Best Truffle Oils

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Whether imagining truffle oil cascading over creamy risotto, drizzled decadently over piping hot popcorn, or adorning and enlivening just about anything from salad to pizza, it’s almost impossible to stop oneself from insatiably craving the indulgent luxury ingredient. It’s the addictive finishing oil of choice for oh-so-many people and there’s a ton of different brands to pick from. White truffle oil adds an earthy and garlicky touch, which black truffle oil accentuates with umami and musky notes while adding a fruity and robust essence of its own when you select a quality brand, of course. Fortunately, we’ve evaluated all the contenders and have only the best truffle oils to present. From luxury high-end oils to budget infusions, there are options for all. 

Key Takeaways

  • The very best truffle oils money can buy do not include any artificial ingredients. High-quality truffle oils infuse the essence of truffles by extracting them at the same time that the olives are processed into oil using a traditional process known as “agrumato.” For pure infusions, avoid oils that state truffle aroma or truffle flavor (without it being natural) on the ingredient list. 
  • If you prefer supremely intense aromatics and don’t mind obscuring the natural flavor of truffles slightly in process, or can only afford low-cost budget friendly oil and thus are pushed towards synthetics, opt for truffle oil with both real truffle flavor and artificial aroma enhancement. Some brands strike an exciting balance.

How To Choose & Use High-Quality Truffle Oil

The trick to truffle oil, whether free from artificial ingredients or not, is to keep the temperature extremely low. Real truffles contain over 200 flavor and aroma compounds, whereas infusions that cite “truffle aroma,” “truffle flavor,” and similar ambiguous ingredients fortify their blend with a compound called 2.4-dithiapentane. This is but one organosulfur aromatic compound commonly found in truffles. Yet, this doesn’t mean that it’s extracted from real mushrooms and then added to oil. 

2.4-dithiapentane can be synthesized in a lab without any truffles with the help of certain species of rotting wood, particularly those of the Lecythis genus from Central and South America that fruits paradise nuts. Strangely enough, this pungent aromatic is also found in bad breath, stinky feet, underarm odor, burps, and flatulence. It’s not really something that one wants isolated from truffles and unblended by Mother Nature herself, but the molecule is intense, and it does indeed duplicate the smell of truffles in some way. The true flavor of truffles is difficult to capture without the full evanescence of its total volatile organic component spectrum, which is responsible for its taste and smell.  

These compounds and other similar aromatics and flavonoids occurring in truffles and truffle oil (natural or synthetic) are, by nature, extremely sensitive to heat. A degree or two too high destroys the smell or taste of truffles, whether white or black. This is why we strongly advise using truffle oil for finishing only and never for cooking. Even then, allow piping hot food to cool for 30 seconds to a minute before applying a drizzle. What could be considered pure truffle oil is more sensitive to heat than its blended counterpart, the aroma is less pungent, and the flavor is smoother and more well balanced.

The 11 Best Truffle Oils (Pure Infused Truffle Oils – No Synthetic Ingredients)

The best truffle oils are composed of all-natural ingredients, which means the finest quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and either Tuber Magnatum Pico, Italian white truffles, also known as Alba truffles due to their city of origin, or Tuber melanosporum, the black winter truffle also known as the Perigord truffle most commonly harvested in Europe. Pick from any of the following top truffle oils, and you’re assured pure aroma and flavor coming from nothing other than oil and truffles alone. 

Urbani Truffles Unico White Truffle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

VarietiesUrbani Truffles, Unico White Truffle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Volume3.4 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsItalian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, White Truffle Extract, Natural Flavor, White Truffles (Tuba magnatum Pico) 0.1%
IntensityHigh-Intensity Flavor & Aroma
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Traditional Agrumato Processed Truffle Oil
  • Large Truffle Pieces Within

Founded by Constantine Urbani in 1852, Urbani Truffles initially made its mark by shipping fresh truffles to France. Now, it proudly holds the title of the world’s largest distributor of fresh truffles. All truffles used are certified as authentic by Università di Camerino in Camerino, Italy. Urbani Truffles Unico White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Urbani Truffles Unico Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil are made from USDA-certified organic ingredients. Both are among the highest quality olive oil you’ll find anywhere, a quality that’s apparent from the moment one sets eyes on the deep golden hue and slivers of truffles floating within. The flavor profile of each is exactly what one would hope for from an all-natural product. Urbani’s black truffle oil is sharp and strong, whereas the white is mild and smooth. The taste of truffles is clear in both, instead of being masked or stifled by the olive oil like some brands. 

