The Best Rice Dispensers Money Can Buy

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The perfect rice dispenser will be an airtight container for rice, keeping grains and other foods perfectly fresh for up to two and a half months or more. Ideally, you want a rice dispenser that’s large enough to hold as much rice as you’re likely to consume within three months or less so that you’re always topping up with fresh rice. Our review of the ten best rice dispensers covers a spread of all capacities and price ranges so that everyone has an airtight container for rice that dispenses measured quantities easily and evenly.

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Best Rice Dispenser In General

Cookmax HNDtek Stainless Steel Rice Dispenser

Capacity: 30 Pounds

There’s no rice holder more stylish than the large capacity HNDtek Stainless Steel Rice Dispenser. CookMax’s excellent dispenser is capable of dispensing any form of fine food from rice to cereal, pet food to beans. At 30 pounds, it holds a whopping 120 cups. You won’t find a stainless steel rice dispenser with a smaller capacity, and whether it’s filled or not, the unit offers a reasonable size for most households.

Unlike most food dispensers which are limited to putting out a fixed cup at a time, this gorgeous precision-dispensing product dispenses 100 grams, 150 grams, or 250 grams. This equates to around 3.5 ounces, 5.3 ounces, and 8.81 ounces. The imperial measure may deter certain chefs but the varying quantity options at just over a cup max that dispense at the touch of a button is a handy feature. If you need the best stainless steel rice dispenser around that looks fantastic as well, look no further than the HNDtek from CookMax.

Letusto Rice Dispenser

Capacity: 26 Pounds

The Letusto Rice Dispenser is an excellent high-quality offering with a massive 104 cup capacity. A number of nifty features lift this container/dispenser to the top. Like any good unit, the design prioritizes feeding old rice. You can set the exact quantity of rice that you want using a visible scale and the exact amount dispensed at the touch of a button. This rice dispenser is simply so good. Letusto has used the toughest plastic, and it’s heavy enough to never topple over accidentally. From the spout sealing mechanism guaranteeing zero spills to the clear-to-read rice level gauge, this is a product that will amaze you with its quality and functionality.

The Letusutso dispenser detaches into components for easy cleaning. There’s also a bucket extension that clips onto the top extending the capacity by a further 26 pounds. Overall, the Letusto Rice Dispenser is a stylish unit with a design that closely matches the popular Zojirushi range of rice cookers. While there isn’t an official Zojirushi rice dispenser available, Letusto’s attractive appliance is a good match both aesthetically and in terms of performance – clearly the best choice when you don’t want a stainless steel rice dispenser.

Samick Sleek Rice Dispenser

Capacity: 22 Pounds

The Samick Sleek Rice Dispenser is one of the most compact, easily integrated rice dispensers reviews. Its profile measuring just 4 inches in width, fits in just about everywhere and immediately stands out as a strikingly attractive option for any kitchen. As a lever-operated dispenser, every pull dispenses a single cup from the 88 cup capacity. There’s a removable cup measure provided with the unit, and reading the rice level is crystal clear no matter how full or empty it may be.

One cannot fault the Samick Sleek Rice Dispenser on its features and design. Even the wheels are sturdy and likely to last while working well to make the dispenser mobile. The one and only drawback, which is, unfortunately, a major one, is that Samick’s product isn’t airtight. Keep in mind, dry rice lasts for up to two years even with exposure to air, but it’s a big purchase factor nonetheless. There’s no chance of pests getting in, and you’re easily getting one of the best-looking reliable rice dispensers around just at the price you’d expect to pay for style.

Panghuhu88 Rice Dispenser

Capacity: 33 Pounds

The Panghuhu88 Rice dispenser is affordably available in three different sizes. We find the 33-pound version, or 132 cups, to grant the best value and functionality, but there’s also a 13 pound and 22-pound container-dispenser available. The entire smart design is airtight with a locked cover and a removable drawer holding up to seven cups of rice. Total moisture protection guarantees that any dry food stored remains fresh for as long as possible. This also means that it’s one of the only rice dispensers that work effectively with fast perishing goods like breakfast cereals, dried fruits, and nuts. Polypropylene, largely considered to be one of the safest plastics in the industry, grants complete peace of mind that your goods aren’t being contaminated by anything harmful.

As one would hope, old rice is filtered first through the funnel, and the whole dispenered never suffers from getting stuck while feeding through each quantity. A single turn dispenses a little over one cup of rice. The spout locks to create an airtight seal while remaining versatile enough to allow all types of food through, including pet food, with ease. Panghuhu have done a fantastic job of putting together a functional design that’s as easy to take apart and clean as it is to dispense rice.

