All The Candies That Start With O

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Oh my, the O candies are an outstanding list of spectacular sweets. This is a list filled with obscure (how’s that for an O word?) confections that are surely worth hunting down. From regional favorites to historical masterpieces and everything in between, you’ll want to give a few of these O candies a try. 

Oh Henry

The Oh Henry bar was introduced in 1920 by the Williamson Candy Company in Chicago, Illinois. Though there’s no proven answer to how this candy bar received its name, two theories prevail. One theory suggests the Oh Henry bar was named after a flirty electrician who frequented the factory where the candy bars were manufactured. A second theory suggests the bar was named for American writer O. Henry. I guess we’ll never know. Regardless, today the Oh Henry bar is manufactured by The Ferrara Candy Company. 

An Oh Henry bar is a rich and delicious confection filled with peanuts, caramel, and fudge then coated in a decadent milk chocolate covering. Though Ferrara discontinued the production of the Oh Henry bar domestically, they’re still available abroad and online. Oh Henry bars are primarily made of sugar, peanuts, corn syrup, palm oil, vegetable oil, and milk ingredients. Consequently, a single Oh Henry bar has 240 calories, 13 grams of fat, two grams of dietary fiber, 20 grams of sugar, and seven grams of protein. 

Oh Poop

Oh Poop is a wind-up, walking candy dispenser made by Flix Candy. As its name suggests, the dispenser takes the shape of a cheerful poop emoji which, you guessed it, poops candy. Though the Oh Poop comes with a serving of small, bead-like hard candies, it can actually be refilled with your favorite small treat once you run out of the included candy. Though one may never know why the poop emoji is such a phenomenon, it is and so is this candy dispenser. 

Besides the standard brown guy, Oh Poop comes in holiday variations as well; there’s a poop in a Santa hat and a poop decked out like a Christmas tree. The included Oh Poop candy is made with glucose syrup, sugar, citric acid, and artificial flavors. A serving, which amounts to five pieces, contains 60 calories and 15 grams of sugar. 

Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes

Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes are neither Irish nor potatoes. Instead, Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes are a Philadelphia confection popularly produced as a St. Patrick’s Day treat. Packaged in display boxes similar to Valentine’s Day candies, Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes make a lovely holiday gift. But what the heck are Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes? They’re a coconut cream mixture rolled in cinnamon; the interior looks like a white, starchy potato, while the cinnamon exterior makes these confections look like they’re donning a brown potato skin. 

Though Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes only come in this one variety, other candy makers around the country have tried their hand at replicating the unique treat. For instance, See’s in San Francisco has a similar Irish Potatoes recipe that contains cream cheese and nuts. Nevertheless, Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes are made with sugar, coconut, corn syrup, butter, and egg whites among other ingredients. Lastly, a serving of Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes has 110 calories, two-and-a-half grams of fat, and 22 grams of sugar. 


What comes to mind when you hear the word Oinks? If it’s pig or pork products, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Oinks are chocolate-covered bacon strips manufactured by Genesee Candy Land, a Golden, Colorado candy company. The delightfully sweet and salty combination of this newfangled confection is out of this world. The original Oinks candy strip is a perfectly crisped Applewood bacon strip dipped in creamy milk chocolate then drizzled in white chocolate. Oinks come in other fun varieties such as jalapeno-seasoned. 

Oinks are packaged in four-pack envelopes that are perfect to enjoy all by yourself or share with a friend. The main ingredients in Oinks include sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa, nonfat dry milk, and fully cooked bacon among others. Ultimately, a serving of Oinks has 90 calories, six grams of fat, seven grams of sugar, and two grams of protein. If you’ve never tried Oinks before, here’s your sign to do so immediately; they’re sheer perfection. 

Old Faithful

Developed in 1901 by the Idaho Candy Company, maker of the ever-popular Idaho Spud bar, Old Faithful is a unique milk chocolate candy bar. This peanut cluster bar has it all: peanuts, marshmallows, vanilla creme, and milk chocolate all in one. Named for the Yellowstone National Park geyser, Old Faithful is a distinctly Midwestern treat; in fact, it’s rarely found in stores outside of the Midwest. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these epic candy bars, your best bet is to purchase from an online retailer, of which there are many. 

Notably, Old Faithful bars contain the following main ingredients: milk chocolate, sugar, corn syrup, peanuts, egg, and gelatin. Besides eggs, other possible allergens in an Old Faithful bar include soy and milk. Lastly, one Old Faithful bar contains 220 calories, 12 grams of fat, three grams of protein, and 20 grams of sugar.

Orange Slices

Orange Slices are a classic jelly candy of yesteryear. Hailing from the days of by-the-pound candy stores, Orange Slices have been around since the 1930s. Though Orange Slices are a generic candy and not a brand, many reputable confectioners have manufactured them over the years. One of the biggest distributors of Orange Slices is Sathers, a brand owned by Ferrara Candy Company. Orange Slices are just what they sound like: orange segment-shaped candies that are orange in color and flavor; each Orange Slice has a gummy texture and is coated in granulated sugar. 

Orange Slices are citrusy, tangy, and sweet in taste and instantly return you to your childhood. Sathers Orange Slices are primarily made of corn syrup, sugar, corn starch, and both natural and artificial flavors. If allergens are a concern, beware that these divine candies are processed in a facility alongside milk, eggs, almonds, coconut, peanuts, and soy. Finally, a serving of Orange Slices contains 100 calories and 17 grams of sugar. 


Though Orbit gum was originally launched in 1899 it wasn’t until a relaunch in 2001 that it hit mainstream popularity. Orbit is a brand of sugar-free chewing gum that’s a Mars Wrigley brand. Originally, Orbit was packaged in cardboard packs of individually foil-wrapped pieces. Today, you can purchase Orbit in the original packaging as well as blister packs and 40-piece bottles. 

Orbit gum is available in dozens of flavors including peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, bubble-mint, citrus-mint, and so many more. Uniquely, Orbit also has a line of child-friendly chewing gums in bubblegum, strawberry/banana, and grape. Orbit gum cubes are known for their microscopic flavor crystals that deliver big punches of taste. Of note, Orbit gum is made with gum base, aspartame, and both natural and artificial flavors while one piece of chewing gum contains five calories and no sugar or fat. 

Oreo Bites

Oreo Bites are a delicious candy manufactured by the Cadbury Candy Company of the UK. First made available in 2018, Oreo Bites are bite-sized chocolate bars that come in a resealable, shareable bag. Each mini bar is filled with a tasty Oreo cream filling and covered in a thick layer of Cadbury’s rich Dairy Milk chocolate. Oreo Bites are primarily made of sugar, vegetable oils, skimmed milk powder, wheat flour, and cocoa butter. Lastly, a serving of Oreo Bites has 138 calories, eight grams of fat, one gram of protein, and 13 grams of sugar. If you’re an Oreo lover, these delightful candies are calling your name. 

The Final Letter

Which of these interesting candies will you be looking out for in your travels? Though some of them are only regionally available, they’re worth keeping on your radar. Ultimately, candy is packed with all the delectable ingredients that your brain craves. Each of these awesome candies can easily fulfill those cravings. Be sure to check a few of them out.

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