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At-home chef marketplaces are beginning to boom. The commercialization of residential kitchens fills our markets with cultural diversity. Shopping for food from professional chefs cooking from home and food safety savvy foodies with a flair for the culinary arts opens up endless new taste possibilities. We’ll be taking you through a look at all of the best at-home chef marketplaces available in America and a few other countries in the world.

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American At-Home Chef Marketplaces


Region: US National Support

Shef is a marketplace that connects shoppers to local professional chefs and home cooks all around the USA. Homemade meals start as low as $7. Chefs on Shef are divided according to the regional cuisine offered. Anyone with proficiency in cooking can apply to become a Shef for free. The platform enables the instant receiving of payments while helping with logistics and customer support. Each Shef designs their own menu and prices while delivering according to their own schedule.

To find food, it’s as simple as inputting your zip code and then browsing through the selection of 15 varieties of food and a ‘specialty’ category that groups meals outside of the localized range. Shef has been around since 2020 and continues to grow at a rapid rate. Most of the US is supported with the greatest number of local Shefs concentrated in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Houston, Boston, and Seattle. And they just raised money in 2023 to officially expand nation-wide in the US.

Dish Divvy

Region: California

DishDivvy is a food discovery platform that helps shoppers find homemade meals in their vicinity. With both dishes for pickup and delivery available, DishDivvy offers a diverse array of appetizing homemade meals from vetted, food-safety certified home cooks. Pick from either scheduled meals made fresh that change on a frequent basis or browse through full menus of active chefs. Curbside pickup and delivery of both is available, and all the food from DishDivvy arrives piping hot and ready to eat as one would expect from any leading service.

The fees are reasonable, but both parties are billed. There’s a 15% flat charge on the meal’s cost cut from the chef’s rate, and the customer is charged a basic processing fee of between 0.55 and 0.99 cents. DishDivvy aims to offer a range of home cooks providing generous portions at affordable prices. All ingredients are guaranteed to be locally sourced, with all meals fresh and made to order. If you’re in California, we suggest claiming the $10 discount on your first order and giving the DishDivvy home chefs a try. It’s something you’ll keep coming back to.

Wood Spoon

Region: New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens

WoodSpoon is an at-home chef marketplace running since 2019 that recently received the opportunity through successful Series A funding to onboard hundreds of chefs across America. This means that even though the website and app currently supports New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, it will soon offer on-demand delivery to many other major cities across the US. The New York-based food delivery service aims to serve as a hub where those passionate about food culture can share their meals and enthusiasm.

Using the WoodSpoon platform, shoppers can pick from a range of dishes grouped according to each chef’s custom menu. Active chefs list their meals with a price and delivery charge, as well as the quantity of meals available. This inadvertently must make managing deliveries much easier for those listing. Some chefs offer free delivery in an attempt to raise reputability through successful orders and reviews. However, you can expect a delivery charge ranging between $0.99 and $3.99 on average.


Region: Charlotte, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee

Whether a professionally employed chef in a commercial kitchen, someone who loves cooking at home, or a self-starting food entrepreneur, KravinKitchen supports all types of chefs. The Charlotte-based online marketplace connects “Kravers” or those shopping for food, with local chefs offering customized meals. A fantastic range of food is available from personal chefs using the platform. It’s not only chef-prepared meals available from Kravin Kitchen. You can also locate operational food trucks, order in-home private dining experiences from professional chefs, schedule catering, and arrange cooking classes.

Using Kravin Kitchen is easy. Enter your zip code and choose from a list of local personal chefs to create curated customized meals or select from available menu offerings. While only currently covering the states listed, Kravin Kitchen aims to build a national chef directory, so keep a close eye on this promising platform. Functional chef profiles supplying a bio and the services and meals offered make browsing KravinKitchen a breeze – a must-try experience for anyone in a supported region.


