Best Finnish Cookbooks

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Indulge in the enchanting world of Finnish cuisine with our meticulously curated selection of the best Finnish cookbooks in circulation. These culinary treasures offer a tantalizing exploration of Finland’s rich gastronomic heritage, showcasing a delightful array of recipes that capture the country’s unique flavors, diverse textures, and exceptional culinary traditions. From hearty reindeer dishes with their rich and gamey flavors to delicate salmon gravlax with its silky texture and aromatic spices, these cookbooks invite you to savor the essence of Finnish cuisine. Discover the comforting warmth of traditional Karelian pies, the earthy and foraged flavors of wild mushroom soups, and the exquisite simplicity of lingonberry desserts. With these exceptional cookbooks as your guide, you’ll soon be mastering Suomi cuisine whether you’re a newcomer or a native Finn. 

Key Takeaways

The Top 12 Best Finnish Cookbooks

Embark on a culinary adventure through the land of saunas, reindeer, and midnight sun with our handpicked selection of the top 12 best Finnish cookbooks.

The Finnish Cookbook: Finland’s Best-Selling Cookbook Adapted For American Kitchens Includes Recipes For Sour Rye Bread, Bishop’s Pepper Cookies, And Finnish Smorgasbord (The Crown Cookbook Series) By Beatrice Ojakangas

  • Total Pages: 256
  • Total Recipes: 200+
  • Recipes Preview: Salmon Pie, Cabbage Rolls, Lingonberry Tarts
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Finnish Meatballs With Cream Sauce
  • Affordability: Moderate

Beatrice Ojakangas’ The Finnish Cookbook is one of the most famous Finnish cookbooks in circulation and for good reason. Within the pages, readers will find detailed coverage of every classic recipe and traditional Finnish cooking technique they could ever hope for. The best part is how all of this coverage has been perfectly adapted for the American kitchen and pantry. Say goodbye to hunting down exotic ingredients and welcome one of the most accessible guides to Finnish cuisine you’ll ever find. 

The Finnish Cookbook is the ultimate reference book to have on hand. Bread, coffee table snacks, pasties and pastries, soup and stews, fish, meat dishes, vegetables and salads, desserts, dairy foods, beverages, sauces, sandwiches, and foods suited to special menus and celebratory occasions are each given their own chapter. The dedicated coverage of each section is fantastic, thereby ensuring a variety of recipes that few other Finnish cookbooks can compare to. 

About The Author: Beatrice Ojakangas is a renowned and award-winning cookbook author specializing in Scandinavian cuisine and baking. With over 30 cookbooks to her name, she has captivated readers with her authentic recipes and adaptations for American kitchens. Born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, Beatrice’s passion for cooking developed at a young age, nurtured by her Finnish heritage and avid home cooks in her family. Her extensive travels and experiences around the world, especially in Scandinavia, have inspired her to share her culinary expertise through writing.

The Nordic Kitchen: One Year Of Family Cooking By Claus Meyer

  • Total Pages: 256
  • Total Recipes: 100+
  • Recipes Preview: Beetroot Tart With Horseradish Cream, Roast Chicken With Herbs And Caramelized Onions, Potato Salad With Apples And Walnuts
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Rhubarb Compote With Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Affordability: High

The Nordic Kitchen is one of the best Nordic cookbooks featuring Finnish food around for experienced chefs (although not an exclusively Suomi cookbook), showcasing the culinary expertise and creativity of the New Nordic Cuisine Movement. The New Nordic Cuisine Movement is a culinary philosophy that emphasizes local, seasonal ingredients, traditional Nordic cooking techniques, and creative innovation to create a unique and sustainable gastronomic experience. Each recipe in the book is a testament to the mastery of Nordic food, featuring intricate techniques and flavors that are not for the faint of heart. However, the meticulously laid out instructions guide you through the process, ensuring that your efforts are rewarded with the most amazing Nordic dishes on your plate. While some recipes may require hunting down exotic ingredients, the authenticity of traditional flavors and techniques is truly fantastic.

The book stays focused on the essence of Nordic cuisine, providing a brief introduction to its culinary heritage before diving into the concise and well-crafted recipes. The chapters are thoughtfully organized by seasons, from Spring to Winter, allowing you to explore the ingredients and flavors that define each time of the year. With a handy index for easy reference, cooking from The Nordic Kitchen becomes a pleasure, particularly for cooks with an intermediate degree of experience in the kitchen. For those familiar with the renowned restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, co-founded by the author, this book is an essential addition to your collection. It captures the essence of the New Nordic Cuisine Movement and reflects the same dedication to quality and innovation. 

About The Author: Claus Meyer is a Danish entrepreneur, cook, TV host, blogger, and acclaimed cookbook author, widely recognized as the founder of the New Nordic Cuisine movement. With over 20 cookbooks to his name, Meyer’s culinary expertise and passion for Nordic cuisine have captivated audiences worldwide. He has hosted popular TV shows like New Scandinavian Cooking, reaching viewers in over 130 countries. Meyer has received prestigious awards, including the Order of the Dannebrog and the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Lifetime Achievement Award. Based in Copenhagen, he continues to inspire and delight gastronomy enthusiasts.

