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The epicurean sanctuary, myPanier, curates an ensemble of the finest gourmet products Europe, the East and the United States has to offer. From velvety olive oils dancing with the essence of Mediterranean groves to handcrafted pastas that whisper the secrets of Italian tradition, it’s all the best ingredients uncommon to the West at fair prices. It is an online grocer that aims to supply the reliability, range, and freshness of a farmers market with the convenience of online shopping, and the California-based business over-delivers in every way. Let’s take a closer look at myPanier and see exactly what makes it one of the Pacific Region’s fastest-growing companies.

Key Takeaways

  • With carbon-neutral nationwide shipping, sustainably sourced products across the board, and an ever-growing range of gourmet goods, myPanier boasts a strong reputation. Customers rave about the high-quality products, efficient delivery, and friendly customer service. Shipping costs are clearly outlined, and there’s free shipping for orders above $89. Real-time order tracking and secure payment gateways grant complete peace of mind. 
  • Prices at myPanier are on par with what one would expect to find in most gourmet grocery stores. However, when one factors in the frequent discounts and promotions and the competitive rates on otherwise exclusive import-only brands, the company is actually one of the most affordable you’ll find online or otherwise. 
  • If you’re waiting on your delivery, the after-order real-time tracker is sure to come in handy. Also, myPanier’s recipes blog is sure to kick up cravings and inspire an order from the company’s massive selection of international gourmet, gluten-free, vegan, and organic foods. Before and after placing your first order, ensure that you’ve completed all the quick, easy, and free incentivized tasks like sharing myPanier on social media so that you are eligible for the greatest savings. The myPanier Loyalty Program sure is generous.

What is MyPanier?

myPanier is a specialty food marketplace that stocks pantry & grocery items, snacks, beauty & self-care products, and other home and lifestyle-orientated gifts from all around the world. With a focus on sustainability and supporting local farmers and producers, myPanier provides customers with high-quality, ethically sourced products that are delivered straight to their door.

The online gourmet grocery keeps a growing selection of international ingredients from countries like France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Nordic regions, and other scattered localities across Europe. There’s also a range of hard-to-find gourmet goods from the US, which are segmented into specialties from the Pacific, West Mountain, Midwest, Southern States, and Northeast. A limited selection of Asian grocery items are also sold. 

Aside from the benefits to shoppers, artisans and farmers are afforded a stage to showcase their unique stories, values, and authentic creations through myPanier. The marketplace serves as a platform for local food artisans to expand their reach beyond their geographic confines, promoting real food while preventing the total standardization of the culinary landscape. 

myPanier Accolades

At the time of writing, myPanier was the top-rated online French market in America, with the most French products available in the US. The company was also recognized at the Good Food Awards in 2020, an achievement that solidifies the Orange County leader as a purveyor of exceptional culinary delights. Two years later, Inc. Magazine declared MyPanier had placed fiftieth in its list of the Pacific Region’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. This is a massive achievement for an online food market, for the region encompasses Silicon Valley and its countless high-profile startups. It’s a company that can be relied upon for infallible quality, an ever-growing range, and online ordering of some of the finest imported and local food and household items money can buy. 

Where Is myPanier Located?

The company’s exact address is 27136 Burbank Foothill Ranch, California, which is roughly 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles and nestled amidst the rolling hills of Orange County. From its headquarters in Foothill Ranch, myPanier stretches its flavorful reach far beyond the sunny Californian hills. This address is also where the myPanier Warehouse Market is held on weekends. 

myPanier Warehouse Market In Lake Forest

The myPanier Warehouse Market In Lake Forest is the company’s physical marketplace that’s treasured for the buzzing energy of its vibrant atmosphere. The warehouse market runs between 9 AM to 1 PM every Saturday. It’s a place where one can chat with fellow food lovers, uncovering hidden culinary gems while soaking up the infectious passion for all things delicious. Rows of shelves overflow with curated collections from around the world, from French charcuterie to Italian pasta to Asian pantry staples. The knowledgeable staff are more than just cashiers. They’re passionate food enthusiasts ready to guide you through the market and answer your burning culinary questions. Its parking-friendly location in Lake Forest is highly accessible, which makes it the perfect pit stop for stocking your pantry or grabbing gourmet goodies in a hurry. So, whether you’re a seasoned gourmand from San Francisco or a curious foodie from Austin, myPanier’s Foothill Ranch headquarters is your gateway to a global gourmet adventure.

