Best Vegetarian/Plant-Based Cookbooks

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If you’re a veggie enthusiast or just looking to up your plant-based cooking game, you’re in luck because there’s never been a better time to explore the world of vegetarian cooking. From classic dishes like ratatouille and paneer tikka masala to new creative recipes featuring jackfruit and seitan, the vegetarian food scene is exploding with exciting flavors and innovative techniques. To help you navigate the crowded cookbook market, we’ve rounded up some of the best vegetarian and plant-based cookbooks out there, so you can expand your recipe repertoire and enjoy delicious and healthy meals.

Key Takeaways

The 15 Best Vegetarian / Plant-Based Cookbooks

With so many options to choose from, selecting the right cookbook can be a daunting task, but fear not. We’ve done the research for you and put together a list of the 15 best vegetarian and plant-based cookbooks that will transform the way you think about meatless meals.

How To Cook Everything Vegetarian: Completely Revised Tenth Anniversary Edition (How to Cook Everything Series, 3) by Mark Bittman

  • Total Recipes: 2000+
  • Total Pages: 832
  • Recipes Preview: Egg “Noodle” Soup With Mushrooms, Quick Coconut-Braised Vegetables, Balsamic Strawberries With Arugula
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Mixed Whole-Bean Dal With Cauliflower And Almonds
  • Affordability: High

Simple, interesting, and filled with tasty recipes that are easy to put together, How To Cook Everything Vegetarian is a cookbook for those who love approachable, quick recipes. In print, it’s a massive book and, overall, makes for a wonderful reference to consult when cooking anything vegetarian. There are few cookbooks that compare to the sheer number of recipes on offer, and while each is simplistic in its creation, foolproof results can be expected.

How To Cook Everything Vegetarian has been around for a decade, and after several updates over the years, everything remains current. While not as detailed in its instructions or recipe complexity as some advanced chefs would hope, this is a book that has a recipe for literally everything, even if just in its most basic form. To most beginner or infrequent chefs, How To Cook Everything Vegetarian may well become the vegetarian bible of the household.

About The Author: Mark Bittman is a well-known cookbook author, journalist, and television personality. He is best known for his book “How to Cook Everything,” which has sold more than a million copies and is widely considered a modern classic. Bittman has also been a food columnist for The New York Times and has appeared on numerous television programs, including the PBS series “Spain: On the Road Again” and the HBO series “Weight of the Nation.”

Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London’s Ottolenghi by Yotam Ottolenghi

  • Total Recipes: 120
  • Total Pages: 288
  • Recipes Preview: Cardamom Rice With Poached Eggs And Yogurt, Dried Persian Quinoa Salad With Roasted Butternut Squash With Sweet Spices, Green Chile And Limes, Buffalo Eggplant Tricolore
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Parsnip Dumplings In Broth
  • Affordability: Moderate

Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi and its sequel, Plenty More, are two of the finest books on advanced plant-based cuisine ever written. The original is a book that skyrocketed the owner of one of the trendiest restaurants in the world to culinary superstardom. Cordon bleu cooking is simplified to such an extent that just about anyone will be whipping up gourmet meals at home with excellent all-around results. Each recipe is a true masterpiece with a come-back-for-more flavor worthy of any high-end restaurant meal.

While several varieties of cheese are included, including certain that are not suitable for vegetarians, like gorgonzola, there are ample vegan recipes as well. Each recipe is accompanied by stunning, full-color photographs that capture the beauty and complexity of the dishes. The book also includes tips for selecting, storing, and preparing vegetables, as well as insights into Ottolenghi’s culinary philosophy and the inspiration behind his recipes. With its innovative and bold approach to vegetarian cooking, Plenty has become a staple in many kitchens around the world, thanks to its inspiring, fresh approach that encourages home cooks to embrace the versatility and deliciousness of vegetables.

About The Author: Yotam Ottolenghi is an Israeli-born British chef and food writer largely considered to be an authority on gourmet plant-based eating. He is the owner of several world-famous delis and restaurants in London, and his recipes are renowned for their Middle Eastern flavors and creative use of vegetables.

