Where To Order The Best & Freshest Salmon Online

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Salmon is an oceanic delicacy that’s often hailed as the “king of fish.” Its versatility, distinct flavors, and nutritional value make it a coveted ingredient in cuisines around the world. From its rich and buttery Atlantic cousin to the robust and colorful sockeye salmon, the salmon family is a diverse one, offering a range of flavors and textures to explore. However, the allure of salmon extends far beyond its exquisite taste. It’s also packed with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and protein, making it a nutritious powerhouse that supports a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re a professional chef, seafood connoisseur, or a home cook looking to elevate your culinary skills, we’ve wrapped up the very best places to buy fresh salmon and other seafood online in the U.S. After all, the best seafood meals all start with supremely fresh fish. 

Key Takeaways

  • All of the fish markets reviewed generally stock most varieties of salmon, and most keep more seafood than salmon alone. Although nationwide ordering is offered, we suggest picking a fishmonger situated as close to you as possible in order to guarantee prime freshness of the delivery. With this being said, regardless of how far seafood is shipped, leading retailers ensure thorough packing that keeps it fresh all the way to your door.
  • When choosing salmon, it is important to consider which type is preferred. Wild-caught salmon are harvested from their natural habitats in oceans, rivers, and lakes. This lifestyle and diet often result in a leaner fish with a more varied flavor profile influenced by the environment. They tend to have a firmer texture and more robust, earthy flavors. In contrast, farmed salmon are raised in controlled environments like aquaculture farms. They’re provided with a consistent diet, which can make them more fatty and milder in flavor. Farmed salmon typically have a more delicate, buttery texture.

Where To Order The Best & Freshest Salmon Online

Whether you’re looking for King, Coho, Atlantic, Keta, Pink, Sockeye salmon, or even steelhead trout, our list of the best U.S. stockists will show you exactly where to order the best & freshest salmon online. Those looking for other types of fish, shellfish, and all other types of seafood can’t miss our guide on Where To Buy The Best Seafood Online.

Chinook Salmon (King Salmon)

Chinook Salmon, affectionately known as King Salmon, is renowned for its lush, buttery texture, large flake size, and rich, succulent flavor. Its vibrant orange flesh, high omega-3 content, and versatility in the kitchen make it a cherished ingredient in a myriad of dishes, from elegant restaurant entrees to home-cooked feasts. Let’s take a look at the very best online markets where you can source the finest King Salmon for nationwide delivery in the U.S.

Pure Food Fish Market

Freshness & FlavorExceptionally Clean Seafood With Low To No Odor Detectable
Shipping$60 Flat Rate For FedEx Overnight Shipping Within Continental USA | $80 Shipping For Alaska & Hawaii
Salmon RangeFresh Northwest King Salmon Fillets, Fresh Northwest King Salmon Steaks, Fresh Whole Northwest King Salmon (5-12 Pounds), Wild Alaskan King Salmon Fillets, Wild Alaskan King Salmon Steaks, Wild Fresh Whole Alaskan King Salmon (9-22 Pounds), Fresh Alaskan White King Salmon, Fresh Copper River King Salmon Fillets, Fresh Whole Copper River Sockeye Salmon, Fresh Whole Copper River King Salmon, Alderwood Copper River Wild Salmon, Fresh Alderwood Smoked Salmon, Fresh Alderwood Smoked Salmon Tails, Cater Cut Alderwood Smoked Salmon, Garlic-Pepper Smoked Salmon, Fresh Smoked Belly Strip Salmon Jerky, Fresh Cold Smoked Salmon Chunk Lox, Fresh Sliced Nova Scotia-Style Smoked Salmon Lox, Smoked Alaskan Sockeye Candied Salmon, Smoked Seafood Gift Packs, Smoked Seafood Variety Feast

Pure Food Fish Market, located in Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, is a renowned seafood destination known for premium quality and a century-long legacy. Despite the slightly higher prices, the exceptional freshness and variety make it a favorite among locals and online shoppers. Customers can expect to find a full range of fresh, never-frozen salmon, including king, sockeye, coho, keta, and pink. The quality of wild-caught and farmed fish is always a clear step above the rest. Orders start at a two-pound minimum on average, and from time to time, there are even boneless succulent center-cut portions of uniform thickness available. With ice-packed shipments, rigorous handling procedures, and a rewarding loyalty program, it’s the go-to place for those seeking top-quality salmon and other seafood.

Honolulu Fish

Freshness & FlavorIndustry-Leading Cleanliness And Ocean Freshness
ShippingFree Shipping On Orders Of $200+Standard FedEx Rates Apply To Orders Of Under $200
Salmon RangeChiisai Mini Sashimi Pak, King Salmon Sashimi, Sashimi Cut Salmon Fillets

Honolulu Fish offers top-tier, sashimi-grade tuna and other pristine catches suitable for both chefs and gourmet dining. They prioritize sustainable, hook-caught fish from Hawaii’s waters and ensure fillets arrive meticulously cleaned. Their site updates daily with the freshest catches, and a subscription to the Ahi Club keeps you in the loop about promotions. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and accolades from publications like O Magazine, Bon Appétit, and Food & Wine Magazine, Honolulu Fish delivers unmatched quality, even if the prices are on the higher side. It’s a prime place to shop for those who are looking for the highest grade of sashimi possible across all varieties of fish, not only salmon. The limited selection of salmon (kept that way for quality), however, sells from three-pound orders up, and it’s the only Green labeled King salmon sold in the U.S. This label typically signifies a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice with the industry’s most eco-friendly sourcing procedures and habitat protection. With Google Pay facilities, Shop-Pay installments across various monthly periods for those who want to budget big orders, and some of the best sushi-grade fish found anywhere in the world, there’s every reason to try Honolulu Fish.

