Best Blender With Juicer / 3-in-1 Food Processor Combo

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Blenders with juicers provide homeowners with the unique ability to produce a variety of delicious drinks and meals quickly and efficiently. The best options on the market also include a food processor that can create a variety of smoothies and prepare food for mixing, sauces, and much more. Thankfully, we did all the hard work for you and found the top five best options available today.

Our research included hands-on experience with each model, an examination of how each model operated and reading through reviews by customers. We have ranked each of these blenders with juicers into a specific category, including the best overall model and those that make sense for tiny homes. At the end, you can read more about how to pick great food processors and tips on using them correctly.

The Top 5 Best Blenders With Juicers

When possible, we included only models that provided an authentic 3-in-1 experience, integrating multiple types of food processing elements. However, some of the models on this list may only be blenders with juicers or food processors. Thankfully, we were able to mostly find multi-purpose options and, through our rigorous research, narrowed them down to just a handful of different choices.

Below, you’ll get in-depth reviews for each unit that we chose to highlight. You’ll learn more about how they operate, get an idea of their dimensions, and understand what reviewers are saying about each. In this way, you should get the kind of comprehensive understanding needed to make an intelligent choice. We strongly recommend reading this whole article to ensure you don’t make a purchasing mistake.

Best Overall: Cuisinart Kitchen Central


Cuisinart is well known for producing high-quality kitchen and food preparation equipment, and their 3-in-1 food processor is our pick for the top model on the market today. There are many reasons why we picked this unique model, each of which we’ll talk about below to ensure you understand what you get when you choose this model. Later, we’ll examine other options that may be appropriate for you.

First, this model has a true 3-in-1 design that few other options on our list could match. It produces a truly diverse range of potential uses by utilizing three different attachments. These attachments help to turn your Cuisinart into an all-purpose machine that can be used for blending, juicing, and multiple food processing needs. In this way, it can work for food preparation or even smoothie creation with just a few tweaks.

The food processing unit holds up to eight cups, providing you with one of the largest and most useful processing options we could find on the market. With a simple change of attachment, you can then turn it into a 40-ounce blender to create various ingredients, sauces, and mixes for your meals. The included 500-watt motor should be strong enough to handle just about anything that you throw at it.

Even better, you can switch your blender to a simple juice extractor with the flip of a switch. As a result, you can make tasty smoothies when you’re trying to get your fruit and vegetables in for the day or switch it up to create a dessert drink that tastes delicious and contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. Mix, chop, shred, and puree with this blender and food processor with minimum fuss.


The overall size of this machine is 8.5 by 10 by 16 inches with a weight of about 17.5 pounds. It will take up about 2.5 cubic feet on your kitchen counter. These dimensions are typical for a processor of this type but are one of the few downsides we can level at this machine. Some people may find it a bit too big for their home, particularly if they have a small apartment or condo with minimum space.

That said, if you consider the multiple uses this machine brings to the table, it is easy to justify adding it to even a small kitchen. After all, it condenses a blender, food processor, and juicer into one unit. As a result, it remains a wise investment for anyone who plans on using these machines for their day-to-day food preparation. It may be important to budget carefully, as well, as this machine is not cheap.

What Reviewers are Saying

Most reviewers remain very positive about this unique blending tool. Several on Amazon and the official Cuisinart website stated that it blended multiple items very smoothly and was effective with just about any ingredients they wanted to use. A few did complain that it wasn’t as good with preparing smoothies as it was with other items. However, this concern was relatively rare.

Other reviewers praised the simplicity of the machine’s design, saying that it was very easy to operate and switch between different attachments. While a few had some trouble with detaching the bowl, we find that, with practice, it was fairly easy to remove and replace. So, in spite of a few concerns, we found that this option remained the best choice for those interested in a 3-in-1 food processor.

You can find this Cuisinart 3-in-1 food processor on online shops like Amazon or local stores near you.

Best Runner Up: Ninja Mega Kitchen System


Like Cuisinart, Ninja is regarded as one of the better kitchen appliance manufacturers on the market today. Their blenders are particularly strong, as they can perform many different functions. After spending many hours testing and experimenting with their products, this unit is the best of their many options. It provides the kind of diversity and strength that you need for a machine of this type.