The Taste of Finland – Scandinavian Baking and Cooking: Delicious traditional dishes from Scandinavia according to original and modern recipes by Vera Pettersson and The German Kitchen

  • Total Pages: 81
  • Total Recipes: 58
  • Recipes Preview: Sima (Finnish May Drink), Finnish Cake, Nokkokskeitto (Finnish Nettle Soup)
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Finnish Raspberry Foam
  • Affordability: Moderate

The Taste of Finland – Scandinavian Baking and Cooking: Delicious traditional dishes from Scandinavia according to original and modern recipes is a cookbook that offers a collection of easy-to-follow recipes for the most popular and tastiest dishes of the Scandinavian kitchen, with a focus on Finnish cuisine. The recipes are simple and straightforward, accompanied by clear instructions and ingredient lists. This concise cookbook also provides helpful tips and tricks, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced cooks. 

Prospective readers should know that the short length also translates into a book without any form of chaptering. Only a recipe list is provided, but every last Finnish classic is there with no-fail guidance. While fairly even coverage is given to food suitable to each individual mealtime, it is the bread recipes that will draw many in. Traditional, authentic, and straightforward to make when following the recipes in The Taste of Finland, it alone is a good reason to consider this good cookbook. 

About The Author: Vera Pettersson and The German Kitchen are a dynamic duo of cookbook authors and chefs with a passion for Scandinavian cuisine. Vera, a Finnish native, brings her expertise and love for cooking honed through culinary arts studies and professional experience as a chef. The German Kitchen, a collective of talented chefs with diverse cultural backgrounds, contributes their culinary knowledge and exploration of various cuisines. Together, they have written several acclaimed cookbooks.+

The Ultimate Finnish Cookbook: Cooking A Finland-Inspired Meal Now By Teri M. Dean

  • Total Pages: 109
  • Total Recipes: 101
  • Recipes Preview: Finnish Pulla, Finnish Kropser, Limpa Sugar Bread
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Karelian Pies
  • Affordability: Very High

With concise, straight-to-the-point recipes and simple steps that cooks of all skill levels can follow, The Ultimate Finnish Cookbook is a fantastic recipe reference to have on hand. It has a full selection of classic Finnish recipes that are sure to conjure up fond memories for any Finn. With flavor equal to that which you’ll find in the best of kitchens and a recipe for every mealtime you could hope for, the overall value is fantastic. Not all recipes are traditional, antiquated favorites, but all feature Finnish flair and ingredient combinations that’ll satisfy the demands of even the most discerning foodies. 

Readers should expect to receive a cookbook that comes with no elaborate history lessons, lengthy introductions, or anecdotes granting context to each dish but rather a bare-bones collection of recipes that puts everything plainly. There are no cooking tips other than those that one can derive from the methodology and flavor profiles used, and the intro to Finnish cuisine is brief. Yet, as a recipe book alone, The Ultimate Finnish Cookbook may just become your new favorite. 

About The Author:  Teri M. Dean is a passionate food writer and cookbook author with a love for exploring diverse cuisines. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Teri has a deep appreciation for the richness of global cuisine and has since written several ethnic cookbooks. After studying journalism and working as a reporter, she pursued her dream of becoming a food writer. 

Fine Finnish Foods by Gerry Kangas

  • Total Pages: 162
  • Total Recipes: Unspecified
  • Recipes Preview: Finnish Creamed Carrots, Banana And Grape Punch, Country Cheese Omelet
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Dark Fruit Cake
  • Affordability: High

Fine Finnish Foods is a beautifully crafted cookbook filled with gorgeous pictures accompanying recipes for Finland’s tastiest and most beloved food. Every last recipe is a winner, and the presentation is truly a notch above most other Finnish cookbooks. Traditional cuisine commonplace to any Suomi household is presented with crystal clear instructions and ample context for fascinated foodies to understand the food they’re making. The cookbook also celebrates the diverse regional flavors of Finland, showcasing the culinary treasures from Lapland to the Åland Islands, offering a comprehensive exploration of Finnish cuisine. 

It’s the details that make this a truly special cookbook. Thoughtful additions like a traditional Finnish table prayer that pays homage to cultural custom, descriptions of how certain gourmet spreads were cooked and served at gala events, and cooking tips amalgamated throughout the instructions make this an immersive read that you’ll keep coming back to. The spiral-bound version is a wonderful coffee table book and is a true joy to page through. If you love Finland, Finnish cuisine, or have a fascination with the nation itself, Fine Finnish Foods is one cookbook that you can’t go wrong with. 

About The Author: Gerry Kangas, a Finnish American, is a passionate advocate for Finnish cuisine and culture. He is the author and editor of Fine Finnish Foods, a cookbook featuring a wide range of traditional and contemporary Finnish dishes. As the founder and president of Finns for Progress, a nonprofit organization promoting Finnish heritage and values, Kangas organizes events and initiatives aligned with Finnish principles. 

