How To Reheat Soft Pretzels

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Warm, soft pretzels are one of the most delicious and satisfying comfort foods. With the pillowy dough and the salty or sweet flavor, this light yet filling treat can be had any time. If you have soft pretzels but they are a day or so old, there is a way to make them soft and warm again.

Reheating soft pretzels does require some care as the most essential thing is to ensure that there is enough moisture added to keep it from drying out. Before we get to reheating soft pretzels, let us first look into how best to store them.

How Long Do Soft Pretzels Last?

  • Pretzels go bad really fast and even if they don’t spoil, they start to taste and feel stale.
  • If you have fresh pretzels, they will remain good for 1 day when left outside.
  • After a day it is best to refrigerate them. Although they will be good for about a week, it is best to consume them in about 2-3 days. After that, they get dry and stale.
  • Frozen pretzels will last for about 1 month.

How Best To Store Soft Pretzels?

  • Soft pretzels can taste fresh and soft even after their best-by date if they are stored properly.
  • If you are planning to consume your soft pretzels within a day, you can store them in the pantry or cupboard. To retain the moisture and flavor you can either wrap the pretzels in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. This helps keep the air out, keeping the pretzel still soft and moist. You can then keep it in an airtight container.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • If just for a day, you can wrap your pretzel in a paper bag, but because it is not airtight, your pretzel will dry out.
  • For longer storage, refrigeration is another option.
  • Wrap your pretzel in saran wrap or aluminum foil, place in an airtight container or pouch, and store in the fridge.
  • The pretzel will be fine in the fridge for about a week, but the quality and texture would have gone down significantly. The pretzel dries out and becomes hard the longer it is left in the fridge. It will still be edible, but it will taste stale.
  • The best way to store a pretzel for a long time is to freeze it.
  • If you freeze a fresh pretzel that has just been made, it will taste just as fresh when ready to eat.
  • Allow your warm pretzel to cool down, then double wrap it with plastic wrap and aluminum foil. This helps prevent freezer burn, which will make your soft pretzel unappetizing.
  • Place your double-wrapped pretzel in a freezer bag or container. Your pretzel will be good for a month and taste soft and delicious when reheated.

Best Way to Reheat Soft Pretzels

There are two ways to reheat soft pretzels, in the oven or in the microwave. While both are pretty simple and straightforward, there are a couple of benefits and disadvantages to both.

How To Reheat Soft Pretzels In The Oven:

  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.
  2. Sprinkle some water on the pretzel. The pretzel should be moist but not soaking wet.
  3. Cover the pretzel with aluminum foil and place in the oven or baking tray.
  4. Let it heat in the oven for 5 minutes.
  5. Check to see if it is warm enough. If not, leave it in the oven for a minute or two more.
  6. If you want a crisper pretzel, don’t cover it in foil, place it directly in the oven.
  7. You will have a warm pretzel with a slightly harder exterior.
  • The important thing to realize when reheating soft pretzels in the oven is to ensure that it stays adequately moist.
  • Your pretzel should not be wet as it will be soggy instead of moist and soft.
  • The water and aluminum foil helps retain the moisture, keeping the pretzel soft.
  • The biggest advantage of reheating soft pretzels in the oven is that it heats evenly and ensures a soft and pillowy pretzel.
  • The drawback of this method is that it is time-consuming.

How To Reheat Soft Pretzels In The Microwave:

  1. Blitzing your pretzel in the microwave is pretty straightforward, but if you really want the pretzel to taste fresh and soft, then a few more steps can ensure that.
  2. Place the pretzel on a microwave-safe plate.
  3. Splash a little bit of water on the pretzel and cover with a paper towel.
  4. Warm the pretzel for 30 seconds, checking halfway.
  5. If the pretzel has already warmed and softened in15 seconds do not continue heating. This will only make it harder and drier.
  6. You can of course reheat your pretzel without water and without covering it with a paper towel, but it won’t result in a soft pretzel. It will instead be a little dry and hard.
  • The microwave method is clearly easier and quicker and requires no extra prep or time.
  • The biggest disadvantage is of course that the pretzel does not come out as soft and evenly warmed as in the oven method.
  • Remember to moisten the pretzel just enough to retain moisture without making it soggy and chewy.

How To Freeze and Reheat Soft Pretzels

Freezing them is the best way to store soft pretzels and there are a couple of ways to do that.

  • For whole pretzels, wrap them in plastic wrap, then again in aluminum foil before storing them in a freezer-safe container in the freezer.
  • For soft pretzel bites, first, place the pretzel pieces in a tray lined with parchment paper. Then keep the pretzels in the freezer. Once frozen take them out of the freezer, wrap them, and store them in a freezer-safe bag. It is recommended to remove as much air as possible from the bag before storing the pretzel bites in it.
  • The reason you freeze the pretzel bites separately first is so that they don’t stick to one another. This way they are easier to reheat.
  • It is recommended to always double wrap soft pretzels before freezing them so that they don’t get freezer burns.
  • Also, try and freeze pretzels when they are still fresh, this ensures the pretzels taste as fresh as when you first made or bought them. Freezing them early helps retain their moisture and softness.
  • The best thing about frozen pretzels is that they don’t need to thaw first to be reheated.
  • Just pop the frozen pretzels in the oven or microwave and they are good to go.

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