Pure extracts extracted using natural methods are used to fortify Urbani Truffle oils. Connoisseurs will immediately smell the difference in the odor, and one sampling it, its quality is apparent to all through in the balance and smoothness regardless of whether white or black truffle oil is chosen. Few other oils can compare to the superlative complexity of its flavor. It’s no wonder that esteemed chefs like Jacques Pepin have been known to opt for this brand. For many, it’s the best of the best, and at over 200 natural polyphenols with craveable flavor, we’d largely agree. Urbani comes at a cost, but there are few oils quite like it. Even the luxurious, study-rounded box is someone many of us will want to hold onto. 

Calivirgin White Truffle Olive Oil

VarietiesCalivirgin White Truffle Olive Oil
OriginTruffles – Le Marche, Italy | Olive Oil –  Lodi, California
Volume3.4 Fluid Ounce, 8.4 Fluid Ounce
IngredientsExtra Virgin Olive Oil, White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum)
IntensityHigh-Intensity Truffle Aroma & Flavor With Sharp Olivey Spiciness
  • Traditional Agrumato Processing
  • Certified USDA Organic 
  • Extremely Complex Aroma & Flavor

Calivirgin White Truffle Olive Oil is a proudly American product grown and produced in Lodi, California, for over 80 years. The minute that one cracks the bottle, the characteristic aroma of Italian white truffles begins wafting into the air. Not only does Calivirgin use real truffles sourced from Le Marche, Italy, but grown locally in their blend, but the olives used are milled into oil within hours of harvesting, which ensures unbeatable freshness and far cleaner flavor than almost any other truffle oil. Pressing is done using the traditional “Agrumato” process, and the dedication to quality is profound and clear. The result is a far brighter, zestier oil that cannot truly be considered a mere blend but rather a true union that unlocks depth of flavor found in few other truffle oils, even leading brands. 

Its award-winning taste, which has taken over 350 awards to date, is intense and rich with a distinct spiciness largely stemming from the superior olive oil pressing process employed. While unstated in exact polyphenols, it’s likely that Calivirgin White Truffle Olive Oil has a high count as the lingering burn is reminiscent of the highest quality EVOOs sampled. There may be no physical pieces of white Alba truffle present as it is fully infused into this smooth, decadent oil, but rest assured, Calivirgin White Truffle Olive Oil could very well be the best out there. Especially if you value prominent, bold flavor. There’s also blood orange, bountiful basil, extreme heat, guilty garlic, jalapeno, jalapeno garlic, lavish lime, lusty lemon, oh! oregano, rustic rosemary, and serrano pepper oils are on offer from Calivirgin, and they’re all vastly superior to the competition. It’s one brand truffle oil fans simply have to try out.

Oliviers & Co Truffle Oil

VarietiesOliviers & Co White Truffle Oil | Oliviers & Co Black Truffle Oil
OriginMane, France & Puglia, Italy (Olive Oil)
Volume3.3 Fluid Ounces, 1.7 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsWhite – Extra Virgin Olive Oil (99.65%), Natural White Truffle Aroma (0.35%) | Black – Extra Virgin Olive Oil (99.75%), Natural Black Truffle Aroma (0.25%)
IntensityHigh-Intensity Truffle Aroma & Flavor With Pungent Olive Spiciness
  • Product Of Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Ongoing High-Quality Guaranteed – Reputable Brand
  • Valued For Boldness Of Flavor

Everything about Oliviers & Co Truffle Oil screams gourmet quality. As a  product originating in Mane, France, its original product name is ‘Specialite A Base D’Huile D’Olive,’ and these are indeed specialty oils. The purity and consequent freedom from artificial ingredients are unquestionable. It’s one of the few brands that state their exact concentration of truffles to olive oil. Oliviers & Co White Truffle oil is 99.82% olive oil and 0.18% white truffle, whereas Oliviers & Co Black Truffle Oil falls at 99.75% EVOO and 0.25% black truffle, which leans towards the high end of the scale for good quality infused oils. The aroma pops, and the depth of flavor of both varieties is profound. The white truffle oil hints of garlic and shallot, as it should, while the black truffle oil delivers an earthy richness with notes of forest floor and nutty undertones that one can unmistakably taste. 

Both are, however, milder than the most robust oils. Oliviers & Co Truffle Oil relies on Ligurian extra virgin olive oil featuring cultivars like Taggiasca, a small and flavorful olive native to the region that’s hand-harvested early to ensure superior flavor. One can really taste the difference. It’s oil that fuses far better with the truffles, bringing the earthiness to the foreground. The packaging exudes luxury. Every bottle has its own gift-worthy box. Bottles arrive corked, which is a great touch for preserving freshness during pre-purchase storage and for the overall look, but they’re not too practical for anyone who doesn’t have a recording solution handy. Decanting is always an option, but keep this in mind and ensure that you’ve got a great oil dispenser on hand. 