The Happy Herbivore Cookbook by Lindsay S. Nixon

  • Total Recipes: 175
  • Total Pages: 240
  • Recipes Preview: Hawaiian Chickpea Teriyaki, Baked Chimichangas, Super Protein Breakfast Burrito
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Veggie, Bean & Quinoa Croquettes
  • Affordability: Moderate

The Happy Herbivore Cookbook is a comprehensive guide to plant-based eating from the creator of the ever-popular Happy Herbivore blog. The author introduces plant-based eating and covers how to make the switch while delivering tips for meal planning, grocery shopping, and more. There are even meal plans and advice for big-batch cooking. You’ll love just how inexpensive each recipe is, and the glossary delivers shopping tips for how to find each ingredient at the best quality and price. 

The focus on healthy, whole-food ingredients sets this cookbook apart from its competitors. The majority of recipes are designed to be low in fat, sugar, and salt but none are truly fat-free. Readers can look forward to a great range of recipes spanning simple and quick creations to more complex meals that call for a healthy amount of prep. If you’re new to vegetarian or vegan eating, The Happy Herbivore Cookbook is as close to a must-have as you can get. 

About The Authors: Bestselling author, cooking teacher, and self-proclaimed lover of plants Lindsay S. Nixon has become famous as the founder of the Happy Herbivore blog. Her straightforward, flavorful, and healthy plant-based meals are nothing short of inspiring to anyone wanting to live a healthier, plant-based lifestyle.

The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen

  • Total Recipes: 570
  • Total Pages: 472
  • Recipes Preview: Easy Vegetable And Bean Tostadas, Bruschetta With Artichoke Hearts And Parmesan, Baked Burritos With Pinto Beans And Swiss Chard
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Campanelle With Roasted Cauliflower, Garlic, And Walnuts
  • Affordability: Moderate

The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook is a fantastic guide to vegetarian cooking that’s designed to help home cooks of all skill levels create inspiring meals that could fool most into thinking they come straight from a restaurant. Each recipe includes detailed instructions, as well as tips and tricks for successful cooking. Other than being packed with recipes that showcase unique flavors and a complete span of cooking techniques, one of the major strengths of The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook is how it’s recipes are designed to be high in protein and other nutrients.

It’s the ideal cookbook for anyone who wants to not only eat better but healthier too. With ample recipes for vegans and gluten-free eaters and detailed instructions to everything from selecting to storing vegetables and other vegetarian proteins, it’s without a doubt one of the best resources out there for anyone looking to expand their vegetarian cooking repertoire. There are roughly 500 color photos showing every last part of prep and the more difficult cooking methodology and ample options for all. 

About The Author: The ever-popular cookbook publisher, TV show, and podcast America’s Test Kitchen is renowned for having one of the best teams of experienced chefs, food scientists, and food tests in the industry. The team’s expert insight splashes convey well to print throughout each and every one of the brand’s brilliant cookbooks.

Love Real Food: More Than 100 Feel-Good Vegetarian Favorites to Delight the Senses and Nourish the Body: A Cookbook by Kathryne Taylor

  • Total Recipes: 100+
  • Total Pages: 272
  • Recipes Preview: Spicy Breakfast Fajitas With Fried Eggs And Guacamole, Shredded Brussels And Kale Hash With Crispy Parmesan, Sweet Potato-Black Bean Veggie Burgers With Cabbage-Pepita Slaw
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Mexican Roasted Veggie Bowl With Beer Beans
  • Affordability: Low

Anyone familiar with the popular blog Cookie and Kate will immediately want to snatch up Love Real Food, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of coming to know the author’s cooking, this cookbook is the ideal introduction. The focus on flavor and presentation translates to tasty meals that are sure to please even the most discerning of palates. It’s some of the tastiest and most stunningly presentable recipes out there but without the learning curve that typically troubles beginners. 

The recipes in Love Real Food are among the easiest to follow out of all cookbooks reviewed. Not all recipes have photos, but the many scattered tips and many recipe variations and adaptations supplied more than make up for this minor caveat. This also means that this is an ideal book for those who like to seek inspiration from cookie-cutter recipes while adapting these creations to their own tastes. Readers will fall in love with the suggestions supplied beneath all meals to transform them into a vegan, gluten-free, or other diet-specific counterpart.

