10 Places Where You Can Buy Bulgarian Food Online

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Whether it’s a cheesy Banista baked to perfection, one of the many outstanding kinds of Bulgarian cheese like Sirene and local feta, or a rich, smoky sausage like Lunkanka Panagyurska, countless Bulgarian foods will keep you coming back.

New to Bulgarian cuisine or want a starting point? Follow our recipe for Palneni Chushki (Bulgarian stuffed peppers) and you’ll soon be hunting down more. That’s why we’ve put together the definitive list of the ten best places where you can buy Bulgarian food online.

Each store offers reliable ordering and availability to the US and many other countries around the world with outstanding all-around quality.

Malincho European Imports

Malincho is an online store specializing in European frozen foods, gourmet food products, and general groceries. You’ll find a great variety of Bulgarian food at Malincho to pick from. And a vast variety of general European food items combined with the quality of products like Malincho’s excellent Bulgarian thick sausage make this trusted retailer worth a look. Malincho’s has a great reputation and they’ve been in business awhile making it a great all in one stop for Bulgarian and European deliciousness.

Note: It is best to shop using Bulgarian as the selected language as it functions best that way.

Find BG Food

Find BG Food is one of the most functional Bulgarian online stores and food-finding services available, reliably delivering to three continents for over 15 years. Shoppers from all around the world are connected to a collection of restaurants and stores selling Bulgarian meals, groceries, and liquor. Enter your zip code or location, or search according to the Bulgarian food you’re looking for.

There’s everything from Bulgarian desserts and sweets to baked goods like Banitsa, Bulgarian frozen foods, cured meats and salami such as Babek, cheeses like Sirene and Kashkaval, and spreads and relishes like Lyutenitsa waiting. If it’s Bulgarian, Find BG Food will connect you to someone who sells it instantly or they may sell it themselves.

Parrot Coffee – European Gourmet Food

Parrot Coffee is a European gourmet foods market operating online and out of three locations in the New York City area. With a distinct focus on Balkan and Mediterranean foods, you can look forward to finding a broad range of Bulgarian grocery products and frozen foods available.

There’s a comprehensive selection of local yogurts and cheeses like Bulgarian feta, white goat’s cheese, and Kashkaval from both cows and sheep. Shoppers also get to pick from a limited range of Bulgarian cured meat products including beef Basturma and sausages like Kebacheta, Karnache, and Kufteta.

Finally, there are a few tasty indispensable relishes, with a variety of Lutenitsa and Kiopoolu blends, Bulgarian seasoning mixes, and a couple of biscuits and other sweet treats loved in the region ready to order.

Serdika BG Foods

Serdika BG is an Eastern European delicacy store specializing in supplying top-grade Bulgarian groceries and other ingredients to the USA.

Serdika carries Bulgarian liquors, meats & deli items, cheese & dairy products, sweets, vegetable spreads & canned salads, canned products, cereal, and breakfast goods, local Bulgarian coffee & tea, dried beans, grains, pasta & rice, frozen pastry, herbs, jams & honey, juices, oils, vinegar & dressing, salty snacks and a total range of spices and seasonings.

The meat and deli category offers one of the most expansive selections of cured meat online, presenting everything from Sazdarma to Trakia, Suva Govedina, and more. Overall, Serdika impresses throughout the collection, wowing with a massive diversity of Bulgarian products at great prices.

European Market Pirin

European Market Pirin is a family-owned online store specializing in European grocery products. Pirin not only keeps Bulgarian food but also stocks groceries from over 15 European countries including Russia, Belarus, Turkey, France, and Slovakia, to name but a few.

There’s a broad array of Bulgarian cheeses like Kashkaval and sheep’s feta, delectable Trimona yogurt, a few relishes like Lutenitsa Todorka, cured meat including Panagurska Lukanka, and one or two sweet treats available at the time of writing. However, Pirin reminds all shoppers that their range is constantly evolving according to available supply and demand, so keep a close eye on their line-up.

BalkanFresh Online European Market

BalkanFresh is a TrustPilot 5-star rated supplier of high-quality groceries and frozen products from Europe. Despite stellar service and infallible products of the highest quality, BalkanFresh only carries a very limited range of Bulgarian cheese and two varieties of imported mini croissants. Nonetheless, the Bulgarian cheese across all varieties – feta, goat’s feta, Kashkaval, and sheep’s cheese, are supplied by highly-reputable manufacturers praised for their quality, and the pricing is both competitive and affordable.

Parthenon Foods

Parthenon Foods is an imported gourmet foods retailer that carries a limited selection of Bulgarian food and grocery products from many other European countries. Shoppers can expect to find Greek, Italian, German, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Turkish food among Parthenon Food’s selection spanning over 40 different countries.

Some of the highlights for those looking for Bulgarian cuisine include high-quality feta, imported Gorna Banya mineral water, Bulgarian honey, and a range of Bulgarian-style smoked and cured meats.


BulgarianSpices.com is an online retailer of traditional and unique Bulgarian spices that’s run by the same team behind the outstanding Find BG Food portal store we mentioned earlier. Search Bulgarian spices according to the variety of pure herbs used, basic seasoning blends, spices for baking, as well as according to ground, chopped, leafy, or whole-seed types. There’s also sorting according to taste with filtering for savory, sweet, and hot, and spicy available. BulgarianSpices.com also offers an innovative range of souvenir jars and fantastic spice sets and samplers that work wonderfully as gifts.


Bulgaria has a rich history of fine wine production dating as far back as 5000 BC during Thracian times. Bulgarian wine is praised for its exceptional quality and astounding affordability, and this excellent California-based Bulgarian wine import company carries a diverse selection of white and red wines, as well as Bulgarian rose.

Their collection includes several options that have won gold medals in US competitions for the first time ever. From mixed cases of the best Bulgarian wine in production to varieties from all Bulgarian wine regions including the Danube River Plains, Black Sea Coastal, the Valley of the Roses, Thracian Valley, and the Struma River Valley, there’s certainly a lot of variety to pick from. Whether you’re looking for a dry Red Misket, a semi-dry Broadleaf Melnik wine, or anything in-between, BulgarianWine.com is sure to have you covered with multiple options.


With a little careful searching, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the massive selection of Bulgarian food products available from Amazon.com. From vegetable spreads to Panagurska Lukanka dried salami, Bulgarian feta, yogurt cultures, and traditional seasonings like colorful salt, Amazon hides quite a number of gems for anyone looking for imported Bulgarian groceries and snacks.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Bulgarian Food Online?

The best place to buy Bulgarian food online depends on what you’re looking for. We recommend that you start with Find BG Food if you’re looking for a retailer nearby so that quick delivery is most likely.

Instead of waiting on your delivery to satisfy cravings, why not try out one of our delicious Bulgarian recipes like an easy home-made Bulgarian Lutenitsa spread made from eggplant, mixed peppers, tomatoes, and onion, or perhaps a simple Bulgarian Shopska salad, especially if you’ve got some Bulgarian feta waiting in the fridge.

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