Tartuflanghe Truffle Oil

VarietiesTartuflanghe White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Tartuflanghe Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Tartuflanghe Hot & Spicy White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
OriginAlba & Umbria, Italy
Volume3.38 Fluid Ounces, 33.8 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsWhite – Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 99%, Freeze-Dried Italian White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) 0.15% (Like 0.9% Of Fresh Truffle), Natural Flavor | Black – Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 99%, Freeze-Dried Black Winter Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt) 0.15% (Like 0.75% Of Fresh Truffle), Natural Flavor | Hot & Spicy White –  Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Freeze-Dried Italian White Truffle Slices, Mixed Chili Pepper Extracts  Including Chipotle And Habanero
IntensityExtremely Aromatic With Intense, Complex Flavors
  • Incorporates Fine Truffle Slices
  • Traditional Agrumato Process Employed
  • Bulk All-Natural Truffle Oil Available

TartufLanghe is a family-run Italian company specializing in fresh truffles, truffle snacks, natural truffle oils, and various other truffle-infused products. The entire range offers a greater diversity of selection and quantity than most gourmet brands and is made using the highest quality ingredients. Tartuflanghe states the concentration of truffles clearly on each bottle. Tartuflanghe White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 99% EVOO 0.2% white truffle, which is explained as 1% of the volume in fresh truffle mass. Tartuflanghe Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 99% EVOO and 0.15% Umbrian truffle (0.75% fresh truffle), also known as the Black Truffle of Norcia, which are prized for their distinct aroma and intense flavor. Tartuflanghe is expensive, but it may just be one of the best Italian truffle oils money can buy. 

Both varieties have freeze-dried slices of truffle in the oil. Expect a delicate, balanced, earthy flavor from both, with a distinct but understated spiciness hinting towards the prime quality of the foundational oil. One particularly innovative and equally rare offering also available is Tartuflanghe Hot & Spicy White Truffle Oil. This all-natural infused oil with pieces of freeze-dried white truffle within is 95.5% Italian EVOO and 4.5% white truffle and chili pepper extracts, which are taken from chipotle, habanero, and capsicum, to be specific. It’s no standard truffle oil but a definite must-see for anyone who likes heat who’s not too traditional in their tastes. Don’t miss the rest of the company’s range, and be sure to check out the website for bulk truffle oil as well. 

TRUFF Truffle Oil

VarietiesTRUFF White Olive Oil | TRUFF Black Truffle Oil
Volume6 Fluid Ounce
IngredientsWhite – Olive Oil, White Truffle Oil Concentrate, White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum) | Black – Olive Oil, Black Truffle Oil Concentrate, Black Winter Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum)
IntensityDeep Earthy Intensity Of Flavor With Powerful Aromatics
  • Vegan And Free From Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Sugar, Sodium, And Gluten
  • Gift-Worthy Packaging & Made In The USA
  • Free Shipping On Orders Of $25+ When Using TRUFF Homepage

TRUFF Truffle Oil is a delightful blend of olive oil and real truffles. As a truffle oil made from real truffles and olive oil, Truff is meant for finishing, not cooking. The flavor of TRUFF’s oil is unmistakably truffle across both its varieties. Those who are ardent fans of mild oils and white truffles may find TRUFF’s black truffle oil too intense. However, we see it as better described as a bold but delicate taste with impressive depth of flavor. The oil is elegantly packaged in a sleek bottle with a black label and signature truffle-shaped lid. Those who fall in love with the taste, aroma, and quality will be happy to know that there’s truffle salt and hot sauce sold by TRUFF, too. 

Every sleek bottle of TRUFF comes with its own beautiful box, ideal for gifting, and customers can rest assured that there are no artificial components whatsoever. It’s a brand backed by superstar chefs like Michael Voltaggio, most famously recognized from Guy Fieri’s ever-popular Food Network shows. Whether opting for TRUFF Black or White Truffle Oil, it immediately becomes clear why the brand is a bestseller. The unmistakable earthy aroma of truffles is immediately smelled upon opening, which hints towards the ultra-rich flavor. If you don’t mind paying a premium for one of the best US-manufactured oils out there, this may be your brand. 

BASSO Truffle Oil

VarietiesBASSO 1904 White Truffle Oil | BASSO 1904 Black Truffle Oil
Volume8.5 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsExtra Virgin Olive Oil 97%, White Truffle Flavor 3%
IntensityMild Aroma And Moderate Intensity Flavor With Prominent Truffle Taste
  • Outstanding Affordability
  • Long-Standing Family Olearia
  • Far-Reaching Versatility Thanks To Mildness

Basso Fedele & Figli Srl is a forerunner in the production of cold-pressed, unfiltered, extra-virgin Italian olive oil blends. Given that the company has remained a family-owned business in Southern Italy since 1905, all oils, most especially the white and black truffle oil, exhibit superb balance and depth of flavor. Even though the flavor profile of white and black truffles comes through clearly in the foreground and within the lingering taste notes, Basso isn’t a truffle oil that can ever overwhelm the palette or senses in general. The strong but understated aroma paints an accurate portrait of what to expect from the oil, and the bouquet itself is equally as complex as its depth of flavor. 

