All The Fruits That Start With E

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You have probably known and cared only about the regular foods you can find easily at your homes and grocery shops in your lifetime. You need to know about the fruits that start with the letter E to increase your knowledge of the many strange fruits in the world. You can use this list of fruits beginning with the letter e to improve your cooking and making of delicious drinks. The fruits listed below have all sorts of flavors, and they all begin with the letter E. Here is a list of fruits that start with the letter E from around the world.


The scientific name of elderberry is Sambucus nigra. Blackberry, Sambucus, European elder, and elderflower are other familiar names. It grew to be popular in the 2000s. It is commonly found in Central Europe, Northern India, Northern Africa, the Caucasus, and Western Siberia. Elderberry is a small berry with a deep purple color when ripe, with its stalk turning to a reddish color. Its tree grows up to 7m tall. Elderberries’ main content is water which covers 80% of the fruit.

You cannot eat this fruit raw as it can be dangerous. It would be best if you cooked it first before consuming it. The raw elderberry fruit contains toxic substances that lead to diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, and nausea. You can use elderberries in cooking yummy pies, ice cream toppings, and even desserts. Elderberries can revive the regular kind of dessert and remove the dull feeling. The elderberry is known to have the health benefit of treating influenza A and B. In addition, you can use elderberry in your food as a food-grade coloring agent. The elderberry fruit contains vitamins B6 and C.

Evergreen Huckleberry


The scientific name of evergreen huckleberry is Vaccinium ovatum Pursh. Other names for evergreen huckleberry are winter huckleberry and California huckleberry. The fantastic fruit is succulent with a shiny look and an evergreen shrub.

It is found in the Ericaceae family. It is located in North America and thrives in all weather types, including the extremely cold ones. The shrub it grows on is small and extends to approximately 2.5 meters tall. The fruit nourishes acidic soil and develops perfectly well when exposed to shade or sun.

Evergreen huckleberry has a sweet taste, but it is not extraordinary. You can use the fruit’s ingredients to prepare ice cream toppings, smoothies, and pudding.


The scientific name of eggplant is Solanum melongena. Any dish you fry with an eggplant will make it a fantastic choice. Due to the eggplant having high fiber content, you can use it as a fantastic ingredient in your vegetarian dishes.

The fruit is popular in countries like the United States, UK, New Zealand, and South Africa, among other areas. Eggplant species are found in the family of Solanaceae. An eggplant resembles the looks of zucchini or squash except for the color where it is yellow or green, unlike a squash’s purple. At first, the fruit’s flavor can be indistinguishable, but when you get used to it, it is very addicting.

For taking an eggplant, it is best taken grilled or cooked in vegan dishes. Eggplant can be an excellent ingredient because of having a neutral flavor and its ability to absorb flavor. You can use it as an ingredient in dishes such as lasagna and other dishes baked in ratatouille or fried with garlic.

Elephant Apple


The scientific name of the elephant apple is dillenia indica. It is also called Chalta. The elephant apple is a tropical fruit commonly found in China and some parts of Asia, the tropical part. The fruit got its name elephant not because it has a large size but because it is the elephant’s favorite snack.

Elephant apple has a leathery brown cover with the inside having a yellow-green color and seeds with a brown-black color. It contains tough skin that makes it hard to open up. It is related to the regular apples. The fruit can not only be enjoyed by elephants but also by humans. However, the fruit has an unappealing odor with a bitter, sour taste. You can use elephant apple as an ingredient in sour curries and soup to add flavor.

Enterprise Apple


The scientific name of enterprise apple is malus domestica. The fruit was the ninth in the varieties of apples with joint breeding. The fruit’s parentage includes crab apple, McIntosh, golden delicious, and Rome beauty.

Enterprise apple has a bright red tough, thick skin and a round shape. Its appearance resembles that of McIntoshes. Unlike other apples, an enterprise apple’s skin is not luxurious looking or shiny red. The fruit contains vitamin B and boron that will benefit your bone and skin. You can enjoy the fruit raw or use it in a dessert.

Moreover, you can store it in a refrigerator for three to six months. The fruit was created to resist diseases that a regular apple is usually vulnerable to. The flavor of an enterprise apple is mild compared to regular apples, with a spicey and tart taste. Enterprise apples have a lot of pro characteristics such as being pest resistant, great taste, good looking and having a longer shelf life.