About The Author: Through the celebrated blog, Cookie and Kate, blogger, food photographer, influencer, and author Kathryne Taylor has been sharing her passion for elevated vegetarian cooking for over a decade. While always wholesome and easy to prepare, each of her recipes can be relied upon for impressive flavor and stunning presentation.

Vegetables Unleashed: A Cookbook by José Andrés & Matt Goulding

  • Total Recipes: 500+
  • Total Pages: 367
  • Recipes Preview: Spanish-Japanese Garbanzo Stew, Vegetable Steaks With Steak Sauce, Spinach Empanadillas
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Mushroom Orzo Risotto
  • Affordability: Moderate

Vegetables Unleashed is a cookbook that focuses on the incredible versatility and flavor of often-overlooked ingredients. Every recipe stands as an inspiring example of how to experiment with vegetables in new and exciting ways. There’s everything that anyone transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle could need. From tricks on reducing food waste and using the whole of each vegetable to storage and preparation tips covering every step of the way, it’s a brilliant book that makes it easy for home cooks to get the most out of their ingredients. 

The author’s passion for vegetarian cooking is evident throughout Vegetables Unleashed, but this also means that this isn’t a cookbook for those who are looking for clear-cut ingredients and step-by-step methodology. Instead, the reader is given a clear overview of why certain suggestions work and how the author arrives at the bold, bright flavors showcased.

About The Authors: José Andrés is a Michelin-starred chef and owner of several restaurants, including Jaleo and minibar in Washington, D.C. He is also a humanitarian and founder of World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization that provides food aid to areas affected by natural disasters. He combines talents with food and travel writer, and co-founder of Roads & Kingdoms, Matt Goulding, who authored several other books to create a refreshingly fresh take on plant-based cookbooks.

Ultimate Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals for Everyone by Jamie Oliver

  • Total Recipes: 130+
  • Total Pages: 312
  • Recipes Preview: Roasted Black Bean Burgers, Pulled Mushroom Sandwich, Mushroom Stroganoff
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Greek-Inspired Cauliflower Stew
  • Affordability: Moderate

Ultimate Veg delivers a selection of elevated healthy meals that are created to be both filling and satisfying. Readers will immediately notice the abundance of whole, unprocessed ingredients used in innovative ways. This cookbook is organized by type of dish, with chapters dedicated to soups and salads, pasta and rice, and one-pot meals. Whether you’re looking for a hearty stew, light salad, a comforting bowl of pasta, or a flavorful curry, Ultimate Veg has something for everyone.

In true Jamie Olivier style, recipes are introduced thoughtfully with both the history and cultural significance highlighted. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a vegetarian novice, all of the recipes in Ultimate Veg are approachable and relatively straightforward to pull off. Be warned, most are more time-consuming than some are used to, and many of the ingredients are specific and hard to find. However, if you do hunt down the gourmet cuisine called for and follow the foolproof steps, superlative quality is to be expected.

About The Author: Jamie Oliver is one of the world’s most well-known celebrity chefs and a passionate advocate for healthy, sustainable, and delicious food. He’s the author of more than 20 cookbooks, including the recently published “Ultimate Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals for Everyone.” With his laid-back, charming personality and approachable style, Jamie has inspired millions of home cooks to get in the kitchen and make delicious meals using fresh, whole ingredients.

PlantYou: 140+ Ridiculously Easy, Amazingly Delicious Plant-Based Oil-Free Recipes by Carleigh Bodrug

  • Total Recipes: 140+
  • Total Pages: 288
  • Recipes Preview: Garlic Lovers’ Vegan Alfredo, Fresh Tomato And Red Lentil Bisque, Staple Tempeh Stir Fry
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Can’t Believe It’s Vegan” Lasagna
  • Affordability: Moderate

PlantYou by Carleigh Bodrug is a game-changing cookbook for those looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their daily routine. The author’s style is approachable and welcoming, perfect for newcomers and lifelong plant-based cooks alike. Its gorgeous presentation, packed with full-color photos and instructables alone, makes this best-seller as close to a must-buy as you get. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or exact instruction, PlantYou has you covered.

