All The Fruits That Start With Z

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If you wonder why a list of these fruits is important for you, then this article is what you need to read. This list will add to your knowledge some of the most important fruits you’ve been missing out on. You’ll learn their importance, nutrition values, and other benefits to the human body. You will be able to enjoy the varieties; there may even be some you’ve never seen or heard of. These fruits range from sweet and juicy to sour and bitter ones. They include Zucchini, Zawngtah, Zante Currants, Zebra fruit, Zhe fruit, Zill Mango, and Zalzalak, among many others. These fruits are explained below.

Ziziphus Jujube

The Ziziphus jujubes fruit is the first on our list of fruits with their first letter as Z. The scientific name of Ziziphus jujube is Ziziphus nummularia, and it is also known as the Chinese date, red date, or jujube. This fruit is grown on the Ziziphus mauritiana shrub and takes after the texture and taste of an apple when it is still young. When the fruit is ripened, it turns brown and takes the appearance of a date. The fruit is enjoyed best when mature. When still unripe, it is usually bitter and chalky. Look for the ones that have a striking red and yellow-green color. It has a sweet taste with mild tartness when ripe. The fruit can be consumed in various forms, such as fresh, dried, and fermented. It is taken and enjoyed throughout the world. The Ziziphus fruit can also be used widely in baking and cooking different dishes. It is also used to prepare tea in some places and manufactured into different kinds of vinegar. 

This fruit makes for a sweet snack, and at the same time, it is healthy and good for your body. Jujubes have low-calorie levels, but they are high in nutrients and fiber. Research has established that a 3-ounce serving of the fruit offers 10 grams of fiber and 77 percent of the Vitamin C used in your body daily comes from the same fruit. They are rich in potassium and antioxidants used to boost the body’s immune. When purchasing the fruit which is in dried form, it is good to be careful and look out for those with added sugar. They should be dried naturally and consumed in moderation. 

Zestar Apple


The Zestar apple, whose scientific name is Malus domestics, is a unique fruit with a sweet-sour taste with slight hints of some brown sugar. It is also called minnewasheta and is majorly grown in Minnesota. It has a light, juicy and crunchy texture instead of the normal soft, mealy texture expected in fruits. It belongs to the larger apple family and ripens around the same season apples mature. When refrigerated, they maintain their sweet and crunchy taste for up to two months long. These fruits can be eaten alone or even cooked. They can be added to pastry to make a sweet dessert, can be taken with peanut butter, or added to pies. They can also be enjoyed as snacks in different ways. Zestar apples usually turn brown easily, so you can put them in lemon juice if you want to use them later. It contains Vitamin A and C, which are great additions to any diet. It helps boost the body’s immunity contributing to the general health of the body. 

Zante Currant

The scientific name of the Zante currant fruit is Vitis vinifera. Zante currant fruits are raisins made from the tiny, seedless grape called cultivar Black Corinth. Corinth raisins date back as the oldest raisins, and they are consumed and enjoyed all over the world. 

These small tasty fruits are comparable to a variety of grapes and raisins. This is in the form of their appearance and taste usually. They are mostly used and enjoyed in baking foods such as bread, biscuits, and scones. They flavor them and add a good aroma to them. They can also be used in yogurt, ice cream, or even cereals. Most of the British cuisines have been using the Zante Currant fruit as an ingredient for a long time. Zante currants have the polyphenol compounds that fight disease-causing germs and bacteria, keeping the body healthy. They also contain antioxidants that boost the body’s immunity. 

Zinfandel Grapes

Zinfandel grapes are a variety of black-skinned wine grapes. They are also called Primitivo and belong to the Vitis vinifera family or the red wine variety. These grapes were brought into North America during the mid-nineteenth century, and they are reared in about 10 percent of the vineyards in California. The black-skinned wine grapes are more often used in the production of wine and desserts because they are rather sweet and yield very rich flavors. Wine made from the Zinfandel fruit is consumed and enjoyed in various regions worldwide. The wine exists in a variety of flavors depending on the level of maturity in which the grapes were in when used. Zinfandel grapes are ironic for keeping a good and healthy heart because they contain antioxidant properties such as flavonoids and resveratrol, which help with the same. The Zinfandel grapes help to avoid all types of cardiovascular diseases; thus, it’s an important and healthy fruit for your body. 