Region: California

Foodnome is an at-home chef marketplace that offers meals from qualified food safety-trained local chefs operating home-based restaurants only. As one of the first at-home chef marketplaces approved in the US, Foodnome boasts excellent reputability. Order a home-cooked meal using the website or app to connect you to local chefs across California. To date, the platform boasts over 5000 5-star reviews confirming excellent meals and service.

Unlike many competing marketplaces, Foodnome primarily offers food collection at the cook’s premises instead of delivery. There’s also dine-in eating available from a few chefs here and there. Input your zip code, and Foodnome lists all available menus from local chefs near you. Fees are competitive at 7% of the order for diners and 7% from cooks, with a 2.9% payment processing fee. California’s number of at-home chef marketplaces is growing but Foodnome remains a leader that all foodies should give a look.

The HomeMade App

Region: California

The HomeMade App connects shoppers to local Californian chefs in their community. Simply input your zip code, and the app shows you the menus of available chefs near you. The only fees charged by The HomeMade App is a 7.5% convenience charge per transaction. Qualifying chefs list for free and keep the full proceeds of each sale. In order to list as an active chef, a Food Safety Manager Certification is called for, and every person working in the kitchen needs a Food Handler permit.

As a company that’s been running since June 2019, The HomeMade App is one of the first Californian at-home chef marketplaces. Filtering is available according to your location and food preferences. Ordering is as straightforward as selecting the quantity and either the delivery time or time for collection. Prices across the board appear reasonable, and active chefs update your order with progress markers. You always know where your food is and when it’ll be ready. The Homemade App has been called the Uber of food delivery by previous reviewers, and while it may still have a way to go, it’s certainly coming close.

My Table App

The My Table App is a personal meal service that connects shoppers to local chefs nationwide. The meal prices are extremely affordable, beginning as low as $5 per person. Meal plans are prepared personally after discussing your needs with the chef directly. Using the My Table App involves a variable three-tier membership fee. Monthly subscription starts with the ‘Comfort’ package at $5 per person, granting a range of certified chefs, grocery shopping from nearby retailers, and the ability to craft an unlimited number of meals.

Opting for the ‘Casual’ package expands the number of chefs and menu development possibilities at $25 per person. Finally, paying for the ‘Fine’ package at $50 per person grants VIP meal experiences from a range of certified 5-star chefs. The surcharge to connect with a directory of professional chefs is well worth the expenditure especially if you’re a foodie devoted to getting the best quality possible.


Region: St. Louis

SareFood connects shoppers to local chefs in the St. Louis area. Meals start as low as $2.90 and average around $12 each. A range of more decadent desserts and high-end meals are also available. While this isn’t technically an at-home chef marketplace, SareFood enlists the services of private chefs working in professional restaurant kitchens in St. Louis. There are few home-cooked meals in the area that can compare to the pricing and quality. If you want top tier food ordered personally from pro chefs, SareFood is an enticing option.

You’ll be blown away by the sheer variety on offer from SareFood. Food delivery menus are categorized according to regional varieties and meal type. There’s American, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Pakistani, Southern, and Thai cuisine available. Each active chef lists their focus and a menu with the days that delivery is available. The only caveat is that there’s no stipulated minimum order that covers the whole platform. Every chef sets their own minimum, but overall an average of around $50 has been observed.


Region: Atlanta

ClickChefs is a food delivery platform operating in the Atlanta area that connects shoppers to chefs, food entrepreneurs, and restaurants. Every active chef has their own extensive profile featuring their specialty and a menu. Sorting and filtering are limited compared to most other platforms but still functional nonetheless. Finding food is easy, and one gets to pick between all the basic dietary classifications from gluten-free to Vegan.

At the time of writing, 115 different menu options were available to Atlantans, a considerable variety. The chefs set the price of meals on ClickChefs, but the average cost for a single portion seems to equate to about $15. Family-sized meals are in the region of $30. ClickChefs offers good value and a simple way to shop for a great range of food. The minimum order is just $25, which usually covers around three to four meals if you shop carefully.