Aroma Rice Dispenser

Capacity: 22 Pounds

The Aroma Housewares ARD-125 Rice Dispenser is a reliable multi-function food dispenser from one of the best-known names in food appliances. Each button press pours out an exact measure of between one cup and three cups, avoiding overflow far better than most competing rice dispensers. Consistency is largely the reason for the Aroma rice dispensers’ widespread popularity, but one immediately starts falling in love with the clean design as well. While initially slightly obscure, the minimalistic square shape grows on you while carrying a generous 88 cups of rice and any other food type preferred.

This highly popular unit showcases some of the best dispensing seen out of any food dispenser. The shape is both attractive and functional, snapping into a modern kitchen much easier than an irregular-shaped large rice storage container. From the aluminum construction, which is a vast improvement over most flimsy plastic to the perfect variable portions, totally airtight design, and smooth-flowing spout, the Aroma Air dispenser is amazing.

Best Rice Dispenser For 50 Pounds or Greater

When it comes to humungous storage capacity, options are limited. Fortunately, there are two reliable, remarkable products granting great value for money in the rice dispenser 50 lbs + category.

CoolMax CRB-555 Stainless Steel Rice Dispenser

It’s stainless steel, made by one of the best names in the business, and holds a whopping 200 cups – the CookMax CRB-55 Stainless Steel Rice Dispenser is the best ranking 50 Lbs rice dispenser based on durability and aesthetics. You can’t fault stainless steel, and CookMax has a fine reputation of making home appliances that last. Just like their smaller capacity model, three quantities are dispensed, namely 100 grams, 150 grams, and 250 grams. This equates to dispensing 3.5 ounces, 5.3 ounces, and 8.81 ounces or a little over a cup at a maximum.

Precision from the CookMax CRB 555 Stainless Steel Rice Dispenser is great. You always get the same amount. The spout is versatile enough to handle fine grains or irregularly shaped, large pet food while always flowing smoothly. Everything about this 50 lbs rice dispenser screams quality. It’s stainless steel inside and out, the unit is heavy enough to make dispensing easy, and the removable draw looks great and works even better.

TAYAMA PG-25R Rice Dispenser 50 Lbs

Capacity: 55 Pounds

It may not be made from stainless steel, but the Yayama PG-25R makes up for it as being the largest reviewed rice dispenser 50 lbs +. It holds a massive 212 cups of rice, even more than CookMax by 5 pounds. Yayama’s rice drawer holds up to five cups at a time. To dispense rice or other food, all of which flows equally well, simply pull out a tray. A half-pull dispenses half a cup at a time, and a full pull a whole cup measure.

Just the price and reliability of the dispensing feature alone should draw most shoppers’ attention. It’s half the cost of most rice dispensers that are half the capacity. Don’t let the affordability scare you away. The whole unit weighs a little over 7 pounds which is far heavier than any plastic rice holder. The use of a rice drawer and sliding mechanism for the dispensing feature means that this is a product that will continue working well for a long time to come. There’s very little wear and tear affecting the output.

Notable Mention

There are very few kitchen storage discussions that can pass without Tupperware receiving a notable mention. The Tupperware Rice Dispenser is a high-priced, long-lasting container-dispenser that is sure to be the next must-have for anyone who values the US manufacturer’s long-lasting lineage of quality persisting for over 75 years.

Tupperware Rice Dispenser

Capacity: 22 Pounds

There are foodies who swear by Tupperware, and we can’t fault their food-preservation logic. It’s a little higher than one would expect at 9.84-inches tall, but the Tupperware Smart Rice Dispenser holds 88 cups. See-through high-quality BPA-free plastic ensures that you always know the price level. Every part of the design is built to last a lifetime if well taken care of. It’s supremely easy to use with a dispenser that works smoother than any other plastic product commonly found. Even excess grains take seconds to return to the unit.

Each Tupperware rice dispenser is totally airtight, and the company’s seal is one of the finest in the industry. Despite being lightweight at just over a pound, the rice holder’s stocky design ensures it stays steady during operation. After all, modular storage doesn’t get better than Tupperware. The only potential drawbacks to this otherwise terrific rice dispenser are the price and its lack of precision. There’s no way you’re getting exactly a cup out of that free-flowing, fast-pouring spout. This also means it’s versatile enough for all food types but a definite factor to keep in mind.

Which Is The Best Rice Dispenser?

If you’re shopping on a tight budget, then the unlisted Conworld Rice Dispenser at just over $20 offers arguably the best value and good general quality. Households using many different types of grains may want the WAQIA 6-Grid Rice Dispenser, although several users have questioned its dispensing performance. This is also the reason it hasn’t fallen on our top list and is a common fault with grid dispensers in general. Ultimately, picking any rice dispenser from our selection guarantees that you’ve got a product that could last you near-lifetime if well taken care of.

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