Best Premium Olive Oils

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Premium olive oils exist in a class of their own, offering taste and aroma experiences that entice and delight the senses. Masterfully crafted from olives selectively harvested at various degrees of peak ripeness, these oils encapsulate flavors as diverse as the terroirs they hail from. Carefully crafted oils range from delicate, buttery, smooth varieties featuring subtle grass, fruit, and nutty undertones to powerfully intense oils redolent of artichoke, herbs, freshly cut grass, and a lingering pepperiness. We’ve picked out the very best premium olive oils available to order in the USA. Experience the difference that true quality makes. Whether you’re a seasoned olive oil connoisseur or just starting your exploration, there’s a perfect match for you waiting here.

Key Takeaways

  • While all of the premium olive oils reviewed present world-leading flavor, aroma, texture, and value, a few high-end leaders emerge. Sabino Leone Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is loved for its robust green fruitiness. Oro de Canava Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an ever-popular medium-intensity oil, whereas Molino 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a favorite among delicate premiere-quality products.
  • Corto Truly 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monini DOP Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Enzo Organic Delicate are three of the best options on the more affordable end of the spectrum, offering outstanding value for money on their industry-leading premium olive oil.

Flavor And Aroma Profiles Of 20 Most Common Olives

OgliarolaItalyFruity (Green Apple, Banana), Herbaceous, VegetalMild, Fruity, Almond Notes
Nocellara del BeliceItalyFruity (Green Almond, Artichoke, Tomato), SpicyMedium-Intense, Fruity, Almond, Peppery Finish
CaroleaItalyFruity (Green Apple, Tomato, Melon), FloralMedium-Intensity, Bittersweet, Almond, Apple
LeccinoItalyFruity (Green Almond, Tomato), Sweet, MildMild, Fruity, Sweet
TaggiascaItalyDelicate, Floral, AlmondDelicate, Sweet, Fruity, Nutty
MoraioloItalyFruity (Green Apple, Tomato), Floral, SpicyMedium-Intense, Bitter, Peppery
FrantoioItalyFruity (Green Apple, Artichoke), Herbal, ComplexIntense, Bitter, Peppery
HojiblancaSpainFruity (Green Apple, Tomato), PepperyMedium-Intense, Bitter, Spicy
PicudaSpainFruity (Artichoke, Tomato), Herbaceous, PepperyIntense, Bitter, Pungent
ArbequinaSpainFruity (Green Apple, Banana), Grassy, AlmondDelicate, Fruity, Balanced, Peppery Finish
CornicabraSpainIntense, Fruity (Green Olive, Artichoke), Herbaceous, SpicyIntense, Bitter, Peppery
EmpeltreSpainDelicate, Fruity (Green Apple, Almond), FloralMild, Sweet, Fruity, Peppery Finish
ManzanilloGreeceFruity (Green Apple, Almond), Herbaceous, PepperyMedium-Intense, Bitter, Peppery
KoroneikiGreeceFruity (Green Apple, Banana), Grassy, PepperyFruity, Balanced, Peppery Finish
KalamataGreeceFruity (Apple, Banana), Herbal, PepperyMedium-Intense, Peppery, Slightly Bitter
Ayvalik (Edremit)TurkeyFruity (Ripe Olive, Fig), Herbal, EarthyBold, Savory, Fruity, Brined
MemecikTurkeyFruity (Apple, Banana), Herbal, PepperyMedium-Intense, Peppery, Slightly Bitter
GemlikTurkeyFruity (Green Olive, Almond), HerbaceousSmooth, Mildly Bitter, Peppery
ChemlaliTunisiaFruity (Green Olive, Banana), HerbaceousBalanced, Fruity, Peppery Finish
TounsiTunisiaDelicate, Floral, FruityMild, Sweet, Fruity

Top 20 Best Premium Olive Oils

Our selection of the twenty best premium olive oils includes leading favorites for all types of oil. Light, medium and bold intensity oils are reviewed, including renowned award-winners from some of the world’s best producers. 

Sabino Leone Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginPuglia, Italy
IntensityVery Strong Robust Intensity
AromaHerbaceous Olive Scent Evoking Light Vibrant Notes Of Fresh Almond And Crushed Tomato Leaf
FlavorGrassy, Medium Bodied, And Earthy With Herbaceous Complexity And Rich Robust Undertones
Other ProductsEveryday Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Winter Olive Oil – Sabino Leone
  • 1st Place Robust Green Fruitiness Category – Mario Solinas Awards 2023
  • 365.3 mg/kg Polyphenols & Ultra-Low <0.16% Acidity
  • Favored For Its Complex Flavorful Intensity

As the first prize winner in the robust green fruitiness category at the 2023 Mario Solinas Olive Oil Quality Awards, Sabino Leone Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is famous for its distinctly deep grassy flavor profile. Hailing from the Puglia region of Italy, Sabino Leone Organic monovarietal showcases super-tangy Coratina olives crushed on the day of harvesting to ensure peak freshness. Their rich, zesty flavor is marked by notes of sweetness, complemented by hints of bitterness and a peppery finish., They are also prized for their large size and oil content. 

With a medium intensity, this Southern Italian olive oil presents a round and intense flavor profile, boasting a very balanced taste with aromas of tomato leaf and a subtly sweet undertone. Under the stewardship of owner Sabino Leone and his children, the Sabino Leone farm demonstrates an unwavering commitment to elevating the esteemed native cultivars that have stood for over 200 years through innovative olive plant cultivation techniques. The result is Sabino Leone Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, boasting what could be the best balance for a robust oil in the industry. It’s highly sought after and in limited supply, so if you find a bottle, we suggest snapping it up without hesitation. 