Zucchini Fruit

The scientific name of the zucchini fruit is Cucurbita Pepo, and it is also referred to as a courgette member of the gourd family grown for their edibility. The Zucchini Fruit is one of the very common fruits that are easy to get from your local grocery store. It is grown from a large family of the vine plants and is also called the baby marrow. During the summer period, most families and home gardeners wait patiently by their farms to harvest the Zucchini fruit. These fruits are widely used in the preparation of different dishes such as zucchini Pizza boats, air-fried Zucchini, zucchini fritters, vegetarian lasagna, and baby food, among many others. 

The origin of the zucchini fruit that comes from the Zucchini plant is related to the first squash, but they belong to their species. Zucchini fruit ranges from a deep green color when immature to a yellow color when the fruit has fully developed and matured. Zucchini has a tender texture with a slightly mild but sweet taste. 

Zucchini fruit is very high in terms of its nutrients with low-calorie levels. This makes it a healthy fruit for your body. It can be taken while raw or when cooked. A single cup filled with cooked Zucchini has just 17 calories. It, however, contains iron, zinc, Vitamin A, and Calcium that is required for a healthy immune system. It is also quite rich in antioxidant properties that may be of benefit to your skin, eyes, and heart. Zucchini is a good additive to all kinds of prepared dishes. It can also be used as a snack, and it is a healthy one for that matter. It is cut into pieces and served with ranch dressing or dip hummus. 

Zill Mango

Source: Asit K. Ghosh Thaumaturgist, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The scientific name of the Zill Mango fruit is Mangifera indica. It is a member among the wide variety of mangoes whose skin is thin and yellow with a blush of dark red covering its skin. They are grown in various places, with South Florida as their origin. In Africa, they are grown both for home use and commercial services. They have a sweet taste and a strong aroma, just like the one of a pineapple when ripe. Their flesh is yellow and without fibers when matured. It can be taken as a smoothie or baked under crumble. This fruit has an oval shape with a rounded apex that holds a tiny lateral beak. They are tropical fruits consumed and enjoyed during the summer period. They can be taken alone while raw because they are very sweet that way. 

They can be taken for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner comfortably because of their versatility. Its pulp can be used to make mango-flavored ice cream which is really tasty. Mango curd is used in pastry to add flavor to cakes when baking. You can cut the fresh Zill mango into pieces and serve it with mince pies and blue cheese. It can also be added to a fruit salad or added as a flavor to yogurt. It can be added to burgers, chip dips, or wraps as a spicy ingredient. When added to meals, it makes them mouth-watering. The Zill mango is nutritious and has many health benefits for the body. It has immunity-boosting Vitamins A and C, antioxidant properties to fight diseases, and lots of fiber. The fiber regulates and supports gut health. The Vitamins also help in the growth and development of the body. 


The Zwetschge fruit, whose scientific name is Prunus domestica, is a plum made in Italian style, and it takes the shape of an egg. It comes from the European varieties and is used majorly to make Italian specialties such as the Italian dessert, baked foods, and prunes. The fruits have freestone pits which are easily removed from them during use or consumption. The Prune plums are normally denser when compared to other dense fruits. They come in different and various types. They have a sweet flavor with a little sourness. They are quite simple fruits with some red juice that makes their taste pleasant. 

The Zwetschge fruit plums contain illness-fighting phytochemicals, lots of antioxidant properties to keep the body healthy, and Vitamin C. It helps to improve gut health and relieves constipation. They regulate and lower blood sugar levels. They promote bone health by increasing various hormones which aid in the formation of bones and strengthening them. Vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous are contained in the zwetschge fruit. They can be taken whole and fresh or when dried. The dried ones have the same health benefits as the fresh whole plums, but they have more concentration, which means eating more than 1-2 per day will result in high sugar levels and content in the body. They should thus be consumed and enjoyed in moderation. 



