All About Drinks & Cocktails That Start With The Letter Q

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Surprisingly, there are more Q cocktails than you’d likely expect. From obscure mixes that have gotten lost in history and unexpected combinations you’d never believe taste good, the Q drinks are a doozie. The Q list, probably expectedly, has a good number of tributes to the Queen too. See for yourself. 

Q.B. Cooler

Created in honor of military airmen circa World War I, the Q.B. in this drink’s name stands for “Quiet Birdman.” The base of the Q.B. Cooler is similar in composition to a Planter’s Punch, however, in the long run, this cocktail is very involved. A Q.B. Cooler is made with three types of rum, a handful of citrus juices, honey, bitters, and club soda. The Q.B. cooler, a tasty punch, is served over crushed ice in highball then garnished with a mint sprig. 


Named for the 70s party drug, a Quaalude is a simple and tasty after-dinner drink. The Quaalude is sweet and creamy and packs a punch. The Quaalude is made with vodka, hazelnut liqueur, coffee liqueur, and a splash of milk. The ingredients are shaken and strained over ice into an old-fashioned glass; it’s left ungarnished. 

Quaker’s Cocktail

The Quaker’s Cocktail dates back to the early 1920s; the first printing of the recipe depicts a Puritanical pilgrim, bonnet and all, holding on for dear life to a cocktail. However, little else is known about the drink’s origin. A Quaker’s Cocktail is made with light rum, brandy, fresh lemon juice, and raspberry syrup. The ingredients are shaken and strained into a chilled coupe glass.

Quantum Theory

The origins of the Quantum Theory, like that of many mixed drinks, are elusive. This sweet and juicy cocktail is an easy to mix drink and not nearly as mind-blowing as its name suggests. The only thing extraordinary about the drinks is its’ star ingredient: Strega. Strega, which is an herbal liqueur, is somewhat uncommon. The Quantum Theory is a tasty mix of Strega, light rum, orange liqueur, pineapple juice, and sour mix. The result of this blend is a sweet, citrusy drink with herbal undertones. The Quantum Theory is strained into a collins glass sans ice. The Quantum Theory is typically garnished with a lemon slice and cherry. 

Quarter Deck

The Quarter Deck is an obscure cocktail that has British origins. The first publication of the Quarter Deck is in a 1923 publication of “”Harry’s” of Ciro’s ABC of Mixing Cocktail.” Popular during the Prohibition Era, the Quarter Deck is a unique blend of ingredients. This cocktail mixes rum, sherry, and lime juice. The drink is mixed in a chilled cordial glass and left ungarnished. 

Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is a fun drink that sweetens up your favorite beer. Akin to a spirited Shirley Temple, the Queen Mary simply adds a splash of grenadine to your pint of beer. Not only does the grenadine give the beer a pretty pink hue, but it also gives it a sweet cherry flavor. A Queen Mary is served in a pint glass and garnished with a marschino cherry. Of note, the Queen Mary is also interchangeably called the High Mary. 

Queen Mother

Named for Queen Elizabeth II’s mother, the Queen Mother blends the late Queen’s favorite liquors: Dubonnet and gin. The Queen Mother’s blend of strong flavors leaves a notable warming effect with every sip making it a perfect drink for winter imbibing. The Queen Mother is made with gin, Dubonnet (a sweet, aromatic aperitif), Aperol, and rum. The ingredients are stirred in ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass. Finally, the Queen Mother is garnished with lemon twist. 

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen Elizabeth cocktail was developed in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s incredible British reign. Originating in the mid-1930s by a U.S. bartender, the drink is an homage to the Queen. Simply, a Queen Elizabeth is a simple blend of dry vermouth, Benedictine, and freshly squeezed lime juice. The ingredients are shaken in ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass. Of note, the recipe for Queen Elizabeth was the winner of a cocktail recipe contest in Philadelphia. 


The Quentao is a Brazilian drink that’s most commonly enjoyed at the yearly celebration of Festas Juninas, a winter celebration. This cocktail is sweet, spicy, and aromatic; it’s not a commonly made drink in the U.S. Similar in composition to Mulled Wine, the Quentao is a mix of cachaca (sugar cane brandy), fresh ginger, whole cloves, cinnamon, and lime. Like Mulled Wine, the ingredients are reduced and simmered in a pot over medium heat. Finally, the mixture is strained in a sieve and served in a ceramic mug

Quick Fuck

A layered shooter with a vulgar name, the Quick Fuck is meant to get the party started. Despite the shooter’s smutty name, it’s both visually beautiful and delicious on the palate. A Quick Fuck is made by tediously layering Midori (a neon green melon-flavored liqueur), coffee liqueur, and Irish cream in a shot glass. The neon green against the black coffee color which is layared against the nearly white cream creates lovely demarcations. Simply throw the shot back and the ingredients mix in your mouth to create a magical flavor. 


The Quicksand is a spin on the classic Margarita that was developed by a mixologist in Savannah, Georgia. The drink is named so because it goes down so quickly, just like quicksand. A Quicksand is a mix of tequila, sherry, Mezcal (an agave liqueur), lime juice, simple syrup, and bitters. The ingredients are shaken and poured over ice in to a rocks glass. The rim of the glass should be dusted with a mix of salt and sumac; finally, the Quicksand is garnished with a lime wheel. 

The Final Letter

From tributes to the Queen herself to wild concoctions you’d never think up on your own, the Q list of cocktails is a colorful spectrum of blends. The Q list features spirits, beer, wine, and soda, sometimes all in one drink. Buckle up if you plan to try one of these wild concoctions. 

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