The most unique part of this cookbook is how it pulls off nutritious, mouthwatering dishes without a drop of oil. It’s truly one of the healthiest cookbooks around that covers all the classics and more. Say goodbye to strange ingredients and overly complex techniques and hello to a great plant-based cookbook that comes with everything one could hope for, from substitutions to pictures of what every recipe should look like when done.

About The Author: Dedicated vegan chef and blogger Carleigh Bodrug holds a firm focus on oil-free, plant-based recipes. Her creative approach and easy-to-follow instructions have made her a guiding light to those looking to embrace plants and live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Plant Over Processed: 75 Simple & Delicious Plant-Based Recipes for Nourishing Your Body and Eating From the Earth by Andrea Hannemann

  • Total Recipes: 75
  • Total Pages: 272
  • Recipes Preview: Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Chickpea Burgers, Mushroom Stroganoff, Blueberry Lavender Cheesecake
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl
  • Affordability: Low

Plant Over Processed is the ideal guidebook for those who want to nourish their bodies with wholesome, unprocessed foods. Recipes are divided into breakfast, drinks, snacks, salads, main dishes, and desserts, and every last recipe comes with a full-color photograph of the finished dish. The author supplies handy notes for adapting the recipes according to the availability of seasonal ingredients, which is a unique spin that most other cookbooks lack. For example, the “Roasted Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad” can be made with roasted beets or butternut squash in the fall or with roasted asparagus in the spring.

There are few cookbooks that can compare to the comprehensiveness of Plant Over Processed. The layout trumps just about every other beginner cookbook out there, but the knowledge is sufficient to satisfy even the most experienced chef’s cravings for something new. Readers should know there’s an extensive introductory section that details the author’s health journey, explaining how plants and plant-based eating can heal. Yet, even if you’re not one for personal stories, the sheer wealth of info in the recipes and tips will have you coming back to this book over and over again.

About The Author: The author, Andrea Hannemann, has become a superstar affectionately known as “Earthy Andy” on social media. As a mother of two, Hannemann knows the importance of quick and easy meal options that nourish both the body and the soul. She shares her journey to plant-based eating and how it has helped her family live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Forks Over Knives ― The Cookbook by Del Sroufe

  • Total Recipes: 300+
  • Total Pages: 368
  • Recipes Preview: Polenta Pizza With Pesto, Caramelized Onions And Potatoes, Bean, Corn, And Summer Squash Saute, Brown Lentil Stew With Avocado Salsa
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Wild Rice, Cabbage, And Chickpea Pilaf
  • Affordability: Moderate

The recipes in Forks Over Knives – The Cookbook are all vegan, and they are designed to be easy to follow and accessible to anyone, regardless of their level of cooking experience. All ingredients have been specifically selected to be accessible and affordable, while the recipes are shaped to be minimally processed and nutrient-dense. If your household likes to buy in bulk, you’ll be happy to know that there are tons of tips covering big-batch cooking and prolonged storage. Healthy plant-based eating doesn’t get much easier than the recipes dictated in this cookbook, and there’s enough diversity of recipes to cover all tastes.

The degree of healthy cooking advice is so in-depth that many claim Forks Over Knives – The Cookbook to be a literal lifesaver capable of curing countless conditions. Whether this is true or not, only time and personal experience will tell, but one thing is for sure, no matter which recipe you decide to cook, healthy, irresistible food is guaranteed. Pick Forks Over Knives if you’re looking for a cookbook that focuses on health first, but rest assured, there’s no sacrificing flavor.

About The Author: Del Sroufe is a chef, author, and plant-based diet advocate who has spent the last two decades developing and promoting delicious, healthy, plant-based recipes. As the author of the bestselling cookbook, Forks Over Knives – The Cookbook, and a featured chef in the Forks Over Knives film, he has inspired countless people to embrace a plant-based lifestyle. In addition to his cookbook, Sroufe is also the founder of Wellness Forum Foods, a line of plant-based meal delivery and catering services.