First, it contains a 64-ounce processor bowl with a 72-ounce pitcher that allows you to make some incredible smoothies and meals. We liked how easy it was to set up this unique, including putting the pitcher near the spout and attaching the bowl to the unit. It was particularly useful when preparing for large parties, as it could produce the sheer volume of food or drinks that you needed.

The food processor has an eight-cup capacity, which should allow you to make just about anything with relative ease. We found that it could produce up to two pounds of dough for baking, which is incredible. The processing bowl was incredibly easy to clean out, as well, meaning that we could make multiple two-pound batches of dough. In this way, this unit is a great option for professional use.

As for the power, it produces 1,500-watts, which is triple that of our best choice. It also contains variable speeds and powers that let you create very finely blended material and chunky dough or ice. That said, we still think the Cuisinart is the better model due to its more compact size, its range of uses, and the overall more attractive look and feel. Appliances should blend smoothly into your kitchen’s style, and Cuisinart tends to make more attractive options than Ninja.


This model comes in at 9.5 by 8.25 by 17.75 inches, making it one of the biggest models on our list. While it may not seem much bigger than the Cuisinart, those extra few inches can make a difference. As a result, we strongly recommend picking this option if you have a large kitchen or an island where you can store your Ninja blender. In this way, your kitchen won’t feel too cramped.

That said, we feel the same way about this model as we do the Cuisinart: that extra space is more than compensated by the diverse array of uses this machine provides. It was honestly a close call between these two models. However, we ultimately went with the Cuisinart due to its more compact size and because we found that it was simply easier to use than the Ninja processor.

What Reviewers are Saying

While most reviewers were fairly happy with this Ninja blender, there were a few complaints. Some people struggled to produce a smooth texture and had a hard time making some dishes, like Tahini. We didn’t run into those troubles ourselves, which is why this processor still remains high on our list. However, we thought readers should know about them to give the full story.

Beyond a few complaints of this type, this processor got almost exclusively five stars online. We feel comfortable saying that most people greatly enjoyed this model. For example, most pointed out the sturdiness of its construction and how comfortable they felt using it over extended periods.

You can find this Ninja food processor on online shops like Amazon or local stores near you.

Best for Beginners: Black + Decker Eight-Cup


If you want a very simple blender and juicer, this model is a great choice. It features a hand-based design that allows you to mix and chop food quickly and efficiently. Beyond that, it also includes a variety of different power levels and blending options, giving you the chance to produce a pretty broad range of mixes. It works adequately as a multi-purpose appliance, as well, in spite of not being set up for this purpose.

First, this eight-cup processor is fairly easy to use and quite compact in its overall design. If you’ve never used a food processor before, this option will be your best bet because it includes very simple controls, instructions, and design elements. The parts are easy to remove and can be washed in the dishwasher, cutting back on your cleaning and minimizing other complications as well.

We also liked the simple food chute and pusher design that helped to process a variety of different foods fairly smoothly and efficiently. While it doesn’t integrate a separate juicer, we found that you could easily juice many fruits. You will have to remove any seeds, rinds, or skin from the fruit before you blend, so a little more preparation is necessary when using this model.

In short, the overall design and efficiency of this model is a masterclass in design excellence. While not quite as diverse as our top two options (or as powerful, with a 450-watt motor), it should work well for those who want a simple food processor to handle a few basic tasks. Those who get more into smoothies and other blended meals may upgrade to a different model later, however.


This Black and Decker model has an overall size of 11.26 by 7.8 by 15.67 inches and weighs a rather compact 5.4 pounds. In this way, it is pretty similar in size and overall shape to our first two models and should fit well into many homes. The fact that it lacks some of the diversity of our top picks does drive it down a little. After all, it takes up as much room and does less than those options.

That said, it is possible to adapt this unit to do a handful of different things. While juicing is a challenge, users can create some simple juice drinks with this machine. Honestly, we’d probably suggest a more adaptable option for most people. However, we also know that beginners may find the simplicity and basic nature of this option more rewarding than our other options.

