Best Blender For Crispy Cool Drinks

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Is there anything better than a refreshing, crispy cool drink on a hot summer day? There’s just something about the refreshing nature of a cold beverage that satisfies the body and mind. If you’re into cold drinks and want to start making them at home with minimal difficulty, you might need a blender that can crush ice, process your ingredients, and prepare your drink with relative ease. 

In the following article, we’ll highlight several of the best blenders for crispy cool drinks, showcase why they’re a great option, and also discuss many related topics. For example, you’ll get a few tips for using your blender effectively, find out what kind of maintenance steps help with your blender, and provide a buying guide that helps you gauge which of these blenders is right for your drink needs.

Why A Blender Works Well For Crispy Cool Drinks

If you like crispy and cold drinks with refreshing flavors and thick textures, nothing works quite like a blender. You can create a surprising array of different drink types with a blender and also use most as general food processors. In this way, you get a diverse range of usages from your blender and can integrate it into your overall kitchen operation without worrying about spending too much money. 

Thankfully, your blender will provide a surprising array of different benefits and unique design elements that make it more than worth purchasing. If you enjoy drinking any kind of ice-cold drink (such as smoothies, slushies, mixed drinks, and more) you can easily justify buying one of these models. Just a few ways that your blender will help when creating crispy cold drinks include: 

  • Ice Crushing: When you’re creating iced drinks, your blender needs to be powerful enough to crush a large volume of ice. Thankfully, each of these machines is good at crushing or pulverizing ice and preparing it for your drink. Just mix in a little ice and liquid with your other drink ingredients, choose the proper setting for your drink type, and blend to create a tasty and refreshing drink option for your needs.
  • Food Processing: People who enjoy crispy drinks (like slushies or smoothies) with food ingredients will enjoy how well their blender processes ingredients. You can pulse the machine to crush raspberries, strawberries, melons, broccoli, and other items with relative ease. You can then use your  machine when creating other foods around the house, such as baby food and pureed drinks.
  • Drink Storage: After blending and creating your drink, you’ll need a place to store it either for drinking or serving. Thankfully, your blender should come with a tall plastic or glass container that you can use to store your drinks indefinitely. For example, you can usually place these containers in a refrigerator and keep your food cool and easy-to-serve for a long time with no difficulty.
  • Serving Options: What if you don’t like your container as a storage option or plan on pouring your drinks immediately? Most blender containers should contain a lid and a spout that makes serving your drinks easier. You can serve your drinks immediately or let them sit for awhile and thicken. Whatever the choice, your blender should make it fairly easy to serve these drinks with minimal issue.

All of these unique benefits make blenders for crispy cool drinks a great investment. You can install one of these machines in a variety of different settings. For instance, you could place one in your kitchen among your other appliances and use it during the summer or whenever you want a cool drink. You could also install one in your outdoor kitchen or sitting area for outdoor drink options. 

Even better, you could choose a portable option to take from one house to another during the summer. After all, the summer is often the season in which people love visiting others, traveling to different vacation spots, and even getting outside at the beach. While the blenders here don’t have battery-powered designs, you can use their drink-making powers to create tasty beach-oriented drinks. 

Thankfully, most of these machines are designed to be fairly easy to use and require little to no maintenance or upgrades. Before buying one, though, it is a good idea to understand what you’re looking for to ensure that you get the best experience possible. In the following section, we’ll highlight the things that you want to find when buying a high-quality blender for crispy cold drinks.