The zalzalak fruit, whose scientific name is Crataegus azarolus, is a part of the larger family of the Rosaceae family and is also called the haws or crataegus, which is an Iranian name for the apple-like crab fruit that is grown on trees and shrubs of the larger family. The Zalzalak fruit is usually light pink with hints of vibrant red color, just like the different varieties of the crab apple shades. The Zazalak fruits look like plums and peaches, and they are just like berries. They have a sweet and sour taste. The Zazalak fruit is used in preparing jellies, wines and jams all over the world ranging from the United Kingdom all the way to Mexico. These fruits have a lot of health benefits to the body. They have antioxidant properties that help to fight heart diseases and lots of Vitamins to boost the immunity of the body. 


The scientific name of this fruit is Rubus ulmifolius. Zarzamora fruit is the Spanish name for blackberries together with their bushes. Blackberries are small berries which t are sour, sweet, and juicy. They are found on shrubs that belong to the Rosaceae family. The Zarzamora fruit is grown and found all over the world, including in the United States of America. They mostly grow in the form of weeds and are sometimes considered to be a nuisance and pest to other plants growing around them. They have a sweet as well as sour taste that makes them good for desserts. They can also be used when fresh or frozen, in which case they have various uses such as making jams, tartines, sauces, pies, and salad dressings, among many others. The Zarzamora fruits are quite healthy with many benefits to the body. They have nutrients such as manganese, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. They also have a high fiber content which helps to maintain a healthy gut. The manganese helps to maintain strong and healthy bones for a healthy body. 

Zebra Fruit

The Zebra fruit, whose tomato scientific name is Solanum lycopersicum, belongs to the tomato family. It is round in shape and has a green color with yellow stripes. The green Zebra fruits are sour and spicier as compared to the traditional tomatoes and are taken to be an heirloom by some people. Zebra fruits have a sour taste. When mature, their bottoms turn yellow with some yellow stripes. They are majorly used by being added to salsa or fruit salads. They can also be used as snacks, which are tasty. Because they are naturally sour in taste, they are not usually ideal for making tomato sauce. Generally, tomatoes are usually high in folate, vitamin B and Vitamin E, and also potassium. They have flavonoids that are used to fight disease. They also have low-calorie levels but are very high in fiber, making them good for a healthy body. 

Zebra Eggplant

Zebra eggplant is a specie of eggplant hence the scientific name Solanum melongena. Other names referring to the zebra eggplant include graffiti eggplant or Sicilian eggplant. The fruit of the zebra eggplant is usually purple with white strips. The Zebra eggplant originated from Asia, where it is cultivated in large quantities to date, with China and India being the world’s leading producers.

Zebra eggplant is a tropical perennial plant that also happens to be very delicate; hence it is cultivated in areas with temperate climates. The stem of the zebra eggplant is usually spiny, and the flowers are either purple or white with a yellow stamen and five-lobed corolla. The zebra eggplant can grow to a height of up to 160 centimeters, while the fruit can grow 25 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide. The zebra eggplant berry lacks a pit or stone, but it contains numerous soft, tiny, bitter, and edible seeds. The seeds are covered in nicotinoid alkaloids, thus the bitter taste.

A raw zebra eggplant has a bitter taste, but it becomes tender with a complex flavor once cooked. To neutralize the bitterness, you have to slice the fruit, rinse, drain and salt it before you begin cooking it. There are various ways of preparing an eggplant meal. You can either steam, stir-fry, pan-fry, deep-fry, barbecue, curry, roast, or pickle. Eggplant is a popular cuisine in most countries and is popular in the vegan community since it can be used as a meat substitute.

Many nutritional contents are found in the eggplant, such as proteins, vitamins A, C, and K, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, folate, and antioxidants. The health benefits provided by the eggplant include protecting the cells against damage caused by the free radicals, reducing the risks of heart disease, assisting in blood sugar regulation, reducing the chances of cancer, and enhancing the skin color.