It’s hard to find fault with any of Basso’s products, and the aroma across both varieties is amazing. BASSO White Truffle Oil and BASSO Black Truffle Oil stand out as versatile, affordable truffle oils with balanced composition and reliable quality that doesn’t waver from batch to batch. The pricing is actually among the lowest found out of all oils reviewed. Don’t let the big bottle size at a giveaway cost deter you, for everything from the packaging to purity and flavor is up there with the best. It’s gourmet truffle oil at a budget price. 

Chef Jean Pierre Truffle Oil

VarietiesChef Jean Pierre White Truffle Oil | Chef Jean Pierre Black Truffle Oil
OriginAlba, Italy
Volume7 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsWhite – Olive Oil, White Truffles | Black – Olive Oil, Black Truffles
IntensityModerate Intensity Flavor And Aroma With Exceptionally Clean Truffle Taste 
  • Created In Collaboration With The President Of The Italian Truffle Society
  • Crafted In The Famous Hometown Of White Truffles
  • Mild But Robust Flavor Grants Unparalleled Versatility

Chef Jean Pierre Black Truffle Oil and Chef Jean Pierre White Truffle Oil are all-natural super-concentrated infusions put forth and trusted by a French culinary extraordinaire and restaurateur who many will recognize from TV. The product sure does live up to the hype in terms of flavor, aroma, and sheer high-end value. The white truffle oil is created in collaboration with the president of the Italian Truffle Society in Alba, Italy – the home and birthplace of the wild white winter truffle. Chef Jean Pierre’s Black Truffle Oil showcases equal caliber quality and includes the finest quality black summer truffles. 

There are tiny truffle shavings floating within every bottle, and the flavor of each exceeds expectations. Even though Chef Jean Pierre Truffle Oil is priced on the high end of the scale, it’s rather reasonable when one considers the quality and quantity. Think of it as true restaurant-quality, gourmet oil. Both varieties have such strong flavors that you’ll most likely be using far less than normal, but they aren’t as strong as they smell. It’s hard to fault either variety on just about anything. The delicacy of the white truffle oil makes it hard to not fall in love with for anyone who enjoys truffles to the remotest degree, while the black is exquisitely bold. 

La Tourangelle Truffle Oil

VarietiesLa Tourangelle White Truffle Oil | La Tourangelle Black Truffle Oil 
OriginTruffles – Carpathian Basin, Italy | Olive Oil – Saumur, France / Andalucia, Spain
Volume8.45 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsOrganic High-Oleic Sunflower Oil, Natural White Truffle Flavor With Other Natural Flavors, Natural Truffle Extract
IntensityLow To Moderate Intensity Flavor With Slightly Stronger Aroma
  • Truffle Infused Sunflower Oil
  • Gluten-Free & Vegan
  • Bold, Earthy Flavor

La Tourangelle truffle oil, available in white, black, and as a gift set, is a bold-flavored high-quality sunflower oil-based truffle oil. The fact that it is built on a foundation of neutral-tasting oil instead of a pungent olive blend gives this oil greater versatility. For example, it’s excellent on popcorn and french fries for those who typically find conventional oils overwhelming. The oil is fresh in flavor but with stronger earthy undertones than some brands, thanks to the use of Picual olives, while the aroma remains mild and never overpowering. It’s an exceptionally well-balanced bottle of truffle oil and one of the very best Italian imports on sale, which is exactly what one would expect from a company that’s been perfecting its process for over 150 years. 

In addition to the two excellent varieties of truffle oil, the black is ideally aggressive in flavor, and the white is more subdued, milder, and smoothly balanced. La Tourangelle also produces a variety of other exotic oils. Basil, Pesto, Garlic, and Herbs De Provence infusing basil and thyme together are on offer. The entire La Tourangelle range is affordably priced within a mid-range bracket, but some may consider it a little pricey given the fact that it’s truffle-infused sunflower instead of an EVOO blend. Yet, for those who are looking for the taste of truffles to pop through clearly without any additional aftertaste and zero additives, La Tourangelle is perfect.

