What To Serve With Corn Chowder: Sides & Compliments

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Corn chowder is a hearty, delicious soup made using corn as the primary ingredient and other ingredients, including any type of meat and vegetable. It’s rich and creamy but still light and healthy. The best time to make corn chowder is in the fall, when fresh ears of corn are available for purchase. This hearty soup can be eaten alone or served with an assortment of side dishes. However, when you have a hot pot of corn chowder ready for your guests to enjoy, it’s nice to have some side dishes available as well! The deliciousness of corn chowder is only amplified when it is paired with a side dish that complements the soup’s flavor profile.

But, what would you like to serve with your corn chowder? The answer is not as simple as it seems! You can easily get overwhelmed by the fact that there is a range of dishes that compliment as a side dish for corn chowder.

If you’re looking for some delicious yet simple side dishes to go along with your corn chowder, then look no further! In this blog post, we will highlight 12 dazzling corn chowder side dishes that will make any dinner feel complete.

Apple Pie

Believe it or not but apple pie is one of the best dishes to serve with corn chowder. They make a great combination because the apple pie brings a sweet and tart flavor, while the corn chowder adds some savory elements to it. The best part about this dish is that you can make an easy, no-fuss apple pie in just 30 minutes! When preparing apple pie, be sure to use some different types of apples.

This is because different types of apples will bring unique flavors that are needed for apple pie. Some great options include Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, and Pink Lady Apples! On the other hand, to complement this combination, you can add in some vanilla ice-cream scoop that will bring some creamy elements to the dish. If you have never tried anything with corn chowder before, apple pie is a great place to start!

Fried Okra

Fried okra is a delicious, healthy side dish to serve with corn chowder. It has a crispy texture while maintaining its firmness and natural flavor. Fried okra can be served as an appetizer or even the main course! In order to prepare this dish, you’ll need fresh okra pods that have been sliced into ¼-inch pieces. If desired, fried okra may also be baked instead of deep-frying it, so if you want to save on calories, just bake them at 450 degrees Fahrenheit until golden brown, which will take around 20 minutes. Fried okra is a delicious side dish that pairs perfectly with corn chowder.

Sauteed Veggies

Another great side dish to serve with corn chowder is sauteed veggies. When it comes to cooking, vegetables are one of the healthier options out there, and they make a delicious complement to your soup. There are different ways in which you can cook up some healthy sauteed veggies depending on what ingredients you have on hand. For example, if you want to save time while preparing these delectable dishes, then feel free to use frozen or canned vegetables since they’ll only take around five minutes until cooked through.

On the other hand, fresh veggies may require more preparation but won’t need too much cooking once prepared – this will depend on how crunchy or soft that you like your vegetables. You can add an assortment of spices into your sauteed veggies to add some flavor and variety, such as garlic powder, onion powder, dried basil leaves, salt pepper, and even a pinch of cayenne pepper.


If you love meat, then steaks are a great side dish to serve with corn chowder! Steak goes well with soup for the simple fact that it has some hearty flavors, which will make your meal more filling. You can also pair steak alongside other delicious dishes like mashed potatoes or rice, depending on what you feel like eating. There is no wrong answer when cooking up some delectable meat since it’s often customizable based on personal preference and taste!

For instance, there are different ways in which you can cook up this dish – whether it’s grilling or pan-frying; either way will result in an amazing outcome that pairs beautifully with your corn chowder soup.


One of the most delicious side dishes to serve with corn chowder is seafood! Seafood brings a ton of unique flavors that will make your meal more appetizing. Some great options include lobster, shrimp, or scallops with some herbs and spices mixed in for added flavor. Be sure not to overcook your seafood since they only take around three minutes until cooked through, or else they’ll get soggy alongside your soup!

Cheese Crusty Bread

Another delicious side dish to serve with corn chowder is cheesy, crusty bread! This dish only takes about an hour to make since you’ll need some dough, butter, salt, and pepper for seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese (or mozzarella), eggs, or milk, depending on what kind of dough you are making. You can either make your own shortcrust pastry dough from scratch. Alternatively, if you want even less work involved, then using store-bought refrigerated pizza dough also works just as well.

Cured Meats

Cured meats are another great side dish to serve with corn chowder. This is because cured meats like ham, bacon, or sausage provide that hearty flavor that will keep you feeling full. Furthermore, they can be cooked in a variety of ways to bring out different flavors.

There are so many options when preparing this delectable meal since there are countless kinds of cured meats available at your local grocery store. Pick whichever one fits your taste preference best. Just ensure that the meat is nicely cooked.