Finnish Touches: Recipes & Traditions by Penfield Books

  • Total Pages: 160
  • Total Recipes: Unspecified
  • Recipes Preview: Country Cheese Omelet (Maalaisjuustomunakas), Holiday Bread (Joululimppu), Finnish Fish Chowder (Kalakeitto)
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Sandwich Cake (Voileipäkakku)
  • Affordability: Moderate

Finnish Touches: Recipes & Traditions is a distinct cookbook from other publications covering Suomi cooking in the sense that it depicts the history, development, and culinary traditions of Finnish Americans. The cuisine common to Finns in America and Canada is detailed through first-hand accounts of the author, who grew up Finnish in Minnesota. Before delivering a delectable selection of elevated, perfected Finnish recipes, this cookbook cross memoir explains important dates in Finnish history, the state of Finland today, national nature symbols, holidays and celebrations, Sami (the indigenous people of the North), festivals, Finnish sites, sauce as a practice incorporated into daily life, accounts of the Axemen of Kaleva (or Kalevan Kirvesmiehet), notable and famous Finns, Finnish traditions found within literature, Finnish folk arts, folk music, singing and dancing, Finnish-American heritage, Finnish Canadians, prominent places, people and events and it supplies a list of genealogical resources. 

Next up is the special food of the Finns, which is chaptered into Finnish appetizers and beverages, soups, breads, pastries, salads, vegetable dishes, main courses, homemade cheese, and desserts, with a separate section supplying sample menus to serve as inspiration. Out of all the Finnish culinary discourses reviewed, Finnish Touches is easily the most comprehensive when it comes to covering Finland’s culinary landscape as a whole. Even if you’re not of Suomi heritage, it’s an engrossing read that comes highly recommended. 

About The Author: Penfield Books is a renowned publishing company that has been operating since 1979 in Iowa City, Iowa. Founded by Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret and her late husband, John Zug, the company initially started as Penfield Press. With a specialization in books of ethnic interest, particularly focusing on northern and eastern European descent, Penfield Books has become a prominent publisher in this genre. Among their notable titles is “Finnish Touches: Recipes & Traditions,” originally published in 1995 as “Fantastically Finnish” and later updated and expanded in 2002. This book features captivating essays by Joanne Asala and Inkeri Väänänen-Jensen, distinguished writers and cultural ambassadors for Finland.

The Ultimate Finnish Cooking Experience: Delicious Finnish Recipes for Everyone by Valeria Ray

  • Total Pages: 71
  • Total Recipes: 30
  • Recipes Preview: Pyttipanna, Pannu Kakku, Vispipuuro
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Sienisalaatti (Great Mushroom Salad)
  • Affordability: Low

Before considering picking up The Ultimate Finnish Cooking Experience, prospective readers should know that this is a very concise cookbook listing recipes containing an ingredient list and streamlined instructions alone. There’s no delving into Finnish culture nor explaining the reasoning behind flavor combinations and the techniques used. With this being said, it is a wonderfully brief reference book for anyone who wants to expand their familiarity with the fantastic food of the Finns. As is, without any improvement or elevation, every recipe is a winner, and all Finnish classics are covered. 

The Ultimate Finnish Cooking Experience is chaptered into a brief introduction followed by thirty recipes. These span all meal times and include snacks. It’s the ideal book for those looking for a starting point in Finnish cuisine but not necessarily the most expansive work on the subject. Nonetheless, the quality of each dish is top-notch, and the instructions are hard to fault for clarity. Give it a look if you value no-frills recipe books that you can rely on for exemplary results. 

About The Author: Valeria Ray is a talented and versatile cookbook author, blogger, culinary enthusiast, and educator who shares her passion for diverse cuisines and cultures through her engaging writing. With a background in culinary arts and a love for travel, Valeria explores the flavors and traditions of various countries, including Finland, Armenia, Syria, Persia, and South Africa, among others. 

The Best Finnish Recipes for a Quick and Easy Meal!: You’ll Love This Cookbook Authentic Finnish Dishes for All by Josephine Ellise

  • Total Pages: 134
  • Total Recipes: 60
  • Recipes Preview: Stuffed Peppers, Trout, And Spinach, Finnish Hot Meat Stew
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Cabbage And Tofu Mix
  • Affordability: Moderate

The Best Finnish Recipes for a Quick and Easy Meal! truly delivers on its namesake. The delicious recipes within are all quick and easy to prepare, with no-fail instructions and no extra frills. All of the recipes have a color photograph showing exactly what to aim for. While concise and free from detailed explanations, the brief instructions are clear and exact. The timings, in particular, are better than most recipes specify, clearly stating exactly how long the meal needs on a stove in minutes for each individual step. 

Thanks to the clear-cut nature of the recipes and the accessible ingredients, The Best Finnish Recipes for a Quick and Easy Meal! is easily one of the best modern Finnish cookbooks available. Its fresh approach to classic Suomi cuisine makes otherwise complex and intricate dishes approachable. Between Finnish soups, breakfasts, salads, desserts, and main dishes, a broad range of cuisine is offered, which guarantees something to suit everyone’s taste.

About The Author: Josephine Ellise is a culinary adventurer and cookbook author driven by her insatiable curiosity for diverse cuisines and cultures. During her explorations, she fell head over heels for Finnish cuisine. Inspired by her Finnish friends and her immersive experiences in the country, Josephine felt compelled to share her passion for Finnish food with the world. 