Da Rosario 100% Organic Truffle Flavored Olive Oil

VarietiesDa Rosario 100% Organic White Truffle Flavored Olive Oil, Da Rosario 100% Organic Black Truffle Flavored Olive Oil
Volume1.7 Fluid Ounces | 1.76 Fluid Ounces, 8 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic White Truffles (T. Magnatum Pico) And 100% Organic Truffles Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil
IntensityLow-Intensity Flavor With Closely Matched But Slightly Stronger Aroma
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Balanced And Flavorful Enough To Use On Anything
  • First Organic Truffle Oil Released – Highly Reputable

Da Rosario 100% Organic White Truffle Flavored Olive Oil is the flagship product of a pioneer in the world of truffle oils. This was pioneered by founder Rosario Safina’s “truth in truffles” activism, driven by a desire to inform and isolate the clear differences between synthetic truffle oils and those derived from actual truffles. Both Da Rosario white truffle and porcini oil are 100% USDA organic, and processing standards are among the best in the industry. The flavor is defined and complex but not necessarily as intense as other oils. Customers can rest assured that this is a purposeful choice to balance its specific signature flavor, as Da Rosario’s dedication to all-natural quality is unquestionable. 

After all, Da Rosario became the world’s very first organic truffle company in 2008, and it’s risen steadily in popularity since. Prospective buyers should keep in mind that you only get a very small bottle of Da Rosario 100% Organic White Truffle Flavored Olive Oil, so be sure to do the math before splashing out. Every last cent is, however, worth it, for the flavor is so clean, fresh, and bold but well-balanced that you can use Rosario on just about anything. It’s gourmet truffle oil that’ll set you back, but if you want the best, it really is far better than most of the rest  (if not all) of the competition. 

Kiwi Artisan Black Truffle Oil

VarietiesKiwi Artisan Black Truffle Oil
OriginTruffles – Ohiwa, New Zealand | Olive Oil – Bombay Hills, Southern Auckland
Volume3.38 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsExtra Virgin Olive Oil, Black Périgord Truffles
IntensityBoldly Intense Flavor And Aroma With Deep Complexity And Quality Olive Oil Taste
  • Unique Blend Grown And Processed In New Zealand
  • Fine Truffle Shavings Within Quality Oil
  • Affordable Pricing On High-End Gourmet Truffle Oil

Kiwi Arisan Black Truffle Oil is a small batch oil and a rare find originating in New Zealand. It infuses real black (French) Périgord truffles and olive oil grown and processed in the unique microclimate of The Bombay Hills nestled upon the southern border of Auckland. The result is a highly polished product with fresh, clean flavor and enticingly pungent aromatic notes. Its balance is among the best out of all truffle oils reviewed, and there are no synthetic additives whatsoever. The company upholds superior standards across the board. Even the neck of the bottle is foil-wrapped for freshness. It has an extended shelf life too. Overall, customers can expect excellent oil at a good price that’s set to last. 

One will only ever have to use a couple of dashes of Kiwi Artisan Black Truffle Oil to impart the umami, terrene flavor truffle lovers are looking for, but it is a little lighter in sheer truffly boldness than some artisanal oils. Kiwi Artisan also has highly popular handcrafted black truffle seasoning that blends salt, carob, marca, garlic, onion, and black truffle. It’s a Kiwi initiative that’s taken the world by storm, and for good reason – it’s excellent truffle products all around. We suggest that those from New Zealand and Australia order directly from Kiwi Artisan’s website to benefit from free shipping on orders of $60 and more. 

Green Jay Gourmet White Truffle Olive Oil 

VarietiesGreen Jay Gourmet White Truffle Olive Oil 
OriginTruffles – Le Marché, Italy | Olive Oil – California, USA
Volume8.45 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsExtra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural White Truffle Extract (Tuber Magnatum Pico), Natural Flavor
IntensityBold Flavor With Lingering, Robust Aroma Of Equal Matching Intensity
  • Infused Using Traditional Agrumato Process
  • High-Quality Californian Oil
  • Unfiltered, Trans-Fat Free & Gluten Free

For those who demand prime quality and the healthiest possible food, Green Jay Gourmet White Truffle Olive Oil presents an infusion created using traditional methods for prime flavor that uses sustainably grown Californian olives and white truffles from Le Marche. The company also relies on traditional processing methods, which ensures optimal flavor. The viscosity is a little thicker than one would expect from gourmet truffle oil, and the flavor is at a mid-range point of mildness. All the flavor notes are there, and the zestiness and earthiness are clear, but it’s not as intense as some brands. 

Although the merchandising states it’s organically grown as well, there’s no certification. Even without certified organic status, Green Jay is an up-and-coming purveyor of pure truffle oil that’s definitely worth checking out. Its aroma and flavor are of the same caliber as the best brands – companies that have been around for far longer. Green Jay Gourmet White Truffle Olive Oil comes at a hefty cost, but it sure is worth it. 

