All The Candies That Start With Q

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The Q list of candies was a tricky one to assemble. Not surprisingly, Q candies are hard to come by. The few Q candies that made the list are also difficult to come by in person. Some are international treats that are not easily accessible in the states while others have been discontinued for decades. Nevertheless, the Q candies are an interesting group to read about. Let’s jump in!

Q. Bel Wafer Rolls

Manufactured by Q. Bel Foods, Q. Bel Wafer Rolls are a part of this food maker’s all-natural treat line. Q. Bel Wafer Rolls are similar in shape, size, and texture to Pepperidge Farm’s Pirouette cookies. Though similar to a cookie, Q. Bel Wafer Rolls are packaged in colorful candy wrappers as individual servings. Each package of Q. Bel Wafer Rolls contains two thick and tasty confectionery rolls in a plastic tray that helps to prevent breaking. Q. Bel Wafer Rolls’ original flavor is a milk chocolate roll, however, other popular varieties include dark chocolate and peanut butter. 

Of note, Q. Bel Wafer Rolls are American-made and kosher. Each decadent Q. Bel Wafer Roll has a crispy wafer with a luscious cream filling that’s enrobed in a rich chocolate coating. With each bite of a Q. Bel Wafer Roll, you’re guaranteed a lovely snap followed by a crispy texture. The primary ingredients in Q. Bel Wafer Rolls include sugar, wheat flour, soy, molasses, and non-fat milk powder. Lastly, one package of Q. Bel Wafer Rolls has 130 calories, six grams of fat, 13 grams of sugar, and two grams of dietary fiber. 

Quality Sticks

Talk about novelty candies! Quality Sticks are a line of candy cigarettes made of pure Belgian milk chocolate. Quality Sticks look just like the real deal without the harmful nicotine and tobacco. Quality Sticks are individually wrapped chocolate sticks; each is wrapped in a white paper wrapper and each is precisely the size of a real cigarette. Quality Sticks come in packs of 10 “cigarettes” and each pack perfectly resembles a real pack of stogies. Quality Sticks actually come in a variety of pack aesthetics so they actually look like different cigarette brands. Interestingly, while many states have attempted to have candy cigarettes federally outlawed over the years, only one state (North Dakota) was ever successful in doing so. 

Not only are Quality Sticks a tasty treat in their own right, but they also make fun party favors and unique costume accessories. These absurdly delicious candies are made with sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, soy, and vanillin. A serving of one candy cigarette contains eight calories and three grams of sugar. If you’re looking for a delicious way to liven up a themed party or an edgy costume or simply to enjoy some fine chocolate, Quality Sticks are the ticket. 

Quench Gum

Invented and manufactured by Mueller Sports Medicine, Quench Gum is a brand of gum specifically designed for athletes. Quench is an electrolyte-infused gum meant to alleviate dry mouth as dehydration and overexertion kick into high gear. Whether playing organized sports, doing hard workouts, or competing, Quench combats the aggravation of cottonmouth; essentially, with the help of Quench Gum, you have one less obstacle to overcome during your physical performances. A perfect treat to pack in a gym bag, with sports equipment, or to keep handy for the whole team, Quench Gum is made just for athletes. 

Of note, Quench Gum comes in a variety of juicy fruit flavors including lemon, orange, fruit punch, and grape. Quench Gum pieces come individually twist-wrapped in bags of 24, as well as sports bottles, buckets, and tubs. Quench Gum is a tasty yet effective gum that has a long-lasting flavor. Notably, Quench Gum’s primary ingredients include sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, glycerine, and a combination of natural and artificial flavors. Lastly, each piece of Quench Gum has 15 calories and three grams of sugar. 

Quince Candy

Quince Candy is not a commercially manufactured candy, instead, it’s a type of homemade Turkish or Croatian Candy. Quince Candy is a simple recipe with just four ingredients: quinces, sugar, water, and lemon juice. The cooking process turns this concoction into a jellied treat similar in texture to Brach’s gummy candies. Similar to these commercial jelly candies, Quince Candies are rolled in granulated sugar for an extra zing of sweetness. Though the process of making Quince Candy is simple, it is time-consuming. A truly unique treat, Quince Candy is worth making. 


Quicksand is a retro gum that was popular in the 70s. Though it’s no longer made, it was manufactured by The Fleer Corporation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Quicksand was a powdered candy, similar to Pixy Stix, that was packaged in a colorful envelope that could be poured into your mouth. Quicksand was available in grape, raspberry, and orange, however, it was cool to buy all three flavors and blend them to make new combinations. The main ingredients in Quicksand were gum base, sugar, starch, and artificial flavors. In addition to the three original Quicksand gum flavors, Fleer later came out with a series of snow cone flavors. Quicksand was sold for just five cents a pack and was a hit among children of the 70s. 

The Final Letter

The Q list is a mixed bag of trouble-making, homemade, athlete-specific, historical, and discontinued confections. Whether you’re just curious about Q candies in general or looking for a new treat to try, some of these delectable Q candies are worth finding (or even making). Which of the Q candies will you try?

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