Oro de Canava Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginJimena, Spain
IntensityBoldly Robust (High Intensity)
AromaClean, Fragrant Flavor With Progressive Spiciness And Light Bitterness That Is Only Detectable As Faint Highlight Elevating Earthiness
FlavorGreen Olive Forward Flavor With Hints Of  Mint & Tomato And Undertones/Highlights Of Ripe Almond, Fig & Apple
Other ProductsOro De Canava Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 Liters Packed In A Can
  • First Prize Medium Green Fruitiness Category – Mario Solinas Awards 2023
  • Ultra-Low Acidity At <0.15%
  • Persistent, Progressively Bolder Flavor Profile

Oro de Canava Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the most successful premium olive oils reviewed. In 2023, Oro de Canava was awarded a Gold Medal in the medium green fruitiness category at the Mario Solinsa Awards, which is a clear reflection of the superlative flavor, texture, and aroma to expect. It has certified Protected Denomination of Origin under “Sierra Mágina”, the exact mountainous region of Jimena, Spain, where its olives groves grow. It’s a premium early-harvest olive oil that delivers bright, vibrant flavor, popping with the taste of fresh green olives while lingering with a depth of flavor and complexity of fruity undertones that only the very best oils can muster. 

From the moment one opens the bottle, a freshness fills the air, which is mimicked by its full flavor. It’s one of the most aromatic bouquets one will find among premium olive oils. The unmistakable pepperiness of Oro De Canava comes through as a moderate burn, allowing the full array of depth of flavor to be detected and fully enjoyed. Its robust flavor holds up well under heat, imparting a distinct savoriness to anything added. If you value deep flavors inclusive of undertones and fruity highlights lost to most other intense oils, Oro de Canava may just become your new go-to.

Palacio De Los Olivos Picual Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

OriginJaén, Andalusia, Spain
IntensityDelicate Intensity With Full-Flavor
AromaHerbal Fresh Aroma With Hints Of Light Spice And Subdued Fruity Notes
FlavorDistinctly Fresh Herbaceous Flavor Reminiscent Of Artichokes With Well-Balanced Neutral Smoothness
AffordabilityVery High
Other ProductsNone Available
  • So Strong That Most Will Only Ever Need A Few Drops
  • Longstanding Award-Winning Oil With Several Awards
  • Loved For Dipping And Finishing

Hailing from the sun-drenched plains of Castilla-La Mancha, Palacio de los Olivos Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil embodies the quintessential spirit of Spanish EVOO. Crafted exclusively from the esteemed Picual olive variety, known for its unique character, this award-winning oil offers a sensory experience unlike any other. 

Palacio de los Olivos Picual boasts a remarkable second-place ranking on the coveted EVOOWR list, a testament to its exceptional quality and flavor profile. While classified as delicate intensity, this olive oil surprises with its robust personality. This is the ideal premium olive oil for those who value a midway point between boldness and delicate flavor.

More than just a delicious drizzle, Palacio de los Olivos Picual Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is a commitment to tradition and sustainability. The family-run estate employs meticulous hand-harvesting techniques, organic farming practices  and cold-pressing within hours of picking, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor. Expect vibrant green fruit notes reminiscent of freshly cut grass and green apple, a matching green color, and a taste  punctuated by a peppery kick that lingers on the palate. This delightful complexity sets it apart from the crowd. While the intensity beckons exploration, it’s important to note that Palacio de los Olivos Picual shines brightest when used for dipping or finishing dishes. Its delicate notes and nuanced character can easily be overwhelmed by high-heat cooking methods.

Molino 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginÁcula, Granada, Andalucía, Spain
IntensityLow Fruity Intensity
AromaGreen-Forward Aroma With Hints Of Unripe Banana & Fruity Freshness
FlavorSubtle Fruit Notes Of And Green Apple Leaving Lingering Light Flavorful Bitterness
Other ProductsMolino 100% Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Delicate Cooking And Finishing Oil With Ultra-Low Acidity
  • Gorgeous Printed Glass Bottle Dispensing Luxurious Silky Smooth Viscosity Oil
  • First Place In The Delicate Green Fruitiness Category At The 2023 Mario Solinas Awards

With acidity lower than 0.1%, Molino 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts a flavor that is not only light, complex, and delicate but also supremely smooth without any sort of aftertaste marring the bouquet. This exquisite oil is the epitome of Spanish culinary finesse, perfect for use as a finishing and dipping oil, where its nuanced flavors can shine. However, its delicate nature makes it less suitable for cooking applications where heat may detract from its subtleties. Awarded first place in the Delicate Green Fruitiness category at the 2023 Mario Solinas awards, this oil represents the pinnacle of excellence in olive oil production. 

Even the vessel containing the oil is beautifully designed to protect the nuanced flavor easily damaged by oxidation, ensuring that each drop retains its pristine quality. Both Molino 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its lighter counterpart, Molino 100% Picual EVOO have silky smooth viscosity and layers of superb flavor. Another latent upside to either purchase is the appealing white bottle that practically shields the oil from sunlight at the same time. The portrait of its place of origin is so quaint and attention grabbing in its contrast that many will pick this oil for the beauty of the bottle alone. 

Nobleza del Sur Organic Day Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginAndalusia, Spain
IntensityModerately Bold Robust Intensity
AromaZesty Green Olive Aroma With Fruity Highlights And Earthy Richness
FlavorVibrant Green Olive Flavor With Hints Of Sweet Unripe Banana And Undertones Of Apple, Almond, And Fig, Balanced By Moderate Pepperiness
Other ProductsNobleza del Sur Organic Night Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nobleza del Sur Centenarium Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nobleza Del Sur Night Organic EVOO, Nobleza Del Sur Tradicion 1640 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Best Oils of the World Mario Solinas 2023
  • Supremely Smooth With Subdued Pepperiness And Bold Earthiness
  • Breathtaking Black Corked With Built-In Spout Grants Excellent Pour Control
  • 2023 Mario Solinas EVOO Of The Year & NYIOOC Gold Award Recipient

Nobleza del Sur Organic Day Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts a robust intensity, crafted meticulously from green olives. The name Nobleza del Sur roughly translates to ‘Nobility of the South’, which hints towards the fertile area in Jaen, Spain, where the olives used in this premium EVOO are grown. This region is known locally as ‘Olive Paradise’ thanks to its fertile conditions and perfect elevation for growing, translating in rich, deep flavor once pressed. Notably, it clinched the prestigious gold award at the 2023 BIOL International Olive Oil Competition held in Italy and Gold at the 2023 Mario Solinas Awards. 