Best Flavored Truffle Oils (Including Artificial Ingredients)

The best truffle oils that include artificial compounds only incorporate synthetic aromatics and/or flavor extracts in order to bolster the natural flavor of truffles. Flavored truffle oils are extremely affordable, and some even prefer the boosted intensity, even if it changes the natural flavor somewhat. It’s all a matter of personal preference, and most of the leading brands are so good that you’d need to be a true connoisseur to tell the difference. 

TruffleHunter Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Truffle Oils

VarietiesTruffleHunter Truffle White Truffle Oil | TruffleHunter Black Truffle Oil
OriginSibillini Mountains, Central Italy
Volume3.38 Fluid Ounces, 8.45 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsExtra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, White Truffles, White Truffle Flavor
IntensityIncredible Depth Of Flavor With Boldness Nearing The High-Intensity Of Its Rich Aroma

As truffle oil infused with both natural real truffles and synthetic aroma, TruffleHunter Truffle’s White and Black Truffle Oils are far stronger than one would commonly expect. Despite being intense, the taste is earthy and garlicky, with a well-leveled bite, just as one would hope. It’s almost impossible to tell that TruffleHunter uses a blend of real ingredients and an artificial additive. The giftset presents exceptional value and looks even better as a present than the already sleek, stylish bottles. Expect a pourably thick texture with a just-right viscosity that makes it ever-versatile. It’s the perfect finisher for all types of food and an even better marinade, especially for those who like their truffle oil potent.  

TruffleHunter is the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of fresh truffles and truffle-based products. If you sample but one drop of their gourmet truffle oil, you’ll soon realize why. Everything from processing quality and top-class ingredients to packaging and customer service is better than the rest. If you want blended truffle oil, give this outstanding purveyor a try. All their products are sustainable and cruelty-free. UK shoppers qualify for free delivery on orders of £60 when ordering direct from the TruffleHunter website while Amazon delivers to the US and to certain other countries worldwide.

Mantova Grand’Aroma Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

VarietiesMantova Grand’Aroma Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mantova Black Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray, Mantova White Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray
Volume8.5 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsExtra Virgin Olive Oil, Dehydrated Truffle, Flavor
IntensityUltra-Strong Intensity Of Aroma And Flavor
AffordabilityVery High
  • Combines Real Dehydrated Truffle With Truffle Flavor
  • Incredible Low Price Point
  • Bold, Well-Balanced Flavor & Aroma Reminiscent Of Natural Oil

Mantova Grand’ Aroma Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an Italian truffle oil made by the company Compagnia Alimentare Italiana that infuses flavor from dehydrated truffles. The result is a surprisingly pungent oil with the taste of truffles coming through strong while remaining smooth and always in the foreground, as it should. Even though Mantova states “truffle flavored,” buyers will be pleasantly surprised by its boldness, especially at such a giveaway price. This is due to the blend of dehydrated truffle and artificial enhancements but the combination works, making it hard to tell that Mantova is anything other than pure. 

It’s easily the best budget truffle oil around but don’t let quality-focused buyers be deterred by the affordability for its balance trumps that of many oils priced at double its cost. After all, Mantova Fratelli has been a market leader since 1905 – the brand’s reputation is unquestionable. The fact that there are no physical truffles present like some brands may be a turnoff for some (along with the fact that it’s impossible to say whether white or black dehydrated truffles were used), but if you’re exceptionally frugal or want to include far more truffle oil in your cooking without breaking the bank, Mantova Grand’ Aroma Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil could be your best bet. 

La Rustichella White Truffle Olive Oil

VarietiesLa Rustichella White Truffle Olive Oil | La Rustichella Black Truffle Olive Oil
Volume3.38 Fluid Ounces, 8.45 Fluid Ounces, 25.36 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsWhite –  Olive Oil (EU Origin), White Truffle (Tuber albidum Pico), White Truffle Aroma | Black – Olive Oil (EU Origin), Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum), Black Truffle Aroma
IntensityPotent But Balanced Flavor And Even Stronger Aroma
  • High Concentration Of Real Truffle Content
  • Ultra-High Intensity
  • Alluring Affordability

Although a blended oil with synthetic truffle aroma added, the thing that makes La Rustichella Truffle Oil special is just how high its concentration of real truffles is. Both La Rustichella Black Truffle Oil and La Rustichella White Truffle Olive Oil pack a whopping 5% truffle content, which dwarfs other brands. This also means that the accent is nothing other than fortified aroma, which is so slight that the pure flavor overwhelms the senses. It’s potent Italian truffle oil of premiere quality, perfectly suited to high-end use such as in restaurants. 

If you value intensity, La Rustichella White Truffle Olive Oil is the perfect pick. Ardent agrumato-only fans should give it a skip, but the overwhelming majority of people do not detect any hint of anything other than a deeply complex, authentic truffle taste with just the right degree of spiciness from quality olive oil and a smell that compels you to try it. La Rustichella comes highly recommended. 

