliant on a pantry stocked to the brim with Indian ingredients, buying 660 Curries could well mean that the serious cook with a fondness for Indian cuisine may never need another recipe book for curry ever again.

About the Author: Many will remember Raghavan Iyer as the host of the Emmy Award-winning documentary Asian Flavors from 2013, which guided viewers through Chinese and Indian cuisine as well as the stories of where the ingredients come from. The three-time James Beard Award winner and President of the International Association of Culinary Professionals backs up his know-how with a degree in chemistry and extensive experience as an educator.

Indian for Everyone: The Home Cook’s Guide to Traditional Favorites

  • Total Recipes: 125
  • Total Pages: 288
  • Recipes Preview: Baingan Bhartha, Navratan Korma, Palak Paneer, Aloo Goobi, Kheera Raita, Grilled Tandoori Chicken

Indian for Everyone is well-suited for beginners to Indian cooking, delivering well-explained instructions and bright, informative photographs for most of Indian food’s traditional favorites Both South and North Indian cuisine are featured, and the detail is ample for non-Indian chefs but not quite advanced enough for trained experts or those from the country.

It is a book that makes fresh ingredients shine. Readers will love the way that each recipe features alternative preparation suggestions and substitute ingredients. From quick and easy Indian food to labor and time-intensive classics, gluten-free cooking, and slow-cooker favorites, Indian for Everyone truly has something for every situation.

About the Author: The bestselling author and former journalist Anuopy Singla is responsible for writing this excellent cookbook, classed as her best ever, as well as ever-popular hits ‘The Indian Slow Cooker’ and ‘Vegan Indian Cooking.’ The Indian-born American infuses demonstrable logic from her times teaching cooking on WGN-TV, WLS, and NBC10! Philly into every last word of this fun, addictive authentic book on Indian cooking.

Indian-ish: Recipes and Antics from a Modern American Family

  • Total Recipes: 83+
  • Total Pages: 256
  • Recipes Preview: Matar Paneer, White Bean-Stuffed Poblanos, Roti Pizza, Tomato Rice With Crispy Cheddar, Green Pea Chutney, Shortcut Chhole, Dal, Aloo Gobi, Pav Bhaji

You’ll have to look long and hard before finding another cookbook that can compare to the vibrance and happy energy infused into the words of this wonderful, no-fail Indian cookbook. The fun recipes are both straightforward enough and put through in such a way that cooks of all skill levels are virtually guaranteed exceptional results. It’s not the most intricate methodology, nor will it become your go-to index for all Indian food, but the meals sure are packed with flavor.

Eager cooks may need to hunt down a few specialty ingredients or trace the best-matched substitutes down on their own, but the fascinating yet easy-to-master food culture put on paper here is a must-read, must-try for anyone who appreciates Indian cuisine and a light-hearted approach to cooking.

About the Author: After giving her fantastic cookbooks a read, many a fan may end up visiting the loving presence of author, food journalist, and influencer Priya Krishna on YouTube. As a food reporter for The New York Times, Krishna acquired a sense of clarity for presentation and process that’s a pleasure to take in via text.

Made in India: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen

  • Total Recipes: 130
  • Total Pages: 320
  • Recipes Preview: Aubergine & Cherry Tomato Curry, Pav Bhaji, Lamb & Mint Samoosas, Chana Masala, Red Pepper Paneer Curry

Don’t expect to find the food sold at most Indian restaurants in this authentic cookbook. Instead, the reader is taken through a selection of classic meals and street food that would typically be served in any household in India. The author’s tips add valuable insight that cooks will carry with them to all types of other cuisine.

Cooks will enjoy the easy-to-manage pace of the cooking processes detailed in this book. Many of the iconic recipes are significantly easier to pull off than the methods of other books, but the end results are nonetheless terrific.

About the Author: London-based cook, author, and food writer Meera Sodha heads up the ‘New Vegan’ column of The Guardian while infusing global cooking insight and distinct ethnic influences into her many successful cookbooks and cooking discourses.