Where Does myPanier Deliver?

myPanier delivers nationwide throughout the contiguous 48 states at a fixed rate, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. The company also ships to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Guam, but no free shipping is offered, and rates are calculated at check-out relative to distance, weight, and volume. No shipping to post boxes is available. 

myPanier Shipping Charges & Conditions

Orders under $89 incur a flat fee of $9.95 and are shipped via standard shipping. It’s a small investment for access to a global pantry of artisanal delights. Aside from standard 2-day shipping, overnight delivery between Monday and Friday with a cutoff order time of 2 PM ET is also offered. 

Fresh and frozen products are guaranteed to arrive fresh, with a total satisfaction guarantee offered. Frozen products are only guaranteed to arrive partially frozen, but despite this policy-based indication, customers across the board report excellent quality standards. Reusable ice packs and durable, insulated packaging keep goods fresh and mostly frozen, with standards being exceeded for the most part. 

myPanier Free Shipping Threshold

The magic happens at $89 and above – your order is granted free complimentary delivery via standard shipping.

myPanier Order Tracking

Orders are shipped Monday through Wednesday, and every order clearly states its estimated delivery time and date. Once your order takes flight, it arrives within 2 to 5 business days, depending on your location. With a few clicks, a map reveals your order’s progress from warehouse to delivery van. Watch it hop closer, the anticipation building with each step using MyPanier’s real-time tracker

When Was myPanier Founded?

myPanier was founded by Los Angeles innovator, Oxford University Graduate, and CEO Christophe Boyac on August 10th, 2016. Boyac was inspired to start myPanier after witnessing the challenges faced by businesses like Les Trois Abeilles, a traditional Nougat producer from southern France. Recognizing the hurdles these artisanal producers encounter, from navigating global markets to dealing with complex logistics, Boyac envisioned myPanier as a marketplace that could bridge these gaps.

His upbringing in Provence, surrounded by the ethos of championing local produce, fueled his commitment to transparency, fairness, and community connection in the food system. Today, myPanier remains dedicated to supporting passionate producers, offering consumers a direct link to their food makers, and striving to re-engineer the food system for transparency and fairness.

myPanier’s Sustainability Promise

Embracing guilt-free indulgence, myPanier pairs gourmet delights with a generous dash of climate commitment. Partnering with innovative carbon removal companies, they’ve neutralized millions of orders and scrubbed thousands of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. For every order, myPanier calculates and offsets emissions, supporting companies like Grassroots Carbon, which offers nature-based soil carbon storage solutions, and Mast Reforestation, which plants resilient forests that breathe life back into the air.

myPanier Products

At myPanier, a global symphony of flavors awaits. Indulge in exquisite French chocolates from brands like Revillon and Lindt, savor Italian sophistication with Baci and Fiasconaro, or explore the essence of Sicily with Pennisi’s Cannoli. From French spices by Ducros to Brets’ Old-Fashioned Potato Chips, it’s all the best European, Asian and American gourmet brands. Those who are looking for a product selection geared more towards Eastern and Pacific flavors are advised to try out. We’ve got comprehensive review of Weee! the Asian online super-grocer with everything you need to know waiting. 

Here is a comprehensive overview of the types of products that myPanier keeps. Within this selection, customers can look forward to finding over 2,500 French products alone. New items are being added frequently, and stocks change seasonally to reflect current availability. 