The Ultimate Finnish Cookbook: 111 Dishes From Finland To Cook Right Now (World Cuisines Book 41) Book 41 of 57: World Cuisines by Slavka Bodic

  • Total Pages: 191
  • Total Recipes: 111
  • Recipes Preview: Limpa Sugar Bread, Golden Beet Fritters, Kurkku Tilli Salad
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Finnish Flatbread (Rieska)
  • Affordability: High

The Ultimate Finnish Cookbook is filled with a variety of good Finnish dishes. Every last one cannot be faulted on authenticity, flavor, or quality of results, but the author refrains from intricate descriptions and detailed explanations of cooking techniques; whereas this will be welcomed by most, extreme beginners may need to resort to a quick search online every here and there. With this being said, there’s nothing overly complicated requested from cooks, and the superb degree of authenticity means that every meal comes out exactly as one would hope. As with all of the rest of this author’s series on world cuisines, the standard of publishing is very high. So is the recipe quality.

Finnish cuisine is presented clearly with nutritional facts per serving, preparation time, cooking time, and serving size stated. Recipe descriptions are brief, and the ingredient lists are accessible for most pantries. Furthermore, each classification of recipes delivers ample options with a particularly broad range of breakfasts, main dishes, and desserts offered. There are also a couple of recipes for Finnish beverages like lockers, sima, mulled wine, blueberry milk, and Christmas hot spiced punch waiting, which is a nice touch that many other cookbooks overlook. For a well-rounded read without any real faults, you can’t go wrong with The Ultimate Finnish Cookbook. 

About The Author: Slavka Bodic, a captivating cookbook author hailing from the Balkans, is a true connoisseur of world cuisines and an avid explorer of diverse cultures. Fascinated by the magic of Finnish cuisine, Slavka immersed herself in the rich culinary traditions of Finland, learning from her Finnish friends and embarking on enchanting journeys through the country. 

Squeaky Cheese: The Ultimate Guide to Making Finnish Leipajuusto by Susan Raisanen and Outi Alapirtti

  • Total Pages: 52
  • Total Recipes: 1
  • Recipes Preview: Finnish Leipäjuusto
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Finnish Leipäjuusto 
  • Affordability: Moderate

Squeaky Cheese: The Ultimate Guide to Making Finnish Leipajuusto is arguably the best book about making Finnish squeaky cheese in print. The dedicated much-needed coverage couldn’t be better. Whereas most guides and recipes leave much lacking, readers learn everything necessary to craft perfect Finnish squeaky cheese, also known as “leipäjuusto” or “juustoleipä,” which is a traditional Finnish cheese made from cow’s milk. It is a firm and slightly salty cheese that has a unique characteristic of squeaking against the teeth when bitten into, hence its name. From the curdling to baking, pressing the curds to expel just the right amount of whey to timing and temperature control, it’s all wonderfully explained. 

It would be better to describe Squeaky Cheese as a booklet rather than a book but don’t let its short length deter you. If you are fond of cheese, cheese-making, or Finland’s squeaky cheese, Squeaky Cheese: The Ultimate Guide to Making Finnish Leipajuusto is a must-buy. There’s nothing quite like it, and the dedicated coverage is as good as being instructed by a Finn first-hand. 

About The Author: Susan Raisanen, a third-generation Finnish American, cherishes her Finnish heritage and the tradition of making and enjoying squeaky cheese. As an educator, business owner, and advocate for data-driven software, she empowers entrepreneurs while sharing her passion for Finnish language, culture, and history. Outi Alapirtti, a Finnish journalist and translator residing in the United States, combines her culinary curiosity with a deep appreciation for Finnish food and customs. 

The Finnish Way: Finding Courage, Wellness, And Happiness Through The Power Of Sisu By Katja Pantzar

  • Total Pages: 272
  • Total Recipes: Unspecified 
  • Recipes Preview: Overnight Oats With Berries, Rye Crispbread With Avocado And Egg, Salmon Soup
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Blueberry Pie
  • Affordability: High

The Finnish Way: Finding Courage, Wellness, and Happiness Through the Power of Sisu by Katja Pantzar is a remarkable guidebook that delves into the Finnish concept of sisu, offering readers valuable insights into how this innate quality can positively impact various aspects of life. As a result, prospective readers should know that this is not a book covering food primarily but rather features Finnish cuisine as an augmentation to its core lifestyle and mindset principles. Sisu is a Finnish concept that encompasses resilience, courage, determination, and inner strength. It represents the ability to persevere in the face of adversity, to find the strength to overcome challenges, and to maintain a positive attitude even in difficult circumstances. 

Throughout the pages of this insightful work, Pantzar explores the multifaceted nature of sisu, delving into its historical roots and its practical applications in modern life. She sheds light on how sisu can be harnessed to overcome challenges, cultivate resilience, and embrace a more fulfilling and balanced existence. In terms of food, a chapter is devoted to the Nordic diet and another to getting a healthy start. While much briefer than a standard cookbook, breakfasts, foraging, serving, and preserving berries, rye bread, a range of rye-based meals, and basic nutrition with grocery shopping guidance and craving management are covered. It’s a short look at food placed within the context of Nordic wellness, making this book a keen consideration for anyone who values Finnish cuisine and holistic wellness. 

About The Author: Katja Pantzar is a Helsinki-based author, journalist, and speaker who writes and blogs about the Nordic lifestyle, culture, and well-being. She is the author of two bestselling books, The Finnish Way and Everyday Sisu, which have been translated into 23 languages and have inspired readers around the world to embrace the simple and nature-inspired habits of the Finns. She has also appeared in various media outlets, such as Vogue, The Guardian, BBC, and CNN, to share her insights and experiences on living in Finland.