Zebra eggplant can be found in almost every grocery store or market across the United States. It is important to remember that zebra eggplant contains solanine, just like other vegetables classified as nightshade. Solanine is a chemical compound that has been associated with causing inflammation and worsening diseases like arthritis. So, after consuming a zebra eggplant and you start feeling some pains in your joints, you are advised to avoid eating the zebra eggplant and seek medical attention. Also, it isn’t advisable for people with allergic reactions to any kind of eggplant to consume zebra eggplant since it contains almost the same chemical compounds as the regular eggplant.

Zhe Fruit

The scientific name of the Zhe Fruit is Maclura tricuspidata. It is grown from the Zhe tree. It is also referred to as Che, mandarin melon berry, Cudrang, and Chinese mulberry. This fruit is often likened to the mulberry. 

Zhe fruits have a taste that is similar to a watermelon or a canteloupe. They are sweet with smooth and mild textures. The fruits usually have different tastes depending on how ripe they are. When immature, they are bitter and sour. 

Zhe fruits are good for the body. They contain nutrients such as carotene, riboflavin, and thiamine. They also contain Vitamin C, which helps boost the body’s immune. They also have micronutrients called OPCs, which contain antioxidant features that help to fight away illnesses. It is good to incorporate them into your diet to make it generally healthy. 

Zig Zag Tree Vine

The scientific name of the Zig Zag fruit is Melodorum Leichhardtii. It grows on trees in greatly humid rainforests. The trees are evergreen and mostly shrubs that act as canopies in Eastern Australia and New Papua Guinea. The fruits grown usually appear as little pastel, orange berries. And the fruits on the ends of the foliage look like pastel, tiny, orange berries. They have a bright orange color and are comparatively sweet. They taste like a combination of citrus fruits and orange sherbet. Because the Zig Zag fruit is majorly grown from trees of the vine fruit family, they are used in making liquor or sauces. The Zig Zag vine fruit has low-calorie levels and is very high in fiber. This makes it good for your health. 


The zawngtah fruit is unique, also referred to as a stink bean or a bitter bean. It is grown as a long, flat edible bean that contains seeds that look like almonds in size and shape. They have a smell that is just like mushrooms. They have nutty tastes, just like almonds, and are mostly used in cooking foods that are savory like garlic, peppers, shrimp, and more like that. The Zawngtah seed can be eaten alone or with the whole pod like a green bean. In most cases, zawngtah is prepared with different proteins, usually as a side dish assaulted with other fresh spices and ingredients. 

The fruit is said to contain antioxidant properties used in relieving stress in the body and improving one’s energy. It is good to incorporate it into your diet for a healthy body.

Zabergau Reinette Apple

The Zabergau Reinette fruit, whose scientific name is Malus domestica, is a large, intensely tasty German Russet apple with a copper-yellow color and white edible flesh. It is also known as Grau Renette von Zabergau or Rennette zarbegau. It is available during the winter season and is hence referred to as a winter apple. It has a strong taste and aroma that eases with time after it’s picked and stored. When taken right out of a tree, they are solid flesh with a sharp taste. They become much sweeter when taken and stored for a month or thereabout as compared to taking them when they are fresh. The Zabergau Reinette apple fruit is nutritious and healthy for your body. They have antioxidant properties that help in fighting diseases in the body. They also have Vitamin C and high levels of dietary fiber. Research and studies propose that this fruit, when taken, helps to lower the risk of contracting terminal illnesses like cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes. 

The Final Letter

This post has shed light on some of the less known fruits that start with the letter Z! These fruits are not so common; therefore, you may not find a majority of them in your local grocery. Now that you have the list, it is good to get into the adventure of finding them. Most of these fruits are essential for a healthy body as they possess many nutrients, as seen above. You can also enjoy dishes in which they are used during preparation and so on. Most of these fruits range from the sweet in taste and juicy, the sour and crunchy ones to the bitter fruits, which means that there is a taste and treat for everyone.

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