Best Substitutes For Quark

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Quark is an excellent cheese that many people use in all kinds of recipes. From main courses to desserts, your dishes will certainly benefit from quark and its sweet, savory appeal. A common problem, however, is that not all stores carry this unique cheese.

No matter, though, as we have some truly excellent quark substitutes that are sure to serve you well. We found that these alternatives provide many of the same attributes offered by quark. So you can be sure to complete your recipes without compromising flavor.

What Is Quark?

As a dairy product, quark is made when milk has lactic acid added to it. Quark has been used in countless recipes because of its creamy texture and delicious flavor, which adheres well while still being delicate.

Quark is a good instant cheese that can be used in vegetables and salads. It works well with other types of cheese and can make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. You can even make quark pizza or quark meatloaf.

It works wonders in many different sweets, cheesecakes, and biscuits. The fact that quark works so well with many different ingredients is a testament to how nice it is to work with this unique cheese. No matter what you do with it, quark will add creaminess to your dishes without overpowering them.

Quark is often described as a combination of yogurt and cottage cheese, offering a superior flavor that is hard to emulate.

But it can be done.

There are a few notable alternatives that come close to capturing quark’s unique taste and texture. So, what is the best substitute for quark? Let’s explore!

Cottage Cheese

It should come as no surprise that cottage cheese works well as a quark substitute. You can use cottage cheese in a variety of dishes and recipes that call for quark. Its mild flavor means it can match almost anything. The only real disadvantage of using this substitute is that it has a fairly high moisture content.

This can be quite problematic if your dish has its own series of liquid ingredients. When all combined, your recipe is likely to end up runnier than you would prefer. Therefore, you need to use cottage cheese with caution.

It’s a good idea to think about what kind of effect cottage cheese will have when used with other liquid components. If there’s no way to lessen the runniness, consider adding a different quark replacement. And be sure that whatever you choose doesn’t have a runny consistency.


Here’s another good substitute for quark, which provides a creamy and rich texture to recipes while offering a rather mild flavor. Ricotta is very suitable for making desserts like cheesecakes.

The texture of ricotta cheese is more granular than quark. Therefore, you should use ricotta cheese only if the texture will not change your recipe’s final outcome. Consider using one part ricotta with equal parts of either sour cream or yogurt when replacing quark.

Greek Yogurt

When you want to make a delicious meal, you can pair it with whipped or unwhipped Greek yogurt. Both options provide you with an equally creamy texture and a savory flavor. What’s more, you can use them in nearly any recipe that requires quark. Consider using one part Greek yogurt with equal parts of sour cream when replacing quark.


This cheese is another incredibly creamy and delicious substitute. Mascarpone is perfect for savory and sweet dishes. It is light in texture but still works well in making baked quark desserts. And similar to quark, mascarpone has a rich and thick consistency. However, there is a higher fat content, so if your goal is low fat, you should consider a different option.

Sour Cream

This is a good substitute for quark. Sour cream has a tangy yet mild flavor. Moreover, sour cream is suitable for savory and sweet dishes of any flavor intensity. Therefore, sour cream works remarkably well in nearly any recipe that requires quark.

It should be noted that sour cream is as smooth as quark but is slightly thinner. As such, you need to be careful when using sour cream in dishes that require thicker substitutes. You could easily end up with a dish that is too runny to enjoy.

Cream Cheese

Quark is easily replaced with cream cheese. This one is a favorite of many people, and it’s one of the better quark substitutes, thanks to the fact that it provides quark’s creamy texture. And it is perfect for recipes that require baking. When making cheesecakes and other sweets, cream cheese is an excellent substitute.

Crème Fraîche

With a structure similar to sour cream, Crème Fraîche is thicker and has a richer flavor. Thanks to its consistency, Crème Fraîche makes the final product in your recipes much creamier.

The fat content of Crème Fraîche is quite high, which makes it another great choice for recipes that require using high temperatures. For any recipe that calls for baking temps or high stove temps, this is many peoples’ second choice.

Make Your Own

Although all these alternatives work well, if you have time, you can always choose to create your own quark cheese. It’s a rather lengthy process to make quark, but the directions to do so are very straightforward and easy to follow.

  • First, you need to heat up buttermilk in a pan until it reaches about 150°F.
  • Let simmer for approximately four hours (stir often).
  • When your quark is finished heating, use a cheesecloth to strain it.
  • Blend the remaining chunks until it reaches the desired consistency.

And that’s it! With patience, you can enjoy your very own quark.

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There is certainly a fine balance to choosing the correct substitute. The wrong one could cause your dish to become too runny, so pay close attention to the consistency of each alternative.

We have many more food substitutes for you to explore, so be sure to check them out. We also discuss vegan-friendly ingredients and food options to help you maintain your vegan diet.

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