Indian Cookery Course

  • Total Recipes: 300+
  • Total Pages: 1045
  • Recipes Preview: Murgh Makhani, Aloo Methi, Waghar, Stuffed Parathas

The Indian Cookery Course is a beautifully laid-out full-color cookbook that’s a wonderful starting point to Indian food for anyone who knows their way around the kitchen. The photos are massive and a welcome addition to the book, especially for visual thinkers. They also go a long way towards getting the presentation perfect. The author takes a casual but clear tone when presenting instructions, and there’s a treasure-trove of recipes waiting spanning all types of meals. 

While there are many draw points such as authenticity, easy-to-find ingredients, and regional variety, one of the best parts about The Indian Cookery Course is its clarity. Readers are taken through the basics of cooking and Indian food, albeit concisely, and the recipes leave nothing lacking while pulling one in with colorful descriptions and equally pleasing serving suggestions. 

About the Author: Accomplished author of no less than five best-selling Indian cookbooks, Monisha Bharadwaj, carries extensive experience as a food historian. One can almost taste the depth of flavor built throughout the processes detailed in each recipe making up a part of her books – a reflection of the passionate journey of the former ‘Cookery Writer of the Year.’

Fresh India: 130 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes for Every Day

  • Total Recipes: 130
  • Total Pages: 304
  • Recipes Preview: Roasted Cauliflower Korma, Sticky Mango Paneer Skewers, Black Eyed Pea & Coconut Curry, Goan Squash Cafrael, Temple Tomato Rasam

Fresh India: 130 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes for Every Day is a book that does exactly as its name says. Indian cuisine is simplified into exact steps and meals that take very little time to prepare, making it perfect for fitting into everyday life no matter how busy you may be. There’s no going wrong when you follow the inspired guidance of one of the world’s most famous Indian cookbook authors. The recipes detailed are classic but carry the distinctive influence of the author and her family, which translates to impressive all-around results. 

Like the overwhelming majority of ethnic Indian food, Fresh India lists only vegetarian recipes, but once a meat eater has tried any single one of them, they’ll overlook the omission as a non-factor. Readers can learn how to make all the Indian staples from scratch, including spice blends, and the recipes range from basic five-step meals to complicated, multifaceted creations that’ll wow you and the rest of your friends and family without any chance of things going wrong. 

About the Author: There’s no denying the fantastic flow across all weekly food columnist and author Meera Sodha’s work. The Guardian’s in-house at-home cook feature writer, who was born in Lincolnshire, never ceases to amaze with her clarity and captivating flavor combinations.

An Invitation to Indian Cooking: A Cookbook

  • Total Recipes: 140+
  • Total Pages: 519
  • Recipes Preview: Vegetables Stuffed With Kheema, Pappadums, Khatte Aloo, Safed Sarvo, Da; Soup

As an introduction to Indian cooking, An Invitation to Indian Cooking: A Cookbook excels, but it is the quality of each meal at the end of trying out each recipe that’ll wow you. All of the regional differences between Indian cooking are broken down, and the reader is granted a complete understanding of how to work with flavor combinations from the Subcontinent. Yet, at the same time, the recipes listed are each a masterpiece that hints towards why the author is classed as highly as she is.

Within the world of Indian cuisine, An Invitation to Indian Cooking: A Cookbook is seen to be one of the most iconic authentic breakdowns available. It is a book that’s stood the test of time and continues to amaze readers with detailed recipes and tips that help even experienced cooks.

About the Author: Madhur Jaffrey is an author and food expert extraordinaire who’s been globally termed the queen of Indian cooking. The James Beard Hall of Fame inductee and television personality famous for her eponymous cooking show on UK TV dives straight into complex cooking and cuts away the fuss and much of the difficulty throughout her brilliant books.

Thali: A Joyful Celebration of Indian Home Cooking

  • Total Recipes: 80+
  • Total Pages: 224
  • Recipes Preview: Tadka Dal, Matar Paneer, Gujarati Aubergine & Potato Curry, Dhokla, Tamarind & Ginger Lamb Chop Curry With Katchumber, Coconut Fish Curry, Hot & Sour Prawn Pickle

The term ‘Thali’ itself is a reference to an Indian manner of eating whereby ten or more specialty dishes are served beside each other on a platter. The book Thali takes this concept which can become up to a fifty-dish celebration, and expands it into a selection of step-by-step recipes complete with guidance on everything from detailed preparation to how to eat each delicacy.

