Best Ethiopian Cookbooks

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Immersing yourself in different cuisines and cultures is a way to travel the world without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s one thing to experience the taste and texture of traditional Ethiopian cuisine but if you want to experience the whole package, then enjoy feasting on a traditional dish as a family, Ethiopian style.

We sometimes get so wrapped up in our daily routines that we don’t think about mixing things up and experimenting with new flavors. Ethiopian cuisine is exotic, filled with aromatic flavors that bring new dimensions and textures to the palate.

Dishes often consist of thick meat stews called wats served over a spongy sourdough bread called injera with side dishes of vegetables and their traditional mix of chili spices made up of different fragrant spices called Berbere. This is normally served on a large metallic dish, called a gebeta, where everyone enjoys feasting as a family, Ethiopian style.

Ethiopian food has become hugely popular all around the globe. It is a very adaptable way of cooking and caters to vegetarians and vegans alike, so let’s travel to Ethiopia and try out some delicious recipes with these wonderful cookbooks to mix up the routine and experience Ethiopian culture through taste.

The Ultimate Ethiopian Cookbook: Beginners Guide

  • Total Recipes: 7
  • Total Pages: 83
  • Recipes Preview: Dora Wat & Injera; Kit wat; Ethiopian Cabbage And Potato Dish; Gomen Wat
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Berbere spiced chicken breasts

If you have ever tried Ethiopian food, then you already know it’s delicious and full of flavors. This book, authored by Eric Scott, PhD., delves into a little bit of the country’s cultural heritage and ethics before introducing some easy and basic recipes that can easily be made at home as a great introduction to Ethiopian cuisine.

Eating Ethiopian food should be enjoyed Ethiopian style, meaning it’s time to gather together and rethink the cutlery as your family enjoys a traditional recipe and get messy fingers as you feast on the exotic food both in taste and visually.

Ethiopian Cookbook: Traditional Ethiopian Recipes Made Easy

  • Total Recipes: 64
  • Total Pages: 136
  • Recipes Preview: Enqulal Fitfit; Ethiopian Lasagna; Pumpkin Spiced Dabo Kolo; Ethiopian Fried Chicken Wings
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Wild Mushroom Stew With Spicy Berbere Sauce

This book dives deeper into the culturally rich diversity of Ethiopian cuisine, bringing us many rich and healthy recipes that we can try from breakfast to dinner, including some favorite sweet and delicious Ethiopian desserts.

Filled with easy step-by-step recipes that the beginner cook to a pro chef can use, this book will help you create some delicious meals that will impress your family and friends as you gather to enjoy a feast of traditional dishes.

Learn to create amazing breakfast, lunch, appetizers, and dinners with a sweet ending to perfect the experience.

Authored and published by Grizzly Publishers, they believe that creating excellent factual content is important for readers to learn and grow with each book. Ethiopian Cookbook is created with authentic recipes for the reader to practice and enjoy.

The Ultimate Ethiopian Cookbook: 111 Dishes From Ethiopia To Cook Right Now

  • Total Recipes: 179
  • Total Pages: 111
  • Recipes Preview: Ethiopian Baba Ghanoush; Spicy Chickpea Dip; Ethiopian Couscous Salad; Ethiopian Spiced Beek Jerky Quwanta; Berbere Spice Chocolate Pudding
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Lamb And Okra (Ethiopian’s Bamyan)

This guide will help you create an Ethiopian menu for a feast that will wow your family and friends. With great recipe ideas from breakfast to dinner with desserts and drinks, you even get ideas on salads and soups that will keep you coming back for more with their delicious aromatic flavors and spices.’

In this book, you can find facts about Ethiopian cuisine, insights about Ethiopia, and Ethiopian recipes for breakfast, side snacks, appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, desserts, and drinks to complete the whole experience.

Authored by Slavka Bodic, born in the Balkans, she resides in former Yugoslavia. Surrounded by good memories and good food was part of their normal lives, so she made a passion for bringing authentic and delicious recipes to all her readers.

Ethiopian Cuisine: A Complete Cookbook Of Colorful, Exotic Dishes

  • Total Recipes: 30
  • Total Pages: 96
  • Recipes Preview: Firfir and Eggs; Ground Nut Stew; Berbere Jackfruit Tacos; Sanbusa Turnovers
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Zigni Hot Curry

Ethiopian food is vibrant and colorful, with vibrant colors of spices in the Berbere mix to the array of colorful vegetables that infuse the dishes with bright oranges, greens, and purples.

The book describes 30 delicious recipes with a list of ingredients needed and methods to prepare, with an idea of how many people you can serve with the ingredients. It also provides you with the preparation time you need to make the dish, accompanied by vivid photographs of the dishes.

Recipes can also be adjusted from hot, spicy dishes to a milder toned-down version, with gluten-free, lactose-free recipes suitable for vegetarians. 

A book authored by Angela Burn, a food enthusiast that has written dozens of books on all sorts of foods, from sweets to decadent desserts and authentic traditional soul food.

Ethiopian Cookbook: Ethiopian Conventional Foods Kept Simple

  • Total Recipes: 57
  • Total Pages: 82
  • Recipes Preview: Ethiopian Spiced Cottage Cheese With Greens; Key Sir Alicha (Ethiopian Beets And Potatoes); African Chicken In Spicy Red Sauce; Stuffing Recipe
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Ethiopian Instant Pot

This recently launched book is jammed-packed with Ethiopian recipes that are made simple and easy for beginners to pro chefs. You can easily follow the recipe with methods on how to prepare the dish, serving yield, time to prep, cook, and total time per recipe.

This recipe book will truly give you authentic and delicious traditional dishes. It launched in April of 2022; it has not yet received ratings on Amazon but will definitely add some diversity and spice to your daily meals. 