What To Look For When Choosing A Blender

When examining the different blender options on the market, it is important to take a few moments to examine multiple features. These design elements help to make a blender more appropriate and effective and minimize confusion or agitation. They also help give you a better insight into what your b lender may provide you. Just a few traits that you need to consider when buying a blender include:

  • Power: Typically, a more powerful blender will create more consistently blended drinks and create a high-quality option for most people. Blender power is measured in wattage and is usually between around 200-1,000 watts. You can get by with a 500-watt model if you want to make mixed drinks, but higher-powered options may be best if you want to use these machines for any other purpose. 
  • Speed Settings: Any blender with your time should have at least a few speed settings that let you create different types of drinks. Your speed should be measured by RPM but is usually indicated either by the drink name (such as “Smoothie” setting) or by terms like “Medium” and “Fast.” You may also find a “Pulse” setting that works well for some types of thicker drinks, like slushies.
  • Programmable Controls: High-value blenders often have programmable controls (even Smart controls that sync with phones and other digital devices) that allow you to set your power levels and much more. You probably don’t NEED these types of controls to get a great result from your blender. However, if you can afford a blender with them, they’re a nice option that may work well for you. 
  • Easy Cleaning Design: Blenders contain many different parts and containers that require cleaning between each use. You usually want to find a blender that breaks down quickly and efficiently, allows for dishwasher-safe usage, and cleans quickly and easily. Often, cheaper or lower-quality machines are harder to clean, which can make them more frustrating or annoying for many people to use. 
  • Containers: No matter what the name, your blender’s container needs to be of the highest quality possible. You may want a glass option for better insulation, though you run the risk of breaking with these models. Instead, you may want to identify a jug with a high-level plastic, as well as a large storage capacity, to get the best result. Most people should find it easy to research this unique design element.
  • Price and Value: Do you need to spend $200 or more on a blender? Not always: in fact, most of the blenders on this list range from around $50 to $100 or so. You usually don’t want to spend much less than $100, though pointing out a budget option is always useful for people who can’t afford higher-cost options. Spending more does typically result in higher quality, though, so keep that in mind.

If you’re not certain about which of these features is most important to you, just ask yourself a few simple questions. First: how often do you plan on using your blender to make crispy cold drinks? If you’re not likely to use it more than once or twice per year, you may find that it’s not a great investment to buy an expensive option with a lot of unique bells and whistles. A budget model may work best. 

That said, many people will desire a more complex machine with multiple speed options, a diverse range of programmable controls, and much more. Whatever option make the most sense for you, it is important to do your research and carefully check out all of the information included below. Our team did the hard work of figuring out the top options and you should check them out to learn more.

The Top 10 Blenders for Crispy Cold Drinks

In this list, we’ll review multiple different blenders for crispy cold drinks and give you an idea of which is best for your needs. Each includes a title, listing how it might be appropriate for your needs. For example, you’ll learn about the best blender for frozen drinks, the best blender for smoothies, and much more. We’ll give you features, pros, and cons of each of these unique options. 

In this way, it should be even easier for you to make a purchasing decision. Weigh each of these options carefully, balance what you want with what you can pay, and find a source for your blender. Typically, you can find these options either online at general shops (we include an Amazon link for your use), the online shop of each manufacturer, or even in a local retail shop near you.

Best Blender for Frozen Drinks: Gavasto Blender

This Gavasto Blender is the best blender for frozen drinks for a few reasons. First, we loved its high-powered design. You get an 1,800-watt motor with this blender, making it one of the more powerful options on our list. Its power should be more than good enough to handle ice crushing and other similar steps. You should have little challenge creating frozen drinks in seconds. 

We also loved the titanium-steel blades with a six-prong design. These blades provide maximum crushing power by attacking ice and your food on multiple sides at once. In just a few moments, your food and drink should be blended and ready to serve. When you mix ice, it should be close to frozen. However, you can easily integrate frozen ingredients with this blender as well.

For instance, you may throw in frozen fruits or vegetables and easily crush them with this blender. We particularly enjoyed it when making a frozen smoothie, though there are other options that may work well for smoothies on this list. Beyond these benefits, it also comes with a simple cleaning brush and silicone spatula that should make maintenance and cleaning even easier. 


  • The incredibly powerful motor should work well with frozen ingredients 
  • The included rubber feet are very stable and appealing 
  • We liked the overall price and general quality 


  • The material may not seem strong to some users 
  • We did not like the relatively loud nature of this blender

Best Blender for Crispy Cool Drinks: Hamilton Beach Blender to Puree

If you want a good blender for crispy drinks, this might be the option for you. While it isn’t quite as powerful as other options (700 watts), that power should be good enough for ice crushing and drink creation. You might not get your drink as quickly as you would with others, but the overall operation is fairly simple and should make this process easier to handle with minimal challenge. 

