What Does Crab Taste Like?

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If you love seafood, crabs will be your final destination. They are one of the most lip-smacking seafood without any second guesses. It would be more appropriate to compare them with a lobster in terms of taste, though. Crabs are juicy, fleshy, and even a bit salty in most cases. But no explanation, no matter the intricacies, will ever be able to do justice to the real buzz of excitement its flavors bring to your soul. Nevertheless, if you are a novice in crab tasting and are curious about trying it out for the first time, this article is yours to keep.

Let us read further so you can unleash more about the truth behind the heavenly taste of crabs.

What Does It Taste Like?

Crab is nothing like chicken or duck or turkey. It does not have that thick texture with crispiness on the inside. It has more resemblance to a fish or a lobster in this case. Although it does not carry the foul smell of a fish or its flesh, it tastes pretty similar. Generally, the crab meat is white, a bit salty, and soft. There is nothing like it! It melts into your mouth and makes you want to gorge on some more. But the problem is crab meat is relatively less in quantity than other meats like chicken or fish. So finding yourself being full for long may seem to be quite a task. However, it makes a great combination when you eat it with a bowl of rice.

Crabs are undoubtedly delicious to eat, but they may also be a bit pricey. Apart from this, finding good quality crabs in local restaurants is not easy. So you may have to spend a reasonable amount of time looking for the best ones. That is why they are best cooked at home for lunch or a lavish dinner. But the primary challenge is to beat open the shells to eat its meat. The claws can also be a bit difficult to bite into and may even seem gross at first.

Generally, crab is seasoned with garlic or butter that enhances its flavors and makes the mouth water in no time. If you eat carbs in moderate amounts, they can be good food for you to enjoy, and have a great day ahead. But make sure you do not add it into your regular diet as that can severely affect your health. It is most appropriate to have them during winters.

Crabmeat is quite tender and soft. It is also light, sweet, and salty. That is why it has a more unique flavor than most other meats you eat regularly. You also do not need to cook crab meat with too many spices at once. This is because they retain their natural flavors and are best-eaten light. We especially recommend garlic crabs if you are a sucker for flavourful meat.

What Does Crab Leg Taste Like?

Most people will find it gross at first, but it genuinely tastes good to dig into crab legs. They mostly taste like chicken because they tend to retain spices more easily. As such, it does not provide a fishy taste like that of crabmeat. It is tender, extraordinarily juicy, and flavourful. Also, it is relatively simple to prepare crab legs at home. So we recommend you try them at the earliest if you are interested in knowing what they taste like.

If you want to prepare the crab legs correctly, you need to break the legs into two and bend them a bit. Also, it would be best to keep in mind that you are not exerting too much force on the shell since this can directly hamper the meat inside it. So, we recommend you take a large pot and boil water after mixing in a tablespoon of salt. Once you do that, pour the crab legs inside and burn them. Please do this for five minutes until it cooks properly.

Now, take a separate pan and melt the butter. You may also add garlic and the seasoning of your choice. Now, it is time to put that sauce on the crab legs and toss it properly. Squeeze a lemon to improvise on the flavors, and there you are. We promise this recipe is all you need.

How Does The Texture Of Crab Meat Taste?

There are some critical facts you need to keep in mind when you buy crab meat in the market. For starters, note that the crab meat should be white. So, the texture is likely to be brown or red from the outside. However, if you notice that it is blue or any other color, it may be rotten, so could you not buy it at any cost? Make sure that the crab is not too dry. Also, it should not be too squishy for you.

If you go to someplace where they allow you to take some samples of the crabmeat, go ahead. Make sure it tastes sweet, fresh, and does not have any smell. Do not forget to keep the white texture in mind. That will make all the difference in need. It is best to hand-pick these crabs so that you can pick out the best ones for yourself.

Is Crab Healthy?

Although crab is packed with proteins and vitamin B12, we suggest you eat it only on an occasional basis. Crab may be most beneficial for those who wish to have strong bones and maintain muscle mass. It may also be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids so that you can dig into it without a second thought. If you want to get rid of any chronic problems, crabmeat can be helpful for that too. It also improves heart health and prevents anemia in many cases. But overeating crab may also cause diarrhea and stomach ache. So, make sure you avoid that as much as possible.

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in trying out crab today, do not keep waiting. We promise you will love gorging on to them. Do give it a shot to see how you like it.

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