All The Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan Menu Options

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At a place with the name “Buffalo Wild Wings”, you wouldn’t be wrong for assuming a distinct lack of vegan meals or sides. However, Buffalo Wild Wings does surprisingly have a few solid vegan-friendly choices to pick between. While these do require some order modifications on your part, it’s still a good thing to know in case you are ever dragged to a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant by your family and have to order something on the menu to avoid starving!

Today, let’s break down all the vegan choices at Buffalo Wild Wings so you know exactly what you can order when you sit down at a table. But keep in mind you’ll probably be better off eating somewhere else if you can. Here is a quick overview of vegan-friendly options.

Menu ItemType of DishNotes
Asian Zing Cauliflower WingsWingsOrder baked instead of fried and without ranch
Black Bean BurgerBurgerOrder without cheese or ranch
Everything Pretzel KnotsAppetizerOrder without beer cheese or honey mustard
Garden SaladSaladOrder without cheese or croutons
Classic Chicken WrapWrapOrder without chicken or cheese
Side Garden SaladSaladOrder without cheese or croutons
Carrots and CelerySide
Mandarin OrangesSide
Guacamole or Avocado SmashSauce
Korean BBQ SauceSauce
Blazin’ SauceSauce
Sweet BBQ SauceSauce
Teriyaki SauceSauce
Wild SauceSauce
Mango Habanero SauceSauce
Hot SauceSauce
Caribbean Jerk SauceSauce
White Wine VinaigretteDressing
Note: Cross-contamination can occur. Menu items as of 1/10/2023 as menu items may have changed.

Any Entrees for Vegans at Buffalo Wild Wings?

So, there aren’t any vegan-specific entrées available at Buffalo Wild Wings. That said, you can customize several of their available options and make them vegan-friendly with a few adjustments. These entrée choices include:

  • The Southwest Black Bean Burger. As you can tell from the name, this Black Bean Burger is fully vegan and/or vegetarian. While the veggie burger used to contain dairy and eggs, it no longer does, so this is technically a good vegan option right off the bat. However, you need to order the burger without any Southwest sauce. We’d also advise choosing a wrap for the bun instead of a regular bun, as Buffalo Wild Wings has not revealed the source of the lecithin used in their breads
  • The Garden Salad. Order this with a lemon vinaigrette and ask for it without any Parmesan or croutons to enjoy a vegan-friendly salad
  • The Classic Chicken Wrap. Once again, order this without any chicken or cheese, both of which come with the order by default. You can also ask for this burrito with extra veggies in order to increase its calorie content. You can lastly adjust its flavor by asking for one of the vegan-friendly sauces we break down below

All in all, Buffalo Wild Wings does have a couple of solid vegan-friendly options to pick from. While these aren’t anything particularly spectacular, it’s nice to know that you can at least order a reasonably good vegan burger if you want a filling lunch without cheating on your diet.

We suppose it’s slightly better option than Texas Roadhouse… which is even worse for vegans than you might think. Check out our examination of Texas Roadhouse’s vegan menu items here!

Vegan Sides and Buns at Buffalo Wild Wings

Entrees aren’t the only things available at Buffalo Wild Wings for vegans. You can also pick from a pair of appetizers: Everything Pretzel Knots and Cauliflower Wings. The former is a great snack, particularly for a group, and you can combine the pretzel knots with any of the sauce is described below.

The latter choice has to be ordered baked rather than fried in order to keep them vegan friendly. That’s because everything at Buffalo Wild Wings is fried in beef fat by default. If you ask for the wings baked, you’ll avoid this contamination and keep the cauliflower totally vegan.

Vegan Sauces at Buffalo Wild Wings

Let’s now break down those vegan-friendly sauces we mentioned earlier. You can order the below sauces and dressings:

  • Sweet BBQ sauce
  • Salsa
  • Marinara sauce
  • Korean BBQ sauce
  • Blazin’ sauce
  • Wild sauce
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Mango habanero sauce
  • Hot sauce
  • Caribbean Jerk sauce
  • Lemon vinaigrette dressing

Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan Options FAQs

Why can’t vegans eat the chips and salsa?

You’d think that something as basic as chips and salsa would be vegan. However, because of Buffalo Wild Wings’s aforementioned beef fat frying policy, the tortilla chips are prepared with beef fat rather than sunflower oil or any other type of frying agent.

So while the salsa might be vegan, none of the tortilla chips you’d eat with it are vegan.

Is the veggie burger really safe for vegans?

Yep! The black bean burger used to have dairy and eggs, so it was only appropriate for certain types of vegetarians. However, the burger now doesn’t have either of these two ingredients, making it great for vegetarians and vegans alike.

If you like to enjoy sports in a restaurant environment, the veggie burger is honestly the best meal to order at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Is everything fried at BWW bad for vegans?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, Buffalo Wild Wings fries all of its fried foods in animal fat (specifically beef fat). This is one of the few restaurants that doesn’t use any type of vegetable or non-animal oil for some of its fried items.

Because of this, if the menu item has “fried” in a word at all, stay away!

Should Vegans Eat at Buffalo Wild Wings?

All in all, Buffalo Wild Wings is both less and more vegan friendly than you might expect. For instance, we doubt you expected a veggie burger to be present at this eating establishment, which is mostly known for its spicy chicken wings!

However, it’s also undeniable that Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t have many vegan-friendly sides or other options aside from the veggie burger, the salad, or a modifiable chicken wrap. That said, any vegans who have to come here for an after-work party or for a family dinner shouldn’t sweat too much. There’ll at least be something for then to eat.

Just be aware of the traps mentioned above regarding the tortilla chips and anything else fried! If you want to know about other vegan-friendly menus at your favorite restaurants, check out our breakdown of those menus on Cook Gem!

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