Classic Indian comfort food best describes the recipes you’ll find in Thali. It briefly covers kitchen essentials. Most of the recipes are gluten-free, and the vast majority are vegan or vegetarian. Proud owners of this true celebration of Indian cuisine will fall in love with the photographs, which are each so beautiful that they could be enlarged and framed.

About the Author: The ever-popular Instagram food blogger populating the beautiful stories on @cookinacurry is author to this brilliant collection of inspired Indian dishes. Author, food writer, and columnist for Olive Magazine, Maunika Gowardhan excels at showing others how to make irresistible Indian food at home without breaking the bank or hunting down impossible-to-find ingredients.

Dishoom: The First Ever Cookbook From The Much-Loved Indian Restaurant

  • Total Recipes: 100
  • Total Pages: 400
  • Recipes Preview: Black Daal, Jackfruit Biryani, Chicken Ruby, Masala Chai, Achari Paneer

Dishoom is a cookbook that’s only detailing the creations of one of the world’s most legendary Indian restaurants but a guidebook with such clarity of instruction that the reader feels guided by the master chef behind its words. Each recipe is rooted in a specific regional culture and delivers a complex, rich blend of flavors that is each among the most distinctive creations the palette can witness.

For those who aren’t aware, Dishoom is a range of restaurants found across the United Kingdom. The original Dishroom restaurant was even once named the UK’s number one restaurant, and this cookbook pays fine homage to the Michelin-star-rated cuisine that made the chain famous. Everything is perfect, from the precise measurements to the practiced techniques divulged, making this a must-have book for most Indian chefs. 

About the Author: Dishoom is co-authored by the founders of Dishoom Restaurant, Shamil Thakrara, and Kavi Thakrar, in collaboration with their founding executive chef Naved Nasir. Together, the three have established what is classed by most professions to be a definitive handbook in Bombay cooking while also setting the standard for the food style within the UK fine dining industry.

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen: Traditional and Creative Recipes for the Home Cook

  • Total Recipes: 150
  • Total Pages: 256
  • Recipes Preview: South Indian Chickpea Eggplant Stew, Tofu Spinach Curry, Tofu Scramble, Street-Style Tempeh Wraps

As the winner of the Goodreads Choice Award, Vegan Rich’s Indian Kitchen is a high-quality read that’s jam-packed with tantalizing pictures, detailed steps to what would otherwise be complicated procedures, and indispensable tips for how to work more efficiently in the kitchen. Pulses and veggies take center stage in this plant-based cookbook, but the recipes are as authentic as they get. It isn’t a book filled with half-an-hour quick fixes to supper or lunch, but each recipe is a rich infusion of flavor that you’ll be returning to repeatedly. 

In print, Vegan Rich’s Indian Kitchen is an inspiring book that’s both practical to follow and motivating to page through, thanks to the captivating, clean presentation. The digital version is just as handy to have at hand. Just a glance at how the shopping list of traditional ingredients is divided between a range of “nice to have” and “must-have” will have many owners happy to have access at a touch. 

About the Author: Author Richa Hingle is famous for creating healthy, gluten-free, soy-free, and zero-oil recipes modeled on iconic recipes and techniques from Indian cuisine. Ever since her first book hit shelves in 2015, the India-born Seattle resident Hingle has risen to international acclaim and is relied on for recipes featuring bold sauces and easy-to-follow instructions.

The Spice Tree: Indian Cooking Made Beautifully Simple

  • Total Recipes: 82
  • Total Pages: 256
  • Recipes Preview: Butter Chicken, Butternut Squash Curry, Homemade Garam Masala, Lamb Raan And Quail With Kale, Steamed Trout With Mustard, Rajma Curry, Peanut And Potato Powa, South Indian Monkfish

All the intricacies of intelligent Indian cuisine and its pairings are simplified and put into a structure that even a beginner can follow. Yet, dive into the details, and you’ve got something fascinating to even the most advanced chef. Preparation leaves nothing out, and after just a little attention, this book is sure to bring out creativity in every cook. It’s a brilliant read that’s well worth the investment for anyone who wants to understand spices and spicy dishes better.