Four Star Seafood and Provisions

Freshness & FlavorClean, Flavorful Fish With Low To No Fishy Odor
ShippingFree Shipping On Orders of $100+ In S.F. Bay Area$45 Flat Shipping Rate Within California$100 Flat Shipping Rate Outside Of California
Salmon RangeSushi Grade Big Glory Bay King Salmon, Cold-Smoked Sliced Wild Sockeye Salmon, Frozen Salmon Burgers, Grand Sushi/Sashimi Kit, Loch Duart Scottish Salmon Fillets, Sushi Grade New Zealand Ora King Salmon Fillet Skin On Portions, BC Canada Atlantic Salmon Fillet Portions, Salmon Bellies, Salmon Burgers (Raw), Salmon Collars, Salmon Roe, Hot-Smoked Trout (Maine), Hot-Smoked Wild King Salmon, Gingrass Smoked Salmon, Cold-Smoked Sliced Wild Sockeye Salmon, Frozen Hot-Smoked Wild King Salmon, Frozen Hot-Smoked Trout (Maine), Frozen Smoked Salmon Sliced

Four Star Seafood and Provisions, located in San Francisco, stands out as a seafood haven, offering overnight delivery six days a week. Turn to Four Star Seafood for sushi-grade farmed and wild-caught salmon as well as other high-end fish like Chilean sea bass and albacore tuna of the highest quality. From the finest King salmon wild-caught in the northern waters of Sitka to Loch Duart Atlantic, a great variety awaits. There are frozen salmon products boasting rave reviews for those seeking convenience. They go also beyond the ordinary, presenting more exotic seafood choices like Spanish octopus and flying fish roe. Shipments are creatively packed in reusable gel packs, and local deliveries are made in refrigerated trucks to ensure top-notch freshness.

Santa Barbara Fish

Freshness & FlavorSuperbly Fresh Flavor, Low To No Odor & Very Clean Seafood
ShippingFree Next Day Home Delivery For Order Of $40+ Within Santa Barbara, Next Day Delivery Via FedEx – Variable Charge Based On Distance, Retail Market Pickup Also Available For Orders Of $40+
Salmon RangeAtlantic Salmon Fillets, Atlantic Salmon Whole, Gold Pearl Salmon Roe (Ikura), Hot Smoked King Salmon, Hot Smoked Salmon – Oak Roasted, King Salmon Collars, New Zealand Ora King Salmon, Salmon Collars Frozen, Cambridge Smoked Salmon Lox, Scottish Salmon Fillets Fresh, Scottish Salmon Fillets Frozen, Smoked Salmon Lox

Santa Barbara Fish Market, a local favorite for over two decades, proudly earned the “Best of Santa Barbara” title in both 2021 and 2022, a true testament to its unwavering quality. With affordable mid-range prices and weekly specials, it offers restaurant-quality fish to delight seafood lovers. There’s a good balance of never-frozen salmon, various smoked salmon products, and frozen fish. Most cuts sell their skin, and whole fish are available, too. The pricing on farmed fish is exceptionally low, with profound high-quality found throughout the range. There are even ready-to-eat products like poke bowls, caviar, salsa, and pickles ready to order. All deliveries ship in recycled renewliner packaging, and the broad general selection of seafood presents amazing quality with fair costs overall.

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon, scientifically known as Oncorhynchus kisutch and often referred to as Silver Salmon, is a true treasure in the world of American cuisine, celebrated by cooks, chefs, and food connoisseurs from coast to coast. Its distinctive characteristics set it apart, from the tender, medium-sized flake that practically melts in your mouth to the remarkable flavor profile that marries the rich taste of wild salmon with a subtle sweetness. Here are the best places to buy Coho Salmon online, with each guaranteeing a range of superbly fresh fish of the highest quality.

Lummi Island Wild

Freshness & FlavorGood Condition, Cleanly Handled Fish With Minimal Odor And Fresh Flavor
AffordabilityVery Low
ShippingFree Shipping Over On Orders Of $125+Perishable Orders Ship Via UPS 2nd Day AirNon-Perishable Items Ship Via UPS Standard Ground (3-5 Days)
Salmon RangeBaker King Salmon Portions, Reefnet Wild Coho Salmon, Wild King Salmon, Three Kings Combo, Baker King Salmon Fillets (Sushi Quality), Baker King Salmon Portions (Sushi Quality), Baker Wild Sockeye, Marbled Wild King Salmon Portions, Wild King Salmon, Reefnet Wild Pink Salmon, Baker Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets, Wild Salmon Bone Miso Broth, Wild Salmon Broth Bowl, Wild Coho Silver Salmon Fillets, Jumbo Baker King Salmon Fillets, Ivory King Salmon Portions, Wild King Salmon Steaks, Wild Coho Salmon Steaks, Reefnet Wild Sockeye Salmon Portions, Reefnet Wild Keta Salmon Portions, Alaskan Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets

Lummi Island is surrounded by the Salish Sea. The Salish Sea is home to a variety of fish species, including salmon, halibut, rockfish, Dungeness crab, and shellfish. This abundance of seafood has made Lummi Island and the nearby region a hub for sustainable fishing practices and a source of high-quality seafood for both local consumption and distribution. The clean and cold waters of the Salish Sea contribute to the exceptional quality of the seafood harvested in this area, and Lummi Island Wild is the prime place to source products from the region,  It’s one of the very best places in the U.S. to buy fresh farmed seafood thanks to the unique nature of the  Lummi Island Wild Reefnet fishery which is the oldest and most innovative salmon net fishery on Earth and the only to run off solar power. Tuna, halibut, cod, wild salmon, smoked salmon, Ikura caviar, shellfish, and bone broth are sold at reasonable prices, with discounts waiting for those who opt for subscription boxes.

