Best Vegan Hamburger Buns Brands

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Hamburger buns can be a pretty frustrating topic for vegans — those pertaining to a strictly plant-based diet. While most ingredients used when making burger buns are naturally plant-derived and vegan-friendly, many recipes or store-bought buns contain gray areas or items that aren’t vegan-friendly.

The best vegan hamburger buns brands include Dave’s Killer Bread, Ezekiel Bread, Angelic Bakehouse, Nature’s Own, 365 Whole Foods, Franz Bakery, Arnold, Wonder Bread, Ball Park, and Aunt Millie’s. However, be mindful that various brands sell non-vegan buns with added milk, butter, eggs, or sugar.

While hamburger buns or bread is not directly animal-based, they may contain ingredients derived from animals at some point during production. So, we need to be mindful of components that may appear vegan-friendly at first glance. Thankfully, various brands sell vegan-friendly buns. So, continue reading for the ten best vegan hamburger buns brands.

Vegan Hamburger Buns Brands

While the list can be a good bit longer of hamburger buns that are vegan-friendly, it’s easier to purchase buns that note to be explicitly vegan. This list compiles the ten most common brands that sell vegan burger buns.

Are All Hamburger Buns Vegan?

Hamburger buns typically contain ingredients that aren’t directly animal-based; they can contain additives previously derived from animals at some point in their production. These ingredients usually include eggs, milk, sweeteners like sugars or honey.

To strictly follow a vegan diet, you’ll want to avoid ALL animal-derived products. So, various hamburger buns brands sell buns that contain at least one, if not all, of these non-vegan ingredients.

There are a couple of gray areas around practicing a vegan diet. I’d say the most challenging ingredient is sugar; you’ll need to know the background history of the sugar to determine whether it’s vegan-friendly or not. Additionally, some may find an ingredient like sugar acceptable while the next person deems it refutable. 

While sugar comes from crushed sugarcane, it is generally treated and decolorized with bone char, derived from cattle bones. Therefore, most burger buns containing sugar aren’t suitable for vegans.

With clean, essential ingredients including flour, yeast, salt, and water, you’ll be good to go! However, most brands produce buns that contain additional ingredients like dairy products, eggs, and sweeteners to add texture or stabilizers. 

Truthfully, when referring to vegan buns, you are generally looking for a recipe with a few ingredients. More so, ingredients that sound familiar. 

The more ingredients with long, technical names you read on the package, the higher the likelihood that it contains a range of preservatives that aren’t plant-based.

So, if you aim to follow a strict vegan diet, it’s essential to double-check before buying the first available hamburger buns on the store’s shelf.

Dave’s Killer Bread Hamburger Buns

Dave’s Killer Bread burger buns are confirmed to be vegan-friendly even for the strictest of vegans. These yummy buns do not only lack dairy, eggs, and honey; they are made using organic sugar that isn’t filtered with bone char.

Dave’s Killer Bread hamburger buns are not only vegan; they are organic and gluten-free. You can enjoy a traditional burger bun option or opt for whole grain and seed option. 

More so, Dave’s Killer Bread hamburger buns are high in protein and lack processed and bleached flour and unhealthy, high-fructose sugars like corn syrup.

Although Dave’s Killer Bread is a specialty brand, the hamburger buns are pretty easy to find in the organic or natural bread section. 

Ezekiel Bread Hamburger Buns

Ezekiel bread is another famous brand of vegan hamburger buns. These delicious and fluffy buns are primarily in the market for veggie burgers.

Manufactured by the “Food for Life” company, these buns are well-known by vegans as the organization aims to be entirely vegan. The company makes all its products without using dairy, eggs, or honey.

The company is famous for its faith-based background, producing its products in line with the Bible verse: Ezekiel 4:9. Their bread and hamburger buns are known for more than being vegan; they are a healthy way to enjoy your veggie burger without the guilt of consuming unhealthy foods.