About the Author: The author of this and several other popular Indian cookbooks is not only a renowned chef and writer but also a TV presenter and the founder of the world-famous restaurant chain, Mowgli Street Food. The British chef is instantly recognizable from her time as a guest on MasterChef, while others will recognize her practical, light-hearted approach to cooking from shows like Secret Chef, My Spice Kitchen, and My Kitchen Rules on BBC.

Asma’s Indian Kitchen: Home-Cooked Food Brought to You by Darjeeling Express

  • Total Recipes: 100+
  • Total Pages: 192
  • Recipes Preview: Hyderabadi Tamatar Ka Cut, Baingan Bharta, Pancer Malai Korma, Aloo Bharta, Tehri

The author behind this masterpiece is both an acclaimed chef and the restaurateur responsible for London’s esteemed Darjeeling Express, famed for its Indian food of royal Mughlai culture. One can almost feel the exact same joyous intent behind each recipe as visitors famously report from the family-owned eatery serving up superior incarnations of classic dishes.

Asma’s Indian Kitchen is divided into feasts for two, family feasts, feasting with friends, and celebratory feasts. Every section holds the restaurant’s most treasured meals while the introductions are filled with witty commentary and talented storytelling. The entire book can be seen as a fine celebration of Indian culture at its best and should be referenced by anyone who wants a true taste of the nation’s best food.

About the Author: Whether recognized from her starring profile on the documentary show Chef’s Table or her iconic acclaim as owner of Darjeeling Express restaurant in London, Asma Khan is an author that every chef and foodie wants and, to some degree, needs to read. This second daughter of a key Indian royal family dictates the steps to making truly elevated cuisine without difficulty at home through all of her fabulous works.

Chaat: Recipes from the Kitchens, Markets, and Railways of India: A Cookbook

  • Total Recipes: 100+
  • Total Pages: 272
  • Recipes Preview: Agra Ka Petha, Kala Chana Chaat, Begun Bhaja, Chaat Masala, Bhel Puri, Kashmiri Kahwa Tea, Kong Phiri, Chhena Poda, Chungdi Malai, Tokri Chaat

The entirety of Chaat: Recipes from the Kitchens, Markets, and Railways of India: A Cookbook and its recipes were inspired by the author’s real-life journey by train across India. With charm and culture that can be felt through the awe-inspiring photography and brilliantly detailed step-by-step cooking processes, one begins to gain an in-depth understanding of the color and flavor that is inherent to Indian cuisine and how to use it.

Between the personality-filled narratives and simplistic recipes, this is a cookbook that coaxes new cooks to try out its wonderful creations. Some may criticize a few scattered ingredients as being too hard to find, but this is to be expected from a book that goes into exactly as much detail as is needed to convey a complete understanding of the food at hand. You won’t be able to put it down, and we’d bet you’ll keep coming back to Chaat over and over again.

About the Author: Co-authors Maneet Chauhan and Jody Eddy together shape award-winning cookbooks that are recognized not only by names like Epicurious, Wired, and Salon but also by food photographers and home cooks around the world. Author and owner of four restaurants, Maneet Chauhan, is instantly recognizable from her longstanding position as a beloved judge on Chopped whereas James Beard nominee Jody Eddy has co-produced behind the scenes for major food networks around the world including the show Trend Journeys.

30-Minute Mowgli: Fast Easy Indian from the Mowgli Home Kitchen

  • Total Recipes: 100
  • Total Pages: 176
  • Recipes Preview: Chicken Meatball Curry, Dahl, Gin And Tonic Salmon, Mango Chicken Curry, Chicken Dhansak

If you’re looking for quick, no-fuss Indian food featuring bold flavors and easy-to-find ingredients, then 30-Minute Mowgli: Fast Easy Indian from the Mowgli Home Kitchen may become your new favorite cookbook. It takes zero know-how to follow the instructions detailed here, and there’s not one recipe that disappoints.