Giovanni’s Fish Market & Galley

Freshness & FlavorSlight Odor In Most Packaging But Fresh Seafood With Great Flavor
AffordabilityVery High
ShippingNo Free Shipping OfferedWithin California – $29.99 to $199.99 (Weight Dependent, 10 Pound Increments)Outside California – $49.99 to $299.99 (Weight Dependent, 10 Pound Increments)
Salmon RangeBig Box Coho Salmon, King Salmon Fillets, Big Box King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Smoked Salmon Collars, Smoked Salmon, Salmon Candy, Smoked Salmon Belly Strips, Salmon Poke Cubes

Giovanni’s Fish Market in Morro Bay offers some of the finest salmon and a range of fresh seafood, with weekly specials that keep the rabge exciting. While you may encounter a few bones depending on your choice of fish, the quality of their products, including award-winning clam chowder, is consistently superb. There are lots of different varieties and cuts of salmon available among the diverse, affordable seafood sold. Bulk coho salmon is exceptionally well priced, but it’s not the only promotion. Most orders of ten pounds and up offer significant discounts. There’s a decent selection of fresh, frozen, and preprepared salmon products waiting amongst the expansive range of seafood. Despite fish being packed in ice alone during shipping, orders arrive fresh and swiftly, perhaps with an outer odor on the packaging, which is negligible once rinsed. There’s a good variety of seafood to pick from waiting at Giovanni’s, and the value for money is near unbeatable.

Whidbey Island Seafood Company

Freshness & FlavorClean Fish Low Outer Odor Detectable In Packaging – Superb Flavor
ShippingFree Shipping On Orders Of $50+ Within Washington State and OregonMinimum Order Of $100 For Nationwide Shipping @ FedEx RatesFree Nationwide Shipping For Orders Of $250+
Salmon RangeAlaskan Sockeye Salmon (Portion) – Wild Caught, Alaskan King Salmon (Portion) – Wild Caught, Smoked Alaskan King Salmon – Wild Caught, Smoked Alaskan King Salmon Belly – Wild Caught, Smoked Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – Wild Caught, Smoked Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Candy – Wild Caught, Smoked Alaskan Salmon Gift Box – Wild Caught, Alaskan Coho Salmon – Wild Caught, Alaskan Coho Salmon (Portion) – Wild Caught, Alaskan King Salmon – Wild Caught, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – Wild Caught, Alaskan White King Salmon (Portion) – Wild Caught, Smoked Alaskan Coho Salmon Belly – Wild Caught

Whidbey Island Seafood Company offers a premium selection featuring wild-caught seafood. While prices may be on the higher side, this company delivers some of the finest flash-frozen fish and shellfish. Keep in mind, there are no fresh cuts or whole fish sold, only frozen. Wild-caught salmon from Whidbey’s is some of the freshest frozen seafood you’ll find anywhere. It’s all sustainable, traceable, and frozen on board to ensure prime freshness. Additionally, they provide low-mercury cuts from younger fish, ensuring healthier choices, and each order is expertly packaged to maintain freshness with dry ice pellets and thermal wrap. The pricing across the board is amazing, making the Whidbey Island Seafood Company a prime choice for anyone who doesn’t mind defrosting their seafood.

Pike Place Fish Market Shipping

Freshness & FlavorIndustry Leading Ocean Freshness With Superb Texture And Flavor
ShippingAlaska And Hawaii 2-Day Available At $20 Surcharge Or $35 For Overnight Shipping
Salmon RangeWild Coho Salmon (Silver) Fillets, Wild Coho Salmon (Silver) Whole Fish), Wild Pacific King Salmon Fillets, Wild Pacific King Salmon Whole Fish, Wild Salmon Burgers, Wild Pacific White King Salmon Fillets, Wild Sockeye Salmon Lox Whole Side, Steelhead Fillet Fresh, Wild Alderwood Smoked Salmon Candy, Wilder Alderwood Smoked Garlic & Pepper King Salmon, Wild Alaskan Alderwood Smoked Salmon Jerky, Wild Smoked King Salmon Collars, Wild Smoked Salmon Spread, Wild Traditional Alderwood Smoked King Salmon, Smoked Salmon Chowder, Wild Sliced Lox Sockeye Salmon, Wild Salmon Caviar, Canned Alderwood Smoked Pacific King Salmon, Canned Wild Pacific Coho Salmon, Canned Wild Pacific King Salmon

Pike Place Fish Market has been a hub for fresh, wild Pacific seafood since 1930. The world-famous market and tourist upholds among the highest freshness and quality standards in the country and can be relied on for fresh and frozen nationwide shipments of a broad variety of fish and shellfish. There’s an impressive range of salmon, white fish, crab, shellfish, and smoked fish available. Shoppers also have a limited selection of meal kits like fish taco recipe boxes, poke bowls, and cedar plank kits on offer, and there are a few soups, sauces, spices, and canned products, too. Orders are fulfilled through the online marketplace for food, Goldbelly, and as such,  customers can expect speedy delivery, attentive customer service, and a reliable standard of food.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon, scientifically known as Salmo Salar, is native to the North Atlantic Ocean, but it’s also farmed in many regions. It’s one of the most popular salmon varieties in the U.S., known for its mild flavor and tender flesh. Most Atlantic salmon available in the U.S. is farmed. Here are the best places to order the freshest Atlantic Salmon in the U.S.