This exceptional organic olive oil reveals distinct aromas reminiscent of fresh grass and ripe bananas, offering a sensory journey to the lush groves of Andalusia, Spain. A touch of astringency breaks the smoothness slightly, adding immense depth and a lingering finish. Whereas Nobleza del Sur Organic Day is a single-variety Picual oil, offering a robust intensity with a notably bold green and fruity bouquet, Nobleza del Sur Organic Night blended from various olives is also available for those who prefer something milder. Both are Mario Solinas Award winners and among the best money can buy.

Goya Unico Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginRubbetica Region Of Andalusia, Spain
VarietalHojiblanca & Picuda Blend
IntensityBoldly Intense
AromaBlend Of Green Fruit Scents, Reminiscent Of Freshly Cut Grass, Green Apple, And A Hint Of Green Tomato
FlavorBold With Robust Pepperiness And The Perfect Balance of Bitter Undertones And Spice
Polyphenol CountUnknown
Other ProductsGoya Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin 3 Liter, Goya Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Goya Light Spanish Olive Oil 
  • First place winner in the packers category at the Mario Solinas Quality Awards
  • Recipient Of Chefs Best Excellence Award
  • Extremely Balanced EVOO With Low Intensity Bitterness And Big Flavor

Goya Unico Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a prestigious yet affordable Spanish oil often praised for its fruity aroma, balanced flavor, and smooth texture. It maintains the highest standard of quality, characterized by low acidity and superior taste. To date, Goya Unico has taken no less than 126 in international awards including claiming first place in the prestigious Mario Solinas Quality Awards in 2023 in the Packers class. Unico is produced from the first cold pressing of the finest Hojiblaca and Picuda olives, effectively blending a mild but highly aromatic varietal famous for its fresh grassy fruitiness with potent Picuda which are so bold that by themselves they come with a distinct bitterness.

From the moment that one catches a whiff of the aroma reminiscent of fresh cut grass, green apple and green tomato, the complexity and depth of flavor about to be sampled becomes clear. It takes Goya roughly 2.2 pounds of Andalusian olives to produce a quarter gallon of olive oil. It’s a slim yield but a superior oil in almost every way that’s perfect for those who value intensity and culinary versatility without overpowering boldness. While Goya Unico Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil may not be as artisanal or boutique as some smaller producers, it is a reliable choice for consumers seeking a high-quality olive oil rich in polyphenols with consistent flavor and performance that, while premium, won’t break the bank. 

Rincon De La Subbetica – Award Winning Organic Cold Pressed EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginCórdoba, Spain
IntensityMedium Intensity
AromaReminiscent Of Herbaceous Plants, Thyme, And Mint With Prominent Notes Of Tomato And Garden Vegetables
FlavorInitially Sweet With A Green Almond Flavor And A Moderately Spicy Finish
Affordability Low
Other Products3 Best Organic Olive Oils in the World 2019 Variety Pack, New York Gold Medal 2019 for Extra Virgin Olive Oil Variety Pack
  • Ultra Low Acidity Of  <0.14%
  • EVOO Of The Year For 2023
  • 300+ Awards Since 2003 With 44 Awards In 2023

Awaken your taste buds to the enchanting melody of Rincón de la Subbética, a highly decorated, award-winning organic EVOO heralding from the sun-drenched mountains of Andalusia, Spain. Rincon De La Subbetica is the world’s top ranking extra virgin olive oil in 2023, as classified by the EVOO World Ranking Organization. Made from the first harvest of Hojiblanca olives, Rincon De La Subbetica Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a sensory journey with its intensely fruity flavor profile and notes of green, unripe fruit. It has remarkable complexity and exquisite balance, beginning with a delightful sweetness, accentuated by subtle almond notes. As the taste unfolds, a nuanced bitterness emerges, adding depth and complexity to the flavor profile. Towards the finale, a mild yet distinctive peppery kick tantalizes the taste buds, leaving a lingering sensation that perfectly rounds off the flavor. 

Tropical fruit aromas mingle with hints of artichoke, green almond, and cut herbs, culminating in a beautiful cinnamon finish to the bouquet. It’s as aromatic as it is flavorful. With a medium intensity, it is an oil that’s an indulgent yet worthwhile investment for discerning palates seeking complexity and depth. With acidity of 0.14% or less, Rincon De La Subbetica  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts supremely smooth, vibrantly fresh flavor. It’s better than the highest caliber Italian offerings and more affordable than most run-of-the-mill options (remember to check out our wrap-up best grocery store olive oils here), and should be kept as a forerunning consideration by anyone who appreciates medium-intensity oil on the stronger side. 

Entre Caminos Selección (Escalera Álvarez S.A.T)

OriginLa Roda de Andalucía, Sevilla, Spain
IntensityMedium Intensity
AromaFreshly Cut Grass & Juicy Green Fruit With Subtle Hints Of Almond With Crisp Understated Sweetness Of Tomato And Apple
FlavorBurst Of Fruity Intensity, Balanced By Touches Of Sweet And A Peppery Bite With Light Bitterness
Polyphenol CountUnknown
Other ProductsNone Available
  • 2nd Place For Ripe Fruitiness At Mario Solinas 2023
  • Prized For Its Light, Brightening Bitterness
  • Prized Spanish Oil With 6 Awards In 2023

Entre Caminos Selección is a product of Escalera Álvarez S.A.T, which took second place in the ripe fruitiness category at the 2023 Mario Solinas Awards, a testament to the company’s expertise and dedication to crafting exceptional olive oils. Escalera Álvarez S.A.T is a renowned olive oil producer based in Spain with a long-standing reputation for excellence in the industry. Established several decades ago, the company has been a prominent player in the Spanish olive oil market, known for its commitment to quality and tradition. This organic extra virgin olive oil, made from the Hojiblanca variety of olives, boasts a medium intensity with a distinctively fruity aroma and a subtle bitterness.