Region: Utah

Chefpanzee! is a local home cooked food delivery marketplace covering Utah and the Salt Lake City area. There are no massive chain stores and low-quality meals. Only a massive selection of the highest caliber food trucks, private chefs, restaurants, specialty markets, and farm-to-table producers offering their wares. Every week, Chefpanzee! updates its weekly menu with new recipes available from local chefs. The platform does a great job of promoting its most promising entrepreneurs on social media, showcasing a selection of ethnic cuisine that’ll make anyone’s mouth water.

Chefpanzee! groups their meals according to the type of cuisine offered. American, Latin American, African, Mexican, Caribbean, Indian, Middle Eastern, European, and Asian make up the regional food varieties. There are also desserts, sandwiches, pizzas, bakery items, Vegan cuisine, and a category for large group orders. The minimum order for most retailers is $15, and prices vary, although an average meal cost per person of $10 appears to be the standard. Choose your food, and within the stipulated preparation time period, it’ll be ready for collection.

Simply Done

Region: Arkansas

Simply Done is a meal delivery service created by a group of foodies, each from different culinary backgrounds. From their kitchen in Rogers, Arkansas, Simply Done delivers meals from a home-cooked menu that changes each week. Every order is assembled according to the offerings available for that week. While single portions aren’t offered, the minimum order with four portions provided grants excellent value.

There are both lunches and complete meals sold. The minimum order for meals is $60 granting four portions serving one person – that’s $15 a plate. Upscale this to serve a family of two, and you’re looking at $100. The only consideration to keep in mind is that this isn’t a market where you get hot food delivered ready to eat. Everything is packaged so that it is ready to be reheated. Nonetheless, Simply Done does sell home-cooked food from a home kitchen which brings down the cost of nutritious, delicious meals considerably.


Regions: United States (California), Mexico

The Savorly App hasn’t arrived yet, but when it does, those in California and supported regions in Mexico have to check out their services. Savorly has been a long time in the making. Interested cooks and shoppers have been asked to submit their interest and contact information since Savorly launched early in 2019. As of August 2021, Savorly announced on social media that the app will be coming soon.

While we don’t have a released date, here’s hoping that the company has onboarded enough chefs in the California area to start operating in the coming weeks or months. Upon launch, the Savorly App will be listing food from at-home chefs across California and Mexico to start with. All chefs listing on Savorly are required to have an AB 626 permit and certification as a food manager, as is the case for all California-based residential kitchens.

International At-Home Chef Marketplaces

If you’re in India, Egypt, or the United Kingdom, or have a fervent interest in food – read on! We’ve got the best international at-home chef marketplaces for foodies coming up.


Regions: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Dubai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, London, Mumbai, New York, Singapore

Watscooking is one of the best platforms for finding home-cooked food prepared by home chefs all around the world with a distinct focus on India. Cooks from many locations around the globe can enroll and begin selling their meals online. Unlike other platforms that handle the ordering, payment, and delivery or collection procedure for you, Watscooking instead serves as a global directory of home chefs. Input your location and filter according to vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisine, and Watscooking shows you a list of all the chefs near you taking orders.

There are chefs offering takeaways, dine-in, and home delivery, but you’ll need to contact each seller individually. There is, however, Watscooking Prime that provides platform-based delivery services in Bangalore thanks to a partnership with Dunzo. In collaboration with the Indian delivery company, home-cooked meals are offered through the Watscooking Prime app for delivery in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. If you’re in a major city in the US or UK or are shopping for food in India, Watscooking is a must-try.

HomeCooked UK

Region: United Kingdom

HomeCooked UK is the forerunning platform for finding home-cooked food prepared by both professional and at-home chefs in Great Britain. The app available on iOS and Android lists a huge selection of home-cooked meals from well-vetted home cooks. Every chef and home cook is required to hold a level 2 or higher hygiene certificate and everyone handling the ingredients and delivery of food requires a food handling qualification. Every residential kitchen is inspected by a food officer before being allowed to list on the platform.