Freshness & FlavorClean Fish With Fresh Flavor But Slight Odor Within Outer Area Of Packaging
ShippingFlorida: Free Shipping Over $100, Otherwise $15Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina: Free Shipping Over $195, Otherwise $39 to $49Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and more: Free Shipping Over $195, Otherwise $49 to $59Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and more: Free Shipping Over $225, Otherwise $55 to $65New Mexico, Arizona, California, and more: Free Shipping Over $250, Otherwise $58 to $69Alaska: Free Shipping Over $320, Otherwise $90 to $120Hawaii (Honolulu): Free Next Business Day Shipping Over $320, Otherwise $39 to $120
Salmon RangeSalmon Verlasso, Smoked Norwegian Salmon (Kosher, Frozen), Salmon King, King Salmon Roe Ikura (Kosher), Smoked Norwegian Salmon Fillets (Pre-Sliced, Kosher, Frozen), Salmon Coho / Silver Salmon, Scottish Wester Ross Salmon, Smoked Scottish Salmon Pre Sliced (Frozen), Smoked Ora King Salmon (Kosher, Frozen)

Peskados, the Medley, Florida-based fresh and frozen fish market, impresses with its vacuum-packed, ice-packaged whole fish and fillets, displaying exceptional freshness and cleanliness. Although all of the salmon sold by Peskados is amazing, their Verlasso salmon is a standout for its affordability and quality. It could easily be the best-farmed salmon we have personally tried and comes highly recommended. One of the best parts about ordering from Peskados is the variety of cuts of each fish available. For example, salmon center cut portions, skin-on portions, and skinless portions are all offered, as well as belly portions, carpaccio, poke cubes, ground meat, scaled skin slices, collar cuts, skewer cubes, and saku blocks. That’s far more variety than most fishmongers offer. Prompt orders (albeit without tracking), constant promotions, and a generous customer rewards program make Peskados an attractive choice for frequent seafood orders due to its exceptional quality and selection.

King Tide Seafood Provisions

Freshness & FlavorConsistently Fresh Seafood With Clean Handling
ShippingNo Free Shipping OfferedFresh Orders Ship UPS Priority Overnight (Standard Rates Apply)Frozen & Other Orders Ship UPS (Standard Rates Apply)
Salmon RangeFarmed Raised New Zealand Ora King Salmon, Fresh Atlantic Salmon Portions, St. James Scotch Reserve Sliced Scottish Salmon Sides, Farm Raised Patagonia Verlasso Salmon, Wild Sockeye Salmon Frozen Side

King Tide Seafood Provisions, based in Daniel Island, South Carolina, ships sustainably harvested, hand-cut fillets of fresh fish from diverse sources like New Zealand, Vancouver, Thailand, Portland, Maine, Eastern Virginia, and the Great Lakes. They take great care to debone the fish, leaving just a few pin bones in specific varieties, ensuring high-quality handling. Although their selection might be smaller compared to some markets, the affordable pricing and dedication to freshness make them an excellent choice. There’s only a handful of salmon sold, which includes the especially buttery, mid-range verlasso salmon and fresh Atlantic cuts. If you’re in the market for farm-raised fish, King Tide may just become your new favorite. Expect to pay a premium, but the prime quality is well worth it.


Freshness & FlavorFresh Seafood With Good Flavor And Low To No Odor
ShippingFree Shipping On Orders Of $200+$10 Shipping Fee For Orders Between $100-199$25 Shipping Free For Orders Under $100
Salmon RangeFaroe Island Salmon Filets, Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon, Fore Island Cedar Plank Salmon, Smoked Faroe Island Salmon, Atlantic Salmon Burgers, Faroe Island Panko Breaded Salmon Filets

Rastelli’s, based in New Jersey, is known for its high-value subscription packages, offering a 12-month shelf-life for frozen food kept in the freezer. While the seafood selection is somewhat limited, their diverse range includes antibiotic & hormone-free meat, poultry, and fish sourced from leading suppliers in the U.S. and the Faroe Islands. We advise considering Rastelli’s if you are looking to order beef, poultry, pork, or specialty meats like lamb and bison along with your salmon. With a commitment to unparalleled seafood, a broad range of farm-to-table meat, seafood, and produce, and over 40 years of trust, Rastelli’s is an excellent choice.