Scandinavian Gatherings: From Afternoon Fika To Midsummer Feast: 70 Simple Recipes & Crafts For Everyday Celebrations By Melissa Bahen

  • Total Pages: 256
  • Total Recipes: 70
  • Recipes Preview: Swedish Cinnamon Rolls, Norwegian Waffles With Sour Cream And Jam, Finnish Salmon Chowder
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Danish Layer Cake
  • Affordability: Moderate

Scandinavian Gatherings is another fine publication that is not exclusively a cookbook but rather a discourse covering Scandinavian food and crafts, a region that Finland geographically makes a part of and also a place that shares many traditions and forms of culture. This artsy book delves into the manner in which Scandinavians celebrate throughout the year, exploring food and art through no less than 40 recipes and 30 craft projects. This is a book that embraces and celebrates hygge in every word, picture, and page. Hygge is a Danish word embodied throughout the Nordic regions that encompasses a feeling of coziness, comfort, and well-being. It represents the concept of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, embracing simple pleasures, and enjoying the present moment. 

Classified according to season and/or celebration after defining basic Nordic brunch, the crafts, and recipes are sorted into Woodland Tea Party, Midsummer Feast, Afternoon Fika, Summer Seafood Celebration, Heritage Dinner, Lucia Day, Christmas Cookie Exchange, Christmas Eve Supper and Birthday Treats. With Scandinavian Gatherings at your side, you and your loved ones will be capable of celebrating Nordic style in every possible way. From table decorations to traditional food of the highest caliber, this book over-delivers for those trying to create an authentic sense of home after leaving or being disconnected from Finland or any of the other Nordic regions and enthusiasts looking for a traditional experience. 

About The Author: Melissa Bahen is a cookbook author, blogger, and speaker who loves simple food and modern country life. She is the creator of the popular blog Lulu the Baker, where she shares her recipes, projects, and stories from her farmhouse in Oregon.

Top 8 Best Print-Only Finnish Cookbooks

Many of the world’s best Finnish cookbooks are available in print-only formats, not digital. Here are the very best collectible, coveted books available to order. 

Finnish Cookbook – 400 Old-country Recipes Including Delicious Baked Goods, Pasties, Vegetable Pancakes, Fish, Sausages, and the Sensational Coffee Table by Beatrice A. Ojakangas and Charlotte Adams

  • Total Pages: 250
  • Total Recipes: 400
  • Recipes Preview: Finnish Spinach Pancakes (Pinaattiletut), Groat Sausage (Ryynimakkara), Fish Soup (Kalakeitto)
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Finnish Pasties
  • Affordability: Low

Finnish Cookbook – 400 Old-country Recipes Including Delicious Baked Goods, Pasties, Vegetable Pancakes, Fish, Sausages, and the Sensational Coffee Table is a comprehensive and classic guide to the authentic and traditional cuisine of Finland. Its vast collection is divided into 15 chapters, each dedicated to a specific type of Finnish food seamlessly interwoven with sincere, vivid storytelling. No other Finnish cookbook can compare the wealth of options for every meal and occasion offered by this brilliant, weighty book. Whereas color photography is missing, there are a handful of illustrations depicting the more complex parts of the creative, elaborate Finnish food detailed. 

The Finnish Cookbook describes its selection of dishes as old-country recipes, but despite the classic, traditional nature of the cooking, every last meal is a showcase of perfection. Even though the diversity of the recipes on offer dwarfs any other Finnish cookbook, it’s the overall quality that makes this book one of the very best ever published. There’s absolutely nothing missing, and the guidance given is of the highest quality. Even the most complex meals will be approachable to beginners, and the insight into Finnish cuisine is invaluable. Give this book a look, and you’ll soon see why it’s been a firm favorite and collectible cookbook since its first edition released in 1964. 

About The Author: Born and bred in Finland, Beatrice A. Ojakangas has carved her name as a celebrated cookbook author and revered food writer. Her culinary prowess has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as Bon Appétit, Gourmet, Cooking Light, Family Circle, and Woman’s Day, while her television appearances on renowned shows like The Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show, and Baking with Julia have further solidified her culinary expertise. Her illustrious career has garnered her prestigious accolades, including the revered James Beard Foundation Award, International Association of Culinary Professionals Award, and induction into the esteemed James Beard Foundation Cookbook Hall of Fame.

The Nordic Cookbook By Magnus Nilsson

  • Total Pages: 768
  • Total Recipes: 700+
  • Recipes Preview: Swedish Meatballs, Norwegian Lefse, Danish Smørrebrød
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Icelandic Skyr
  • Affordability: Moderate

Magnus Nilsson’s The Nordic Cookbook is a massive tome of culinary insight and one of the most complete discourses on Nordic cuisine in print. This weighty invaluable cookbook covers the cuisines of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Every recipe an avid chef or foodie could hope for is featured and comes out fantastic thanks to being the product of the author’s extensive travels and research through the Nordic countries. They’re recipes written by the best of chefs, perfected and elevated in every way while remaining infallibly authentic. Both familiar classics and regional specialties are there and couldn’t come out better.  