The Weekday Vegetarians: 100 Recipes and a Real-Life Plan for Eating Less Meat: A Cookbook by Jenny Rosenstrach

  • Total Recipes: 100+
  • Total Pages: 256
  • Recipes Preview: Green Teriyaki-Glazed Crispy Tofu, Chilled Asparagus Soup With Croutons And Chives, Crispy Cabbage Pancakes
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Pizza Salad With White Beans
  • Affordability: Moderate

Unlike most other cookbooks reviewed that focus exclusively on plant-based cooking alone, The Weekday Vegetarians is a book that supplies a realistic plan for people looking to reduce their meat consumption gradually. In this way, transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle becomes much easier especially when one isn’t determined to figuratively take the plunge. The author delivers delightful personal anecdotes throughout, which make the cookbook feel akin to a conversation with a friend.

Adding meatless meals to any meal plan is easy when you incorporate recipes from The Weekday Vegetarians. The author’s practice approach, fuss-free tips, and clear-to-follow layout make this a cookbook that families will keep coming back to. There are tons of innovative, inspiring creations that combine ingredients that many would normally never think of. Whether for inspiration or direct guidance, it’s a true treasure of a cookbook.

About The Author: Creator of the dinner-focused family website, Dinner: A Love Story, Jenny Rosenstrach, has authored and co-authored several bestselling books. The Cup of Jo columnist is praised for her ability to condense massive, substantial meals into hassle-free cooking instructions suited to all.

Oh She Glows for Dinner: Nourishing Plant-Based Meals to Keep You Glowing by Angela Liddon

  • Total Recipes: 100
  • Total Pages: 352
  • Recipes Preview: Ultimate Green Taco Wraps, Creamy Tomato, and Mushroom Farfalle, Thai Crunch Salad with Creamy Almond Butter Dressing
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Sheet Pan Tofu and Veggies
  • Affordability: Moderate

Oh She Glows for Dinner is a cookbook packed with vegan and gluten-free dinner recipes. Each recipe includes a beautiful photograph of the finished dish, as well as nutritional information and serving suggestions. There are countless helpful tips spanning everything from prepping ahead of time to stocking a vegan pantry waiting. If you know the iconic blog already, this buy will be a no-brainer, and if not, we encourage you to check out the author’s homepage to get a better feel for the type of cooking to expect. It’s essentially gourmet health food simplified for all skill types. 

The author opts for high-end ingredients often, but superlative quality is guaranteed. Fortunately, none of the recipes call for anything that’s too hard to find. This is a cookbook filled with thoughtful guidance condensed into the straightforward step-by-step instructions and great touches like active preparation time and a recipe key above each that states which diet types the meal is suited to.

About The Author: Founder of the wildly popular vegan food blog, Oh She Glows, Angela Liddon, has graced the world with several cookbooks. Her nourishing meals are ideal for all occasions, delivering inspiring creativity and flavor that’s second to none.

The How Not to Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease by Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM & Gene Stone

  • Total Recipes: 120
  • Total Pages: 272
  • Recipes Preview: Moroccan Lentil Soup, Spinach & Mushroom Black Bean Burritos, Vegetable & Red Bean Gumbo
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Black-Eyed Peas & Roasted Red Pepper Dip
  • Affordability: High

How Not to Die is centered on evidence-based nutrition and offers insight into how diet plays a critical role in disease prevention. Each recipe comes with a detailed nutritional analysis, including the amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in each serving, as well as the recommended daily intake of key vitamins and minerals. The recipe comprehensive recipe index makes finding recipes for any diet easy, including but not limited to gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and oil-free dietary restrictions.

The How Not to Die cookbook begins with ten simple recipes, namely almond milk, date syrup, a savory spice blend, nutty parm, umami sauce, roasted garlic, vegetable broth, ranch dressing, balsamic-date glaze, healthy hot sauce, and harissa that are used throughout all other recipes on the cookbook. This simplifies meal prep and supplies about the only complicated ingredients called for in the entire book. By following the inspiring recipes and time-saving cooking tips, you’ll soon be cooking some of the most nutritious and affordable meals your household has ever seen.