Kolikof Gourmet

Freshness & FlavorClean, Well Handled, Fresh Flavor
ShippingFree Shipping In Los Angeles$32 FedEx Overnight$25 2-3 Day FedEx
Salmon RangeFaroe Island Salmon Fillets, Ora King Salmon Fillets & Free Cedar Planks, Ora King Salmon Filets, Faroe Island Salmon Chateaubriand Center Cut Loin

Kolikof Caviar & Gourmet in Santa Monica offers top-quality frozen salmon and gourmet seafood. Their products cater to Michelin-star chefs’ standards, arriving vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen for premium freshness. While the price point is high, subscription boxes provide better value for those who crave top-tier seafood consistently. Beyond seafood, Kolikof offers an extensive range of gourmet food, from caviar to exotic cheeses, edible gold, and more. It’s a one-stop destination for the finest culinary delights.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon, scientifically termed Oncorhynchus nerka and often referred to as “Red Salmon” due to its striking crimson hue, is a variety of Pacific salmon loved for its bold, full-bodied flavor. It’s often described as the richest of all salmon species, and its flesh is renowned for its firm texture with a flake size that’s finer than some of its counterparts. Let’s look at the best places to order sockeye salmon online in the U.S.

Wild For Salmon

Freshness & FlavorAt Times Slight Odor In Packaging With Decent Handling And Good Overall Flavor
ShippingFree Shipping On Orders Of $149 Within 3 Day Ground Supported Regions (Eastern USA)FedEx 3 Day Express Or Air Shipping For West USAFedEx 1-3 Day Ground Shipping For East USAOrders Of $0 – $148.99 – $15 East, $55 WestOrders Of $149+ – Free East Shipping, $45 West
Salmon RangeAlaskan Sockeye Salmon Portions, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Whole Fillets, Alaskan Keta Salmon Portions, Alaskan Keta Salmon Whole Fillets, Alaskan Coho Salmon Portions, Alaskan Coho Salmon Fillets, Alaskan King Salmon Portions, Alaskan King Salmon Fillets, Alaskan Pink Salmon Portions, Alaskan Pink Salmon Fillets, Seasoned Sockeye Portion On Cedar Plank, Alaskan Coho Salmon Heads, Nova Style Sockeye Salmon, Traditional Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Garlic Pepper Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Smoked Salmon Ravoilio, Captain’s Blend Ravioli, Smoked Salmon Spread, Cajun Smoked Salmon Dip, Smoked Sockeye Salmon Pouch, Smoked Coho Salmon Bellies, Skinless Boneless Canned Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Skin On/Bone-In Canned Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Smoked Sockeye Salmon Pouches, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Burgers, Feta-Dill Sockeye Salmon Burgers, Garden Style Sockeye Burgers, Spicy Sockeye Salmon Burgers, Garlic Sockeye Salmon Burgers, Ground Sockeye Salmon

Wild For Salmon is a Bloomsburg-based fish market that, as the name suggests, specializes in wild-caught salmon. The fixed focus sure has paid off, as the freshness and variety are both outstanding. Shoppers will find a broad range of fresh and frozen wild Alaskan salmon sold by Wild For Salmon. Between the low free shipping threshold, fantastic handling and quality standards, and sustainable catches, there’s every reason to give this stockist a try. All products ship in layers of dry ice within an insulated container. Those in Philadelphia are urged to check out the store while everyone else can rest assured that their seafood is sure to arrive in great condition with near-unbelievable value to boot.

Fulton Fish Market

Freshness & FlavorExceptional Cleanness, Quality, And Flavor Without Any Odor
AffordabilityVery High
ShippingNo Free Shipping OfferedWithin California – $29.99 to $199.99 (Weight Dependent, 10 Pound Increments)Outside California – $49.99 to $299.99 (Weight Dependent, 10 Pound Increments)
Salmon RangeFulton’s Finest Atlantic Salmon Fillet, King Salmon Fillet, Salmon Tail Pieces (Frozen), Fulton’s Finest Atlantic Salmon Portions, King Salmon Portions, Wild Alaska Mixed Salmon Bundles (Frozen), Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Bundle (Frozen)

Fulton Fish Market, a renowned supplier since 1822, stands as one of the top seafood retailers in New York, providing fresh, cooked, frozen, live, salted, and smoked seafood of the finest quality nationwide. As the world’s second-largest fish market, it offers an unparalleled variety, including rare options like blowfish and Mediterranean caviar (bottarga). With both farmed and wild-caught choices, each product specifies its region of origin. Fulton holds a complete selection of wild-caught salmon, not Coho alone. Silver and king salmon are among the best you’ll find anywhere. As a company that’s been trusted for over 200 years, customers can expect super clean seafood that’s been handled with care. Fresh and frozen portions of every variety are on offer. The company even sells prime center cuts as well. Deliveries come in well-preserved layered ice packs, ensuring freshness, cleanliness, and minimal breakage, with competitive pricing, value bundles, and subscription discounts.

