Top 5 Health Benefits Of Eating Rainier Cherries Backed By Research

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Rainier cherries were first cultivated in the 1950s and are native to Washington as indicated by their name. This cherry variety is considered a premier variety; they are subtly sweet and mildly tart with a buttery yellow skin. Rainier cherries have a low acid content and subtle hints of caramel. Like other cherry varieties, Rainier cherries have a complex nutrient base giving them many wonderful health benefits. Take a deep dive into how regular consumption of Rainier cherries may provide you with an overall improvement in your health.

Important Note: All of the claims made herein are supported by the most updated scientific research at the time of this publication.

Full of Nutrients

Undoubtedly, Rainier cherries are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential to your overall constitution. A one-cup serving of Rainier cherries contains just 97 calories and two grams of fat; this alone makes a serving of Rainier cherries a more healthy alternative to snacks containing refined sugars. Beyond this though, Rainier cherries are fraught with fiber, vitamin C, potassium, copper, and manganese, each of which has its own health benefits. While the vitamin C content is essential to immune and skin health, the fiber content is good for digestive and gut health. All in all, Rainier cherries are a significant source of many of the nutrients your body depends on for healthful functionality.

General Consensus: 5/5 and here is why. Based on the scientific and governmental data concerning the composition of Rainier cherries, this tasty stone fruit is packed with nutrients essential to your health.

Loaded With Antioxidants

Another important reason to enjoy Rainier cherries is that they’re loaded with powerful antioxidants. Notably, Rainier cherries contain profound levels of plant compounds that are both antioxidative and anti-inflammatory in function. As with all antioxidants, the ones in Rainier cherries combat oxidative stress and harmful free radicals that are linked to a plethora of chronic diseases as well as aging. In fact, a majority of studies on the antioxidative properties of cherries indicates that in an overwhelming majority of the time, cherries successfully reduce inflammation. Moreover, Rainier cherries contain a high concentration of polyphenols, a group of plant compounds that fight cell damage and inflammation as well as chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Lastly, cherries contain beneficial carotenoids that have both antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.

General Consensus: 5/5 and here is why. The science doesn’t lie; Rainier cherries, like all cherry varieties, are rife with powerful antioxidants that fend off disease and inflammation.

Enhances Exercise Recovery

Multiple scientific studies conclude that the antioxidative plant compounds found in Rainier cherries are useful in exercise recovery. Pain, stiffness, and soreness associated with physical workouts can be remediated by enjoying a serving of Rainier cherries following a tough workout. The anti-inflammatory properties present in Rainier cherries will reduce muscle inflammation and speed up healing. Whether eaten whole or juiced, the antioxidants in Rainier cherries may also improve physical endurance. One study showed that individuals who consumed a serving of cherries prior to a vigorous workout experienced less muscle soreness and improved endurance than during workouts before which cherries were not consumed. A subsequent study found that women who consumed two ounces of cherry juice twice per day for eight days experienced quicker muscle recovery and reduced soreness following sprints than when they didn’t.

General Consensus: 3/5 and here is why. All of the studies concerning exercise recovery and Rainier cherries are specific to cherry juice and powder; it’s unclear if fresh cherries yield the same results; although they likely do, more research is needed.

Beneficial to Heart Health

Another great benefit of Rainier cherries is that they may improve your heart health. For starters, Rainier cherries are an excellent source of potassium which is an integral mineral to cardiovascular health. Potassium has been scientifically credited with preventing both strokes and hypertension. Cherries contain 268 milligrams of potassium per serving which accounts for about 10% of the daily recommended value. Additionally, the potassium in Rainier cherries is responsible for removing the sodium from your body and managing blood pressure. Finally, Rainier cherries are fraught with antioxidative polyphenols such as anthocyanins and flavonoids which protect agains cardiovascular cell damage. Taken together, the potassium and antioxidant content of Rainier cherries may reduce your risk of heart disease.

General Consensus: 5/5 and here is why. Not only does the science not lie concerning the antioxidant and potassium content of Rainier cherries, but much research supports the claim that cherries support heart health.

Improves Sleep Quality

Another interesting benefit of making Rainier cherries a part of your diet is that doing so may improve your sleep quality. The plant compounds coupled with a laudable melatonin content, make Rainier cherries a wonderful sleep aid. Melatonin is significantly and naturally responsible for regulating your sleep cycles and wakefulness. One study noted that individuals who consumed cherries for seven straight days revealed an increase in melatonin levels as well as better sleep duration and quality when compared to individuals who didn’t. Another study showed that subjects suffering from insomnia, increased sleep time by an hour-and-a-half following daily intake of cherries.

General Consensus: 3/5 and here is why. While it’s true that Rainier cherries are rife with melatonin, all of the studies concerning improved sleep quality dealt with concentrated cherry products and not whole Rainier cherries.

Unlikely Benefits: Further Research Needed

Ameliorates Symptoms of Arthritis and Gout

General Consensus: 2.5/5 and here is why. While some scientific studies show that the anti-inflammatory plant compounds in Rainier cherries may reduce joint inflammation and alleviate arthritis symptoms, more research is needed to say for certain.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

General Consensus: 2/5 and here is why. Some evidence suggests that a polyphenol-rich diet may reduce your risk for cancer but with so many risk factors leading to a cancer diagnosis, Rainier cherries alone won’t stave off all cancer types.

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