This culinary opus goes beyond a mere compilation of recipes. The visual appeal of The Nordic Cookbook matches the vastness of its coverage, recipe quality, and cooking guidance. Hundreds of photographs taken by the author himself fill the pages, showcasing Nordic landscapes, people, and traditions, thus effectively creating a vivid portrait of its food and culture. This is most definitely not the cookbook for those looking for recipes and instructions alone, as it can be difficult to navigate. It should rather be seen as the chronicle of Nordic traditions, tastes, and the evolution of Nordic cuisine that it is. 

About The Author: Magnus Nilsson is an acclaimed Swedish chef renowned for his role as the head chef of Fäviken Magasinet, a celebrated restaurant in Jämtland, Sweden, known for its remote location and emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. Nilsson has made notable contributions to the culinary world through his appearances on prominent platforms, including the Emmy-Award-winning US PBS series, The Mind of a Chef, and the acclaimed Netflix docu-series, Chef’s Table, where he shares his culinary insights and showcases his creative process.

The Finnish Cookbook: Finland’s Best-Selling Cookbook Adapted For American Kitchens Includes Recipes For Sour Rye Bread, Bishop’s Pepper Cookies, And Finnish Smorgasbord (The Crown Cookbook Series) By Beatrice Ojakangas

  • Total Pages: 256
  • Total Recipes: 200+
  • Recipes Preview: Finnish Meatballs With Cream Sauce, Salmon Pie, Cabbage Rolls
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Rye Bread
  • Affordability: Low

If you’re looking for a traditional Finnish cookbook that contains recipes for all the classics, The Finnish Cookbook from The Crown Cookbook Series may be exactly what you’re looking for. This is a book that’s stood the test of time. Despite being in circulation since 1964, it manages to remain a current source of cookie-cutter recipes for all of Finland’s favorite foods. It’s a fantastic starting point for beginners and those unfamiliar with cooking Finnish cuisine. Helpful hints appear throughout exactly when you’d hope for them, and the ingredients called for are far from foreign, and the author’s passion for her cultural heritage shines through on every page.

The instructions are all clear and concise, and the quality of the recipes themselves is hard to fault. The only downside is how The Finnish Cookbook doesn’t have any pictures. However, it makes up for its lack of visuals with a massive collection of recipes. There’s nothing from Finland that you won’t find detailed in this book, with both hidden gems and highly popularized recipes featured. Even Finland’s history and its basic procession of culinary development and influences are briefly covered. This is the type of cookbook that you’ll keep coming back to for advice and insight into both Finnish food and the cooking procedures/methodology detailed. 

About The Author: Beatrice Ojakangas is a renowned cookbook author and culinary expert known for her expertise in Scandinavian and Finnish cuisine. Born in 1934 in Northern Minnesota, she has deep roots in Finnish heritage and has dedicated her career to sharing the flavors and traditions of her cultural background. 

With over 30 cookbooks to her name, Ojakangas has received numerous accolades and recognition for her contributions to the culinary world. She has been awarded the prestigious Julia Child Cookbook Award and has been inducted into the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame and will be recognized for her notable appearances in television programs such as “The Martha Stewart Show” and “Good Morning America.”  

The Best of Finnish Cooking by Taimi Previdi

  • Total Pages: 242
  • Total Recipes: 200+
  • Recipes Preview: Dried Pea Soup (Hernekeitto), Sailor’s Steak Casserole (Merimiespihvi), Roast Beef (Paahtopaisti)
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Finnish Hash (Pyttipannu)
  • Affordability: High

The Best Finnish Cooking is a book that’s filled with Finnish heritage dishes and a publication that’s quickly risen to become a classic. This comprehensive cookbook encompasses a wide range of recipes covering traditional Finnish dishes, regional specialties, and modern interpretations, all thoughtfully curated to showcase the best of Finnish cooking. Each chapter has a brief introduction that gives some background information on Finnish culture, history, and food habits. The recipes are organized alphabetically by their Finnish names, with their English translations and explanations. 

A brief overview of Finnish culture, common ingredients,and basic cooking tips precedes the recipes, giving a great degree of insight into upcoming meals and dining traditions. With crystal-clear instructions and ample tips and tricks concerning the optimal technique used in each recipe’s preparation, The Best of Finnish Cooking is a true gem. While a few tasteful photographs are placed, not every recipe has an image, but when one considers the degree of detail of the recipes and the superior recipe composition, this minor drawback barely detracts from its value. It is the ideal cookbook for those who are looking for a deeply traditional take on Finland’s cuisine. 

About The Author: Taimi Previdi, a Finnish-American cookbook author and devoted food enthusiast, carries the rich flavors of her Finnish heritage across continents. Having immigrated to the United States during her childhood, Previdi’s culinary roots were firmly planted in Finnish tradition, passed down through generations of family cooks.

The Nordic Baking Book By Magnus Nilsson

  • Total Pages: 576
  • Total Recipes: 450+
  • Recipes Preview: Cardamom Buns, Rye Crispbread, Danish Pastry
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Finnish Pulla Bread
  • Affordability: Low

No other book in circulation contains anywhere near as many recipes for Finnish baked goods as The Nordic Baking Book. It’s an equal counterpart to the same author’s gigantic cookbook with a focus that’ll exceed the expectations of the most devoted and learned bakers in the world. Recipes from Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are featured with author-taken photographs. From traditional breads and pastries to cakes, cookies, and desserts, the author leaves no stone unturned in his exploration of Nordic baking. Each recipe is meticulously detailed, providing precise instructions and accompanied by stunning photographs that capture the essence of each creation.