The food comes out so good that it’s hard to believe that some of these curries cook in just 30 minutes or less. Whether you’re a busy professional or just looking for a quick-access foolproof selection of good Indian recipes, 30 Minute Mowgli should be a prime consideration.

About the Author: Almost the whole of the UK knows author, cook, and restaurateur Nisha Katona from either her role as executive chef of Mowgli Street Food or as the face of countless hit TV shows like My Kitchen Rules and My Spice Kitchen. Her books carry the same enticing personality that allures one toward Indian food as her podcast and television appearances.

Best Print Only Indian Cookbooks

The following five Indian cookbooks aren’t available in a digital format at all. Each does, however, make for an attractive, practical talking point that will do well in any modern home or kitchen. Here are the very best print-only Indian cookbooks available. 

India, The Cookbook: Cookbook

  • Total Recipes: 1000
  • Total Pages: 960
  • Recipes Preview: Naga Pork Stew With Bamboo Shoots, Rogan Josh, Pani Puri, Aloo Dum, Imperial Chicken, Murgh Dalcha Kebab, Ga Aracha Meen Kari

India: The Cookbook is a gorgeous hardcover that details the whole of India’s colorful culture, heritage, and traditional cuisine. The instructions to each recipe couldn’t be more straightforward, and one can expect to find everything from the most simplistic creations to Indian cuisine’s most advanced techniques explained in terms that chefs of all skill levels are capable of grasping. The sheer number of dishes alone should pull in many buyers.

Regional representations of Indian food are among the best that one can find anywhere. Food is presented traditionally and authentically. The very basics of Indian preparation are omitted, but for anyone with a little experience or a hint of enthusiasm for understanding the finer details of ethnic cuisine, India: The Cookbook is about as close to a must-have as you get.

About the Author: Having literally written the book on Hindu cuisine (namely, ‘Hindu Soul Recipes,’), academic, historian, and food critic Pushpesh Pant instills a clear demonstrable logic to his work throughout each of his publications. The popular recipe columnist has spent their life traveling the Subcontinent to test and document some of the best Indian recipes known to man.

Dakshin: Vegetarian Cuisine from South India

  • Total Recipes: 129+
  • Total Pages: 176
  • Recipes Preview: Tomato Rasam, Dosai, Buttermilk Kootu, Peanut Chutney, Tamarind Rice And Pitlay

South Indian food presents delicacies with their own distinctive balance of piquant flavor, fiery heat, and complex richness, and there is arguably no better guidebook than Dakshin: Vegetarian Cuisine from South India. It is a piece that demands a look from vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The very name itself translates to ‘South’ – a hint towards the authentic Southern treasures its pages hold. Cooks should note that all recipes in this book are totally Tamil brahmin-friendly food. 

South Indian cooking concepts are clearly depicted with short explanations and huge vivid pictures. You won’t find the greatest variety of substitutions and alternatives listed, but this isn’t what this book is for. Dakshin: Vegetarian Cuisine from South India presents a trip through some of the best food India has to offer while fruiting results that are nothing short of incredible.

About the Author: Madras-based author Chandra Padmanabhan knows precisely how to break complicated Indian cooking concepts into easy-to-digest explanations and instructions. Years of writing as a cooking columnist for Madras Musings has fortified her writing with a knack for guiding others without losing any essence of the original South Indian cuisine that inspired her journeys through food.

Madhur Jaffrey’s Ultimate Curry Bible

  • Total Recipes: 150
  • Total Pages: 200
  • Recipes Preview: Chicken Madras, Lamb Jalfrezi, Goat Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, Kebabs

Every region of India is covered in detail by this but authentic cookbook. Yet, you’ll find not only curry from India but recipes from Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and China too. The Ultimate Curry Bible is one of the most comprehensive discourses on Indian cuisine in print, and while there are no photographs, the illustrations are both practical and infuse a rustic charm into this brilliant book. They are as stunning as they are useful, and the reader receives a fascinating cultural introduction along with superb recipes.

