Best Nespresso Flavors to Buy

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Nespresso produces some of the most convenient and popular at-home coffee machines in the world, but each machine has to take Nespresso-specific pods. These pods come with pre-ground coffee roasts that incorporate different flavors or intensity profiles.

If you’re new to Nespresso, you may not know which flavors you should buy. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the best Nespresso flavors available right now!

Nespresso Diavolitto

Diavolitto is one of Nespresso’s most popular flavors, and for good reason. In fact, it’s especially good for espresso lovers due to its dark flavor and high quality. Note, unfortunately, that the Diavolitto is only compatible with a few Nespresso machines.

That said, each capsule makes 1.35 ounces of espresso, making it great for a refreshing drink in the morning or afternoon. These pods produce quite an intense coffee experience, so keep this in mind if you like to sip multiple cups of coffee or espresso each day.

We also really like that this Nespresso flavor uses aluminum capsules, which are environmentally friendly due to their 100% recyclability. Even better, this Nespresso flavor doesn’t have a ton of sugar, making it a reasonable healthy coffee choice.

  • Roast Type: Dark
  • Compatible Nespresso Machines: VertuoLine


There’s also India: an excellent original Nespresso coffee capsule. While it has a dark roast profile like the espresso Nespresso flavor above, this has a more blended taste due to its source beans: Arabica and Robusta from southern India. All the beans are grown in the shade on relatively high elevation plantations, cultivated alongside plenty of other spices and peppers.

As a result, every drink the India Nespresso pods produce is strong and slightly bitter. But that should make this pod type a great choice for coffee aficionados. It offers quite the intense coffee flavor overall and is complemented by notes of dry cocoa alongside other spicy flavors like nutmeg, black pepper, and cloves.

Simply put, India represents some of the best of Nespresso’s coffee flavors, offering intensity and flavor variety in a single package.

  • Roast Type: Dark
  • Compatible Nespresso Machines: Original Nespresso Line


You might alternatively want to try ristretto. This Nespresso flavor produces an excellent cup of coffee and, even better, is the best choice for Nespresso cappuccinos if that is your preferred method of caffeine consumption in the morning. These pods are compatible with all of Nespresso’s original machines, too, making it an accessible and affordable capsule variety for coffee drinkers.

Each pod is derived from blended beans from South America and East Africa. However, the beans are roasted separately, resulting in a sour, fruity, and overall gentle flavor profile that complements the strong espresso taste dominating each pod.

The resulting Italian-style drink is one of the best in Nespresso’s catalog. We highly recommend it if you prefer drinking cappuccinos at home before heading to work or as a refresher after dinner with your friends and family members.

  • Roast Type: Dark
  • Compatible Nespresso Machines: Original Nespresso Line

Fortissio Lungo

Fortisso Lungo is another high-quality Nespresso pod variety, offering a dark roast profile and compatibility with all of Nespresso’s original machines. These pods are made by blending Central American and South American Arabica coffee beans. However, the blend also adds a bit of robusta, which provides more character and flavor variety than it might otherwise.

During the roasting process, the beans are cooked until they crack, increasing the bitterness and intensity of each pod created. Once you take a sip, you’ll notice woody notes in its flavor profile. We also really like this Nespresso flavor since each pod produces 3.7-ounce cups of coffee: perfect for afternoon sipping or for a sizable caffeine boost in the morning.

Experienced coffee drinkers will note even more flavors in each pod, such as oats and malts that complement the raw intensity of the Fortisso Lungo Nespresso pods.

  • Roast Type: Dark
  • Compatible Nespresso Machines: Original Nespresso Line


If you like Americanos, you’ll love the Nespresso Roma flavor. With a medium roast level, each pod produces 1.35 ounces of coffee, and these pods are compatible with most of Nespresso’s machines. While far from the most intense Nespresso flavor available, Roma offers a tasty blend of Robusta beans from Brazil and Arabica beans from Central America.

As a result, each cup tastes slightly roasted and retains a distinctive but enjoyable smokiness typically found with darker roasts. This makes it fantastic for mixing with hot water to create your own at-home Americano.

  • Roast Type: Medium
  • Compatible Nespresso Machines: Original Nespresso Line


Maybe you don’t want to settle for a single flavor. In that case, Nespresso still has you covered. You can pick up variety or flavor packs to use with your Nespresso machine and experience multiple flavors simultaneously.

We’d recommend the Gourmesso Mix, which comes with a variety of relatively new Nespresso flavored coffees. These include chocolate, vanilla, coconut, caramel, and hazelnut. The pods are each made with beans grown organically using small plantations. As a result, these may also be some of the most environmentally friendly Nespresso flavors you can choose.

Regardless, every package gives you five sets of five pods each. So you can try out each of the above flavors individually and determine which are your favorite!

  • Roast Type: Dark
  • Compatible Nespresso Machines: Original Nespresso Machines

Vertuo Variety

Nespresso also offers the quality Vertuo Pack. These are some of Nespresso’s most popular pods, blending medium and dark roasts and offering a variety of intensity levels. However, all the beans used with these pods are 100% Arabica.

What flavors will you enjoy? The Vertuo Variety Pack comes with Stomio, a very strong and rich coffee blend, Odacio, a more balanced and medium roast option, and Melozio, a particularly smooth and light Nespresso flavor.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone, so give this variety pack a try if you need something to suit your whole family.

  • Roast Type: Medium and Dark
  • Compatible Nespresso Machines: Nespresso Vertuo

As you can see, Nespresso produces a variety of delicious coffee flavors for practically any taste preference or coffee style. We recommend giving at least several of these Nespresso flavors a try yourself; that way, you’ll be able to figure out which Nespresso pods are your favorites and start buying them specifically the next time you go to the store!

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