Auntie Tsehai Cooks: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Ethiopian And Eritrean Food

  • Total Recipes: 100
  • Total Pages: 192
  • Recipes Preview: Green Beans & Carrots; Vegan Tseghi, Hamli, & Agibo over Injera; Fitfit Injera with Vegetarian Tsebhi Sauce; Grilled Shiro
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Kalegna (Spicy Red Lentils)

A book co-authored my Auntie Tsehai, who shares her love of cooking and her delicious recipes and methods with Erin, who organizes the recipe into clear and easy-to-understand steps, identifies time-saving tips, and photographs the delicious meals to add mouthwatering illustrations to go with the recipe. 

Once you understand the tenets of the sauces that Auntie Tsehai teaches you, you will be amazed at how easy preparing Ethiopian food is. The secret to great Ethiopian food is the layering of flavors that is easily recognized, but its rich deep flavors add complexity to the taste buds.

It’s like having a recipe book handed down from generational cooks, a how-to book to learn and enjoy the traditional food that Ethiopia is becoming so popular for.

Co-authors Tsehai Fessenhatsion and Erin Peterson share their love of cooking and teaching with this inspirational book from a traditional Ethiopian cook.

Exotic Ethiopian Cooking: Traditional Ethiopian Recipes Made Easy

  • Total Recipes: 178
  • Total Pages: 160
  • Recipes Preview: Misir Wat; Beet Tips; Kik Alicha Split Pea Stew; Ambasha Flat Bread
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Ethiopian Spris (Exotic Summer Fruit Smoothie)

Exotic Ethiopian Cooking by Mary W. Hills invites you into Ethiopia’s society, culture, hospitality, traditions, and culinary etiquette. Some recipes are as old as dating back to the Queen of Sheba time, but it provides measurements for the beginners until cooking becomes instinct and you will be cooking up a storm like a pro.

This book has it all from breakfast, main meals, yogurt, soups, bread, drinks, and alcoholic beverages. You are sure to put a feast out for your next themed dinner party and be the envy of your friends.

Mama Ami’s Quick & Simple: Eritrean & Ethiopian Recipes: Includes Vegan & Gluten-Free Dishes

  • Total Recipes: 10
  • Total Pages: 26
  • Recipes Preview: Shiro (Chickpea Stew); Alecha (Vegetable Curry); Kinche (Grain Bowl); Tesga Qulwa (Awaze Tibs Beef)
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Yebeg Tibs (Lamb)

Mama Ami takes us through a cooking adventure through East Africa with this simply delightful book full of delicious recipes, vivid photographs of enchanting foods, and anecdotes of personal stories.

This gem of a book co-authored by Gabriela Birhane and Amarech Tewolde teaches you ten signature Eritrean/Ethiopian traditional recipes which are easy and quick to make. With five decades of cooking experience, Mama Ami will take you through dishes that are bursting with authentic flavors with warm tones of spice, making you the envy of your friends as you serve up traditional exotic soul food.

Ethiopian Cookbook (Planet Cookbooks)

  • Total Recipes: 28
  • Total Pages: 74
  • Recipes Preview: Honey Wine; Hot Cabbage Salad; Mild Alicha Chicken; Hot & Spicy African Wraps
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Spiced Honey Bread

A book written from the authors’ experience Rachel Pamburn about the exquisite flavors of Ethiopia, from the colorful spices to the divine presentation, gives you the experience of Ethiopia as a culinary delight.

This book was written in support of millions of Africans in need and was requested by the Gourmand International and Paris Cookbook Fair to compete in the 2013 Gourmand World Cookbooks Award.

Easy-to-follow recipes with beautiful photography will be an indispensable book in your kitchen on Ethiopian meal nights.

The Lotus And The Artichoke: Ethiopia

  • Total Recipes: 70
  • Total Pages: 160
  • Recipes Preview: Doro Wat – Spicy Seitan Stew; Spinach Dinah; Butecha (Chickpea Egg Salad); Minchet Abish (Spicy Soy Mince & Walnuts); Shimbra Asa (Chickpea Fish)
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Pizza Lalibela

This is the sixth book in The Lotus And The Artichoke books Series from Justin P. Moore, who travels to far and exotic places to get original and traditional recipes for the people of Ethiopia.

Each book is the culmination of his adventures and artistic skills, cooking, and photography. His book describes his interactions with the families he stays with and the generosity of the people that have invited him into their restaurants and home to share their delicious authentic cuisine.

This book is dedicated to vegan recipes with over 70 recipes and mouthwatering photography to entice you to recreate the dish and inspire you; with easy-to-find ingredients, you can start cooking immediately for even the hardest of critics. 

Ethiopia: Recipes And Traditions From The Horn Of Africa

  • Total Recipes: 75
  • Total Pages: 224
  • Recipes Preview: Lamb Stuffed Vegetables; Buttermilk Marinated Chicken With Grilled Vegetables; Spicy Tomato Stew; Whole Grain Teff Salad; Breakfast Fava Beans
  • The Best Recipe We Want To Try: Chicken Tej Sauce With Orange

A land apart that was never colonized celebrates ancient traditions in their love for food making. The distinct flavor and cuisine were influenced by a mix of religions that molded the recipes into these authentic dishes.

Yohanis Gebreyesus traveled the world as a chef after he completed his studies in Lyon, only to return to his home country to open his restaurant Antica, where he promotes healthy lifestyle cooking and Chef Yohanis brands with Ethiopian recipes and products.

Ethiopia: Recipes and Traditions from the Horn of Africa, written by chef Guru Yohanis to introduce the world to the love for the country’s cuisine, flavors, and traditions.

A prize book to have in your kitchen, with exquisite photography, demonstrates the insightful details of Ethiopian food’s culture and historical details and the love its people have for sharing the pleasures of feasting.

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