European Pear

The scientific name of the European pear is Pyrus communis. It is also known as the common pear because of its popularity. It is the most popular pear, with a production rate of 20 % of the total pears produced worldwide. It is highly grown in European countries, Australia, North America, and Southeast Asian countries. You can enjoy your pear raw or in a dessert as you please. It has a slightly gritty and sweet taste. The European pear has a fibrous core and sweet aroma. 

It has the shape of a regular pear. In addition, the fruit has no fats, no cholesterol, and 100 calories per fruit. European pear is believed to have the effect of helping consumers to lose weight. The fruit has the health benefits of lowering plasma lipids, protecting against ulcers, and antioxidant activities. You can easily find European pears in almost all grocery stores in America today. You can use European pear as an ingredient in recipes such as salsa, cheese crostini, and salads.

Eastern Hawthorn Fruit


The scientific name of the eastern hawthorn fruit is Crataegus aestivalis. The fruit is found in the family of Rosaceae. It is commonly found in North Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe. The fruit’s taste and appearance are similar to that of apples. Eastern hawthorn fruit has a tart flavor that is combined with mild sweetness. They have a red color, just like red apples. It has nutritional value such as fiber, sugars, protein, sodium, and cholesterol.

The eastern hawthorn fruit has been a herbal remedy for multiple conditions for many years. It has popular medical features such as hardening the arteries, reducing blood pressure, and regulating cholesterol levels. The eastern hawthorn fruit is rarely eaten because of its small size, which takes a lot of effort for you to eat. You can enjoy eating your eastern hawthorn fruit raw or use it as an ingredient in your recipes. When eating it raw, be keen not to swallow its seeds. Eastern hawthorn fruit can be useful in recipes such as jams, wine, and even tea.



It is found in the family of Moraceae. The scientific name of Entwak is Artocarpus anissophylis. Entwak’s other name is anisophyllous. The entwak contains a layer of spines surrounding it, making it look like a porcupine. These spines protect the fruit allowing the seeds to mature and stimulate it to ripen. Inside entwak, the seed coat is surrounded by a fibrous layer. The fibrous layer is succulent and lovely. Its taste is similar to that of a melon. 

The fruit is commonly found in Malaysia, Borneo, and Sumatra. You can enjoy the flavor of the fruit by sucking the juice from the pods or roasting its seeds and adding salt to them. Moreover, the entwak can be used in preparing salads, dressings, and pudding.


The plural of etrog fruit in Hebrew is esrogim from esrog. The scientific name of the etrog is citrus medica. The fruit has a pale yellow color on the pulp with numerous seeds. 

It resembles a large disfigured lemon and has seeds in two rows. Just like the lemon, the etrog has an acidic taste. 

It has a strong aroma with a touch of violet. Due to its acidic taste, the fruit is hardly eaten raw. Instead, etrog plays a significant role in the Jewish culture. It is used in the gratitude festival at the end of a harvest to celebrate Sukkot. An etrog is protected during the Sukkot festival with silky flax fiber and then stored in a silver box that is specially decorated. You can use this fruit in the production of jam and candy. In some countries such as Israel, the etrog is not considered food and thus not recommended for consumption. This is because of the many pesticides used during its agriculture and production. Conclusion: there are claims that etrog is an effective remedy used to ease childbirth.

Egg Fruit


The scientific name of egg fruit is Pouteria campechiana. It is also known as yellow sapote and canistel fruit. Egg fruit is closely related to the tropical fruit sapodilla or sapota.

The egg fruit has a shape of a heart with a yellow color. Its color shifts from green skin to golden or yellow when it ripens. The bright yellow or golden color on the inside of the egg fruit is very impressive. The size of the egg fruit ranges from medium to small size of about seven to twelve cm in length. They are mostly available in the fall season through to winter. The tree of an egg fruit is evergreen and grows to about eight meters. The features of an egg fruit are quite similar to a boiled egg by having a tough skin with soft flesh.

It is commonly found in Southern America, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Southern Mexico, and Latin America. It is native to tropical regions. The fruit’s taste is specific, like an egg yolk. It is something close to eating a sweet, soft egg. It is a wonderful fruit to eat fresh. To eat an egg fruit, you have to peel the pairing and remove the seeds. You can also use this amazing fruit to make a delicious smoothie. Egg fruit has a huge difference from an eggplant. An eggplant is huge and looks like a large purple vegetable. Also, it is risky to eat an eggplant raw. At the same time, an egg fruit is small and can be eaten raw.