All Fresh Seafood

Freshness & FlavorLow To Moderate Fishiness But Overall Mostly Fresh And Clean With Infrequent Texture Inconsistencies
ShippingNY, NJ, MD, DE, MA, CT, PA: Free on $149+; Otherwise $22.99VA, VT, NH: Free on $149+; Otherwise $34.99ME, WV, NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, KY, IN, MO, IA, MN, WI, IL, MI, OH, WV: Free on $149+; Otherwise $49.99AK: $35 on $149+; Otherwise $85Rest of U.S.: Free on $149+; Otherwise $49.99
Salmon RangeAtlantic Salmon Fillets – Fresh, Scottish Organic Salmon Fillets – Ocean Raised, Faroe Island Salmon Fillets – Extra Fancy, Fresh Norwegian Organic Salmon Fillets, Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets, King Salmon Fillets – Sustainably Farmed Pacific Salmon, King Salmon Whole, Sustainably Farmed Pacific Salmon, Wild Alaska Coho Salmon Fillet, King Salmon Whole – Troll Caught Wild, Wild Copper River Whole Fish Sockeye, Wild Copper River Whole Side Fresh Sockeye Salmon, Wild Copper River Sockeye Salmon Fillets, Wild Troll Caught King Salmon Fillets, Wild Fresh/Frozen Sockeye Salmon Fillets, Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillet Portions, Wild Copper River Fresh Salmon Fillet Portions, Ocean Raised Scottish Organic Salmon Fillets, Faroe Island Extra Fancy Salmon Fillets, Fresh Norwegian Organic Salmon Fillets, Ocean Raised Scottish Organic Salmon Fillets

At All Fresh Seafood offers a premium selection that comes at a slightly higher cost, but the quality and variety are well worth the investment. Known for excellent crab and lobster meat, the range offers consistently high standards, even though orders may require a rinse due to the loose packing in ice. There’s a decent selection of fresh, frozen, and preprepared salmon products waiting amongst the expansive range of seafood. In fact, while the quality and variety of the fresh fish is enough to keep anyone coming back, the flavor and convenience of things like salmon, spinach & feta burgers, salmon summer rolls in wontons, and various smoked salmon products like Scottish style smoked salmon pastrami is what will reel most in. With positive reviews highlighting the superior shellfish, this supplier caters to those willing to spend a bit more for quality. Moreover, customers can enjoy subscription boxes, weekly specials, and rewarding programs, often receiving extra pounds of seafood with certain orders.

Keta Salmon And Pink Salmon

Keta salmon, scientifically known as Oncorhynchus keta, is also commonly called Dog Salmon and Chum salmon. This variety, with a lighter, less rich flavor profile than its counterpart, is treasured for its mildness, its large flake size, and its tender texture. It’s a very versatile option that works for a wide range of dishes, from grilling to smoking, readily absorbing flavors of complementary ingredients. Pink Salmon, often referred to as Humpback Salmon due to the distinctive hump that males develop during spawning, is prized for its delicately flavored, pale pink flesh and versatility. Although its flavor is milder than other salmon varieties, its tender texture and smaller flake size are ideal for those seeking a delicate buttery bite. Here are the best online fish markets for both of these affordable varieties of salmon.

Wild Fork Foods

Freshness & FlavorClean, Low Odor, And Reliable Freshness
ShippingFree Shipping For W.F. Unlimited Members Offered On $35+ Orders ($29 Annual Membership)National shipping (Two-day Ground or Next Day Air): $29.95 – $99.95
Salmon RangeFrozen Wild-Caught Skin-On Whole Sockeye Salmon, Frozen Wild-Caught Skin-On King Salmon Fillets, Skinless Atlantic Salmon With Maple Butter, Skinless Atlantic Salmon With Miso Glaze, Skinless Atlantic Salmon With Bulgogi Butter, Blackened Atlantic Salmon Over Cedar Plank, Skin-On Sockeye Salmon With Blackened Butter, Skinless Salmon Teriyaki (Cook-In-Bag), Skinless Salmon Ginger (Cook-In-Bag), Pepper Jack Salmon Cakes

Wild Fork Foods is an online food retailer known for its top-quality, blast-frozen products, covering meat, seafood, produce, and more. They employ ultra-low temperature blast freezing to preserve essential nutrients and flavors, ensuring products remain close to fresh. Since its start in 1995 in Coral Gables, Florida, the brand has expanded nationwide and offers a vast selection of over 700 items. It’s a haven for quality-conscious food enthusiasts seeking a wide range of options. For an in-depth review, visit our dedicated page on Wild Fork Foods. The company’s quality across frozen and premade ready-to-heat or cook products is superior to almost any other stockist. There’s only a handful of fish to pick from, but the frozen quality is out of this world. Also, Wild Fork Foods is great for those fond of salmon and other seafood who don’t have much time on their hands. One can’t go wrong with their preprepared products in terms of flavor and freshness.

Citarella Gourmet Market

Freshness & FlavorOcean Fresh With Clean Flavor And Superior Handling Standards
ShippingNo Free Shipping OfferedEastern U.S. (CT, DE, DC, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT, VA): $34.99 Flat Rate ShippingSouthern U.S. (AL, IL, KY, LA, ME, MI, NC, SC, TN): $59.99 Flat Rate ShippingWestern U.S. (AZ, AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, IA, KS, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, OH, OK, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA, WV, WI, WY): $69.99 Flat Rate Shipping
Salmon RangeKing Salmon Fillet, Organic Salmon Fillet, Norwegian Salmon Fillet, Salmon Burger, Sockeye Salmon Fillet, Poached Salmon, Smoked Salmon Platter, Ora King Salmon New Zealand, Smoked Salmon & Mini Bagels Platter, Salmon Roe, Coho Salmon Fillet, Decorated Whole Poached Salmon, Organic King Salmon Fillet

Citarella Gourmet Market, one of New York’s oldest fish markets, offers incredibly fresh, never-frozen fish. Their overnight orders are meticulously packaged to maintain freshness. Citarella provides high-end whole fish and fillets from around the world, offering transparency on sourcing. You can also find top-notch caviar, steaks, and specialty items, making it an invisible haven of gourmet seafood, meat, and pantry goods. As a company that’s been renowned for its quality and service since opening in 1912, expect fresh seafood that’ll impress even the pickiest customers. There’s every type of salmon one could hope for, from keta and pink salmon to King salmon, Norwegian, and even pre-poached fillets.