While UK shoppers can expect to find all types of food, there is the greatest number of Brazilian, Filipino, Italian, Greek, Thai, Iranian, and Caribbean cuisine on offer. There are also gluten-free meals, vegetarian and vegan options, and a considerable range of desserts. If you’re looking to discover something new and are living in the UK, you can’t afford to overlook HomeCooked.


Region: India

HomeFoodi is an at-home chef marketplace covering India. Few Indian online retailers can compare to the selection of thousands of regional dishes on offer with complete cleanliness guaranteed. Fresh meals prepared by home chefs are delivered across India with a focus on Noita and nearby regions by means of contactless delivery systems. Download the HomeFoodi and browse through the massive variety of home chefs specializing in everything from regional main meals to side-dishes and baking.

To get a better idea of the talented individuals cooking your food, take a look at the HomeFoodi site that details exemplary chefs with a short bio and their top-selling meals. From customer service to the sheer variety of authentic Indian food available, HomeFoodi excels. You can even discuss your order before paying with the chef directly from the ordering interface – it’s an outstanding marketplace.


Region: Kolkata, India

Nanighar is a food delivery app and cloud kitchen in India that specializes in providing food from what they call ‘mom chefs’. While limited to the Kolkata area, Nanighar lists a surprising number of chefs with over 200 active. There’s a massive variety of freshly home-cooked food on offer from 100% hygienic vendors with contactless delivery available.

As one would expect, Nanighar is filled with authentic Indian cuisine of all types. The Nanigharr app supplies constant updates regarding the status of your order. Shoppers always have an estimated time of delivery available. Every day, Nanighar’s menu updates with over 150 food items. Prices are reportedly a little higher than buying from a cheap fast food store, but the quality is incomparably better.


Region: Bangalore, India

Ootabox is a healthy come cooked food delivery network spanning over seventy locations across Bangalore. Each of the over 8000 chefs active on the program is responsible for their own prices and the delivery or collection of the food ordered. Chef menus are available, and custom requests are entertained. The majority of food available through the Ootabox network is Indian and Asian cuisine with a large number of plant-based options.

Every order on Ootabox is a pre-order. Shoppers must order 24-hours in advance for guaranteed next-day delivery. There’s no better at-home chef marketplace in Bangalore than Ootabox. The platform’s network spans just about every quality home kitchen in the vicinity. Prices are competitive with a minimum order of Rs 149 (+- $2USD) enforced.


Regions: Egypt – Abdin, Agouza, Dokki, El Rehab City, El Sheikh Zayed, Garden City, Giza, Heliopolis, Kasr El-Einey, Maadi, Manial, Mohandiseen, Mokattam, Nasr City, Ramsees, Sayeda Zeinab, Smart Village, Tagammoa, Tagammoa 1, Tahrir, Zamalek

Mumm is a home chef marketplace in Egypt that covers just about the whole country. The marketplace is active, with numerous local kitchens available for each region. Applying to become a chef requires an immediate personal interview after leaving your contact details – a strong hallmark of trust and quality. This guarantees a good variety of premiere meals to choose from, with filtering available for both ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals offered.

Orders are made immediately and dispatched for delivery within 90 minutes. Single servings of hot, freshly cooked healthy meals, frozen precooked homemade meals, and hot family-sized portions ensure there’s something for everyone. Larger orders are subject to ordering 24-hours in advance, but there’s ample variety on offer, just like the other food groups.

At Home Chef Marketplaces – The Future Of Food Delivery?

When California passed the AB 626 bill in 2018 authorizing home cooks to sell their food on a state level, Bay area chefs and foodies rejoiced. Here’s hoping that the groundbreaking law was but one of many to come, enabling rich cultural home-based marketplaces to start thriving. Selling food directly to the public from residential kitchens while enforcing high hygiene standards brings down food costs considerably and spreads captivating new cuisine to all parts of the world.

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