Dried BeansRice & GrainsPastaPasta Sauces & PestoCaviar & RoeCharcuterieMeat & SausageTruffles & MushroomsCanned Meat & PateConservas Canned FishSoups & MealsMustardMayo & KetchupHot SaucesOther Condiments & Sauces
Salad Dressings Olive & Vegetable OilsVinegarsAged & Traditional BalsamicGlaze & PearlsSugar & SweetenersFlourBaking EssentialsBaking MixesFruit GarnishesMixed SeasoningsSalt & PepperPaprika & ChilesHerbs, Blends & RubsMixed Butter & CheeseButter & CreamFrench ButterCheese


Cereals & GranolaPancakes, Waffles & CrepesBiscotte & ToastsBrioche & BreadNut Butters & Nut SpreadsJam & MarmaladesHoney & SyrupCookies & BiscuitsCakes & Baked GoodsChestnut SpecialtiesOther Specialty SweetsDessert SaucesNougats & CallisonsChocolateConfections & TrufflesCandies & CaramelsFruit & Nut SnacksOlives & CapersPicklesChips & DipsCrackersTapenades & Spreads
Hot ChocolateTeaCoffee & ChicoryBars & Bitters Syrups & Concentrates Juices, Water & Milk Sparkling & Sodas


Shampoo & ConditionerLotion & MoisturizerDeodorant & FragranceBar & Liquid SoapBath & Body WashToothpaste & Dental SuppliesMixed Health & Wellness  SuppliesVitamins & SupplementsEssential OilsBeauty Gift SetsBaby Care & FoodPet Grooming & Food
Dining & BooksFood StorageHousehold CareKitchen CareLaundryGift CardsGourmet Gift SetsBeauty Gift SetsKitchen & Books (Gift Sets)Corporate Gifts

Regional Marketplaces From myPanier

MyPanier’s culinary canvas stretches far and wide, encompassing a vibrant array of gourmet delights from every corner of the globe. Whether you crave the sun-kissed flavors of the Mediterranean, the bold spices of Asia, or the comforting classics of Europe, you’ll find dedicated product selections curated to tantalize your taste buds. And the best part? This culinary journey is constantly evolving, with new items added regularly to keep your palate guessing and your pantry stocked with fresh inspiration. Here are the dedicated regional marketplaces available from myPanier:

  • France
  • Italy & Spain
  • Gourmet USA.
  • Nordic Regions
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Rest Of Europe
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • North Africa
  • Rest Of The World

Gift Cards & Gift Sets

Gift cards ranging between $10 and $500 are available, while the gift sets that are perfectly suited to foodies and the sophisticated palate exude luxury and elegance in every way. It’s the ideal place to shop for things like high-end chocolate & liqueurs, specialty baked goods, sets of preserves and jams, condiment sets like French mustard and pate samplers, and select vinegars and oils each in their own tin, to name but a few of the gorgeous gifts.

How Does myPanier Work?

Gone are the days of scouring specialty stores or navigating international shipping fees. myPanier aggregates your gourmet wishes and delivers them straight to your doorstep. Free shipping on orders over $89 sweetens the deal, and fast turnaround times ensure your culinary adventures begin sooner rather than later. Plus, with easy-to-navigate search filters and detailed product descriptions, finding the perfect ingredients is a breeze.

The myPanier Sign-Up Process

With its intuitive interface and seamless sign-up process, myPanier makes gourmet adventures accessible to everyone. 

Step 1: Dive Into Deliciousness

Head to and let the feast for your eyes begin. Browse the curated collections, lose yourself in the artisanal bounty, and get ready to awaken your inner gourmand.

Step 2: Create Your Account

Click on the “Login” button in the top right corner. Select ‘New Customer? Create account’ or click this link to head directly to the sign-up page. Enter your name, email address, and password, then confirm the sign-up in your email following the initial registration. Remember, creating an account unlocks a world of benefits, including order tracking, saved baskets, and personalized recommendations. Also, you have to have an accord to order anything in the first place. 

Step 3: Welcome To The Flavor Family

Once you’re in, explore the platform at your leisure. Use the search bar to find specific ingredients, or let the curated collections guide your culinary journey. Add your desired items to your cart, and check out when ready. 