GL Truffle Gourmet Line Truffle Oil 

VarietiesGL Truffle Gourmet Line White Truffle Oil | GL Truffle Gourmet Line Black Truffle Oil
OriginUmbria, Italy
Volume3.4 Fluid Ounces, 8.5 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsWhite – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Truffles, Truffle Flavoring | Black – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Black Truffles, Truffle Flavoring
IntensityIntense Taste-Matching Aroma And Equally Strong Flavor 
  • Real Truffle Infusion Enhanced With Synthetic Flavoring
  • No Artificial Aroma Or Flavor Directly Detectable, But Raised Intensity
  • Miniscule Flecks Of Truffle Within Oil

With larger slices of truffles within the oil than most brands can muster, aromatics that’ll fill the room, and an understated but clear taste across both varieties, the Gl Truffle Gourmet Line of truffle oil is amazing. The Gl Truffle Gourmet Line is a subdivision of the Italian truffle specialist Tartufi Jimmy S.r.l., which also supplies fresh truffles, truffle seasoning & truffle salt, and truffle condiments like a honey mustard infusion. The entire range boasts intense flavor, with both the white and black truffle oil tasting far bolder than similar counterparts. 

GL Truffle Gourmet Line Black Truffle Oil and GL Truffle Gourmet Line White Truffle Oil includes artificial flavor that fortifies the taste, but this is in supplement to the natural flavor. The synthetic enhancement is barely detectable, making the range one of the top choices for those who are looking for an affordable alternative to high-end truffle oil. It packs far more natural flavor than anything in its price range, and it’s an Italian import made from the finest quality olive oil. It’s impressive value overall. 

Best Truffle Oil Cooking Sprays

The convenience of a good oil sprayer is undeniable. It’s the ultimate choice for those who value convenience. Here is a look at the best truffle oil cooking sprays, each capable of dispensing a fixed quantity of oil as a drizzle or fine mist. Those who go through a lot of truffle oil, or any other oil for that matter, are urged to check out our wrapup of the best oil dispensers available online. From cruets to misters, it’s all the top options curated.

Tartufi Black Truffle Olive Oil Spray

VarietiesTartufi Black Truffle Olive Oil Spray
Volume3.38 Fluid Ounces 
IngredientsExtra Virgin Olive Oil, Black Truffle Flavor
IntensityDefined Depth Of Flavor With Moderate All-Around Intensity
  • Real Truffles Within Oil Fortified With Additional Truffle Flavor
  • Balanced Flavor Suits All Culinary Applications
  • Serbian Award-Winning Product

SR Tartufi Black Truffle Olive Oil Spray is a high-quality, all-natural truffle oil spritzer from a leading Serbian company that took the award for the Most Innovative Product In Serbia of 2022. It’s an excellent winter black truffle infused with extra virgin olive oil from a family-owned business that’s been specializing in truffles since 2003. The truffles used are sourced from Sumadija, which is situated in the central, heavily forested region of Serbia. The value for money is outstanding, with pricing on par with truffle oil in regular bottles. 

Serbians have to take advantage of the local online store available here, while everyone else can order from Amazon. Production quantity is limited, and the brand has been growing rapidly over the last few years, which makes it likely for stocks to disappear fast once enough customers become aware of just how good SR Tartufi Black Truffle Olive Oil Spray actually is. While a relative newcomer to Western markets, it comes highly recommended. 

La Tourangelle White Truffle Cooking Spray

VarietiesLa Tourangelle White Truffle Cooking Spray
OriginTruffles – France | Olive Oil – California
Volume5 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsOrganic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Natural White Truffle Flavor With Other Flavors, Natural White Truffle Extract
IntensityModerate Intensity Of Aroma And Light But Defined Flavor
  • Sunflower Oil Infusion Presents Alternate Truffle-Forward Flavor Profile
  • Effective 3 Settings Nozzle (Drizzle, Stream, Mist)
  • Light Flavor Grants Far-Reaching Versatility

La Tourangelle is a well-established leader in the truffle oil space, and La Tourangelle White Truffle Cooking Spray is an innovation that fans and newcomers will fall in love with. In order to bring out all the highlights of truffles and olive oil, this artisanal oil includes an infusion of toasted sesame and sunflower oil. This is the first thing shoppers must note – it’s not extra virgin olive oil. The flavor of sesame within the sunflower-truffle infusion is so light that it’s barely detectable as an isolated flavor, but the perfect touch to lift La Tourangelle into a class of its own. 