We also loved how many different functions were contained in this blender. It includes 12 different functions, including smoothies, icy drinks, and shakes. That’s one reason why it bumps up so high on our list: it’s simply one of the most diverse blenders we could find. As a result, you should be able to create a crispy, cool drink with minimal difficult and to your understandably exacting standards. 

If 12 functions seem confusing, never fear: the control panel is very easy to read and includes just five simple buttons. As a result, you’ll be making smoothies and other drinks on the fly in no time. Even better, we loved how easy it was to clean this machine. The blades came off smoothly and all the components (beyond the electrical parts) were dishwasher-safe. Talk about convenient!


  • A diverse array of different blending options 
  • The simple and attractive colors should appeal to most 
  • We loved the compact and streamlined design 


  • The lower power may not appeal to all users 
  • It could seem a bit basic to some users 

Best Blender for Mixed Drinks: Colzer Professional Countertop Blender

Are you interested in creating mixed drinks with a maximum level of blending power? Then, you might love this blender. It is one of the most powerful that we could find, with 2,200 watts of crushing power. That much power should make it easy to create just about any drink you can imagine. Beyond cool drinks, it is useful for grains, sauce creation, batter production, and even hot soup mixing. 

However, we’re here to talk about drinks: and this machine includes seven preset auto-iQ programs that let you choose the precise power you want from your machine. In this way, you can create the high-quality drinks that you want without difficulty. We found that it worked well with frozen and cold ingredients, blending them smoothly and with minimum challenge. 

Even better, this machine comes with nine different variable speeds. For example, you can use a slow blending speed to create a chunkier drinker or a vaster one to produce a smoother option. Whichever you want, you should be able to get it with relative ease. The pitcher holds up to 70 ounces, which makes it good for producing a large volume of drinks at a party or for home use. 


  • A BPA-free design that will keep you and your family safe 
  • The nine variable speeds should make this an easy machine to use 
  • We couldn’t find many blenders more powerful 


  • Some people may find the machine almost too powerful 
  • The base may seem a bit shaky when operating at full speed 

Best Blender for Ice Drinks: Ninja Professional

Great iced drinks require a little bit of extra power and a strong capacity, as you can store them for a long time, serve them for friends, or enjoy them immediately. This powerful (1,000 watts) and high capacity (72-ounce container) blender will work well for family needs and create a surprising array of different drinks with a the intelligent Total Crushing Technology design. 

Total Crushing Technology uses industry-leading blades and high power to blast your vegetables and fruits to grounds in just a few seconds. You can then mix in ice and blend them together to produce a broad range of different iced drinks. Freeze the container in the freezer or in a separate freezing container and you can have a tasty iced drink blend for several days. 

You may even great frozen drinks that you family will love, freezing various types of fruit juices and creating ice creams, show cones, and much more. You may also adapt this blender for general meal preparation, creating sauces, dips, and much more. By using this high-quality blender in these ways, you should get the best results possible for your needs. 


  • A large container makes multiple servings easier 
  • The powerful motor and blades blend in seconds 
  • Your ice drinks can be saved for many days 


  • The price might seem a little high 
  • It isn’t as good at food preparation as it is for drinks 

Best Blender for Slush Drinks: Oster Blender | Pro 1200

Slush drinks are kind of a unique blend of slushies and smoothies, as they’re a bit thicker than slushies but thinner than smoothies. This simple blender is a great option if you and your family love these basic drinks. They come with seven speeds and three different programmed settings that will create a broad range of taste varieties at the simple push of a button. 

What stuck out to us the most, though, was the brushed nickle coloring of this blender. While most of its material is plastic (beyond the cutting blades), the nickle color looked a bit more attractive than other blenders on our list. Beyond that, we thought the 1,200-watt motor was a good choice for a slush blender, as it can create a nice range of drinks with minimal difficulties. 