Step 4: Check-out With Confidence

When your basket is brimming with culinary delights, proceed to check out. Enter your shipping information and choose your preferred delivery method. myPanier offers secure payment options, so you can rest assured your gourmet dreams are in good hands. Remember to consider reaching the free shipping threshold, or the flat rate of $9.95 nationwide will be charged. 

Step 5: Wait For Your Order

Sit back, relax, and let the anticipation build. Soon, a box filled with your carefully chosen goodies will arrive at your doorstep, ready to ignite your culinary creativity. Immediately upon cash out, an estimated delivery time is supplied, and your order can be tracked in real-time as well. 

Mobile App Ordering From myPanier

Whether you’re whipping up a mid-week meal or planning a weekend feast, the app lets you build your basket anytime, anywhere. Track your treats, discover hidden gems, and get personalized recommendations – all in the palm of your hand. Available for iOS and Android, myPanier is your shortcut to a world of flavor, one tap at a time. Browse through beautiful recipe photos and blogs, read insightful articles from food enthusiasts, and discover new ways to elevate your cooking game. All this, while the app learns from your shopping habits, suggesting ingredients you might love and highlighting special offers tailored to your taste. No more missing out on limited-edition treats or seasonal favorites – the app keeps you in the loop with timely notifications.

Promotions & myPanier Coupon Codes

myPanier isn’t just a haven for gourmet goodies – it’s a treasure trove of savings and special offers just waiting to be discovered. Keep your eyes peeled for limited-time promotions that spotlight seasonal ingredients and culinary trends. Think fresh berries bursting with summer sunshine, cozy spices warming up winter nights, or exclusive bundles for special occasions. Also, be on the lookout for unique special offers around August 10th each year, as this is when myPanier celebrates its birthday. The company frequently shares coupon codes from savings on specific items, categories, and even the entire order throughout the year. 

Keep your eyes on social media channels for myPanier coupon codes. A tip for keen couponers is to pay extra attention to social updates during periods when countries featured by the marketplace, like the US, France, Italy, and others, commemorate their seasonal festivities. Pride Month,  Bastille Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Hanukkah are all examples of great times to hunt for coupons. However, myPanier frequently offers flash sales, limited-time promotions, and targeted discounts based on your shopping history as well. The more you shop, the more you save. 

myPanier Loyalty Program

Signing up for a free myPanier account automatically opts one into the free myPanier Loyalty Program. Creating an account awards you 100 points, and every dollar that you spend accrues 20 points. These points can then be used to discount any single order by up to $40. 100 Points grants $5 off. 200 Points awards $10 of. 400 Points equates to a $20 discount, and 800 points (the maximum point redemption) grants a $40 discount. 

Those new to the platform must remember to redeem all the points available and thus reap the greatest discount on their future purchases. Here are all the ways to earn points separate from the points accrued while ordering:

  • Share myPanier On Facebook – 50 Points
  • Follow myPanier On Instagram – 50 Points
  • Leave A Review – 25 Points
  • Add A Photo To Your Review – 50 Points
  • Add A Video To Your Review – 75 Points
  • Happy Birthday Points (Awarded Each Year) – 100 Points

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend to myPanier and watch the discounts stack up. When you refer a friend, and they make their first purchase of $49 or more, you both get rewarded. Your friend enjoys a $10 discount on their order, giving them a sweet welcome to the myPanier pantry, and you receive $10 (in points) towards your next culinary adventure.

How To Contact myPanier

Whether you have a question about your order, need clarification on a product, or simply want to share your culinary enthusiasm, myPanier offers several convenient ways to get in touch. Here’s how to connect with their friendly team:

Online Contact Form

Prefer the keyboard to the phone? Head to their website and fill out the quick and easy contact form. Briefly explain your inquiry, provide your order number if applicable, and hit submit. A friendly customer service representative will get back to you via email within 24 hours.

Live Chat

Need immediate assistance? Look for the live chat option on their website during business hours. Simply type your question or concern, and a real person will be online to help you in real time. It’s like having a personal kitchen companion always on standby.