There are “curry bibles” in print with more recipes but none with a collection quite as finely detailed and traditionally minded as this. Readers will find a lot of excellent recipes, but if you’re chasing down a sheer number of variations, you’d better look elsewhere. However, for cooks that want to know that they’re being guided through the best regional cuisine, India has to offer, there’s no going wrong with The Ultimate Curry Bible from Madhur Jaffreys.

About the Author: Writer and renowned food and travel personality Madhur Jaffrey has spent most of her life in the public eye as an Indian-American actress. The James Beard Foundation Hall of Famer boasts several best sellers and continues to remain a presence both on screen and in the culinary industry to this day despite being almost nine decades old – a lineage that imbues immense insight into all of her published works.

Harper Collins India A Taste of Well-Being: Sadhguru’s Insights for Your Gastronomic

  • Total Recipes: 140+
  • Total Pages: 218
  • Recipes Preview: Lemongrass Ginger Tea, Green Gram Sprout Salad, Chickpea Chaat Delight, Urad Dal Palm Sugar Kali, Agathi Leaves Fry, Okra Masala, Palak Subri, Amla Chutney

Sadhguru’s Insights for Your Gastronomic is a gorgeous gigantic book filled with delicious vegetarian meals only that looks great atop any table in clear view while reading even better. Each recipe making up a part of this distinctly South Indian cookbook has been masterfully composed by the Isha Yoga Center, which therefore makes the meals among the healthiest you’ll find anywhere. Dishes are light and simple but leave one satisfied without fatigue, exactly as healthy food should. 

Readers are also being presented food that effectively detoxifies and fortifies the body with good health in many different ways. What makes this book special is the insight regarding vegetarian eating and a spiritual life from Sadhguru that accompanies the recipes. Yet, don’t mistake this book for a discourse on Eastern philosophy. It is a cookbook first and a fantastic one filled with high-energy good at that. The beloved yogi’s input does nothing more than motivate and inspire healthy living through healthy eating.

About the Author: Since 1982, the Indian yogic guru and mystic Sadhuru has headed up The Isha Foundation, which aims to empower people and energize communities through raising human consciousness. The man born Jagadish Vasudev, who holds India’s Padma Vibhushan Award, is one of the world’s foremost experts on healthy eating and a masterful teacher revered by countless people.

Classic Indian Cooking

  • Total Recipes: 130
  • Total Pages: 560
  • Recipes Preview: Badaam, Barra Kebabs, Biriyani, Bhoonana, Bhoni Bhindi, Dahi Bhalle, Dum Eleesh, Gajar Ki Kheer, Garam Nimboo Ka Achar, Goanese Hot And Pungent Curry

A copy of Classic Indian Cooking is something that you and your family will keep coming back to over and over again. Not only for the glorious array of sweet and savory meals backed by artistic, intricate line drawings but also for the masterful cooking tips and detailed breakdowns of complex processes. Even the spice chart is straightforward yet likely to soon become invaluable to anyone new to cuisine from the Subcontinent.

Readers will find that the cooking instructions are not only clearly laid out, but the resultant effects are forewarned as well. For example, if something is about to splatter, you’ll know about it ahead of time. A third of the book is technique, and the rest are recipes, with each and every one being a unique creation instead of a variation or permutation of something referenced earlier. Classic Indian Cooking is almost a must for non-Indian cooks dedicated to Indian cuisine.

About the Author: With her prime work Classic Indian Cooking being in its 42nd edition or higher, author Julie Sahni is largely considered to be the authority on Indian Cuisine. As a North Indian winner of the Glenfiddich Best Cookbook Award, readers can look forward to books that can be considered complete cooking courses

Best Instant Pot Indian Cookbooks

The electric pressure cooker has transformed the way that so many busy individuals heat. Armed with the right recipes, instant pot cooking comes alive with flavor that mimics and often improves upon traditional methods. The best Indian instant pot cookbook is a tie between two fine contenders. One has been the long-running favorite for years, whereas the other is newer and simply has too many good recipes to ignore. 