Its flavor profile is characterized by a harmonious balance of flavors, with pronounced notes of ripe fruit and a hint of peppery spice. When it comes to medium-intensity oils, Entre Caminos Selección is on the stronger side, but it still manages to pull off a deep, savory tanginess unique to the blend. Escalera Álvarez S.A.T was one of the first companies to grow within US markets, and its acclaim is certainly well-warranted. Every batch can be relied on for freshness and consistent flavor. If you enjoy olive oil with a degree of light bitterness that contrasts each highlight and undertone, Entre Caminos Selección is for you. 

Terra Creta Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginCrete, Greece
IntensityModerate Intensity
AromaFresh Light Green Almond, Subdued Florals, And Zesty Citrus With Grass-Forward Aroma
FlavorGreen Almond, Floral, And Citrus Blossom Into Peppery Artichoke And Herbal Undertones
AffordabilityVery Low
Other ProductsTerra Creta Award Winning Kolymvari Estates, Terra Creta 100% Koroneiki Variety
  • High Organoleptic Property Oil
  • Protected Designation of Origin from Kolymvari in Crete
  • Greece’s Best Oil, 5th On EVOOWR Toplist & 43 Awards For 2023

Terra Creta Grand Cru embodies the very essence of exceptional Cretan olive oil. Terra Creta employs a meticulous “from tree to bottle” approach, ensuring the highest quality throughout every stage. This includes handpicking the olives at peak ripeness, cold-pressing them within hours of harvest, and utilizing cutting-edge extraction techniques to preserve the oil’s delicate flavors and health benefits. Crete’s sun-drenched climate, rocky soil, and proximity to the Aegean Sea contribute to the olives’ distinct character. This terroir influence translates into the oil’s complex flavor profile, offering hints of artichoke, tomato leaf, green pepper and even a touch of almond.

This harmonious balance, characterized by a touch of bitterness, reflects the distinct terroir of Crete and the age-old traditions of olive oil production practiced by Terra Creta. While Terra Creta Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil currently ranks fifth on the EVOOWR toplist, it has consistently earned accolades, including a Gold Award at the 2023 London Olive Oil Competition and a First Place designation in the “Best Koroneiki” category at the Mario Solinas competition. Indulging in this award-winning oil with the peace of mind that comes from knowing Terra Creta’s commitment to sustainable practices preserves the land for future generations. It’s one of the best you’ll taste especially for those who value mildness and fruity undertones. 

Monini DOP Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginUmbria, Italy
VarietalMoraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino
IntensityMedium Intensity
AromaWoody, Earthy Herbaceous Aroma Highlighted By New Fruitiness & Scent Of Fresh Grass
FlavorRobust Olive Flavor With Slight Bitterness, Hints Of Almond Detectable In Aftertaste And Fresh Underlying Pepperiness 
Other ProductsMonini IGP Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monini IGP Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monini Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Third Place Small-Producers Category Mario Solinas Awards 2023
  • EU Protected Designation of Origin P.D.O
  • Exceptionally Well Priced For Premium Olive Oil

Crafted exclusively from Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino, and San Felice olives, each renowned for their distinct contributions to the final blend, Monini DOP Umbria embodies the meticulous care and expertise that define Umbrian olive oil production. From hand-harvesting at the peak of ripeness to cold-pressing within hours, every step is imbued with a deep respect for the land and its bounty. The flavor profile of DOP Umbria is led by vibrant grassy notes, which develop into undertones of subtle artichoke and deep earthy complexity while culminating with a lingering peppery finish. It’s an extremely well-rounded oil with pronounced flavor that works wonderfully whether used over food, for dipping, or for cooking.

Monini SPA. – Spoleto has been proudly producing some of the world’s finest olive oil since 1920, acclaim foreshadowed by the company’s most recent achievement. Monini DOP Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil placed third in the small-producers category at the Mario Solinas Awards and is about the best mid-range olive oil money can buy. It’s got a richness that goes wonderfully well with sweeter ingredients, especially sweet bread but remains ever-versatile thanks to its olive-forward flavor. Anyone who samples it is sure to be impressed by the oh-so-creamy smoothness as well. 

Gaia Oliva Ayvalık Early Harvest Turkish Olive Oil

OriginThe Aegean Region Of Turkey
IntensityMedium Intensity
Aroma:Earthy Asparagus Mingles With Nutty Almond And A Hint Of Licorice Fennel
FlavorHighly Fruity With Balanced Bitterness And Pungency
Other ProductsPremium Memecik Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • 458 PPH With 0.26% Acidity
  • Single Estate Gold Award Winner – 2023 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition
  • Direct From Supplier Ordering

Gaia Oliva Ayvalik is cold-pressed olive oil sourced from a single grove of olives in the Aegean. The olives used are harvested at their peak ripeness and processed within a mere two to four hours, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful expression of the fruit. This meticulous attention to detail results in an oil characterized by remarkable balance and harmony. Its moderate intensity makes it versatile and approachable, while its lower than 0.26% acidity ensures a smooth and pleasant experience on the palate. It presents light fruity notes and a hint of bitterness, complemented by a delicate aroma of freshly cut grass and green herbs.

Yet, Gaia Oliva Ayvalık offers more than just deliciousness. It’s a powerhouse of health benefits, boasting a remarkably high polyphenol count of 458, which tops most competing premium olive oils. It has garnered numerous accolades, including a prestigious Gold Award at the 2023 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, a testament to its exceptional quality and dedication to crafting a truly remarkable product. There are three different sizes available, with a volume bump that’s sure to encourage anyone who has tasted it to order again. Even at the minimum quantity presents considerable value for money. Dipping and finishing oils don’t get very much better, making Gaia’s celebrated premium Greek olive oil a must-try for anyone who values either good oil or oil from Southeast Europe. 

