Best Pizza Cutters On Amazon

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If you love store-bought or homemade pizza (and who doesn’t?), you know how frustrating it can be to get them cut just right. Pizza cutters come in various styles, and the best one for the job may surprise you. Look at these top picks we’ve found for you on Amazon.

The best and safest pizza cutters for cutting through a tough crust without wrecking your pizza are kitchen shears or high-quality stainless steel pizza wheels. Good brands to buy include Fiskars Non-Scratch Kitchen Shears, OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel, and Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Cutter Scissors.

We’ve put together the top choices for cutting the perfect pizza every time to help you choose the best pizza cutter for your kitchen. Whether you like your pizza thick crust and a little softer or thin and crispy, there’s a pizza cutter that will do the job. Our buyer’s guide will w3alk you through everything you need to know when buying a new pizza cutter.

Aspects to Consider for Pizza Cutters

Most of us are familiar with the pizza wheel as a pizza cutter and have seen it in action enough to assume that the pizza wheel must be the best option to choose when buying a pizza cutter. It’s satisfying to watch that cutter whizz through the crust, dividing your pizza into neat wedges.

Surprisingly, you may get far better results by using a pair of kitchen shears designed to cut pizza. They do a better job penetrating the crust and are a lot safer to use.

When stacked against pizza shears, the one-blade style of pizza cutters is usually inadequate. Pizza wheels may be inexpensive, but you will have far better results by stocking your kitchen with a good quality set of pizza scissors instead. Professional pizza chefs usually use a pizza rocker, but even a serious home chef will get great results with pizza scissors.

Our findings have been that pizza scissors beat pizza wheels, hands down. When it comes to cutting through tough crusts and thick toppings, the scissors do a better job than the wheel, and it’s our choice of utensil.

Some aspects you might want to take into consideration when buying your pizza cutter are listed below.


The size of your pizza cutter will make a difference in where you can store it. If your kitchen is relatively small and you have little drawer space, you may prefer a design that takes up less space.

Small, cheap pizza wheels have their place, especially if your budget and space are limited, but remember, the smaller wheel makes them suitable only for cutting thin, small pizzas. Trying to cut through a thick, tough crust with a tiny pizza wheel will often ruin the crust and can be dangerous.

Budget pizza wheels will also feel less sturdy and harder to grip properly. Instead of slicing cleanly, you may find they move the toppings around as they cut.


Pizza cutters come in three main types:

  • One blade pizza wheels
  • Pizza scissors
  • Mezzaluna, or pizza blade

Pizza blades are large rocking cutters. These cutters are heavy, take up a lot of space, and some skill to use so you won’t need one unless you’re running a pizza kitchen. Instead, we’ll be looking at the two types most commonly used in the home kitchen.

Of the wheel and scissors types, you’ll find a large variety in style, cutting ability, materials used, and ergonomic design. High-end cutters will usually have better features and feel more solid and easy to use but are likely to have a higher price to match. 

Many scissors designed for pizza have angled blades and a flat base to allow you to slip the bottom blade under the crust and cut away from you towards the center of the pizza.


Pizza cutters will be sharp because they need to cut through pizza crusts cleanly. When storing a pizza wheel, the rolling blade will be exposed, so you will need to take care when reaching into utensil drawers. Some brands of pizza wheels will come with a special case for the blade, but these are usually quite expensive models.

If your pizza wheel is too small or blunt to use effectively, you may have to slice and slice again to cut through your pizza crust. This motion can cause injury of the blade were to slip.

When closed, Pizza scissors will have no exposed blades, which can make them safer while in the drawer. In use, you have more control when using a pair of pizza scissors, which causes injury to be less likely. Because of the design shape, you have to cut away from you, which makes this much safer.

Whichever design you prefer, pizza cutters are sharp, and care should be taken when using them or if there are children in the household.


Pizza cutters work best when they are kept sharp. A dull blade makes cutting difficult and inefficient, and because you need to use more force when cutting, it can be potentially more dangerous if the blade were to slip.

Budget cutters made from inferior materials will dull faster, and incorrectly storing your pizza cutter will shorten the blade’s life span. Keep blades from touching other cutlery to prevent them from becoming dull.

Not all types of pizza cutters can be sharpened; if they are made from porcelain or plastic, you will not be able to sharpen them.

A standard kitchen knife sharpener is not that easy to use on either a wheel or scissors-type. The turning wheel makes this difficult, and the shape of the scissors is an obstacle to using a knife sharpener. Depending on the design, you may have to take your pizza wheel apart to sharpen it.

The best multipurpose sharpening tool for either style is a whetstone. Remember that a whetstone or other sharpening implement can only be used on metal cutters


Not all pizza cutters are dishwasher-safe, and you will have to check the manufacturer guidelines to find out if your pizza cutter can go in the dishwasher. Some wheel cutter models are designed to allow you to remove the blade from the handle to wash them separately.