Indian Instant Pot Cookbook – Traditional 500 Indian Recipes for Beginners with Vegan and Meat Meals

  • Total Recipes: 500
  • Total Pages: 121
  • Recipes Preview: Turkey And Masala Asparagus, Keem Beef Peas, Beet Poriyal, Toast Chili Uppumavu, Broccoli Bhurji, Buttermilk Rice Dosa, Pomegranate Chicken And Cauliflower, Cocoa Pork Chops And Green Beans

The convenience of having five hundred different delicious Indian instant pot recipes on hand is undeniable. Whether in print or digital, Mirra Reddy’s Indian Instant Pot Cookbook is sure to be by its owners’ side throughout almost every dish from the Subcontinent. Unlike some books, there’s both meat and vegan recipes with flawless quality to be found. From the measurements to instructions, it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

About the only criticism is the lack of pictures, but in a book this short, one can barely complain. Readers should see it as a recipe index for foolproof Indian food that lists its preparation time, cooking duration, and the number of servings. From this basis, it is very easy to adjust to your own taste. Just keep in mind, that there’s very little nutritional information with data like this traded off for the sheer range of recipes available.

About the Author: Author Mira Reddy has several hit cookbooks spanning Indian, Vegan, Korean and ketogenic cooking. The flamboyant cook who was born in present-day Chennai impresses throughout her collection with recipes that astound with their simplicity, superlative flavor, and near foolproof results.

Indian Instant Pot® Cookbook: Traditional Indian Dishes Made Easy and Fast

  • Total Recipes: 50
  • Total Pages: 389
  • Recipes Preview: Dal Makhani, Lang Ki Dal, Beet Koshimbir, Sindhi Sai Bhaji, Paneer Biryani, Kheema Nariyal Saag, Aam Panha, Mitha Dahi

Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: Traditional Indian Dishes Made Easy and Fast is an overwhelmingly popular instant pot cookbook filled with some of the most amazing foolproof recipes cooks have ever seen. Inspired only begins to describe the ingredients, methodology, and crystal-clear instruction offered by this book. It’ll become a go-to guide for both new and intermediate cooks. There’s even sure-fire inspiration for advanced chefs waiting.

Readers can look forward to meals that take no more than 15 minutes to prepare, with most averaging ten or less. The basics of Indian cooking are briefly covered before the book moves on to kitchen staples. Recipes for rice, dal, beans, vegetables, and vegetarian cuisine await, as well as fish, chicken, meat and drinks, and desserts. It’s a great collection with lots of dishes that hold the potential to become new favorites.

About the Author: Fondly known by fans as the “Butter-Chicken Lady,” author and keto cooking expert Urvashi Pitre is renowned for her ability to pack immense flavor into simplistic meals. From calorie-restricted Indian food to the most lavish, decadent creations, Pitre’s work never disappoints. 

Best Indian Baking Book

Most of the mouth-watering desserts common to Indian cuisine come out around festival times, but this doesn’t mean that the eager cook needs to wait until a specific date. Those who haven’t yet tried desserts made with ingredients like saffron and jaggery will be blown away by the contrast of flavors. Among the many contenders, one book stands explicitly as the best beginner’s introduction to Indian baking.

Milk & Cardamom: Spectacular Cakes, Custards and More, Inspired by the Flavors of India

  • Total Recipes: 73
  • Total Pages: 176
  • Recipes Preview: Mango Lassie French Macaroons, Pomegranate Curd Brownies, Thandai Cake Rusks, Cinnamon Rolls

Once you’ve tried the infusion of sweetness and spice granting contrast to any of the tasty desserts making up a part of Milk & Cardamom: Spectacular Cakes, Custards and More, Inspired by the Flavors of India, it’d be easier to fall into a trend of Indian baking only. The masterful author of MasterChef fame details indispensable tips that make making classic Indian desserts intuitively straightforward.

Every finished dish is accompanied by a beautiful full-color photograph . If the clear descriptions and incredible flavor combinations don’t draw you in, the vivid imagery will. Desserts like those detailed here are enough to make anyone hungry.

About the Author: Author Hetal Vasavada skyrocketed to fame after appearing as a contestant in MasterChef season 6. The Bay Area resident is a frequent contributor to both Food And Wine and Bon Appetit magazine. There are few chefs that can compare to her inspired baking infused with Indian flavors and flair.

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