Best Organic Apple Juice

Best Organic Apple Juice: Top Five Selections

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Organic apple juice is widely available and gaining popularity due to its benefits to health and rich nutritional value. Organic juice helps the body to detoxify, boosts immunity, strengthens metabolism, increases hydration levels, provides better cognition, improves weight loss, digestion, respiratory health, and heart. Customers need to find the product that is best for them to drink.

Why Apple Juice Over Other Juices?

Why Apple Juice Over Other Juices

Organic apple juice is pesticide-free. Pesticides kill organisms that destroy apples, and are linked to cancer, hormone disruptions, skin problems, eye issues, lung disease, toxic to nervous system/brain, and ADHD.

Organic apple juice simply tastes better. These types of apples have a longer harvest time improving their natural flavor when they are bottled into a juice.

It benefits farmers, as well. Many farmers have illnesses related to pesticide usage. Since organic foods do not use pesticides, this increases their health.

It is also rich in fiber, low in sugar, and is healthier for you. Eating apples will make you feel fuller for longer, won’t generate a sugar crash, and will help you lose weight. Apple juice concentrate from popular juice brands has great flavors, but contains ingredients that are high in added sugar and additives, not to mention artificial flavors and artificial colors.

Organic apples benefit you by:

  1. Improving how the heart functions. They are high in potassium, meaning that it promotes heart health. Potassium is known for being a vasodilator lowering tension in the arteries. This reduces heart attack risks and cardiovascular problems.
  2. Boosts your immunity. It contains vitamin C which maintains the immune system. As an antioxidant, it decreases inflammation and prevents free radicals from producing oxidative stress in the body.
  3. Increases liver function. Malic acid helps in improving the function of the liver. If you eat an apple, it helps with urinating and releases salts/fats from the body. It flushes out toxins. So, to counteract the effects of salty foods, consider having an apple.
  4. Eye health improves. Vitamin A helps increase vision and prevents eye problems.
  5. Helps with constipation. Malic acid improves digestion. This and high fiber content will free you from cramping, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. Sorbitol smooths the digestive tract and permits an easier exiting of stool from the body. It acts as a natural stool softener if you have been constipated for a while.

The Best Organic Apple Juices

Apple & Eve Organic Apple Juice

This is a USDA certified organic apple juice. It is abundant in vitamin C and is fortified with calcium for good bone health. It is 100% natural and comes in the perfect size to pack for lunches or as a healthy snack.

Apple & Eve believe in going the distance to provide the best organic fruit juice. They harvest, press, and select the best organic fruits into pure apple juice. This ensures the juice is completely wholesome free of artificial flavoring, sugar, and coloring.


  • Is friendly to forests
  • Made from recyclable and sustainable materials


  • Only comes in packs of threes as opposed to the traditional coming in a pack of six.

Langers Baby 100% Organic Apple Juice

Langers Baby is 100% organic apple juice. It does not contain any added colors, sweeteners, or sugar. It is GMO free, Kosher, and gluten-free.

This product is created from concentrate. Its sodium content is low, and the taste is less tart over other brands.

Despite it being from concentrate, it is still full of nutrients.


  • Children like it because it isn’t as tart
  • Healthy alternative and free from many allergens


  • None. Consistent five-star ratings.

R.W. Knudsen Juice

This organic apple juice is only 95% organic. It contains 100% apple juice with no added sugar. It is created from whole apples and has an enhanced flavor from other ingredients. This is another one made from concentrate, is non-GMO, and only has 12 calories.

The thickness of the consistency makes it great for recipes. If it is too thick, just add water to dilute it.


  • Great balance of sweetness and apples
  • Affordable


  • Only 95% organic
  • Thick

Lakewood Organic Apple Juice

This apple juice contains a blend of juice pressed from organic apples and mangoes. It is certified organic by the Quality Certification Services, is Kosher, non-GMO, and bottled in a non-toxic glass that is BPA, BPS, and DEHP free.

Lakewood juice is pasteurized, bottled, and pressed in a certified organic facility. They contain ripe, fresh fruit free from sweeteners, additives, fillers, and are not made from a concentrate. There are micronutrients found in every bottle and are great in managing health.

This juice does contain pulp, which some people may not appreciate. However, there are those who do enjoy it as it creates more of a drinking freshly squeezed apple juice type of flavor.


  • Fresh
  • Facility is certified organic
  • Free of toxins
  • Natural crisp taste


  • Pulp
  • Higher price

Martinelli Apple Juice

Martinelli produces 100% pure apple juice. All apples are organically grown and fresh. It is not made from concentrate and doesn’t have any additives. Customers cite that it is one of the best tasting juices on the market… repeatedly.


  • Plastic jug makes product easy to pour
  • No additives
  • Fresh taste


  • May be a little bit on the pricier side

There are many health benefits to drinking any fruit that is organically grown. Having something that is free from pesticides creates a more nutritious, healthy food experience. People enjoy this as they are confident they are putting something that is wholesome into their bodies- not something that has been genetically modified.

these organic apple juices

The flavor of most of these organic apple juices is spectacular over the traditional brands- even the ones derived from concentrate. The fact that they are fresh generates a crisp, not as sweet, apple taste. Even though they may be pricier, the overall benefits to one’s health can outweigh the initial cost.

Organic apples are known to improve the health of your heart, boost the body’s immunity, improve liver function, treat eye issues, and both treat/prevent constipation. There are many benefits to consuming organic fruits over more traditional methods.

These juices are naturally sweetened, are grown in the purest of conditions, and are well worth the investment.

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