555 Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginTeba Village, Melaga, Spain
IntensityDelicate And Light
AromaFresh And Verdant With Undertones Of Green Apple, Banana, And Grass
FlavorInitial Sweetness Leads To Pleasant Subtle Bitterness And Piquant Spice With Sweet Earthy Aftertaste
Other Products555 Picual, 555 Hojiblanca
  • Treasured For Its Sweeter Earthy Flavor Profile
  • Rich And Smooth With Extreme Depth Of Flavor
  • Controlled Altitude & Traditional Growing And Processing Perfected

555 Extra Virgin Olive Oil presents a selection of award-winning monovarietal olive oils from Greece that, while pricey when factoring in shipping, could well be the best Gracaen oils available to US consumers.  It was placed at the Diputación’s 22nd XXII Awards for the Best EVOO in Malaga, Spain within the  medium green fruity category during 2023. The olive processed into 555’s oils are all grown at exactly 555 feet. This altitude combined with the rich environment translate to truly extraordinary oils. Three varieties are available. 555 Picual is known for its intense personality, boasting a pronounced olive leaf aroma with hints of green tomato and artichoke. It’s got a robust, peppery flavor and lingering bitterness. 

555 Arbequina is a delicate oil with fruity notes of green apple, banana, and citrus, which is balanced by a subtle bitterness and a mild peppery finish. Finally, 555 Hojiblanca offers a harmonious blend of fruitiness and bitterness with a peppery kick. Expect aromas of fresh almond and green banana, followed by a spicy burn and a touch of artichoke on the palate. Its medium intensity makes it a leading favorite for everyday use. The lack of ready availability narrows the audience but for fans of Greek olive oil, there’s nothing quite like it. 

Please Note: The independent store Olive Oliva stocks several select olive oils like 555 from Terraverne that are otherwise unavailable to US shoppers,  and largely most of the rest of the world, outside of the country of origin of course. Shipping to the USA takes roughly four days and will set you back around 30 Euros, or around $33. 

Sté Olea Kotti Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginMarasca, Tunisia
IntensityRobustly Intense
AromaFruit-Forward Aroma With Deep Richness And Pungent Grassiness
FlavorSupremely Smooth Robust Flavor With Deep Earthy And Herbaceous Complexity, Finished Off By Sharp Peppery Kick
Other ProductsDorica EVOO, Fresca EVOO
  • Traceable Product – Single Estate Grown
  • Robust But Fruity Flavor With Immense Depth Of Flavor
  • Uncertified But Reliably Organic 

Sté Olea Kotti is Tunisia’s top ranking extra virgin olive oil in 2023, and a brand that is conveniently available online to US shoppers unlike so many other award-winning oils from the country. Sté Olea Kotti Tunisian EVOO is made from the Chetoui variety of olives which are renowned for their versatility, resilience, high oil content and medium intensity. This style of oil is loved in Tunisian cuisine for its crisp, fresh flavor profile, granting a touch of Mediterranean flair to all sorts of dishes. There’s a subtle fruitiness in aroma that’s slightly detectable as a mild undertone that adds to the richness. 

It’s a meticulously crafted organic olive oil with deep roots tracing back to a family heritage that’s perfected the art of olive oil production. Three different sized bottles are available and each supplies tracking information that allows the user to trace its origin back to the tree. Olive oil fans will be pleased to know that Sté Olea Kotti Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of those oils that’s ideal for use in cooking and for dipping and finishing. Even though there’s a  delicate nature to its flavor and general appeal, the taste holds up well to heat. 

Corto Truly 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin:Corto, California
Intensity:Light Intensity
Aroma:Green, Grassy Aroma Evoking Fresh Herbaceous Notes And Light Earthiness
Flavor:Light, Delicate, Smooth With Light Fruitiness, Light Pepperiness And Subdued Richness
Affordability: High
Other ProductsCorto La Padella High Smoke Point Olive Oil (Blended),The Corto Cup Cocktail Kit, Corto Agrumato-Method Flavored Olive Oil Calabrian Chili, Corto Agrumato-Method Flavored Olive Oil Lemongrass And Basil 
  • Made In The USA & California Olive Oil Council (COOC) Certified
  • Peak Ripeness Harvesting Ensures Mature Olive Highlights
  • 8 Awards Taken During 2023

Renowned chefs and discerning palates alike recognize Corto Truly’s excellence. It has received numerous awards, including Gold at the 2023 San Francisco International Olive Oil Competition which is just one of eight received during the year. This makes Corto Truly the USA’s most successful EVOO and one of the few certified by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). By partnering with local Californian growers, Corto Truly  ensures fair compensation and helps sustain the local agricultural community. They offer complete transparency, allowing you to trace the origins of your oil back to the specific grove where the olives were grown. Sourcing locally also means an incredibly low price point with quality that exceeds that of most competitors. 

Corto Truly boasts full-bodied flavor with bright floral notes, hints of freshly mowed grass, and a delicate peppery finish.  Its balanced profile shines throughout all culinary applications, from enhancing the subtlest flavors to adding a robust touch to hearty dishes. Unlike many mass-produced olive oils, Truly is crafted from olives harvested at peak ripeness and processed in under eight hours, capturing their most vibrant flavor and health benefits. Customers are given a big brand oil at a great price that competes with premium olive oils that are among the best in the world. After all, Corto Truly did rank first in the USA in 2023 on the EVOOWR toplist. 

Pathos USDA Organic Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginMalevizi Region, Korfesm Heraklion, Greece
IntensityBold Robust Intensity
AromaDominant Olive Notes Akin To Freshly Crushed Olives Intermingled With Whispers Of Grasiness, Earthiness And Light Peppery Warmth
FlavorOlive Forward With Deep Richness, Light Spiciness, A Touch Of Bitterness And Both Grassy & Nutty Undertones
AffordabilityVery Low
Other ProductsNone
  • 28th Overall In 2023 & Second Olive Oil In Greece
  • 22 Awards Taken During 2023
  • Among The Most Beautiful Olive Oils For Gifting

If you’re looking for one of the highest-end varieties of Greek olive oil that money can buy, Pathos USDA Organic Ultra-Premium Cold Pressed Olive Oil is perfect for you. This single-estate, early harvest EVOO has a broader depth of flavor than almost any other equally robust oil. It’s immensely complex in flavor and aroma, bringing a green taste that’s somewhere between green leaves and green almond and blending it with light hints of citrus, herbaceous, unripe banana and unmistakable pepperines, Its aroma mimics this, carrying the strong scent of grass and olive leaves with hints of vanilla, fruitiness and pungent artichoke.