The history, techniques, and ingredients that define Nordic baking are all explored, with insightful stories and anecdotes about the cultural significance of various baked goods guiding the way. Readers will gain not only knowledge concerning how to cook no less than 450 different recipes but also a deep understanding of the region’s culinary heritage and the reasons forming the basis for cooking techniques and ingredient combinations. There’s no other baking cookbook quite like The Nordic Baking Book, which makes it a must-have for most serious foodies and book collectors. 

Food From Finland: A Finnish Cookbook by Anna-Maija Tanttu & Juha Tanttu

  • Total Pages: 96
  • Total Recipes: 60+
  • Recipes Preview: Mushroom Pie (Sienipiirakka), Blueberry Pie (Mustikkapiirakka), Cinnamon Rolls (Korvapuustit)
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Karelian Pasties (Karjalanpiirakat)
  • Affordability: Very Low

Food From Finland: A Finnish Cookbook is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn exactly how to cook Finland’s favorite food. It has a variety of recipes that cater to different tastes and preferences, which are all easy to make, with common ingredients and tools. Despite being with us since the ’80s, this barebones recipe book manages to remain fresh with its ideas and general approach. From the composition of the dishes to the ingredients required, everything is well suited to today’s kitchens and pantries. Every recipe presents vibrant, traditional flavors, but unfortunately, there are no images or illustrations to guide you. 

Also, it’s quite a short cookbook, but this doesn’t mean a shortage of information. Quite the contrary – this is a cookbook that devotes the whole of its focus to recipes alone and avoids lengthy introductions, anecdotes, and personal stories. Very brief context is provided, but the bulk of its pages are recipes with streamlined instructions and straightforward lists of ingredients. This also means that complete novices may find themselves wondering from time to time, but for anyone with even a little time in the kitchen, you’ll find yourself turning back to Food From Finland for guidance and inspiration time and time again.

About The Authors: Anna-Maija Tanttu and Juha Tanttu, a Finnish couple with deep roots in their homeland, bring their shared passion for Finnish food and culture to the forefront in their cookbook. Published by Kustannusosakeyhtiö Otava, a renowned Finnish publishing company known for its dedication to Finnish culture and literature, Food From Finland: A Finnish Cookbook stands as a testament to the Tanttus’ commitment to showcasing the rich culinary heritage of their homeland.

The Food & Cooking of Finland by Anja Hill

  • Total Pages: 128
  • Total Recipes: 60
  • Recipes Preview: Lohikeitto (Salmon Soup), Korvapuusti (Finnish Cinnamon Rolls), Lihapulla (Finnish Meatballs)
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Runebergintorttu (Runeberg Almond & Rum Torte)
  • Affordability: Low

The Food & Cooking of Finland is a beautiful representation of Finnish food and culture and its best. This is the perfect cookbook for those who value culturally faithful recipes that pay respect to historical culinary practices. Now, this is not to say that the recipes are difficult or unapproachable. All of the dishes featured will be pulled off to perfection by even the most inexperienced cooks when following the practical, step-by-step instructions. You will need to hunt down a few exotic ingredients like elk, reindeer, or wild mushrooms if you want to cook certain gourmet creations without substitutions, but even when opting for alternatives, they all come out great. 

Whether as a source of inspiration or cooking-cutter recipes that need no form of improvement, The Food & Cooking of Finland over-delivers. Its recipes are interesting enough to keep one reading from cover to cover, and within the massive variety, there’s something for every event and personal taste preference. There are superb finishing touches added throughout. From the accompanying images to the brief but in-depth recipe descriptions, it’s a rewarding and insightful read. With its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to preserving historical culinary practices, this fine book stands as a true tribute to Finnish gastronomy.

About The Author: Anja Hill, a Finnish-born journalist, and translator, has spent over two decades working in media across Finland and the United States. With a background in journalism and translation studies, she is fluent in Finnish, English, Swedish, and German. An avid cook and baker, Anja’s cookbook reflects her deep passion for Finnish food and culture, focusing on traditional dishes and customs.

Cooking of Finland: Old and New by Ms. Leila Takala and Mrs. Ritva Rauanheimo Butrum

  • Total Pages: 222
  • Total Recipes: Unspecified
  • Recipes Preview: Caramelized Onion Pie, Sweetened Rutabaga Casserole, Tosca Cake
  • The Best Recipe We Wanted To Try: Whipped Lingonberry Pudding
  • Affordability: Low

With a wonderful spread of both Finnish and Scandinavian dishes presented, Cooking of Finland: Old and New paints a vivid portrait of Suomi cuisine. The full range of influences upon Finnish food is detailed, granting readers a clear understanding of how Russia, Germany, and France’s food and food culture have affected its evolution. Those familiar with traditional Finnish recipes will love the way that old classics have been modernized without breaking authenticity. The fresh presentation of tried-and-tested fusions of flavor enlivens the rich food of Finland, adapting it in such a way that it’s more likely to be enjoyed by those new to the country’s food while at the same time elevating the exact core characteristics that established each as a cornerstone of Finnish cuisine. 