We also liked that this blender comes with both a smoothie cup and a larger glass jar. As a result, you can make drinks from a variety of different sizes and get smooth and efficient results. You can take your smoothie with on the go, make your kids a simple slush, or create a family-wide slush adventure. You can even mix in a little vodka around the holiday seasons and create a nice alcoholic slush for parties.


  • It lets your program multiple drink options 
  • The seven speeds should be good enough for most drink types 
  • The resulting slush is the best we could create with blenders on this list


  • The smoothie cup may seem a bit small 
  • The six-cup glass jar could easily break if dropped

Best Blender for Ice Cocktails: Colzer Professional Countertop Blender

Power and style: that’s what makes this such a great option for iced cocktails. It can hold up to two liters with each blend and produce many types of drinks. For example, you can create a large volume of frozen or iced cocktails in each blend and serve them to your friends. The easy-pour design make sit simple to pour into cocktail glasses without running into any issues. 

The powerful 2,200-watt motor will crush through your fruits, vegetables, ice, and other ingredients with little difficulty. Thankfully, most cocktails won’t require that many solid ingredients, which should make your blending much easier. Your blender will also last a lot longer than you might think because it contains BPA-free materials with a stainless-steel design throughout its structure. 

Even better, it comes with a variable speed control and timer option. These timers let you pick varying levels of blending powers and times, creating a streamlined and effective blending option. For example, you can set up your ingredients, set the proper cocktail blending speed, and let it do its thing while you handle other steps in your drink preparation process. 


  • You can use it for drinks, clean it, and then make food 
  • The vitamin extraction remains surprisingly strong 
  • It should fit comfortably in most homes 


  • It may not feel sturdy when running at full speed 
  • Some people complained about the machine’s noise level

Best Blender for Smoothies and Frozen Drinks: Magic Bullet Blender

Do you want a blender that can create smoothies and frozen drinks for one-person use? This option will work well for you. It comes with a tall, short, and part mug cup variety. You can use each of these cups for different purposes, choosing the tall cup for when you want a meal, the short one for a quick refresher, and the party mug when you want to create some tasty mixed drinks.

The best thing about this blender is how quickly it can blend various types of fruits and vegetables into a simple drink. The one-serving design is perfect for those who want a drink before they go off to work or for lunch. The easy-sealing top won’t spill, either, letting you take this drink to work, a walk, or even to the gym. As a result, you’ll feel healthier and get the food that you want fairly quickkly. 

We particularly like how easy this machine is to use, as you can simply twist your wrist and get it running. While the 250-watt motor is not exactly powerful, it should be good enough for most smoothies and frozen drinks. We strongly recommend mixing a little more fluid with this blender and using it as an on-the-go option to get the best results for your needs. 


  • Most people should find it easy to clean 
  • The flip-top cup makes it simple to take with you 
  • It works perfectly for small homes 


  • You can’t get more than one drink per blend 
  • The motor is not very powerful 

Best Blender for Making Mixed Drinks: Margaritaville Key West

Whether you love or hate his music, it is hard to deny that Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” is one of the all-time best known drinking songs. His Margaritaville brand produces a broad range of different items, including this high-quality blender. If you’re as into mixed drinks as Jimmy Buffet and his many fans, you’ll likely find this blender is the best option for your needs. 

While its power is fairly low (just 550 watts), that shouldn’t be an issue when creating mixed drinks. All you need to do is break apart a few ice cubes and mix some potent alcohols and mixers and you’re ready to go! This simple pitcher includes four pre-programmed settings and an automatic shave and blend cycle that helps you create a variety of mixed drinks quickly and surprisingly efficiently. 

With the 2.5-quart pitcher, it should be fairly easy to serve drinks to your friends or yourself. The easy-pour jar sits comfortably near the blender as well, allowing you to blend your drinks with minimal waiting time. If you have a home bar or just want to create mixed drinks quickly without a lot of waiting, it’s hard to do much better than this Jimmy Buffet-branded blender options. 