Parthos have gone out of their way to showcase the excellence of their product to the public. Every harvest comes with a certificate stating a full breakdown of the polyphenols and oleocanthal content. Normally only ultra-high concentration oils list their composition as such. Even the package and dense matte white finished bottle scream luxury. The shape is far from regular but at the same time ever so practical for pouring and it comes enclosed in a box that seals from top to bottom, perfect as a gift. Remember, production is limited. Even though pricing is high, stocks are likely to be snapped up fast each year.  

Olive Truck Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginSan Joaquin County, California
Intensity:Robust, Bold Intensity
AromaHerbaceous With Hints Of Fig And Artichoke, With Chicory And Almond Undertones
FlavorRobust Herbaceous Notes, Reminiscent Of Freshly Cut Grass And Green Herbs With Subtle Sweetness, Nutty Richness And Earthiness
Other ProductsAscolano, Coratina, Picual, Tuscan Blend,
Arbequina, Taggiasca
  • 501 Polyphenols With <0.25% Free Fatty Acid Content
  • Available For Purchase Direct From Manufacturer
  • Pioneering Mobile Processing Technology Grants Freshness

Olive Truck is a company that processes its olive oil directly at the California gloves where they’re grown using a mobile olive processing truck that’s fitted with a cutting edge vacuum mill  designed in Tuscany. This results in flavor prized for its freshness and fruity brightness. Olive Truck Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the company’s most successful and most popular variety, showcasing bold intensity reflected by a prominent bouquet. With a polyphenol count of 551, the pepperiness is prominent and all the flavor notes are bold. Olive Truck Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the second ranking EVOO in the usa with no less than six awards for 2023, and one of the only premium brands that offer discounts on bulk purchases and a subscription package.

Ascolano, Coratina, Picual, Tuscan Blend, Arbequina, Taggiasca olive oil varieties are also available from The Olive Truck. Out of these varieties, no less than two place on the world top 100 list of EVOOs. The San Francisco based company will ship you an award-winning bottle of olive oil from their collection every three months, varying through Frantoio, Taggiasca, Tuscan Blend and Picual through the course of a year. At the time of writing, this worked out to $140 for four bottles which is basically saving you around $40 to $50 on the shipping alone. Aside from the affordability, Olive Truck Frantoio couldn’t come more highly recommended. It’s one of America’s finest olive oils with a consistent record of excellence that’s been upheld for many years thanks to its innovative approach to achieving prime quality through on-sight processing. 

Enzo Organic Delicate

IntensityLight But Bold In Undertones & Pepperiness
AromaAromas Of Green Olives And Artichokes Mingling With The Freshness Of Green Tomatoes And A Hint Of Aromatic Basil
FlavorWell-Balanced Taste With Zesty Notes And Delicate Sweetness Complemented By Ripe, Buttery Nuances And A Complex Mild Peppery Finish 
Other ProductsEnzo Organic Medium, Enzo Organic Bold,
Enzo Garlic-Infused Olive Oil, Enzo Organic Basil Crush Infused Olive Oil
  • Deep Vibrant Flavor For A Light Organic Monovarietal Oil
  • 6 Awards Won During 2023 Including 3 Gold At NYIOOC
  • Made In The USA And On EVOO Of The Year List For 2023

Don’t let the low price for Enzo Organic Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil fool you into thinking that this is another run-of-the-mill mid-range grocery store brand for its actually the second best rated olive oil in the USA. That’s right, Enzo’s California-grown Arbequina-based olive took gold awards at NYIOOC 2023, Los Angeles IOOC 2023 Olive Japan IOOC 2023, and two Gold awards at BIOL 2023. Also, don’t let the “delicate” name fool you – this olive oil boasts an unexpected richness that’s truly something special. After sampling it, one will quickly come to understand why it’s held in such high regard. It’s light but zesty olive oil that trumps products twice its cost. As a delicate premium EVOO that’s strong in flavor, it’s perfect. for finishing and dipping.

Enzo Organic Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a ripe flavor profile that’s one of a kind with superb balance and complexity for something so strong and so thin but smooth. The depth of flavor without being overwhelming and heavy is out of this world. While available in other places, ordering direct from Enzo’s Table online charges a low flat-rate for nationwide shipping via UPS and orders over $250 are shipped free. Enzo is most definitely a brand for those who prefer pronounced flavor from their premium olive oil, and for even bolder offerings, check out the rest of their range. 

Gallo Ancestral

OriginRibatejo, Portugal
VarietalHojiblanca & Picual
Intensity:Robust Strong Intensity
AromaRich Off-Sweet Harmonious Aroma With Notes of Ripe Greenness And Fruity Highlights
FlavorBalanced Fruity, Bitter, And Spicy Flavor, With Moderately Sweet Notes.
Other ProductsGallo Azeite Grande Escolha, Gallo Azeite Reserva, Gallo Azeite Colheita Madura, Gallo Azeite Bio, Gallo Azeite Classico
  • Mario Solinas Awards  – Second Place Runner-Up In The Ripe Category 2023
  • Sourced From Traditional Groves Maintained For Over 100 Years
  • Available In Over 40 Countries Worldwide

Gallo Ancestral is one of the most decorated products reviewed, having received no less than 27 awards throughout the course of 2023. As the world’s tenth ranking EVOO overall that’s made in Portugal, it’s an amazing premium olive oil that would rank much higher on our review of availability in the US was more widespread. With this being said, those who are willing to fork out for quality and consequently extra shipping, can always order through Amazon Brazil. For a connoisseur, this extra expenditure will be well worth it. It’s a business that’s been around since 1919 and the experience seems to show. The taste of ripe olives features foremostly in this bold ever-so-smooth robust oil. 

Its mildness carries undertones of fruitiness reminiscent of a midway between green artichoke, arugula and lettuce but with a brightness that other similar intensity oils largely lack. Despite the company having many high quality, popular olive oils, Gallo Ancestral is the prime forerunner that showcases the family business’ edge in the industry. It’s also a premium olive oil that’s a clear step ahead of the rest, hence its countless awards over the years. It’s the exact balance between spice and sweetness that one would hope for, making Gallo Ancestral a must-have for fans of Portuguese olive oil and those who enjoy flavorful mildness instead of neutrality with an aftertaste, as most oils deliver. 