Wild Alaska Salmon

Freshness & FlavorAmazingly Fresh Frozen Fish With Low To No Odor And Outstanding Flavor
ShippingFree Shipping On All Boxed Orders Unless Otherwise StatedExpedited 2-Day Air  @ $48.99 Surcharge AvailableExpedited Next Day Air @ $84.99 Surcharge Available
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Wild Alaska Salmon is a King Salmon, Alaska-based seafood market specializing in frozen fish of the highest quality that’s owned and run by fishermen. Salmon and other seafood from Wild Alaska comes at a pretty hefty premium, but it’s some of the best fish you’ll find anywhere. If you’re bought salmon or tuna through FreshDirect, Kowalski’s, Moink, or Wegmans, then you’ve probably sampled the prime quality firsthand. If not, discerning salmon enthusiasts are strongly urged to try them out. The company also offers an innovative ordering bonus system whereby customers who purchase most cuts of salmon and similar fish are awarded the opportunity to buy addon items at a discounted cost. This special bonus typically opens discounts on smoked salmon products, caviar, royal red shrimp and other shellfish, other cuts of salmon, salmon burger patties, salmon burger meat, and various other types of smoked fish.

SOPO Seafood

Freshness & FlavorImpeccable Freshness And Flavor With Minimal To Non Existent Odor
ShippingNew England & Some Mid-Atlantic States: Over $150 Free Shipping, Otherwise $35NY, NJ: Over $200 Free, Otherwise $45Mid-Atlantic to Midwest: Over $300 Free, Otherwise $65Southern, Western, and Central U.S.: Over $375 Free, Otherwise $80
Salmon RangeWild Sockeye Salmon Portions – Flash-Frozen (Caught by Maine Fisherman)

SOPO Seafood, located in Portland, Maine, stands out with its exceptional seafood quality and service. Offering nationwide overnight delivery, their restaurant-quality fish and shellfish are nearly boneless and incredibly fresh. The focus here is on freshness, making it the best place for online seafood shopping. Sushi-grade wild salmon from Maine, the Faroe Islands, and the Atlantic awaits, with significant discounts being found on flash-frozen portions. There is, however, far more fresh fish sold than frozen. It’s not the broadest selection in general, but you’ll have to look long and hard to find another seafood market that matches the quality and freshness. Order any type of shellfish, and the difference becomes clear, arriving so ocean-fresh that nothing but welcoming smells fill the kitchen as they cook. SOPO ensures a satisfying seafood experience, whether ordering fresh or flash-frozen products, with personal customer service offered that’s guaranteed to go the extra mile.

Amazon Fresh

Freshness & FlavorFresh, Flavorful Fish With Low To No Fishy Odor & Excellent Handling
ShippingFree Shipping On Orders Of $150+ For Prime MembersNon-Prime Shipping Charge $7.95 to $13.95Prime Shipping Charge $3.95 to $9.95
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Amazon Fresh, the grocery delivery service by Amazon, provides a wide selection of seafood, from Mowi salmon to Marine Harvest trout and tilapia, known for its clean and fresh taste with minimal bones. It’s all sustainable seafood at highly affordable prices. Salmon from Amazon’s Whole Foods Market is very reasonably priced, and there’s a massive variety of fresh and frozen fillets to pick from. Mowi salmon from Amazon is especially clean and tasty, while the Marine Harvest brand sports good flavor but at times has slight fishiness detectable in its odor alone. Still, this is unlikely to deter all but the most discerning who don’t actually enjoy the taste of fish itself. It’s affordable quality that you can rely on throughout the range, making Amazon a must-try option for anyone who hasn’t yet sampled their seafood or other pantry items whether perishable or otherwise.

Steelhead Trout

Steelhead trout, scientifically known as Oncorhynchus mykiss, represents an intriguing link between the world of trout and salmon. This species is fascinating because it can display either a freshwater or saltwater life history. In freshwater, it’s typically referred to as a rainbow trout, while in saltwater, it takes on the name “steelhead.” This transformation is anadromous, similar to how some salmon species behave. What truly connects steelhead to salmon is their shared family, Salmonidae. This kinship explains the similarities in both flavor and texture, which is why steelhead is frequently marketed as “steelhead salmon.” In culinary terms, steelhead offers a taste that strikes a beautiful balance between the delicacy of trout and the heartier qualities of salmon. Its meat is known for its slightly sweet and nutty flavor, combined with a buttery texture that’s both tender and flaky. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate both salmon and trout.