About The Authors: Physician, bestselling author and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health who runs, Michael Greger, collaborated with another leading authority to create an information-packed book celebrated around the world. Author Gene Stone who has written over forty books spanning food, health, and nutrition, joined Greger to develop recipes that help prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

Plant-Based on a Budget: Delicious Vegan Recipes for Under $30 a Week, in Less Than 30 Minutes a Meal by Toni Okamoto

  • Total Recipes: 100+
  • Total Pages: 256
  • Recipes Preview: Jackfruit Carnita Tacos, Sick Day Soup, Banana Zucchini Pancakes
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Tofu Veggie Gravy Bowl
  • Affordability: Low

Plant-Based On A Budget is an excellent vegetarian cookbook that provides recipes that beginner chefs can pull off on a shoestring budget in half an hour or less. Breakfast, snacks and appetizers, soups, salads, and dressings, main dishes, and desserts, with a full section devoted to meal planning as well. Each recipe is supremely versatile, accommodating, and listing several handy potential substitutions.

Readers will be blown away by the approachability of each meal. The affordable ingredients are obtainable at just about any grocery store. Many of the recipes are classics reinvented, but there’s no lack of innovation either. Flawless results can be expected from each. About the only criticism is the handful of one-pot meals other than soup, but this is a minor issue given the abundance of inspiring recipes offered in other categories.

About The Author: Toni Okamoto is a fun-loving vegan blogger and author known for her down-to-earth and relatable approach to plant-based cooking. Her passion for food and sustainability led her to launch Plant-Based on a Budget, a website and community dedicated to helping people eat delicious, healthy meals without breaking the bank. Toni has also co-authored several other plant-based recipe books and has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets, including Forbes, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post.

The Don’t Panic Pantry Cookbook: Mostly Vegetarian Comfort Food That Happens to Be Pretty Good for You by Noah Galuten and Iliza Shlesinger

  • Total Recipes: 100+
  • Total Pages: 197
  • Recipes Preview: Chef Salad With Cheddar Croutons And Probiotic Ranch, Broccoli Pasta Three Ways (Vegetarian, Pescatarian & Rosemary-Infused Sausage)
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Herbed Panko-Crusted Mozzarella Marinara, Vegan Tahini Dressing
  • Affordability: Low

The Don’t Panic Pantry Cookbook is the perfect pick for non-vegetarian cooks who are looking for supremely simple to prepare meals that call for nothing more than basic pantry staples while introducing new plant-based meals into their diet. Each recipe is designed to be flexible and adaptable, encouraging readers to use what they have on hand instead of hunting down difficult-to-find ingredients or expensive must-have items. The recipes themselves are varied and creative, with a focus on comfort food classics that have been updated with fresh and nutritious ingredients.

One of the standout features of The Don’t Panic Pantry Cookbook is the authors’ sense of humor and playful approach to cooking. The recipes are peppered with humorous asides and anecdotes that make the book a joy to read, even for those who aren’t in the kitchen. The authors also provide helpful tips and tricks throughout the book, such as suggestions for pantry staples and shortcuts to save time and effort. Again we stress, this is the only cookbook reviewed that has a few recipes for carnivores as well. With this being said, the vegetarian food is unquestionably delicious. 

About The Author: James Beard Award recipient and host of the ever-popular YouTube channel Don’t Panic Pantry, Noah Galuten, and winner of Last Comic Standing, Iliza Shlesinger, combined talents to create one of the most inspiringly fresh vegetarian cookbooks in print. With copy that compels one to read and top caliber original recipes throughout, it’s food writing at its best.

The Best Print-Only Vegetarian / Plant-Based Cookbooks

Each of these books is pure gold to cookbook owners who enjoy having an in-print reference on hand. 

Plants Taste Better: Delicious Plant-Based Recipes, From Root To Fruit By Richard Buckley

  • Total Recipes: 70+
  • Total Pages: 224
  • Recipes Preview: Chioggia Beetroot Slivers, Fennel Seed Pappardelle, Spanish Fried Cauliflower
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Herbed Panko-Crusted Mozzarella Marinara, Vegan Tahini Dressing
  • Affordability: Low

For creative cuisine that’ll blow your mind with its innovation, look no further than Plants Taste Better. Unlike other books which categorize meals according to the meal time, all the recipes in this cookbook are sectioned according to their primary ingredient. This is far from your average recipe book, instead delivering some of the most delectable, elevated plant-based cuisine seen. The ingredients won’t necessarily be readily available at your nearest grocer, but hunting them down is well worth the effort in every way.

