Best Substitutes For Farmer’s Cheese

For various reasons, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to replace farmer’s cheese with a different type of cheese. Whether you don’t currently have it or just don’t like it, you can find a substitute for this cheese variety for almost all recipes.


What is the best substitute for farmer’s cheese? The best substitutes are soft, unripe varieties, which we will detail for you momentarily. But first, let’s talk about what farmer’s cheese is, for those who aren’t familiar with it.

What Is Farmer’s Cheese?

A soft, unripe variety of cheese made from milk, farmer’s cheese can come from cow, goat, or sheep milk and is usually described as being pressed form of cottage cheese. As such, it is made when you add bacteria to milk to acidify and coagulate it.

In terms of taste, farmer’s cheese has a mild, unsalted flavor to it. This variety of cheese also has a strong and tangy flavor. In terms of texture, farmer’s cheese tends to crumble but is rather soft and easy to spread.

So, what cheeses are similar to farmer’s cheese? Let’s look at our top picks so you can choose the most suitable alternative for your cooking and baking needs.


This popular variety of Italian cheese is frequently used as an alternative for dairy products and other cheeses. Ricotta is a fresh cheese that is both creamy and light. Some varieties of fresh cheese that include farmer’s cheese come from curd. Ricotta, however, comes from whey that’s left over from sheep milk or cow milk.

Moreover, ricotta has a mild taste and is low in salt content. As such, it is an excellent choice for savory and sweet dishes. Ricotta is also ideal to use with pasta dishes. But you can use it when making things like pies, pancakes, cheesecakes, and many other desserts. It’s also great for dips.

Goat Cheese

This type of cheese has a texture that lends to easy crumbling. Goat cheese is also very mild taste compared to many other types of cheese, making it an excellent substitute for farmer’s cheese. What’s more, goat cheese comes from curd.

Added to goat cheese is a certain rennet or acidic ingredient that helps turn milk into goat cheese. Do you need to avoid lactose? If so, goat cheese is a good choice, as its lactose content is quite low by comparison.

Since there is more than one type of goat cheese, we recommend looking for the best one to serve as an alternative to farmer’s cheese. If you will use fresh goat cheese instead of farmer’s cheese, then it is definitely the better choice.

As various types of cheeses age, it gets harder as the flavor becomes stronger. Goat cheese is the most suitable alternative in terms of flavor and texture when replacing farmers’ cheese. Moreover, goat cheese is ideal for complementing pastas, salads, and pizzas and works well with sandwiches and in dips.


A commonly-used Indian cheese, paneer is made from curdled milk and natural acids like lemon juice. Furthermore, paneer is not aged, so it’s a soft variety of cheese that will not melt.

The taste of this cheese is milky and very mild, as is often the case with all varieties of fresh cheese. Paneer’s texture can be best described as feeling spongy yet firm. And it presents a creaminess not present in some other cheese types.

Paneer does not crumble, either, differentiating it from farmer’s cheese. And because of its firmness, paneer is easily cut into pieces. Paneer is also a great source for getting protein. As a non-melting variety of cheese, you can fry paneer and eat it with various sides.

Paneer isn’t quite as salty as other varieties of cheese, with some describing its taste as sweet, sour, and slightly nutty. Due to having a neutral flavor, paneer can easily replace farmer’s cheese for a variety of recipes.

Queso Blanco

Meaning “white cheese,” Queso Blanco is a mild variety of cream cheese. As a Mexican cheese, Queso Blanco is a breeze to make. All you need is an acidic ingredient to help the milk coagulate, thus making Queso Blanco.

A lot of people choose to use lemon juice when making Queso Blanco. Just keep in mind that doing so may result in your cheese having a mild lemon flavor.

Queso Blanco is milky and mild and only a little salty. In terms of texture, it’s firm but fragile and will crumble. This cheese will not melt but will become soft. As such, Queso Blanco is commonly used when frying and grilling different recipes.

You may also use Queso Blanco in a litany of other cooking ventures. You can consume Queso Blanco along with fruit, too. In addition, you may use it with soups and salads. Queso Blanco dip is also very common. And in the United States, many people make cheesecakes with Queso Blanco.

American Neufchatel

If you live in the United States, American Neufchatel is another cheese variety that can be used instead of farmer’s cheese. American Neufchatel is similar to cream cheese in texture, but because of its high moisture content, it is softer than cream cheese.

This spreadable cheese variety is also characterized by its low fat content. You can use American Neufchatel in pasta dishes. It is also suitable for dips and icing.


If you’re looking for an alternative that’s low in fat, quark may just be the perfect substitute for you. Many people choose quark as a dairy alternative. What’s more, this cheese is very creamy and has a mild flavor to it.

Quark has a pretty thick texture that is somewhat grainy. Most people who have tried quark call it a cross between cottage cheese and yogurt.

Ready for More Substitutes?

Here at Cook Gem, you can find plenty of other exciting food substitutes to use in your recipes and dishes. And if you are tired of eating the same old thing, be sure to check out our many recipes, which include plenty of vegan-friendly dishes.

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