Snippets of history granting context into preparation methods and invaluable tips dot the pages in featured sections before and between recipes. It’s astounding just how much information the author manages to fit into each concise recipe. Cooking of Finland; Old and New shows the reader how to prepare seemingly complex dishes in a super-simple manner without compromising on anything. The recipes are short but accurate and complete, which is exactly what one wants when exploring unfamiliar or intricate cuisine. With its impeccable blend of traditional Finnish flavors and contemporary Eastern European techniques, this cookbook embodies the perfect harmony, making it a must-see for any food lover.

About The Authors: Leila Takala and Ritva Rauanheimo Butrum, Finnish Americans and members of the Finnish American Society of the Midwest, have combined their passion for Finnish food and culture in this cookbook. Drawing from their family traditions and extensive research, they have curated a collection of authentic Finnish recipes. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Finnish Cookbooks

Have you been left wondering anything about Finnish cookbooks or Suomi cuisine? We may have the answers you need waiting here. 

What Is Finland’s Signature Dish?

When it comes to Finland’s culinary repertoire, one dish stands out as a symbol of national pride and gastronomic delight: the iconic Karelian pasty. This traditional delicacy features a thin, rye-based crust filled with a creamy rice porridge, creating a delightful balance of textures and flavors. Served with a generous spread of butter and topped with a sprinkle of hard-boiled egg, this savory treat encapsulates the essence of Finnish cuisine, showcasing the country’s emphasis on simple yet satisfying comfort food. Whether enjoyed as a snack, appetizer, or part of a traditional meal, the Karelian pasty is a testament to Finland’s rich culinary heritage and the love for hearty, wholesome fare.

What Is The Most Traditional Food In Finland?

Traditional Finnish cuisine boasts a diverse range of iconic dishes that have stood the test of time. From the beloved Karjalanpiirakka, a rye pastry filled with creamy rice porridge, to savory delights like Kalakukko, a fish-filled pastry, and Sautéed Reindeer with lingonberry sauce, Finland offers a tapestry of flavors. Comforting classics include Lohikeitto, a salmon soup, and the mouthwatering Mustikkapiirakka blueberry pie. Indulge in Korvapuusti cinnamon rolls, savor the rich flavors of Poronkäristys reindeer meat, and enjoy the creamy delight of Riisipuuro rice pudding. Quench your thirst with Sima mead and relish the heartiness of Karjalanpaisti meat stew. Finnish cuisine celebrates the country’s culinary heritage and captivates with its unique flavors and traditional delights. As a good starting point, we suggest you try our recipe for ultra-simple, super-healthy Finnish spinach pancakes. You won’t be disappointed. 

What Is Squeaky Cheese? 

Finnish squeaky cheese, known as “leipäjuusto” or “juustoleipä,” is a traditional cheese made from cow’s milk that’s often enjoyed during celebrations and family gatherings in Finland. The cheese-making process starts by heating fresh cow’s milk until it curdles, after which it is cut into small, square-shaped pieces. These curds are then baked or grilled, resulting in a golden-brown crust on the outside while maintaining a soft and squeaky interior. In Finland, the finished squeaky cheese is often served as a snack or a part of a meal. It is enjoyed in various ways, highlighting its unique texture and flavor. One popular serving method is to pair the cheese with lingonberry jam, which complements the mild sweetness of the cheese with a tart and tangy note. Some also enjoy it drizzled with maple syrup for a delightful sweet-savory combination. Finnish squeaky cheese is versatile and can be incorporated into dishes, such as salads or sandwiches, adding a unique textural element.

What Is The Meaning Of Suomi?

The word “Suomi” holds great significance in the Finnish language and culture. It is the Finnish name for Finland and is deeply rooted in the country’s history and identity. Etymologically, the origin of the word “Suomi” is uncertain, but it is believed to have ancient roots related to the Finnish people and their land. Some theories suggest that it could derive from the word “suomaa,” which means “swampland,” highlighting the abundance of lakes and marshes in the Finnish landscape. In the context of Finnish cuisine, the term “Suomi” represents more than just a geographical location. It encapsulates the rich culinary heritage and traditions of the Finnish people. Finnish cuisine is deeply connected to the country’s natural surroundings, with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients, foraged foods, and preserving techniques. It reflects the simplicity and purity of Finnish culture, where the flavors and textures of locally sourced ingredients take center stage.

What Is The Cooking Of Finland Old And New?

Cooking of Finland: Old and New is a captivating exploration of Finnish cuisine, blending traditional recipes with contemporary twists. Authors Leila Takala and Ritva Rauanheimo Butrum, both Finnish Americans and experts in Finnish food and culture, have meticulously curated an array of authentic dishes that showcase the diverse influences on Finnish cuisine. From Russia, Germany, and France to the rich traditions of Scandinavia, the cookbook beautifully captures the evolution of Finnish cooking. The recipes strike a perfect balance between honoring the timeless classics and incorporating innovative flavors and techniques. With its insightful snippets of history, invaluable tips, and concise yet comprehensive recipes, this cookbook is a delightful guide for anyone seeking to discover the wonders of Finnish cuisine.

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