If you’re on the hunt for high-end vegetarian dishes that’ll leave your diners in awe, Plants Taste Better is the cookbook for you. We’d go as far as saying that every cook who entertains or enjoys cooking a showstopping meal from time to time should invest in this prime vegetarian publication. There’s no other cookbook quite like it, but be prepared for complex cooking that remains foolproof as long as you follow the wonderfully laid-out instructions.  

About The Author: With over 25 years of experience as a passionate chef and restaurateur, Richard Buckley is largely considered a pioneer of today’s plant-based movement. The author and owner of the acclaimed Acorn Restaurant not only heads up one of the best plant-based restaurants in the world but is celebrated as one of the most innovative recipe developers in the industry.

Vegetarian Cookbook For Beginners: 600 Effortless Vegetarian Recipes For Everyday Meals by Ashley Coleman

  • Total Recipes: 600
  • Total Pages: 100
  • Recipes Preview: Bean & Rice Noodle Soup, Garbanzo & Pumpkin Chili With Kale, Curried Roasted Cauliflower
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Savory Eggplant Fries
  • Affordability: Low

Tons of recipes, simple ingredients, concise instructions, and foolproof results can be expected when cooking up any one of the 600 recipes in the Vegetarian Cookbook For Beginners. Don’t expect pictures (there are none), illustrations, and endless tips and/or substitutions, but rather one of the most comprehensive straight recipe books in print. This massive collection is sure to be referenced over and over again regardless of the meal style preferred or dietary preferences of the cook and eaters. 

Almost all the recipes stated are affordable and easy to shop for. Cooking doesn’t get much easier than the methodology set out by the Vegetarian Cookbook For Beginners. It’s a fairly short book given the span of recipes offered which should instantly convey just how concise and simplistic each meal is.

About The Author: Storyteller and multi-faceted published author across cooking, crafts, and fiction, Ashley Coleman, is celebrated for being able to pack a compendium’s worth of information into a very small space. Her cooking discourses are top-notch, short, and ultra-simple.

Best Vegetarian / Plant-Based Cookbooks – Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been left with any questions concerning a plant-based lifestyle and/or vegetarian cookbooks? Here are the answers you may be looking for. However, if you’re simply hunting for more great plant-based recipes, you have to check out our wrap-up of the best vegan cookbooks. It may have the ideal book for your habits and household. 

Can I Follow A Plant-Based Diet Without Being A Strict Vegetarian Or Vegan?

Following a plant-based diet doesn’t have to mean you have to give up all animal products. In fact, many people who adopt this way of eating still incorporate small amounts of dairy, eggs, or even fish into their meals. Plant-based eating is all about incorporating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes into your diet while reducing your intake of processed foods and unhealthy fats. It’s a flexible and customizable approach to eating that can improve your health and reduce your impact on the environment. Be sure to draw insight from any of the books reviewed or check out The Don’t Panic Pantry Cookbook for a vegetarian cookbook that has meat-based meals lists as well.

Can Plant-Based Cookbooks Help Me Lose Weight And/Or Improve My Overall Health?

Incorporating more plant-based food into your diet by following the advice and recipes supplied by leading plant-based cookbooks is an excellent aid for weight loss and improving overall health. Studies confirm that plant-based diets help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and certain types of cancer. Furthermore, the American Heart Association found that individuals following a plant-based diet have a lower body mass index than those who follow non-vegetarian diets.

Is Ottolenghi A Vegan?

While Yotam Ottolenghi’s cooking style does focus heavily on vegetables, herbs, and other plant-based ingredients, he is not strictly vegan or even a vegetarian, for that matter. He eats meat, but his cuisine is shaped around plant-based food. However, all of Ottolenghi’s cookbooks are a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diet.

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