Ezekiel buns aren’t always available at your local store, but you can find them in the organic or health section at Whole Foods, health shops, and limited chain grocery stores.

You can enjoy a variety of bread and hamburger buns from Ezekiel like:

  • Sesame Sprouted Grain Hamburger Buns
  • Sprouted Whole Grain Hamburger Buns
  • Sprouted Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns

Angelic Bakehouse Hamburger Buns

Angelic Bakehouse is another specialty brand that offers a range of vegan-friendly products, including vegan hamburger buns. In addition, they are a “clean label” product, meaning that there aren’t any fishy ingredients that you need to worry about when purchasing the hamburger buns. In addition, their foods contain zero GMOs − a huge bonus, don’t you think?

Angelic Bakehouse bakes healthy, guilt-free, and super delicious hamburger buns made from sprouted whole grains, and there are two options to choose from:

  • Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns
  • Whole Wheat Slider Buns

While Angelic Bakehouse isn’t available in all the general stores, various large-chain stores stock them depending on your location. However, you frequently find them in large chain stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, Target, and Sprouts.

The best thing about Angelic Bakehouse is that you can grab any product off the shelf with the reassurance that you’ll be buying a reliable vegan option.

Nature’s Own Hamburger Buns

Nature’s Own has a vegan line named 100% Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns that makes vegan-friendly buns. 

Although they typically do not use animal-sourced ingredients in their dough, some of the bread products may contain animal products like honey and Omega 3 (fish oil). However, these varieties are marked to indicate the use of animal-based ingredients. 

So, for safety, always be sure to read the label carefully before accidentally adding the wrong Nature’s Own hamburger buns to your cart. Fortunately, the 100% whole wheat option is safe as they are all vegan-friendly.

Nature’s Own is generally an easy-to-find product that seems to be readily available at most popular chain grocery stores.

Nature’s Own sells the following hamburger buns:

  • Hamburger Butter buns – they aren’t vegan as they contain butter.
  • Brioche Style Hamburger Buns – they aren’t vegan as they have butter.
  • 100% Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns – they are vegan-friendly.

365 (Whole Foods) Hamburger Buns

If you live in an area with a Whole Foods store near you, the 365 organic hamburger buns are an easy addition to your vegan-friendly grocery list. While this brand is almost only available in Whole Foods, it’s an organic and healthy bun to add to your shopping cart. 

However, you’ll want to stick to the organic option, as some of their other hamburger buns outside of the organic category contain cane sugar as a sweeter. In addition, as we mentioned earlier, cane sugar can undergo treatment and decolorization using bone char derived from cattle bones. 

Here is a list of their vegan hamburger buns:

  • White Hamburger Buns
  • White Wheat Hamburger Buns
  • Organic, Classic White Hamburger Buns
  • Organic, Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns

Franz Bakery Hamburger Buns

Franz is a superb vegan-friendly choice if you prefer classic vegan hamburger buns or ones with a twist like their onion buns. However, while most of their hamburger buns are vegan, not all their products are suitable for vegans as some of them contain butter, milk, and eggs. 

Fortunately, the bakery clearly labels all of the vegan-friendly options. However, pick one of their delicious organic options for a safer route as all of their organic burger buns are vegan.

Franz Bakery sells a wide range of its products online, but you can also find the brand at general grocery chains and Walmart. If you shop online, you’ll notice that the bakery arranges the vegan and non-vegan options separately, allowing you easily identify their vegan-friendly products.

Here is the list of their vegan-friendly hamburger buns:

  • Classic Hamburger Buns
  • Sesame Hamburger Buns
  • Keto Buns
  • Wheat Hamburger Buns
  • Classic Sliders
  • Premium Sesame Buns
  • Premium Kaiser Buns
  • Premium Potato Buns
  • Premium Onion Buns

Arnold Hamburger Buns

Another famous vegan hamburger bun brand is Arnold. These burger buns are guaranteed to be one of the tastiest hamburger buns available in stores. 

