How To Reheat Vegan Burgers?

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Vegan burgers are becoming more and more popular, especially since it appears that more people are getting serious about their health and diets.

One of the questions we hear fairly often is whether you can reheat vegan burgers. Since they don’t contain any meat, it makes sense that the reheating method would be vastly different.

We decided to get to the bottom of this common question and answer it once and for all. Below, you will find what our research revealed and the best ways to reheat vegan burgers.

What Are Vegan Burgers?

It’s crazy to think about, but vegan burgers are gradually catching up to real burgers in terms of popularity and consumer demand. Everywhere from fast food to dine-in restaurants have revamped their menus to include vegan-friendly offerings.

At one time, hamburgers were all the rage. They were also America’s favorite fast food item. But since then, news has come to light that details the treatment of animals and what actually goes into hamburger meat.

The outcry demanding animal welfare has not fallen on deaf ears, as more people are gravitating away from burgers and seeking alternatives. As it turns out, there are actually quite a few viable options.

Perhaps the most popular is the vegan burger. In fact, vegan burgers are the most common meat alternatives found in restaurants across the United States. This isn’t without issues, though.

While food chains might offer vegan burgers, the buns on which the burgers are places are typically made with eggs, thus defeating the purpose altogether. That’s why many vegans will just order the patty and supply their own bread.

That said, there are some restaurants that offer both vegan burgers and vegan buns. Establishments like Red Robin, Johnny Rockets, and Denny’s all offer complete vegan burgers.

As a brief aside, always remember to order your vegan burgers without cheese, mayo, or any other non-vegan topping or condiment. From what we gathered, most food chains will put non-vegan items on your vegan burger unless you request otherwise.

Fast food joints and dine-in restaurants aren’t the only places you can find vegan burgers. Supermarkets across the United States now offer vegan alternatives in their freezer sections.

Let’s take a moment to explore a few of the most popular vegan burger brands and what you can expect from them.

The Beyond Burger

This popular vegan burger can be found in many stores, such as Kroger and Target. The Beyond Burger is notable for its high vegan protein content (20 grams). What’s more, there are no traces of gluten or soy.

Taste-wise, this vegan burger gets everything right. So much so that many meat-eaters have a hard time telling the difference between the Beyond Burger and the real thing.

You can usually find Beyond Burgers in the cold meat section with the real hamburgers. This is done intentionally so that non-vegans will see Beyond Burgers and give them a try.

Simple Truth’s Emerge Plant-Based Patties

You can find these vegan burgers in Kroger stores across the United States. As with Beyond Burgers, Simple Truth’s Emerge Plant-Based Patties pack in plenty of pea protein (20 grams) for a hearty meal.

You get a ton of flavor in these plant-based alternatives, and they are perfect for grilling. Keep your eyes peeled for these excellent vegan burgers.

Impossible Burgers

One of the most well known vegan burgers that are incredibly juicy and come with lots of protein and plenty of flavor. The Impossible Burger is the burger pictured in this post.

Meatless Farm Meat-Free Burgers

Offering plant-based vegan burgers that look and taste like the real thing, Meatless Farm is an excellent alternative that deserves your attention. The burgers are incredibly juicy and come with lots of protein and plenty of flavor.

The Best Ways to Reheat Vegan Burgers

The best way to reheat vegan burgers is on your stovetop. With that said, the important thing you must remember is to remove your vegan burgers from the freezer (if they are frozen) and place them in the fridge. You need to do this the night before to ensure that they have enough time to thaw.


When ready, place a pan on your stovetop and put some oil in it. Turn on the appropriate burner and let the oil get hot.

Next, place a patty in the pan and allow it to cook for approximately three to four minutes. Once the allotted time has passed, flip the patty and repeat the same on the other side, letting the patty cook for about three or four minutes.

Once you can see that your vegan burger is golden throughout, you’ll know that it’s properly cooked and ready to come off the stovetop. Then, just let it cool slightly and serve.


If you prefer a faster reheating process, the microwave works just fine for reheating vegan burgers. Please note, however, that any time you have leftover vegan burgers, they need to be frozen instead of being placed in the fridge.

What’s more, it’s also a lot easier to cook your vegan patties before tossing them in the freezer. Whether you plan on eating them or not, cooking your vegan patties first allows you to avoid having to use the stovetop for reheating purposes.

So when you get home with your vegan patties, cook them on the stovetop first and then freeze them for later use. When you’re ready to eat them, you simply need to throw a burger in the microwave for a minute or so and enjoy.

Are Vegan Burgers a Good Choice for Vegans?

Definitely. Vegan burgers are quickly becoming all the rage among vegans and non-vegans alike. As people look for healthier alternatives to old favorites, it’s nice to know that the vegan market is there to the rescue.

There are plenty of healthy substitutes that vegans have known about for years. But as non-vegans bring more attention to these products, it’s likely that more brands will come out with more options for everyone to choose from.

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you are interested in learning more about vegan alternatives, be sure to visit our food substitutes page. There, you will find a wealth of vegan substitutes, from brisket to sugar and so much more.

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