  • It can create a large amount of drinks quickly 
  • The material feels sturdy and safe 
  • You can wash everything in the dishwasher 


  • This blender cannot be used with difficult ingredients 
  • The price is surprisingly high for such a blender 

Best Blender for Slushies: NutriBullet Pro

Slushy blenders utilize ice and various ingredients to create a consistent and thick texture for your drinks. NutriBullet Pro blenders provide a maximum level of power and a diverse range of blending options. When used properly, they can create the kind of fantastic drink diversity that you want and deserve without costing you a lot of time and money in the process as well.

First, NutriBullet typically includes stainless steel designs and high-powered machines. At 900 watts, this blender is a good choice for slushies. It should create a smooth and streamlined slushie texture, though you can get a sticker feel by adding more ice and blending a little slower. Furthermore, the nutrient-extraction blades also help by pulling out more vitamins and minerals from your ingredients.

When using this machine, it is important to know that it is designed for speed and power. While not the most powerful option on our list, its operation is so streamlined that it cannot be used for more than 60 seconds at a time. Thankfully, the raw power and the Cyclonic action should make it easier to draw out the ingredients that you need without damaging your machine in the process. 


  • It provides maximum vitamin extraction power 
  • You may create thin or thick slushies with ease 
  • The quick blending speed minimizes wasted time 


  • Running the machine over a minute may cause overheating 
  • The cleaning method could be a little more streamlined 

Best Bartender Blender: Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

If you’re a bartender, own a bar, or plan on installing a home bar in your house, you might want to consider this blending option. It is designed to pull a maximum amount of culinary power out of each of your drinks, making them healthier and better. However, it is also a perfect bartender blender because of a handful of unique design elements that make it stand out. 

First, its 48-ounce container is a great size for blending large drinks and isn’t as appropriate for meal creating. While you can use it to make meals, the smaller size works better for bartending. It also includes a self-cleaning option that lets you clean it out in just 30-60 seconds. As a result, you won’t have a lot of downtime between your drinks and should feel better about creating blended drinks. 

Even better, this blender comes with a cookbook that you can use to produce meals and drinks quickly and efficiently. There’s not a lot that this blender can’t do, as its powerful motor, stainless-steel blades, long power cords, and multiple blending options make it a great choice for those people trying to create various blended drinks that make sense for your home or professional bar.   


  • It provides bartender-level mixing 
  • You’ll get a high-quality vitamin level 
  • You can produce multiple types of meals and drinks


  • Some homeowners may find it pricey 
  • The container isn’t that big 

Ways to Enjoy Crispy Cold Drinks

If you’re on the fence about whether you want to buy a blender for crispy cold drinks, it is important to understand why this option may be right for you. That’s because there are so many different ways you can enjoy delicious and crispy cold drinks using your blender. By understanding these unique drink options, you should find it easier to justify buying one of these machines. Just a few ways you can use them include when making:

  • Slushies: Slushies are a kid-friendly drink option that should work well for just about any family. You can blend in a variety of different ingredients, including various types of sugar or replacement sugar, add a few chunks of healthy fruit, and serve these drinks to your kids or even yourself. Try to make these drinks on a hot summer day, when you just want to relax by a pool with the family. 
  • Ice-Heavy Drinks: During the summer, you might greatly enjoy mixing crushed ice in with any drink you like. For example, you can crush ice with your blender and mix it with various sodas, lemonade, limeade, or other drinks to create a tasty and diverse range of blends. Whatever option you choose, you should find one that makes the most sense for your needs.
  • Smoothies: Smoothies are somewhat similar to slushies but typically include a higher level of healthy ingredients. For example, you can blend in fruits and even vegetables with your ice to create a chilled drink that will add a quick burst of fruit or vegetables to your diet with minimal challenge. Often, these smoothies work well if you’re trying to lose weight or otherwise improve your diet.
  • Mixed Drinks: You may also find yourself using your blender to create crispy cold mixed drinks during parties or as a night cap before you go to bed. For example, you may blend various beverage ingredients together into one container, such as various liquors, mixers, and much more. Adding ice (and thickening agents, like fruits) may help to make your drink that much more enjoyable.
  • Protein Mix: When bulking up for whatever reason (including athletic competitions or simply to improve your body), a good protein drink may help you out. They include a heady concentration of protein that helps to make it easier to boost your muscle strength in many ways. Thankfully, you can easily create a high-quality protein drink using your simple blender design.
  • Meal Replacement: Are you trying to lose weight and want a simple meal-replacement drink option?  You might want to use your blender to create a crispy and cold drink that makes this process easier. Thankfully, most of the blenders on this list should provide that benefit for you, as long as you take the time to properly add ingredients and blend your ingredients together before drinking.