However, not all of Arnold’s bread products are vegan-friendly, so you’ll want to double-check the ingredients before popping the bag into your cart.

Yummy vegan-friendly options include:

Wonder Bread Hamburger Buns

While most Wonder Bread’s products aren’t vegan-friendly, many hamburger buns are vegan. In addition, none of these vegan burger buns seems to contain milk, eggs, or other animal by-products.

Still, you’ll want to prevent opting for their honey buns or honey sliders. As the same suggests, these two burger bun varieties contain honey, an animal-derived product.

However, here’s the complete list of Wonder Bread’s vegan hamburger buns that you can purchase for your next veggie burger:

  • Classic Hamburger Buns
  • Seeded Hamburger Buns
  • Grill King Hamburger Buns
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Sesame Twist Rolls
  • Country Rolls

Ball Park Hamburger Buns

Ball Park is another familiar brand found in most general grocery stores. In addition, they sell four varieties of hamburger buns, of which three are vegan friendly.

You’ll want to avoid purchasing their Golden Hamburger Buns as they contain honey, making them unsuitable for vegans.

The three varieties you can enjoy are the following:

  • Hamburger Buns
  • Tailgaters Gourmet White XL Buns
  • Everything Hamburger Buns

Aunt Millie’s Hamburger Buns

Most of Aunt Millie’s hamburger buns are vegan-friendly and free of animal ingredients, including white, wheat, and wholewheat varieties.

With the long list of vegan-friendly hamburger buns available, it is fortunate that Aunt Millie’s buns are easy to hands-on as they are commonly available in most general grocery stores.

You’ll want to avoid these three varieties as they contain animal-derived products

  • Hearth Butter Hamburger Buns – contains butter and cultured cream
  • Hearth Hawaiian Hamburger Buns – contains honey
  • Stadium Honey Hamburger Buns – contains honey

The complete breakdown of vegan options include:

  • Classic Hamburger Buns 
  • Artisan Style Sandwich Rolls
  • Hearth Whole Grain Hamburger Buns
  • Brioche Hamburger Buns
  • Stadium White Hamburger Buns
  • Double Decker Seeded Buns
  • Johnsonville Deluxe White Hamburger Buns
  • Deli Beef Buns
  • Deli Onion Buns

Most Common Non-Vegan Hamburger Buns

Let’s quickly cover a few not-so-friendly options for vegans. Upon inspection, these brands seem to offer no vegan alternative hamburger buns.

  1. Pepperidge Farm Hamburger Buns – all of this brand’s hamburger buns contain non-fat milk, and various options also have butter and honey in the ingredients list, making a massive no-no for us vegans.
  2. Martin’s Potato Rolls – As yummy as these hamburger buns may sound, they, unfortunately, all contain daily products, including non-fat milk and butter.
  3. Sara Lee – Sara Lee may seem safe and vegan-friendly at first, but most of the brand’s hamburger buns contain glycerides, placing it in a gray area.
  4. Udi’s Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns – the phrase “gluten-free” is promising for health enthusiasts, but vegans need to steer clear from this brand as the Whole Grain and Classic hamburger buns, unfortunately, contain egg white. 
  5. Vermont Bread Company Buns – Vermont Bread Company Buns is yet another gluten-free option that we need to avoid due to eggs. 

The Final Burger Bite

To indeed jump onto the vegan train, you’ll want to avoid all animal-derived products. Unfortunately, various brands sell hamburger buns that contain at least one, if not all, of these non-vegan ingredients like milk, butter, eggs, honey, and sugar.

We trust the complied list offers a wide variety of vegan-friendly hamburger buns to choose from; however, if you come across an unmentioned brand, be sure to check the back of the packaging for the ingredients list. Then, ensure that no animal-based products are listed to ensure that you are using vegan hamburger buns.

Enjoy those veggie burgers!

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