The sprayer is elegant, and the nozzle is durably designed, even though it’s meant for single use only. Between the three spray intensities, there’s sure to be a nozzle setting suited to all uses and preferences. There’ll be no pesky leaks with this quality truffle oil spritzer. For something different and more neutral than olive truffle oil, we strongly suggest giving La Tourangelle White Truffle Cooking Spray a try. 

Mantova Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sprays

VarietiesMantova White Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray | Mantova Black Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray
Volume8 Fluid Ounces
IngredientsExtra Virgin Olive Oil, Dehydrated Truffle, Flavor
IntensityIntensely Bold Aroma and Flavor
  • Naturally And Artificially Flavored For Intensity
  • Variable Dip-Stream Sprayer
  • Totally Shielded From Light To Ensure Extended Shelf Life

Mantova Truffle Oil Sprays are made in Italy and come fortified with natural and artificial flavor. Both Mantova Black Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray and Mantova White Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil have a 2% concentration of black truffle extract, which is a rather reasonable count. This means that they’re potent blends sure to impart excellent flavor and aroma, especially thanks to the boosted flavor and aroma, even if artificial. With a truffle count that high, the natural zest and complexity of flavor are elevated instead of being obscured. 

As a spritzer, one gets to use the smallest volume of oil possible thanks to its robust nature as well. Mantova has risen to become a market leader in Italian olive oils since being founded in 1905. Even though this is a blended oil, customers across the board celebrate its authentic truffle flavor and subsequent versatility. All hallmarks of quality and value stand strong, from a drip-free design to its ultra-low price point, and the flavor is fantastic for finishing just about anything.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Truffle Oil

Have you been left wondering anything about truffle oil or the best truffle oil brands? We may have the answers you’re looking for waiting here. Perhaps you’re hunting down a low FODMAP inclusion to your pantry instead. In this case, don’t miss our guide to the best low FODMAP oils available online. We’ve also got a comprehensive review of the best high phenolic & high hydroxytyrosol olive oil brands for health-conscious individuals waiting. 

What Is Truffle Oil Made Of?

Truffle oil is infused with the aroma and flavor of truffles, but it’s important to note that not all truffle oils are created equal. The base oil is typically a neutral one, like olive oil or grapeseed oil, chosen for its ability to carry and preserve the truffle flavor. The most treasured truffle oil is made using a traditional infusion process known as “Agrumato.” In the specialized agrumato process, high-quality fresh truffles are selected at prime ripeness. They are then co-pressed with fresh olives during the oil extraction process. This dual pressing ensures that the aromatic compounds of the truffles seamlessly blend with the olive oil, resulting in a rich and complex truffle-infused oil. The agrumato process that can be applied to other infusions ranging from citrus to herbs captures the essence of both the olives and the earthy, savory notes of the truffles, produces superb depth of flavor and a matching aromatic bouquet.
Another popular modern method for small batch production without artificial ingredients is extracting the flavor from truffles using CO2 extraction, which utilizes carbon dioxide in its supercritical state to extract the aromatic compounds from truffles using a specialized device. Chefs often create their truffle oil infusions by combining fresh truffle shavings with a high-quality base oil and allowing them to steep. Due to the high cost of real truffles, some truffle oils on the market are made with synthetic compounds, which are indicated as truffle flavor or truffle aroma on most labels. Modern methods often involve infusing the oil with truffle essence or flavorings, which lack the complexity of the traditional agrumato process. 

Why Is Truffle Oil Expensive?

Truffles, the elusive fungi resembling dragon eggs, offer an indescribable taste experience. The white truffle from Italy’s Alba and the black truffle from France’s Périgord are prized, each pound costing up to $2,500. Their scarcity and intricate cultivation, dependent on specific tree-root relationships, contribute to the high cost. Slow growth, sensitivity to environmental factors, and a complex harvesting process further elevate prices. The secretive nature of truffle farming, coupled with a short season and vulnerability to climate change, adds to their mystique. The rarity also invites counterfeit products, emphasizing the importance of authenticity while hiking up prices.

What Is The Difference Between White Truffle Oil And Black Truffle Oil?

White truffle oil and black truffle oil are both high-quality olive oils infused with the flavor of truffles. The key difference lies in the type of truffle used and the resulting aroma and flavor. Black truffle oil, infused with black winter truffle shavings, offers a robust, earthy flavor and pairs best with meat-based dishes and foods with a strong flavor of their own. On the other hand, white truffle oil is more delicate, with a lighter flavor that lingers with a tanginess reminiscent of onion and garlic. It works well with vegetables, white meats, and seafood. The mouthfeel of both truffle oils is similar, but it is white truffle oil that offers the more subdued and nuanced truffle experience. All all-natural truffle oils regardless of type offer immense depth of flavor except artificially produced truffle oils, which fall flat, focusing on an overly sharp single aroma note alone. 

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