Best Stir Fry Sauce To Buy

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I’m someone who can eat a stir fry every day. There are so many variations of stir fry, and it’s such a quick and easy meal to throw together. The one thing I always find essential is the sauce for stir fry. It binds everything and takes your regular dish to a restaurant level. I’m always looking for the best stir fry sauce to buy.

The best store-bought stir fry sauce brands are Kikkoman sauce, Lee Kum Kee Panda Orange Chicken sauce, Minor’s General Tso sauce, Mr. Spice Ginger sauce, Whole Food Market 365 stir fry sauce, Otajoy Yakisoba sauce, Minor’s Teriyaki sauce, and Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Marinade Sauce. 

Stir fry sauces are known best as Asian brands. A good quality, tasty stir fry sauce can make or break your meal. When buying a stir fry sauce, you need to understand what ingredients make it work and how you should choose one for your requirements. We will discuss that below.

Why Store-Bought Stir Fry Sauce Instead Of Homemade?

It’s pretty easy to make a stir fry sauce at home, whether you whip it up during your cooking process or make a jar and keep it for future use. But the convenience of having a ready store-bought bottle, knowing it’s not going to turn rancid in a few days, and having a perfectly balanced tasting stir-fry sauce can’t be beaten.

Buying stir fry sauce means you will not lack any ingredients to season it accordingly. It also means the consistency will be correct, and if you need to add more, you don’t have to make a new batch of your homemade sauce which might alter the taste and overall consistency.

Here’s What Makes A Good Stir Fry Sauce

When buying a stir fry sauce, you have to ensure that it is of quality, and there are ingredients you recognize that make a tasty stir fry sauce. 

Here are ingredients that make an excellent stir fry sauce:

Soy Sauce is a traditional Chinese cuisine condiment that helps impart flavor to several cooked and uncooked foods. It also helps with digestion – much needed when eating a dish like stir fry with various food ingredients.

Sweetener helps balance the acidity, saltiness, and spiciness (if you add any). The sweetener can be sugar, maple syrup, honey, or anything that works for you. Typically, you want one that can offer a caramel flavor when heated.

Ginger’s robust taste blends exceptionally well with soy sauce and gives the stir fry a delicious warm flavor. It is an optional ingredient, so only buy a sauce with ginger if you enjoy it.

Garlic is pungent and gives off a nutty, mild taste. It blends well with sweet and sour profiles and gives stir fry a strong flavor.

Oil helps preserve the stir fry sauce and allows it to spread and coat all veggies and protein. Flavored oil, such as olive or sesame, gives the stir fry sauce a nutty and wholesome flavor while blending the ingredients.

Vinegar adds acidity, which helps balance other tastes. The sourness adds immense flavor when mixed with other ingredients.

Cornstarch is a thickening agent. Store-bought stir fry sauces might have other elements for thickening, but you don’t want a runny sauce because it won’t coat the stir fry well or get glossy.

Water/Broth acts as a binder for all the ingredients and allows it to be poured and mixed well in the dish.

Best Stir Fry Sauces

Here are some stir fry sauces that will never fail you:


Kikkoman classic stir fry sauce is ideal for your beef stir fry. It makes the perfect sauce for a fillet steak stir fry.

The sauce has a balanced flavor and no added funky ingredients. It contains naturally brewed soy sauce, garlic, Asian seasonings, sherry, and oyster sauce.

The sauce is pre-thickened, so you don’t have to worry about the consistency of your stir fry, and the taste is perfectly balanced, so you don’t need any additional ingredients.

Lee Kum Kee Panda Orange Chicken

Here is your ideal stir fry sauce for a chicken stir fry. Chicken in a stir fry is one of the most common types people make and enjoy, and the best way to get it to restaurant quality is by using the best chicken sauce.

When you want more than just soy sauce, the orange chicken will live up to your expectations with orange juice concentrate, adding sweetness, thickness, and acidity.

It is free of preservatives, low in fructose, and doesn’t contain flavor enhances like other products.

Minor’s General Tso

Minor’s General Tso is the best sauce for your pork stir fry. It has bold flavors and is one of the most versatile condiments that also goes well with chicken and beef.

If you like making stir fry with different protein options, General Tso sauce is the way to go.

It is pre-thickened, so you don’t have to worry about consistency. The bottle is designed for the convenience of use and storage. Its versatility allows you to use it in stews, salads, dips, wraps, and stir-fries.

Mr. Spice Ginger

Mr. Spice Ginger is an organic sauce and a healthier version than other stir fry sauces. It is also fat-free, salt-free, and versatile for all types of stir-fries.

It has a delicious ginger flavor and contains garlic, onion, rice vinegar, herbs, and other rare spices. If you follow a healthy eating journey or a specific diet, this sauce is perfect for you.

Mr. Spice is gluten-free, vegan, GMO-free, low calorie. MSG-free and has other beneficial characteristics.

Whole Food Market 365

Whole Food  Market 365 is a delicious sauce that works for all types of stir-fries. It is fantastic for salmon, tofu, beef, and chicken.

It is made with organic tamari sauce, cane sugar, garlic puree, vinegar, organic cornstarch, sesame oil, ginger powder, and all the yummy ingredients that make a good stir fry sauce.

