Best Substitutes For Fig Jam

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Since figs are only a specialty in certain areas, you might not be able to find them where you live. Therefore, it can be hard to enjoy fig jam’s taste or use it in recipes that require this ingredient.

In addition, figs are a seasonal food, so you can’t expect a continuous supply of the fig fruit or find fig jam all through the year. But fear not. We researched and narrowed down our top picks of the best alternatives to fig jam.

These substitutes are easy to find in most stores, too. As such, regardless of the season you are in, you should be able to locate these replacements for fig jam.

What Is Fig Jam?

Figs have existed since Bible times. Jesus even spoke in parables that included the fig tree. Figs originally came from the northern parts of Asia Minor. As such, they were greatly respected by Romans, Greeks, and Mediterranean civilizations during that time.

Today, however, figs are grown in many warmer climates and are therefore a lot easier to find. Figs are part of the mulberry family and are a unique fruit that is teardrop-shaped and no bigger than your thumb.

What’s more, figs contain hundreds of small seeds and have either green or purple peels when they are ripe. The fruit’s pink flesh tastes sweet, savory, mild, and with a hint of sourness.

You can eat figs either fresh with their seeds and skins. Or, you can preserve them as jams, where they can be kept for longer periods of time. Preserved figs are suitable for cheese and biscuits, while the jam is suitable for buttered bread.

Fig jam is an important part of cheese because its taste matches well with cheese. The fig fruit is also available in dry form, such as a delicious, convenient snack (very popular in the market).

The flavor characteristics and sweetness of fig jam are more complex than other fruit jams. It is difficult to find a similar fruit that’s both salty and sweet, but there are more choices than you might think.

Fruits similar to the fig can serve as a good substitute. As such, you can use them to make jams in place of fig jam. So let’s take a look at the alternatives we found so you can decide which is right for you.

Best Alternatives For Fig Jam

Prune Jam

Prunes are in the same family as plums. They typically come in a dry form, but occasionally they can be found fresh, as well. The texture and color of prunes are very much like that of fresh figs. As such, their jam is the closest alternative to fig jam.

What’s more, this kind of jam is commonly found in supermarkets. But you can also make your own using a blender or food processor at home. Dried prunes are also a great substitute for dried figs, allowing you to make many recipes. Similarly, prune jam may be used as a substitute for fig jam on cheese board or bread.

Apricot Jam

Ripe, fresh apricots are another fine alternative to figs. And like figs, you can eat apricots either whole or sliced in half to serve on a cheese board.

Dried apricots are soft and have a sweet taste that is close to figs and with a slightly salty taste. Therefore, apricot jam has a taste similar to fig jam. What’s more, apricot jam serves as a good substitute in place of fig jam and in recipes and most notably in baking.

Date Jam

Figs and dates alike have equally dark colors and share the same nutritional value, resulting in similar flavors. You can eat dates raw, too. However, it typically comes in a dry form and can be a good alternative to dried figs for use in many fig recipes.

At the same time, dates are a lot sweeter compared to figs, so it’s a good idea to remember this fact when swapping out the two. In addition, you may need to reduce sugar in the recipe whenever you’re using dates to achieve the same effect.

Blueberry Jam

Blueberries can make excellent jams and are a fine alternative to fig jam. What’s more, blueberries provide you with the lovely purple-blue hues that a lot of recipes require. Therefore, you’re also getting a similar salty flavor that’s most suitable for any recipes that require the slightly salty taste found in fig jam.

Furthermore, blueberry jam can be found just about everywhere in shops and supermarkets. Therefore, it may very well be the most widely available alternative we discovered. Its tastiness perfectly complements its appearance.

Cherry Jam

Here’s yet another handy alternative to fig jam. The sweet taste of these jams is very similar. Therefore, cherry jam is both tangy and sweet, meaning the sweetness of this refreshing jam is just as complex as fig jam.

But cherry jam’s sweetness tends to be stronger, so pay you’ll want to pay close attention to your recipe’s sugar content. You may need to reduce the sugar added in your recipes baking so as to ensure that your food isn’t too sweet.

Nectarine Jam

You can find nectarine jam just about anywhere, as well, making it an excellent alternative to fig jam. Therefore, freshly sliced ​​nectarines will look nice on your cheese board and complement the choice of biscuits and cheese.

This kind of jam has obvious sweetness, which can offset the saltiness and saltiness, and is very similar to fig jam. Therefore, you can use fig jam and nectarine jam interchangeably among your various recipes.

Nectarine jam makes a nice spread on sandwiches, too. Combined with its versatility, this jam is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to mix up their recipes and try something new.

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