For general inquiries or feedback, you can always reach out to their customer service team directly at [email protected]. They’ll be happy to assist you via email and aim to respond within 48 hours. First-hand experience has revealed a turnaround time that’s much quicker. Most queries are resolved within the same day, typically hours after reaching out. 

Social Media

Stay connected with myPanier on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Send them a direct message or leave a comment on their posts, and their social media team will be happy to answer your questions or address any concerns.

myPanier Phone Number & myPanier Hours

Phone: In some cases, you might prefer to speak to someone directly. You can reach their customer service hotline at (949) 305-0149 during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST).

Remember, no question is too big or too small for myPanier’s dedicated, highly responsive team. As a family run business, customer support standards are high. Feel free to reach out and let them guide you on your gourmet journey. 

myPanier Concerns / Criticisms

Some users report occasional stockouts of certain items, particularly for popular products, which translates to limited product availability from time to time. Compared to standard grocery stores, myPanier prices can be slightly higher. However, considering the premium quality and convenience, it may still be a worthwhile investment for discerning foodies. While most customers experience smooth delivery, a few reports mention minor delays in rare cases.

Frequently Asked Questions – myPanier

Have you been left wondering anything concerning myPanier and its extensive selection of international goods? We may have the answers you’re looking for waiting here. 

Is myPanier Legit?

myPanier has been delivering curated collections of international treasures since 2015. Goods of the finest quality arrive in excellent condition and superbly fresh at all times. The company boasts a strong long standing reputation, showcasing high scores across online platforms like Trustpilot and Yelp. For example, as of 2023, the company was celebrating reaching the culmination of Yelp reviews tallying over 285 million. Founded by passionate food enthusiast Christophe Boyac, myPanier curates unique ingredients from around the world, earning rave reviews for its high-quality products, efficient delivery, and secure payments. Yes, some occasional stockouts and premium pricing for certain items exist, but the overall experience shines.

Is myPanier Free?

myPanier is an online specialty store that is free to browse and use. Creating a profile is totally free. Only shipping is charged when the bill falls beneath the threshold. Orders exceeding the $89 threshold waltz through check-out gates free of charge, while nationwide delivery for those under $89 is charged at $9.95. There’s no mandatory paid membership, but signing up automatically makes one a part of the myPanier Loyalty program. Every order and the sign-up itself grants points that can be used as direct discounts against future orders, and there’s a generous incentive for things like social media shares and online reviews. You’re always earning credit, and ordering never costs a thing aside from the order total and delivery charge. 

What Are Some Popular Products On myPanier? 

It’s exceedingly difficult to narrow down the thousands of best-sellers that have accrued over 100,000-lifetime orders in total, but a couple of forerunning favorites arise. Brittany’s Henaff Pâté, Mimolette cheese from Nord-Pas-de-Calais with its crunchy texture, small batch Tsar Nicoulai American Caviar, decadent Guylian chocolate, Haribo jellies, Orangina candies, Alain Milliat premium juices and tasting nectars like Sparkling Muscadet and Tomato Juice, Teisseire syrups, Suriano Calabrian spreads, and Teisseire Mint Syrup are all iconic must-see brands. There’s also the creamiest churned Beurre De Baratte imported butter, the highest quality extra virgin olive oils like Villa Manodori and A L’Olivier, Rancho Gordo assorted beans, and even imported coffee like Carte Noire and Caffe Vergnano. With all these listed, we’re not even breaking the surface of myPanier’s ever-growing range of excellent brands and products. 

How Does myPanier Compare To Similar Marketplaces?

myPanier handpicks curated collections from around the world, like a chef’s personal recommendations. Compare that to generic brand overload at some competitors. Forget faceless labels. myPanier champions small-batch producers and iconic classics, while some marketplaces prioritize big brands and bulk options. Say goodbye to shipping surprises thanks to the clear costs and tracking. myPanier caters to passionate cooks seeking culinary adventures, not just the cheapest deals. This translates into higher quality ingredients and a community feel, unlike some purely price-driven marketplaces.

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