Laconiko Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

OriginScala, Laconias, Greece
Intensity:Mild Leaning Toward Bold
AromaZesty Green Olive Oil Meets Ripe Orchard Fruits , Apple Skin/Artichoke Green And Green Almond With Grassy Notes
FlavorZesty And Green, Reminiscent Of Freshly Cut Grass, With Touches Of Ripe Fruit And A Lingering Spicy Warmth
Other ProductsBasil, Black Truffle, Blood Orange, Chipotle,
Garlic, Greek Seasoning, Lemon, Olio Nuovo,
Rosemary [Infused Olive Oils], Ultra-High Phenolic Olive Oil
  • 3rd Best Producer In Greece In 2023
  • 644 PPH Polyphenols With Ultra-Low 0.17% Acidity (With Certification)
  • 2023 NYIOOC Gold Medal Award Winner

Between the brand’s decorated history, the sky-high polyphenol count of all products, and the premium yet accessible price point, Laconiko Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the world’s most impressive varieties of Green premium olive oil. This consistent gold award winner that classes as the best Greek olive oil producer in 2020 continues to over deliver on taste, aroma, mouthfeel and overall general quality. Even the packaging is gorgeous enough to gift but it’s the smoothness and pepperiness of the oil that’s the true winner. Even the complexity of Laconiko is a step above other olive oils from the country, with a distinct fruity freshness coming through and refreshing the palate without once disturbing the sensational spiciness, instead elevating it superbly. 

As one would hope, the kick is the result of a massive concentration of polyphenol count seated at 644 measured. Laconoki Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil also claims to be within the top ten highest oleocanthal content and given the phenolic make-up, this is most likely true. After all, Laconoki is a fourth generation family business driven to raise the antioxidant count of their olive oil as much as possible. There are few single state single variety oils that can compare, especially in terms of the body,  bold fruity undertones and buttery smoothness. 

Parqueoliva Serie Oro Award Winning Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OriginSierras Subbéticas Natural Park, Andalusia, Spain
VarietalPicudo (80%) And Hojiblanca (20%)
Intensity:Robust But Balanced Intensity
AromaGrassy Fresh Aroma With Sweet Fruity Hints Of Apple, Almond And Aloe And Mint-Like Off-Scent
FlavorFruity Green Olive Forward Flavor With Grassy Hints And Complex Undertones Reminiscent Of Slightly Sweet Almond  
Other ProductsParqueoliva Gold Series (Serie Oro) 500 Ml And Almaoliva Arbequino 500 Ml With Black Case 
  • Named World’s Best Olive Oil 7 Times
  • Robust Strength With The Flavor, Smoothness & Balance of Medium Olive Oil
  • Prominent Aroma Fully Reflective Of Flavor

Parqueoliva Serie Oro is a PDO-protected Spanish olive oil seated at sixth on the EVOOWR toplist that blends Hojiblanca’s fruitiness with Picudo’s peppery kick for a complex flavor. Cold-extracted within hours of harvest, this award-winning oil boasts green fruit, artichoke, and peppery notes, alongside impressive health benefits from its high polyphenol content. It has garnered numerous awards and accolades, solidifying its position as a top-tier olive oil. Notably, it achieved a Gold Award at the 2023 New York International Olive Oil Competition, a prestigious recognition in the industry.

Parqueoliva Serie Oro is a blend of Hojiblanca and Picudo. Hojiblanca contributes fruity notes of apple and banana, while Picudo adds its signature peppery kick and bitterness.The olives are cold-extracted within hours of harvest, preserving their freshness and maximizing the oil’s health benefits. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and sustainable practices, Serie Oro is a favorite among discerning palates seeking a premium extra virgin olive oil experience.

Other Notable Premium Olive Oil Brands

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Rankings cites sampled, tested, and vetted leading olive oils from each and every country around the world where it is produced. Even though the premium olive oil industry is infamous for impure oils, countless good contenders are waiting. Here are some of the better brands available in the USA. If you’re looking for more affordable varieties, our review of the best grocery store olive oils has you covered with ample options.

Choosing the Right Premium Oil for You

Olive oils can be evaluated for quality by consumers through various methods beyond relying solely on competitions or certifications. One common technique is the “cloudy test,” where olive oil is placed in the refrigerator, which we’ll explain soon. Reading labels for information on the olive variety, region of production, and harvesting date can also provide insights into quality. Here’s a brief look at exactly how to differentiate between a high-quality, pure premium olive-oil and inferior oils. 

Read The Label

Pay attention to labels for crucial information. Look for details on the olive variety, region of production, and harvesting date. This information provides insights into the quality and freshness of the oil. Opt for oils that specify single origin and recent harvest dates for the best flavor and quality. Additionally, consider seeking out oils with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certifications. These labels indicate that the oil was produced using traditional methods in a specific geographic area known for producing high-quality olives. PDO and PGI certifications also ensure that the oil meets strict quality standards and adheres to traditional production practices, further guaranteeing its authenticity and excellence. 

Furthermore, look for labels that indicate the oil’s acidity level, as lower acidity levels are generally associated with higher quality. Other characteristics to look for include the extraction method, which can affect the oil’s flavor and nutritional profile, and any additional certifications or awards that attest to the oil’s quality and authenticity. By carefully reading the label and considering these factors, consumers can make informed decisions and select premium olive oils that meet their taste preferences and quality standards.

Observe The Color

While not always indicative of quality, the color of olive oil can provide some clues. High-quality extra virgin olive oil typically exhibits a vibrant green hue, although this can vary depending on the olive variety and processing methods. The color of olive oil is primarily influenced by its chlorophyll content, which gives it a green tint. During the extraction process, olives are crushed to release their oil, and chlorophyll-containing cells are ruptured, releasing chlorophyll into the oil. However, chlorophyll is not stable and can degrade over time, leading to a loss of green color and the development of a yellowish hue which is why the color green isn’t a sure-fire sign of quality. Additionally, excessive exposure to light, heat, or oxygen can accelerate the degradation of chlorophyll and contribute to the oil’s darkening. 