Naturally, you can enjoy your crispy cold drinks in whatever way you like and whatever feels most comfortable to you. For example, you may not enjoy alcoholic drinks and want to use your blender strictly for health purposes. That’s totally possible! You could also install any one of these blenders in a home bar and get great results. They’re that diverse and simple to use for your needs. 

Some people may even buy two or more blenders and add them to various areas of their home. That might be a bit excessive to some people, but the lower-cost options may allow for that use. For example, you may put a blender in your home office so you can create quick smoothies and streamline your dining experience. Whatever the situation, you have many options from which you can pick.

Tips For Using Your New Blender

Did you buy one of the blenders on the list above and now feel a bit confused approaching them? You’re not alone. While blenders are typically quite easy to use and don’t require a lot of maintenance or upgrade, some people may find them a little challenging to understand at first. Thankfully, you can follow these simple tips to keep your blending smooth and efficient. Just a few tips that you can consider when using your blender include:

  • Keep the Lid Tight: If you aren’t careful about how well you seal your blender’s top, you might end up making a huge mess. That’s because the lid helps to hold your ingredients within the container and avoid messes. If your blender lid doesn’t fit snugly on top for whatever reason, you may need to hold it down or get a replacement lid to see if it will snap shut down on the blender. 
  • Don’t Overload the Machine: Too many people make the mistake of overloading their blender by adding too many solid ingredients. Typically, you need to have the machine filled up no more than half way with solid ingredients. The solid items (including ice) should be covered entirely by liquid with an extra half inch or so on top. Add more fluid if your blender struggles even then.
  • Mix Carbonated Drinks Last: If you ever plan on mixing carbonated drinks into your smoothies or other ice cold drinks, you should add them last to avoid any concerns. Putting in your carbonated drinks last helps to avoid any blender troubles and helps to make this process smoother. Typically, you pour the carbonated drink in after all the solid items are blended to help even them out. 
  • Don’t Blend at High Speed: Most people blend their drinks too fast and end up making a mess all over their kitchen. Avoid this mistake by starting with slower speeds and working up to faster ones. Slower speeds will help to produce thicker drinks and may give your smoothie or slushie the texture that you want. Blending faster will create a thinner drink that may be easier for some to drink. 
  • Experiment With Settings: You may find that some speeds or settings work better than expected for certain drinks or blends. For instance, you may find that a smoothie setting creates a tasty slushie or other type of drink. Some people may also find that various speed settings work well as a control for various design elements, including changing blade speed to pulse at various times.
  • Always Clean Your Machine Between Uses: If you plan on using your machine to make multiple drinks, make sure you rinse it out to avoid mixing ingredients between each beverage. This step is important because some people might be allergic to various drink ingredients. Rinse out the interior of the machine and the blades: you probably don’t need to soap them down, but make sure all residue is gone.
  • Integrate Frozen Ingredients: If you want to make your drinks as cold as possible, you can integrate frozen ingredients first and move onto room-temperature options. For example, frozen smoothie mixes can help minimize unnecessary preparation steps, keep your drinks cold, and make them easier to serve. If you don’t have frozen ingredients, a few ice cubes will do the trick as well. 