What Reviewers are Saying

Reviewers like the simplicity of this model but wish that it had a bit more adaptability to other types of blending needs. For example, those who want a juicer find its limitations more frustrating than not and end up wishing they’d bought a different model. However, it has a very high ranking on various online sites from those buyers who just wanted a simple and streamlined unit for their home.

These owners praised the simple handle-based design, the sharpness of the stainless steel blades, and the overall simplicity of the machine’s operation. The structure of the machine was also praised, as most reviewers found that it was quite sturdy and reliable and rarely ran into any operational troubles. Some did find the handle stuck during operation but only when chopping heavy items.

You can find this Black and Decker processor on online shops like Amazon or local stores near you.

Best Budget Option: Nutribullet Personal Blender


If you’re on a budget and want a great blender and food processor, this option is a great choice for you. While other choices on our list may be cheaper, we found that this model provided the best combination of inexpensive design choices with strong and diverse uses. In a sense, it walked the middle ground between being inexpensive and providing maximum benefits.

First, we liked how diverse it was in its many uses. It is advertised as being useful for shakes, smoothies, frozen blending, and general food preparation. Our experience with this machine confirmed that it works well for most of these options. We believe that it works a bit better for general food prep than it does for frozen blending, though it can do both with relative ease as well.

That said, this machine truly shines as a juicer and smoothie machine. You can add a pretty wide variety of different ingredients (including fruits, vegetables, and even nuts) into this machine, and it will blend quickly and efficiently. With a 600-watt motor, it is one of the more powerful options on our list, though not quite as potent as the Ninja model we listed previously.


This machine is 11.61 by 6.85 by 12.28 inches and weighs 5.51 pounds. That size is comparable to most of the other models on our list so far. As a result, there isn’t much new to say about it! Most of the same concerns and benefits listed in those previous sections apply here. One thing we will comment on is that the 24-ounce blending cup can also be used for serving, as it screws off the top.

This benefit is nice because it means you don’t have to dirty multiple dishes and can instead drink directly from this unit. In fact, it even comes with a simple cap that you can screw on the top to take your drink on the go and avoid spilling. In that way, we think this option is great for those people who want to make quick breakfasts and take them to work without a hassle.

What Reviewers are Saying

Reviewers like the simplicity of this machine’s design, its overall strength and stability, and the power of its motor. They found that they could use this machine for just about any blending or juicing situation. However, some did complain that the included cup sometimes had difficulties syncing up with the machine and required a little adjustment to snap it into place.

Other reviewers also found that the blades couldn’t cut as efficiently through some items, particularly harder foods like ice or some nuts with heavy shells. We didn’t run into that problem and felt like it could be easily avoided. Nuts should never be blended or processed with their shells. A little bit of water or another blending medium may help to minimize this problem as well.

You can find this nutribullet food processor on online shops like Amazon or local stores near you.

Best for Small Homes: KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Food Chopper


Lastly, this KitchenAid food processor is a strong option if you have a small home and want a compact and capable unit. Much smaller than the rest of the items on this list, it also has a fair price point that is more affordable for some people and which should make it fairly easy to afford. It also comes in a variety of different colors, though different shades are available at varying prices.

This unit features a stainless steel blade and a motor of about 240 watts. It is the least-powerful option on our list but makes up for it by being compact. It is also very light and should be easy to take with you just about anywhere you go. If you have a small apartment, it will fit smoothly onto most counter surfaces. Likewise, it packs up easily if you plan on traveling and need a processor.

The bowl is quite small, which is one of our only complaints about it. With just 3.5 cups, you can really process too much food or juice too many fruits with it. However, that’s to be expected with a more compact and travel-ready option. This small size does make it easier to clean, thankfully, and you should have little trouble getting this unit ready for the day after using it.

Unfortunately, this unit is a bit limited in its diversity. For example, it has just two blending speeds and a pulse that you control with a one-touch keyboard. This lack of potential uses makes it a bit disappointing compared to some of the other options on our list. However, we still think it works well for students or other people with a small and compact living environment.


This unit is just 5.6 by 7 by 8.7 inches and two pounds. That’s over half the size of most of the units on our list. That small size is a huge benefit for those who may have small kitchens or less space in their home. However, this option may even work well as an office juicer or blender. For example, if you work from home and want to make quick drinks or smoothies, you could use this machine in your home office.