Black Bean Quesadillas

Black bean quesadillas are a great side dish for corn chowder. You can find pre-made tortillas at your local grocery store, which come in different shapes and sizes. For example, some are square while others are round – just be sure that they’re thin enough so that you can easily fold them over when assembling the meal. All you have to do is spread some refried beans onto one half of the tortilla before sprinkling on shredded cheese. You can either cook this delicious side dish in the pan or bake it in your oven.


BLTs are a great side dish for corn chowder, especially if you want to go the traditional route. Just make sure you have some bacon laid out on a plate covered with paper towels so that it’ll be nice and crispy when served alongside your soup.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese fits perfectly as a side dish for corn chowder. It will add a crunchy flavor to your overall meal, Just make sure not to overcook them since this can dry out your sandwich rather quickly. Alternatively, you could also bake them in an oven instead but only after cooking the inside first so that the cheese melts properly without burning anything else.

Buttermilk Biscuits

Buttermilk biscuits are a great side dish to serve with corn chowder. This is because they’re light, fluffy, and buttery – which perfectly complements the soup’s creaminess. You can easily find buttermilk biscuit dough at your local grocery store in refrigerated sections alongside all other kinds of baking ingredients.


It seems like quiche was tailor-made as a side dish for corn chowder because this combination is just the best. This pie dish is excellent to make a complete meal and put it on the table. And the flavors of corn chowder and quiche complements each other perfectly.

Dinner Rolls

Have you tried serving dinner rolls with your corn chowder? If not, you have something delicious to try. The buttery soft dinner rolls perfectly soak up the flavors of corn chowder, making a hearty comfort meal.

Ham and Cheese

Salt and savory flavors go great with corn and classic ham and cheese is a simple dish that you cannot go wrong with. Dip the sandwich in the corn chowder to accentuate the flavor of this classic recipe. Ensure to give extra time to add that crunch to your bread, it will make everything taste better.

Smoked Sausage

If you want something more meaty and filling, give smoked sausages a try. While there are different kinds of smoked sausages, the ones with garlicky and salty flavors pairs best with corn chowder. Sausages like andouille, kielbasa, Cajun, etc, are among the best choices. The smoked and slightly spicy flavors complement the subtle taste of corn chowder.

Lemon Rice

Corn Chowder is not a particularly hearty dish, so serve them with freshly made lemon rice to make a complete meal. You can also serve with plain rice, but adding lemon to the simple dish will make it zesty and aromatic. This will perfectly go well with the simple flavors of corn chowder.

Cucumber Salad

If you are looking for a healthier option, you will enjoy this refreshing side dish. Along with cucumber, you only need three other ingredients to complete this dish including oregano, dill and red onions. Furthermore, use Greek yogurt to coat everything together. It will be a crispy contrast to your corn chowder.

Jalapeno Poppers

When looking for a great side dish to serve with corn chowder, jalapeno poppers are definitely worth trying. Simply stuff them with cheddar cheese and bacon bits and coat them well in breadcrumbs before frying. The cheesy, savory filling along with the hot bite of the pepper will pair well with cornbread.

Steamed Vegetables

For people who are looking for healthier options, they can always try steamed vegetables. It can help you make a simple and healthy meal. Steamed cauliflower or broccoli are the most popular veggies to pair with corn chowder.

Shrimp Tacos

Pair this French dish with a Mexican dish to make a fusion spread. Shrimp tacos will give a perfect kick to your overall meal. Breaded shrimps coated with Cajun seasoning goes well with the corn flavors. The strong and punchy flavors pair well with the creaminess of the cream chowder.


Corn on corn may sound a bit much, but the contrast of this combination sits perfectly well. The reason why corn chowder and cornbread work is because the profiles are opposite. While cornbread is dry and salty, corn chowder is creamy and sweet.

Apple Crisp With Ice Cream

Your meal is not complete without a scrumptious dessert. And there is no better way to wrap your meal than serving a comforting bowl of apple crisps with ice cream. It is a classic dessert that can be enjoyed all year round, particularly after finishing your bowl of corn chowder.

Corn Chowder Serving Tip:

While the above side dishes are great, you might want to consider serving your corn chowder with a twist. For example, some people like adding croutons or even bacon bits into their soup for added crunch and flavor. If you’re looking for something sweeter, then why not try topping it off with whipped cream? This is especially good if you like sweet soups, which usually consist of fruit flavors such as apple cider or peach! It’s also possible to scoop ice cream onto your bowl, although this may sound strange at first. However, once done right, it’ll taste amazing, so be sure to give this one a shot! You can even combine some of the above ideas together for added variety.


These are some killer side dishes that you can serve with corn chowder. Your options are vast, and it totally depends on your taste preferences. You are advised to try out different recipes and only then determine what suits your cravings. This is just a small list of dishes that are worth trying out. What’s more, these can be prepared in just a matter of minutes which is always good for people who lack cooking skills or have limited time to prepare food!

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