Emblic Fruit

It is also called the Indian Gooseberry, myrobalan, Malacca tree, and amla. The fruit is slightly larger than a grape and has bright green skin. Emblica has vitamin C, which works as holistic anti-inflammatory medicine. Emblica has a sour and sometimes bitter taste. You have to climb the tree to pick this fruit because they grow on the highest branches. The scientific name of Emblic fruit is Phyllanthus Emblica. 

The emblic fruit is commonly found in eastern India. You can enjoy the fruit fresh or cooked. It has medicinal benefits of improving heart health, controlling blood sugar, and contains antioxidants. You can easily find emblic fruit in Walmart, Amazon, and Indian grocery stores. The emblic fruit is used in preparing several dishes such as Murabaha and pickles and is also used as a vegetable in other dishes.

Early Gold Mango


The scientific name of early gold mango is Mangifera early gold. It is common on Pine Island, Florida. The tree of Early Gold Mango has the unique characteristic of blooming and starting its fruit season early. Its flesh is dark yellow and has no fiber. Its skin has a lighter color contrasting to the regular mango.

It has a sweet aromatic smell. The flavor of Early Gold Mango is fascinating, with a sweet and sour taste. When enjoying the fruit, you will have a strange but mouthwatering feeling. You can enjoy the fruit straight out of the tree or make a delicious dessert for those that prefer set treats. You can use early gold mango to prepare dishes like pudding, salad, and even sandwiches. If you wish to purchase early gold mango in the united states, you can easily find them in whole foods markets and grocery stores. You can blend and enjoy the delicious flavor of early gold mango in a smoothie or juice.

Emu Berry

The scientific name of the emu berry is Grewia latifolia. It is common in Southwestern Australia. Other names for emu berry are dysentery plant, diddle diddle, dog’s balls, and turkey bush. A mature emu berry tree grows to between one and three meters tall. The fruit does not have too much sweetness, just a touch of sweetness. Individuals usually grow emu berry to act as a decorative plant because of its beautiful features rather than for consuming purposes. You can use emu berries as an ingredient when making ice cream topping, smoothies, and jam.

Emu Apple

The scientific name of Emu apple is Owenia acidula. Emu apple is found in the Araliaceae family. When the Emu apple fruit is mature, it has a red color. It is originally from the Southern Coast of Australia.

The color of the Emu apple fruit is purplish-red and speckles that are paler. The fruits are small and spherical, and the leaves are heart-shaped. Emu apple taste like a regular apple with a spicy edge. However, they are not in the same family as apples. Unlike the white color of a regular apple, it usually has a range of dark red to deep purple colors on the inside. Its flesh contains speckles.

Also, it is different from regular apples based on its seeds. Emu Apple has large and stone-like seeds. The fruit has a sour taste and is claimed to cause hallucinations when consumed.


The scientific name of Ephedra is ephedra Sinica or ma huang. It is found in the Ephedraceae family. They are berry-like fruits that have a red color. It is commonly found in India, America, Europe, and China. The fruit is known to have some medical advantages. It has a strong pine odor. The Ephedra has an astringent taste that compensates for the Chinese name it was named after. The Chinese name is ma huang which translates to yellow hemp or yellow astringent. Ephedra is used to treat vascular diseases and prevents the reproduction of smooth muscle cells.

Elands Sour Fig

The scientific name of elands sour fig is Carpobrotus acinaciformis. Eland’s sour fig has common names such as elandssuurvy and sally my handsome. The succulent fruit belongs to the Aizoaceae family. 

It is originally from Southern Africa. The fruit tree has a bright pink color. At the same time, the color of the fruit is yellow when ripe with a fascinating aroma. You can find the fruit in the parts of South Africa. It has been used in Southern Africa traditionally in producing jams. The tree has short leaves that are gray-green. The fruit is edible to humans, and in the wild, it is consumed by herbivorous animals such as tortoises.

The Final Letter

Collect a few fruits from this impressive list of fruits starting with the letter E, taste them, and try new recipes. The information on these fruits will assist you with basic knowledge of the fruits, starting with the letter E, and you will improve your chances of games that require fruits of a specific letter. 

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