It’s easier to clean pizza cutters if you wash them immediately, as dried food will be harder to remove. Hand wash pizza cutters with warm soapy water but do not leave them to soak in water for too long, as this could encourage rusting.


Budget cutters are usually made from cheaper materials and are likely to break and dull faster. If you only need to cut pizzas occasionally, a simple budget pizza wheel may be all you need. But for the best results, aim to spend a little more. As our guide below will show you, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good pizza cutter that will suit your needs.

Best Pizza Cutters On Amazon

Fiskars Non-Scratch Kitchen Shears

Fiskars is our top recommendation for pizza cutters. They won’t break the bank, and their quality will shine through.

These stainless-steel scissors have an easy-grip handle designed to be comfortable to hold, while the angled design keeps the handle up and away from the toppings. While cutting, you will not shift the toppings around with the scissor handle.

The base of the scissors is made from nylon, and this heat-resistant material will allow you to cut your food without damaging any surfaces.

At 10.5″, these pizza scissors are ideal for handling large and small pizzas. This modern design makes them essential for your kitchen while protecting your bakeware, counters, and pans.

Top Features

  • Non-scratch, long-lasting stainless-steel blades
  • Large, comfortable handle design that keeps your hands far away from the topping
  • Nylon non-stick base to protect surfaces from damage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Separating blades that allow for easy cleaning in no time
  • Used to cut pastries, pizzas, omelets, and quesadillas directly on the cooking or serving surface
  • Versatile use as general kitchen shears to cut herbs, salad greens, and vegetables

OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel

If you prefer using a wheel to scissors, the OXO Good Grips is the one to get. Forget the tiny, flimsy budget wheels, and invest in the OXO. At 4″, it’s a decent size that allows you to tackle large pizzas with thicker crusts, and a good value, it’s still a relatively inexpensive piece of kit.

The OXO pizza wheel blade is made of stainless steel, and the soft, non-slip handle has a built-in thumb guard to protect your hands while cutting. One downside of pizza wheels is that the wheel blade will contact the cutting surface and damage it.

We suggest the OXO wheel cutter if you prefer the quick slice method of cutting your pizza and are reluctant to use scissors. The OXO pizza wheel is a quality pizza cutter that is not flimsy, will last you a long time, and give you a clean cut on most pizzas.

Top Features

  • The stainless steel blade is large and easily cuts through even the thickest crusts.
  • A built-in thumb guard to protect your hands
  • A large and comfortable non-slip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free

Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Cutter Scissors

These pizza scissors are top class, gliding through the thickest crusts and effortlessly cutting your pizza into neat slices. However, the Scizza is a slightly more expensive option than the Fiskars Kitchen shears, so we put it a little further down the list. However, if you’re willing to spend the money, this is a great kitchen tool with a sleek and modern design.

The Scizza is available in either black or red handle versions and has an extra-long blade that enables you to easily cut through large pizzas. Unlike the Fiskars Pizza Shears, the Scizza blades do not come apart, but the blades are still easy to clean, and the cutter is dishwasher-safe.

The base of the lower blade protects cutting surfaces and can be used as a server to dish out the pizza slices. The stainless steel blades are German-made and designed to last a long time and go in the dishwasher, making this one of the simplest cutters to clean, as it does not have to be disassembled.

Top Features

  • Stainless steel blade that keeps its sharpness
  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • A protective base that doubles as a server and is heat resistant to 400F
  • Curved blade design keeps toppings in place
  • Safety lock
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean

Asdirne Pizza Scissors

If you’re keen to try out pizza scissors but are hesitant to spend a lot of money, the Asdirne Pizza Scissors are our number one budget recommendation. They still offer excellent cutting ability and a comfortable design that will not pull your toppings apart.

Compared to the other two pizza scissors we recommend, the Asdirne falls down in that it does not have a protective lower blade, so you may have to take more care when cutting to not scrape or damage surfaces. We don’t recommend using this as an in-pan cutter, unlike the other two brands. It’s also slightly smaller, with a blade length of 6.5″, making them inferior for cutting larger pizzas with very thick crusts.

We suggest this brand if you’re looking for a cheap, convenient pair of pizza scissors for the occasional thin-base crispy pizza.

Top Features

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Stainless-steel blades that keep sharp for easy cutting
  • Pizza scissors handle set to an angle to avoid touching the pizza toppings
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning
  • Handles designed for comfort and inner rings are wrapped in semi-soft TPR

Pizza cutting shouldn’t be a chore, whether you choose to try out pizzas scissors or stick to the humble pizza wheel. We’ve found that using pizza scissors has made slicing up our pizzas a more enjoyable experience, and cutting through tough crusts is so much easier. Gone are the days when half the toppings were pulled out of place by the drag of the pizza wheel, leaving us with pizza that is better looking and is ready to be served in a matter of moments.

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