Beyond these tips, you may also want to pay attention to things like the overall design of your machine its layout, and read through your manual to learn more about how to operate it. Just as importantly, you can master various techniques that make your blending more effective, such as creating more high-quality blends by using varying speeds or programming your machine to operate at different times.

Blender Maintenance & Repair Steps

When your blender fails on you, you might find yourself in a tough situation. Do you want to repair this device or is it better to simply replace it? The options available here might surprise you, especially if you’re fairly new to these machines. Here’s a few simple steps that you can take to fix your blender before replacing it. Try these out if you want to save money and avoid throwing away your blender.

Fixing the Switches

When repairing things like your multispeed switch or other control elements on your machine, it is important to know the various steps required to handle this process. Only take these steps if you feel comfortable working with electrical devices and understand various upgrade steps:

  1. Remove the blender base to get access to the bottom of your machine 
  2. Carefully remove any clips or screwed that hold your switch into place
  3. Tighten any connections or terminals that may be loose on your switch 
  4. Use a multitester or continuity tester to gauge the switch’s electrical flow 
  5. Blast the switch and its contact area with compressed air 
  6. Replace the switch and see if your machine operates again 

You may also replace the switch by detaching it from the structure of your machine and carefully putting on a new switch. Contact the manufacturer to order these parts or work directly with a repair expert to take care of any steps that you may need to take in this situation.

Replacing the Fuse

Like most modern kitchen appliances, these blenders should have one or more fuse that will burn out and protect the machine from damage. If yours burns out and needs to be replaced, it is important to follow these simple steps to figure out this situation and keep your machine safe:

  1. Carefully remove the blender base before you begin 
  2. Identify the fuses by tracing the switch wire towards the motor 
  3. Disconnect the wire and hold it carefully to minimize hand contact 
  4. Test the wire using a multimeter or continuity tester
  5. Replace the fuse if the circuit is open (i.e., it holds a charge)

Always make sure that you use a fuse of the same quality rating as the initial option. This choice may require you to contact the appliance manufacturer or to research various fuse types on the market. Thankfully, this process should be fairly simple once you understand how to approach it. 

Working on the Motor

Your motor should last for several years without getting worn down. However, improper usage (such as using too much solid materials) may wear down the motor. Some people may simply want to buy a new blender or follow these steps to check their motor and replace it: 

  1. Place a multimeter probe on the appliance cord circuit prongs
  2. Turn the speed controller slightly to see how the power changes
  3. Rotate the drive stud and replace the motor if the ohms varies 
  4. Tighten the drive stud if the ohm reading doesn’t alter 

If these steps don’t help, you probably just need to buy a new blender. Unfortunately, buying and installing a new motor is typically going to cost more than just buying a new blender. That fact brings us to the eternal debate when it comes to appliances: replacement or repairing.

To Repair or Replace: That is The Question

You’ve had your blender quite a few years and you’re not sure that repairing it is worth the time and money. However, you should probably always repair when possible to help prevent waste and minimize unnecessary expenses. Repair your blender if:

  • You can handle the repairs yourself with minimal difficulty
  • The parts are easily available in your nearby hardware store 
  • It will cost less to repair the device than replace it 
  • Your blender is outdated and no longer available on the market 

However, if you find that it’s simply easier and less costly to replace your blender, you may want to take that step instead. Talk to a nearby repair professional about whether they want to buy your broken blender for parts. In this way, you may get a little money and avoid unnecessary equipment waste.

Get the Most Out of Your Blender

If you’re interested in one of these blenders, we also strongly suggest finding a crispy cool drink recipe book that you can use as a guide. These books provide you with tips on how to use your machine, including various drinks you can make with the blender. Each recipe will provide you with information on appropriate speed and power settings, as well as the best way to control your machine’s operation. 

Even better, you can identify various blender types that make sense for your needs and utilize them in a smooth and streamlined manner. For instance, you can learn how to create things like baby food, various types of dough, baking batter, and much more. In this way, you can expand your range of uses for your machine and get the most out of your experience, minimizing your chance of improper usage.

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