Cloudiness in olive oil can also be caused by the presence of solid particles or suspended water droplets. When olive oil is exposed to low temperatures, such as in a refrigerator, solid fats may crystallize and become visible, resulting in cloudiness. Similarly, if olive oil contains excess moisture, either from improper storage or insufficient filtration during production, water droplets may remain suspended in the oil, causing cloudiness. While slight cloudiness due to solid fats is normal and harmless, excessive cloudiness or visible separation of water indicates poor quality or improper processing, and oils exhibiting these characteristics without being placed in the fridge should be avoided. 

Consider Performing A Cloudy Test

As mentioned, this is not necessarily a failsafe to prove the purity of oil but if a clear oil turns milky with a cloudy appearance when cooled, it’s most-likely high in monounsaturated fats and thus is a high-quality oil. Place the olive oil in the refrigerator. Authentic extra virgin olive oil should solidify or become cloudy due to its high monounsaturated fat content. Lower-quality oils will typically remain clear, indicating a lack of purity and freshness.

Evaluate The Taste and Aroma

When possible, sample the oil before purchasing. Authentic premium olive oil should have a fruity aroma and a complex, well-balanced flavor profile with a pepperiness tasted and felt at the back of the throat. It should always have a pleasant peppery finish, even if extremely light, subdued, and overpowered by the richness, fruity notes, or earthiness. This is due to the presence of oleocanthal, a similar anti-inflammatory compound in both flavor and action to ibuprofen. The lingering sensation spurred when sipping olive oil will be similar to what’s felt at the back of the throat when swallowing down one of these commonly used anti-inflammatories dissolved in water or simply sucking on an ibuprofen itself.

Additionally, consider the mouthfeel of the oil. It should be smooth and velvety, without any greasiness or lingering aftertaste. Avoid oils with off-flavors or a musty smell, as these may indicate poor quality or improper storage conditions. The fresher the harvest, the brighter the flavor. The best oils will often have limited availability. Always look for a fairly recent harvest date, but keep in mind that as freshness rises, so does the price. Always weigh whether or not you value peak freshness and the unique flavor nuances it brings. For many connoisseurs, there’s simply no other option, but some fans prefer something more mature, even if it’s still an exclusive premium olive oil. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Premium Olive Oil

Have you been left wondering anything about premium olive oil or olive oil in general? We may have the answers you’re looking for waiting here. Those interested in the health benefits of high quality olive oil will find the facts they need in our overview of the ‘Top 4 Health Benefits of Eating Olive Oil EVOO Backed by Research.’ It’s a fascinating read. 

How Are Olive Oils Ranked?

Olive oils are ranked through sensory evaluation, where expert judges assess aroma, taste, and mouthfeel, considering fruitiness, bitterness, pungency, and balance. Additionally, oils may be ranked based on chemical composition, analyzing acidity, peroxide value, polyphenol, and antioxidant levels, with high-quality oils meeting specific criteria for extra virgin status. Furthermore, adherence to quality standards and certifications, like those from the International Olive Council, also play a significant role in ranking oils.

Which Olive Oil Is Considered The Highest Quality?

Determining the “highest quality” olive oil is subjective and depends on various factors, including personal preferences, intended use, and individual tastes. However, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is widely regarded as the highest quality category of olive oil due to its superior taste, aroma, and health benefits. Within the EVOO category, specific factors such as the olive variety, region of production, harvesting methods, and extraction techniques can influence quality. Additionally, olive oils that have won prestigious awards in competitions like the New York International Olive Oil Competition and the Mario Solinas Olive Oil Quality Awards,  or received certifications from reputable organizations like the International Olive Council are often considered high quality.  

What Is A Premium Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) represents the highest quality category among olive oils, prized for its exceptional taste, aroma, and health benefits. With its low acidity and impeccable flavor profile, EVOO is favored by professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike for its versatility in enhancing dishes through dressings, drizzling, and finishing touches. Virgin olive oil, closely related to EVOO but with slightly higher acidity levels, also offers a flavorful option for cooking and infusing dishes with its characteristic olive taste. Refined olive oil undergoes processing to remove impurities, resulting in a mild-flavored oil suitable for high-heat cooking methods like frying and sautéing. Despite its name, light olive oil refers to its subtle taste rather than reduced calories, making it versatile for various culinary applications including cooking and baking.

What Are The Mario Solinas Awards?

The Mario Solinas Awards, named in honor of the distinguished Italian professor and researcher, Dr. Mario Solinas, represent one of the most esteemed olive oil competitions globally, organized by the International Olive Council (IOC). Founded in 2000, the awards aim to recognize excellence in the production of extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs), celebrating superior quality and promoting the olive oil industry’s advancement. Each year. The Mario Solinas Awards recognize excellence in olive oil, assessing categories such as robust green fruitiness, medium green fruitiness, delicate green fruitiness, ripe fruitiness, small-scale producers (with batches around 1,000 liters), packers, and Southern Hemisphere olive oils. In the 23rd edition, 117 samples from 10 countries competed, with winners and finalists determined by an international panel comprising leaders of IOC-recognized panels. Results for the 2023 Mario Solinas Quality Awards can be found on the International Olive Council (IOC) website.

What Are The Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Rankings (EVOOWR)?

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Rankings is a charitable endeavor by the Global Union of Journalists and Authors of Wines, Spirits, and Others that is committed to spotlighting the most acclaimed extra virgin olive oils and olive oil-infused products to a global audience. All of the world’s most prestigious oils are reviewed, with olive oil societies from around the world being considered. Points are awarded according to achievements held in various international olive oil contests, and each year, the results are revealed at a gala ceremony before being published online. Olive oils are sorted according to country and ranked on a top 100 list. The Mario Solinas from the International Olive Council (IOC) holds the greatest importance and most significant weighting, alongside various other events across the globe. EVOOs achieving over 160 points are granted the prestigious “EVOO of the Year” award.

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