Interesting Benefits Of Avocado Leaves

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Avocado leaves are the most potent of all avocado plants and can be used as a natural remedy for many physical ailments. They can be used for everything from hair care to culinary purposes. Many people know the avocado as the superfruit, but its leaves are equally as beneficial. There are numerous studies done on the benefits of avocado leaves, and they are backed by scientific evidence. The leaves are most potent when they are fresh, but if you cannot find any fresh avocado leaves, there is no reason to worry. You can use dried or cut-up pieces of the leaf instead. The studies show that most people see results within two weeks of taking the leaves regularly.

Note: Keep in mind avocado leaf needs to be studied more, right now there are 29 studies mentioning avocado leaves by name at the time of this writing, which is respectable but still needs work. So, these benefits below need to be investigated more.

With that being said, in this post, we will be going over some of the top benefits that avocado leaves offer. Read on to learn more about avocados and their benefits!

Possibly Treat Asthma Symptoms

Avocado leaves contain phytochemical compounds that have been known to instill calmness and relaxation in many parts of the body. This can help heal conditions like headaches, muscle soreness, and even asthma. That is, these phytochemical compounds can reduce the stiffness in the respiratory muscles that are responsible for causing uneasiness and uncomfortable asthma symptoms.

Possibly Treat Allergies & Arthritis

There are many studies that show avocado leaves help to improve the symptoms of both allergies and arthritis. They do this by calming down immune system response, which helps a person avoid common allergens as well as swelling from inflammation. Drinking avocado tea can be a great way to reap the benefits from these leaves.

Possibly Promote Hair Growth

Avocado leaves have been known to treat dandruff, promote hair growth, prevent breakage, and hydrate dry or brittle strands of hair. The antioxidants in avocados provide vitamins A & E, which protect your scalp against sun damage while also providing nutrients for healthy follicle function. Not only will it promote new cell production, but it is an excellent source since it’s loaded with fatty acids just like natural oils found on our skin, such as sebum oil.

Possibly Protect Your Heart

The phytochemicals found in avocado leaves are also great for protecting the cardiovascular system. They help to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels naturally, and prevent clots from forming, all of which can lead to an array of issues, including high blood pressure, stroke, or even a heart attack.

The antioxidants that these plant compounds contain have been known to improve circulation while repairing damaged cells throughout the entire body. This is why it’s important that you get enough calcium into your diet since this mineral helps absorb nutrients like potassium & magnesium more efficiently, so they will be able to work their magic on our bodies! Not only does avocado leaf tea help with strengthening bones, but it has anti-inflammatory properties too!

Possibly Improve Skin Health

The leaves from the avocado plant contain numerous nutrients that can help improve skin health, such as vitamins A & E. These two substances work to protect your cells and collagen, which is responsible for keeping our skin healthy. Not only will it prevent damage by free radicals, but this antioxidant powerhouse also helps to reduce dark spots, age spots, acne scars, or other blemishes in a person’s complexion!

Possibly Help Stunt Tumor Growth

The phytochemical compounds found in these plants have been known to eliminate toxins throughout the body while repairing damaged DNA strands that cause them to form harmful tumors within just 24 hours of intake. In one study involving mice who were undergoing chemotherapy, the group who were given avocado leaf extracts had their tumors reduced by as much as 60%, while the mice that did not receive them saw a 30% increase in tumor size.

However, it is very important to note that this was done on lab mice, and there aren’t any studies currently available for humans aside from those involving cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Therefore, we cannot confirm if these anti-tumor properties would work similarly or better than other medications prescribed by doctors – such as chemo drugs – but if you are experiencing unusual pain or discomfort after your treatment sessions, then consuming some of this tea may be beneficial!


In addition to all of that, avocado leaves have been known for many years as being an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants, which can help improve overall health in numerous ways. Hopefully the scientific community studies this interesting leaf more so we can know for sure if these benefits are backed in verified fact.

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