There are no hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup, and it does not contain bleached or bromated flour. There are no synthetic nitrates or nitrites in the sauce either.

Minor’s Teriyaki

This sauce makes the most delicious Asian stir fry dishes and is also fantastic for glazing or marinating your protein before cooking your stir fry. 

It contains soy sauce, sherry, brown sugar, and sesame oil. The packaging is made for easy pouring and storing. 

The minors teriyaki sauce does not have high fructose corn syrup. It goes with all stir-fries like salmon, chicken, beef, and tofu.

Otajoy Yakisoba

Otajoy Yakisoba is the perfect sauce for making noodle stir fry. If you enjoy adding noodles to your stir fry, then Yakisoba is your best option. The sauce is made with 8 fruits and vegetables that give complexity and depth of flavor to your stir fry.

It contains soy sauce, vinegar, tomato paste, apple puree, raisin juice, date juice, carrot puree, garlic puree, etc. The ingredients are clean, and you can make it at home – but why go through the effort if you can buy it?

The sauce doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors. It is free of preservatives and helps flavor meat, chicken, and vegetables that you add to your noodles.

Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Marinade & Stir Fry Sauce

The Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce is ideal for a vegetable stir fry. Making it yourself gets complicated, so the Soy Vay store-bought options are the perfect solution.

It contains soy sauce, sugar, ginger puree, garlic, onions, sesame seeds, and other ingredients. The sesame seeds add an extra nuttiness and texture that takes your stir fry veggies to another level.

The Soy Vay Teriyaki is made with high-quality ingredients, has no preservatives, and is versatile. You can use it in other recipes for marinating, baking, and grilling apart from vegetable stir fry.

When Should You Add the Stir Fry Sauce?

It is always better to add your stir fry sauce at the end of the cooking process and then simmer it to absorb and coat the food for a few minutes.

Once your veggies and meat are both done, add them together and then pour over the stir fry sauce. If you are using noodles, rice, or any other ingredient, pour the sauce into your stir fry after adding it in.

You can use your stir fry sauce to marinate your protein, such as beef, chicken, pork, salmon, tofu, fish, etc. If you want to get the most of the stir fry sauce flavor into your dish, marinate your protein with the sauce and then cook it.

Remove the protein, and saute the vegetables in the same pan before adding your carb of choice (if you choose to). In the end, you can pour some of the sauce over and toss your stir fry around. It should coat all the ingredients while simmering the dish for a few minutes until the sauce turns glossy.

Do You Get Vegan Stir Fry Sauce?

People who are often following specific eating plans or diet restrictions think they have to make everything at home; however, many products are available in the market that will suit your needs.

There are many vegan stir fry sauces you can buy. You will find most stir fry sauces will be vegan-friendly because there is no need for animal-based ingredients.

Sometimes certain sauces will have meat flavorings or honey – those will not work for a vegan diet. You can browse the ingredient list on the product before purchasing to ensure it is vegan-friendly.

Do You Get Gluten-Free Stir Fry Sauce?

The same way you get vegan stir fry sauces, you also get gluten-free options. That means that no gluten-based ingredients will be present in the sauce.

You can research what is or is not allowed on your eating plan and always check the ingredients on the bottle before buying your stir fry sauce.

Many soy sauces contain gluten-wheat. Since one of the main ingredients of stir fry sauce is soy sauce, you have to look out for that. Choose options with tamari because tamari is made of 100% soybeans and is therefore gluten-free.

Mr. Spice Ginger and Otajoy Yakisoba are examples of stir fry sauce brands that are gluten-free and vegan. In addition, there are also options for other eating plans and diet restrictions, such as low FODMAP and keto stir fry sauces.

Are High-Priced Stir Fry Sauces Better To Buy?

When you buy stir fry sauces, you might wonder if buying a high-priced product would be a better option in terms of quality ingredients because you want to make sure anything you put in your tummy is good for you. 

While many quality products are more expensive and do not contain artificial ingredients or flavorings, not all sauces should be judged based on that perception.

You will often find good-quality stir fry sauces at much lower prices, even if they contain clean, reliable ingredients. If you read the ingredients and nutritional information on the packaging, you will find cheaper sauces with the same quality as the higher-prices products.

You may find it interesting that pricing is often decided based on brand names. You can keep this in mind when shopping. Well-known brands and fancier packaging will be more expensive even if they have the exact ingredients as brands that are not as famous or sauces with less complex packaging.

Can You Substitute Store-bought For Homemade Stir Fry Sauce?

You can substitute your store-bought stir fry sauce for a homemade option if you prefer, but you might not get the same flavor profile or consistency. If you want to recreate a specific recipe, you may not get the exact taste the second time around. 

With store-bought stir fry sauces, you get the whole package in one, but you can add additional condiments or seasonings to your stir fry along with the store-bought stir fry sauce if you want a more vast or complex flavor.

So, What is Best Stir Fry Sauce To Buy?

Next time you shop for stir fry sauces, lookout for some of the options mentioned above of the best stir fry sauces to buy. There is an option for everyone’s tastebud, diet choice, desired flavor, and complementary ingredient.

You could always go the extra mile, have one of each condiment in your pantry so you can always make stir-fries with a variety of flavors, and you will always have a sauce available and easily accessible. 

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