Anderson Seafoods

Freshness & FlavorMinimally Low Fishy Odor With Clean, Tasty, Fresh Fish
ShippingFree Shipping On Orders Of $250+ Otherwise, All Others $59 Flat Rate Charged
Salmon RangeSmoked Salmon Candy, Frozen Norwegian Salmon, Frozen Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Frozen Alaskan Coho Salmon, Copper River Sockeye Salmon, Salmon Potstickers, Scottish Salmon (Oak Roasted), Salmon Roe Caviar (Ikura), Fresh Scottish Salmon, Fresh Atlantic Salmon, Troll Caught Wild King Salmon, Mount Cook Alpine Saikou King Salmon, Cambridge House Balmoral Smoked Salmon, Smoked Scottish Salmon Fillets, Fresh Atlantic Seasoned Salmon, King Salmon (Chinook), Wild King Salmon

Anderson Seafoods is a fresh seafood wholesaler based in Anaheim that offers competitive rates on both fresh and frozen seafood, ensuring consistently good quality with minimal fishiness. Their sustainably sourced products are shipped with ice packs and dry ice for optimal freshness. All their seafood sources are HACCP-approved, which is a critical food safety standard that reduces the risk of any contamination to a minimum. Customers will find products from Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast, Asia, and South America available. While customer service may be a bit slow, their dedication to delivering fresh seafood across the U.S. and wide variety makes them a top choice.

Fresh Catch Fish Co.

Freshness & FlavorLow To Mild Fish Odor With Tasty, Reasonably Clean Fish
ShippingFree Home Delivery Within Southwest Florida On Orders of $99+Standard UPS Rates Apply (Weight & Distance Dependent)
Salmon RangeStuffed Salmon Pinwheels, Salmon Patties, Faroe Islands Salmon Center Cut, Salmon Artichoke Dip, Faroe Islands Salmon End Cuts, Faroe Salmon Chowder, Salmon Pot Pie, Ora King Salmon,  Sockeye Salmon, Fjord Steelhead Trout

Based in Punta Gorda, The Fresh Catch Fish Co. is a family-run business known for high-quality seafood sourced from Florida waters and across the USA. They offer a wide variety of fresh seafood, including sushi-grade tuna, with daily updates on catch-of-the-day items. While their fish is some of the freshest in Southwest Florida, the pricing is surprisingly affordable. Customers can also benefit from pre-order discounts and in-store collect-only deals. The great thing about Fresh Catch is that both fresh and frozen varieties of every type of fish are sold, and the quality is consistent. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Where To Order The Best & Freshest Salmon Online

Have you been left wondering anything concerning where to order the best and freshest salmon online? We may have the answers you need waiting here. Perhaps you’re completely new to salmon or are looking for an in-depth look at its delicious flavor profile – we’ve got you covered with a post that answers the question, ‘What does salmon taste like?’ Be sure to check it out.

How Much Is Salmon Per Lb In The US?

The cost of salmon per pound is notably diverse, influenced by both the specific salmon variety and the level of quality it offers. This variation in prices is particularly evident when comparing whole fish to fillets. To provide an overview, the mean average price of whole salmon at retail typically falls within the range of $6 to $10 per pound, although this figure is a broad approximation and subject to change. Chinook or King salmon, boasting its renowned large, buttery flakes, usually comes with a price tag ranging from $15 to $25 per pound. Coho salmon, celebrated for its distinctive flavor and moderate fat content, may range from approximately $10 to $18 per pound. For those seeking the perfect balance between quality and affordability, mid-range fillets of Atlantic salmon tend to average around $11 to $12 per pound. Sockeye salmon, revered for its rich, robust taste and deep-red flesh, typically falls within the $11 to $14 per pound range. Steelhead trout, often referred to as steelhead salmon due to its salmon-like flavor and texture, can be a cost-effective yet delectable alternative, with prices typically falling between $9 to $13 per pound.

Why Is Salmon So Expensive?

The price of salmon reflects a confluence of factors that contribute to its expense. Firstly, salmon is often farm-raised, and maintaining aquaculture practices at a high standard can be costly, especially when it comes to ensuring the health and welfare of the fish. Additionally, the demand for salmon, with its reputation as a healthy and versatile protein source, keeps prices elevated. Furthermore, the processing, packaging, and transportation of salmon require careful handling, cold storage, and logistics to maintain its freshness, adding to the overall cost. Lastly, the environmental concerns surrounding salmon farming, such as the sustainability of fish feed and potential impacts on wild salmon populations, have led to stricter regulations and practices that can increase production costs.

What Salmon Cuts Do You Get?

When it comes to salmon, you have a variety of cuts to choose from. Some of the most common cuts include fillets, which are boneless portions of the fish, often with the skin left on for added flavor and protection during cooking. Salmon steaks are cross-section cuts that include a round portion of the fish, typically with a bone in the center. Then, there are salmon loins, which are thick, boneless cuts taken from the back of the fish, known for their meaty texture. Additionally, you can find salmon belly, which is a fattier and highly prized part, often used for sushi. Whether you prefer the tenderness of fillets, the heartiness of steaks, or the richness of belly cuts, the choice of salmon cut depends on your culinary preferences and the type of dish you want to create.

What Is Salmon Candy?

Salmon candy, often referred to as “Indian candy” or “salmon jerky,” is a delightful and savory-sweet delicacy with deep roots in Indigenous and Pacific Northwest Native American cuisine. To create salmon candy, fillets of salmon, typically the prized Chinook or Sockeye varieties, are meticulously brined in a mixture of salt, sugar, and sometimes herbs or spices, imparting a perfect balance of flavors. This brining process not only seasons the fish but also draws out excess moisture, ensuring a concentrated, intensified taste. The fillets are then cold-smoked over alderwood, infusing them with a delicate, smoky aroma. Finally, they’re given a light glazing of maple syrup or honey. The texture is tender yet slightly chewy, akin to jerky, making it a delightful snack or accompaniment. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a charcuterie board, salmon candy is a treat.

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