However, we’ve also found that it can fit into larger homes or living environments with relative ease. Often, appliances of this size can work as a great secondary machine when preparing big meals. For example, you could have a larger and more diverse food processor handling dough preparation for a cake, while you use this smaller and more compact model to prepare the frosting or other ingredients.

What Reviewers are Saying

People reviewing and using this machine were mostly positive. Some praised the compact design, but others wished it was a little larger. Similarly, many reviewers were fine with the less powerful motor, but others wanted more. We found that the motor was appropriately powerful for the unit. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense for such a compact unit to have an overpowering motor.

Reviewers also liked the sturdy and simple design, believing it held up well against many uses. Some were less thrilled with the look and feel of the machine and found it somewhat plain. Like all of the machines on our list, this one mostly got very positive reviews in the four- to five-star range.

You can find this KitchenAid processor on online shops like Amazon or local stores near you.

What to Look For in a 3-in-1 Food Processor

When buying a 3-in-1 food processor or a blender with a juicer, it is important to pay attention to a handful of different elements. Each of these factors will affect the power and capabilities of your machine and must be properly balanced to ensure that you don’t get disappointed. In this section, we’ll take a deep look at the different elements that make up a great appliance of this type. They include:

  • Price – Make sure that you find an appliance that fits within your price range. The units here range from about $30 to $160 or more. Extra costs typically indicate a higher production quality and more diverse uses. However, inexpensive models may work for those on a budget.
  • Bowl Size – How much food or juice do you want to prepare with your processor? Do you need a very large bowl, or would a smaller one do? Typically, we suggest looking for anything between 6-14 cups or so. Smaller models may be useful for those who live alone, though.
  • Motor Power – If you read through our list, you know that motor wattage can vary heavily between different processors. Typically, 500-600 watts are good enough for most tasks. Below that, and your motor will struggle with bigger loads. Higher than that could be too much for some people.
  • Blade Strength – Make sure to read reviews on the blade strength and shape of your processing units. Typically, they include an S-shaped, stainless steel cutting surface that should work for many different needs. Also, pay attention to any juicing item to learn how well it operates.
  • Food Chute – What kind of chute does your food processor contain? Some may not have any, such as the nutribullet’s unique top-down design. Others have an adjustable chute that may allow small or large objects through the chute’s width. Research this fact to make sure you understand your model’s design.
  • Speed and Control – What kind of power control and speed does your machine produce? How easy is it to control and operate without running into trouble? Try to find processors that have multiple settings, as you can typically get better and more specific results if you do.

You should also pay attention to the size, weight, shape, and style of your processor. You have to pick something that fits easily into your kitchen. Otherwise, your appliance will go to waste. Just as importantly, the style and overall look of your home must be considered. Doing so helps to make it easier to fine-tune your appliance purchases and avoid problems with their integration.

Tips for Using a 3-in-1 Food Processors

If you’re planning on buying any of these blenders with juicers or 3-in-1 food processors, you need to make sure you consider a few simple things. The following elements should help you work successfully with your processor and minimize the risk of any complications. Each has been carefully researched and confirmed to make sure that they are effective for most people’s needs:

  • Make sure to cut or slice any long and narrow fruits or vegetables up properly and carefully feed them vertically into the machine before you process
  • Start out with a small amount of power and speed and then build up to a higher level to make sure you process smoothly and efficiently
  • Always remove any skins or coverings from your fruits, vegetables, or other ingredients, to ensure that they don’t cause any difficulty shredding
  • Experiment with the different attachments you get with the processor, such as a slicing disk, the metal blade, or even plastic dough blades
  • Try to keep your food as cool or cold as possible because it is likely to stay firm and is less likely to pulverize: warm up the food if you want it completely blended
  • Clean your processor after use and try to avoid using it without cleaning, or you might end up affecting the other meal with different ingredients

These simple steps should help to keep your processor operating smoothly and efficiently. If you run into any troubles, you can always check the manual to see what it has to say. Often, this book will include various pieces of information specific to its operation, such as how to mix various foods together, the unique steps necessary for cleaning the appliance, and much more.

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